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Blood and allies.

By winning Selene over, I would not only save myself; I would save Selene just as well, or even more so.

It appeared I read Selene's mind all too well; she had taken Michael to exactly where I had suspected she would. And apparently Lycans had read her mind as well, for they were rampaging the building when I got at the said location. For all I cared the Lycans could just as well take Michael and have their way with him, if Kraven's squad was too slow or otherwise disabled, I only had interest in finding Selene. I saw Michael falling out of the window, and a police car -- undoubtedly with disguised Lycans inside -- picked him up while Selene was still busy upstairs, slaughtering the werewolves that were running wild at her. When the ruckus had settled a bit, all of the Lycans were either dead or at the brink of it, she glanced over her shoulder to see that Michael had disappeared from the window and the alley beneath. This was my chance.

Before Selene had time to turn away from the window, I stepped inside, through the window in front of her, grabbing her by the wrist. In less than a second her gun was pressed against my temple. I knew she had no bullets left, that was the only reason she had stopped firing at the Lycans in the first place, and she knew this too; pointing a gun at a surprising attacker was more a reflex than rational thinking or planning her next move.

"Take it easy, Selene, it's me," I said, making eye contact to assure that she heard me and understood.

She just glared at me for a second, her breath still heavy from the physical work and excitement, the adrenaline of the deceased fight still pumping in her veins. Her eyes were light blue, her pupils small, making her look like a crazy person or a drug addict -- or, an alarmed vampire. Slowly, as she lowered the gun from my face, the colour of her eyes shifted to its normal green and brown hue, revealing the eyes that I could stare into endlessly. Eyes like I had never seen on anyone else except her. Her breathing also became steadier, and after a moment of just looking at me she crudely asked, "Where's Michael?"

I willed hurt not to show on my face.

"I have no clue. I only just arrived," I lied. "So he was here? With you?"

Again, her eyes held mine for a brief, breath-taking moment, as if she were trying to decide whether or not to believe me. Then, she abruptly swung her hand free from my grasp, and continuing the same movement to forcefully slap me on the cheek. My head jerked to the side, but I was more surprised than hurt. My hand instinctively rose to my cheek as I turned back to look at her, tears of hurt and anger glistering in my eyes.

"What was that for?" I demanded, quietly, yet sternly.

Selene just looked at me, with an expression like she was ready to spit me straight to my face.

"Do you despise me that much?" I asked, this time more sadly.

For a while, her expression changed from vengeful to surprised. Then, the glare returned, the familiar fire I always saw in her eyes when she was angry with me. Which was always when she didn't ignore me or act with carefully emphasized neutrality.

"Is my disapproval news to you?" she asked. "You are Kraven's little puppet, a pet he keeps on a leash to run all his errands, including spying on me and making sure I act accordingly to be his future queen -- and in spite of that, you also serve as his little whore, to pleasure him the way his so-called 'queen' never will! Do you expect people to like you because of that? Did you expect my respect, even the smallest splinters of it?"

Tears were now running freely down my cheeks as her words tore my already shattered heart. I had had my share of bullets, crushed bones and daylight, but none of the torture I had ever gone through was a match for this. She was tearing me apart and she had no idea.

"That's not true!" I bursted out, teary-eyed, sounding just as desperate and pitiful I would never have wanted to.

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