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Melissa didn't know her PA was a lesbian.

Tom watched her: the sway and bounce of large tits; the soft jiggle of fleshy asscheeks; the long, flowing dark hair that spun around her as she twirled. He knew without looking that, across the fire, his lady was seducing the other stranger; he knew the time for his own pleasure had come at last.

"Meruwen," he cried, approaching her, "you are so fair and your dancing is so lovely. Permit an old man to join you."

Meruwen stayed her movements and smiled broadly at him. The dance, or perhaps the heat from the fire, or even the quiet pleasure of being naked, was beginning to arouse her. Through the growing haze in her mind, she could feel her pussy overflow with the juices of her desire; they ran down her parted thighs. "Yes indeed, my friend," she said, "but only if you too remove your clothing. I would feel so silly, dancing about with others, but only myself naked."

Tom's breeches were off in a twinkling. Meruwen found, to her surprise and delight, that his cock was hard. It was not long, but thick, thick as her own wrist, and with it came two massive balls that bounced and swayed with his movements. As Tom approached her, Meruwen felt an overpowering desire to drop to her knees before that great cock. To feel it sliding between her lips and stretching her mouth open wide, almost too wide for comfort; yet her head was so befuddled that she felt no pain, and indeed when she looked up at Tom, his cock buried deep in her mouth, she found herself smiling.

Tom was smiling, too. The leaves he had tossed on the fire were more effective than they had ever been; perhaps he had used more than was necessary. Already this lovely slut was on her knees, fairly grinding her pussy onto his knee while she sucked away hungrily at his thick shaft. He bent down and grabbed a handful of one of her fat tits, squeezing and bouncing it lewdly. Meruwen just moaned on his cock.

Across the fire, Fenrohir had been talking lightly with Goldberry, but whenever she bent to tend the fire, he found himself staring at her ass, at a sudden loss for words. It was simply magnificent: large, at least for her small frame, but perfectly round and shapely, and looked as though he could balance a tankard on it. It begged to be touched--no, not just touched, but kissed and licked and bit. Once Goldberry looked back and caught him staring. "You are kind to pay me such attention, my dear. It has been long since anyone appreciated what my body has to offer."

At this, Fenrohir came up behind her and reached out, grasping her hips, pulling her to him. "Are you so deprived, fair lady? Let me show you just how kind I can be!" Then he fell onto his back on the grass next to the fire, and brought her down with him. His strong arms directed her until she perched delicately on his face, her fine ass over her mouth. Lust overcame him, and he tore her garment asunder, desperate to feel her flesh on his face. He grabbed th round, fleshy globes of her ass in his powerful hands, groping them hungrily. The firm flesh bulged out between his fingers. Above him, he heard Goldberry moaning.

"I'll give you something to moan about, woman," he muttered, and with this, he spread her juicy asscheeks wide apart. There he beheld her tender hole, smooth and pink, tight as a vice and without pucker or blemish. Fenrohir stared for awhile in awe, but desire overcame him. At once he pulled her asshole down to his mouth, where he licked and sucked the sweet flesh. It quivered and pulsed around his tongue as he delved inside, searching as deep into her bowels as he could.

Above him, Goldberry began to squeal.

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