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You're dominated by Master and Mistress.

I was so focused on the desire encompassing my entire body that it caught me off guard when she shoved her fingers inside me.

I screamed with pleasure at the brutal jabbing of her fingers in and out of my box. She had her teeth firmly planted around one of my nipples while she finger fucked me hard in that tiny shower. Because of the cramped quarters we were sharing, there was no way for me to pleasure her at the same time - so I did what came natural to me. I wrapped her long hair around my hands and prayed that my trembling legs would be able to hold me up through the monster orgasm that was building deep inside the walls of my pussy.

She sensed that my legs were about to give out and she stood up again. She pressed her hip bones into mine and kissed me. Our tongues playfully circled each other and I let her take control, knowing that she was tasting her own pussy juices in my mouth. She moaned softly as her mouth opened wider against mine. I had my hands on her ass and she cupped my face with both of her hands as her kissing became more urgent. I could tell that she needed me to fuck her hard. And soon.

I pushed her away from me and reached to turn the shower off.

"What are you doing?" She asked as she struggled to catch her breath.

"We're nice and clean now from the shower," I replied, "Now it's time to go get dirty."

I stepped out of the shower and retrieved my towel. I tossed her a towel and told her to follow me. As I walked right past the bed in the bedroom - she asked me where I was going.

"Just trust me," I said.

She followed me into the computer room and I pushed her down into the chair in front of the computer.

"Are we going to watch some porn?" She asked.

"No Libby - we are going to make our own." I replied as I reached over her and turned the web cam on.

She giggled nervously as our wet, naked bodies filled the computer screen. I aimed the camera right at the chair and clicked record.

I quickly straddled her as her eyes got wide at the sight of us on the screen. I could tell this was new to her and I was going to have to distract her from the camera. I pulled her face to mine, ran just the tip of my tongue across her perfect pouty lips and asked her, "Are you ready to fuck?"

She immediately forgot the camera and replied with a raspy voice, "Yes. Please. Please Fuck me."

I moved the chair back from the desk a little and placed her feet along side the camera. I knelt down in front of the chair. The screen filled with the back of my head as I leaned down to eat her pussy. She was wet and ready to cum. After just a few moments of me working her clit and finger fucking her she was screaming to God while her hips moved rhythmically with my tongue. As her first orgasm hit, I felt her thighs squeezing the sides of my head as a rush of her sweet cum flooded my mouth and face. The walls of her pussy were contracting so hard I thought my fingers would break.

She collapsed back into the chair and struggled to regain her breath. Then she leaned over to me still kneeling on the floor in front of her and kissed me again on the mouth, tasting herself on my tongue.

She quickly recovered and took control.

"Now - it's your turn to cum," she said, "and I know just how to do it."

I willingly turned myself over to her.

She reached over and moved the web cam that was still capturing every moment of our encounter to the corner of the desk. She told me to stand and then she grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around. She forced me to bend over across the desk.

I glanced at the computer screen and saw that she had angled the camera just right so that you could see right inside my pussy. The angle was exact so that when she knelt down behind me and slid her tongue into my pussy, the screen showed the perfect shot of her tongue working my cunt. I was impressed with her artistry.

I quickly forgot about that as she really began working my pussy with her tongue.

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