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The e-mails continue - becoming her bosses' slut


"I must tell you that Dan and Kip are among the best-known personalities on this island, Dan for instigating the now annual Rock Music Festival on this island when he was only eighteen and Kip for eleven successful searches for missing people on the island."


"Yes including the wife of the Minister of Overseas Trade whose wife had been missing for seventy-eight hours despite extensive searches including by infrared and other thermal camera-equipped military helicopters. Dan thought he'd take one more look at North Buttress and Kip located Mrs. Wilson down a narrow fissure in the rock face. She was unconscious but recovered fully and is now patroness of the festival organizing committee of which I'm president."

Rosina said, "A rock festival is fine but Kip's rescue efforts, what an outstanding effort."

"Providing the weather is fine during the Easter Rock Festival, it pumps an estimated $700,000 to $900,000 into the island's economy."

Rosina gaped.

"Come dear, I'll show you to your room and run a bath for you. This is all becoming too much for you. Please call me Penny."

Relaxing in the bath, Rosina called her mom Jolene.

"Hi mom I've arrived safely. We landed in Wellington for the change but fog set in and so we spent two hours there waiting for it to lift."

"Did you miss your ferry connection?"

"Yes and that meant a 2-hour wait for the next ferry. I decided to fly over by float-plan and so that was pricey but at least I arrived before dark. Mom the Dey's are millionaires. They have owned their land for several generations, half the island appears to be named after the Deys, they have thousands of acres, 3800 sheep, almost 200 cattle and listen to this, sixty-five acres of grapes and a winery that's larger than our woolshed and is built of quarried stone."

"That's sounds lovely dear. What's the son like?"

"He met me and is an asshole mom and acts as if he's permanently switched on at full throttle. His mother is lovely as has asked me to call her Penny and listen to this, her sister is Iris Kelly, Paula's mom."

"Fancy that, what a coincidence. You would have known that had Paula not been skiing in Colorado at the moment. Um what don't you like the son?"

"He's irritating mom, so sure of himself although he's probably had only a high school education and is rather dismissive and puts his dog before people. He's my age and you know what, he manages the farm, the grapes and the structural maintenance of their luxury chalets that is another commercial operation. His parents look after the winery and the restaurant which is closed at present and manages the chalets. The island gets visitors all year but the busy season is from mid-spring until mid-autumn. Asshole's father is in Argentina at present being a major speaker at an international vintners' convention. Penny didn't go because she's been to Argentina twice before and told me she is sick of travelling."

"She told me their wines are distributed to twenty-three countries and their Syrah is acclaimed as being world class and their Chardonnay has won more than forty trophies at shows in New Zealand, Australia and Britain. Britain takes all the red wines they care to send."

"Well you are poised to have a great time. Oh, darling don't think of the son using that awful term asshole. You might inadvertently call him that."

"Yeah well he'd probably swat me one if I did; he's in your face at lot mom. You know I don't like dogs when I told him I didn't like his dog but mom, Kip has found 11 people who were the subject of big searches on the island including some parliamentarian's wife."

"You mean Pam Wilson, wife of the Minister of Overseas trade?"

"That's the one."

"Ohmigod that was all over the newspapers and radio and TV.

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