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A tale of two friends.

I felt her tongue dart into my mouth for a moment and I replied in kind, savoring the feeling of her soft lips against mine. What felt like an eternity was indeed only a few seconds. Valerie sat back on her stool as my hand drifted out from under her skirt. She looked pleased with herself. I was rather pleased as well.

She said out loud, "Hmmm. I should have done that a long time ago. A shame there isn't a more private place around here..."

Before I could say anything, Valerie stood up and walked to the back of the lounge toward the bathroom. I was sure that was because she wanted to take a second to clear her head or get some air. Instead, as I turned back to watch her, she glanced over her shoulder back at me. When she got to the door, she beckoned to me with her finger as she stepped into the men's restroom.

All at once, the possibilities were swimming in my head. Was she really inviting me into doing something like this? I had always had some crazy thoughts, but now the real possibility of acting on them was in front of me. A quick check of the lounge found it virtually empty. There was precious little chance of any interruption. I walked back to the door and ducked inside after another survey of the room. Inside, I saw the usual sink, along with two stalls toward the back. I glanced around, trying to find where Valerie might be. Instead, I heard the unmistakable clicking of her heels against the tile floor. I then spied her heels and her legs beneath the door of the farthest stall. As I approached, I saw a small piece of white cloth drop to her ankles. I took me a minute to realize that it was a lacy pair of panties. Valerie deftly stepped out of them and I saw a hand reach down to pick them up.

Before I could say anything, a soft voice called out to me, "Feel free to join me if you'd like."

I pushed the door open to find Valerie standing there before me, twirling the tiny undergarment around her finger. As soon as she saw me, she unbuttoned the fastened button on her jacket and pulled it off, revealing a silky camisole beneath. Before I could say anything, she stepped over to me. With one hand, she hung her jacket on the back of the door. With the other, she pressed a finger to my lips. I figured that this wouldn't be the place to make much noise anyway, but there was something intensely erotic about being as silent as possible in this situation.

Valerie wasted no time in embracing me once again, but this time the hug was more than friendly. I felt her hands sliding up and down the back of my dress shirt even as mine explored the silky garment she was wearing. She untucked my shirt and pulled back for a moment to start unfastening buttons. She carefully worked her way from the bottom up, releasing each one and pulling my shirt apart. When she reached the top, she loosened my tie just enough to unfasten the top button. She then ran her hands beneath my shirt and around my torso.

I responded in kind, exploring her soft skin beneath her camisole. I could feel her hips pressing into me, grinding against mine. With her fingers dancing against my skin and her body pressing into mine, it was no secret that I was getting more and more aroused by the moment. I leaned in and pressed my lips against Valerie's neck. I felt her head lean back as she exhaled slightly. Her hands never stopped roaming as she pressed even further into me. I slipped my fingers under the waist of her skirt and down against her ass. Valerie responded by pressing against them. I stopped kissing her neck and instead moved back to her lips. Her tongue darted into my mouth at once, exploring every inch. I responded in kind, savoring the passion that had lain pent up for as long as it had.

Valerie was obviously ready to move a little further.

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