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Marital misunderstanding all ends in tears.

When the limo stopped at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, Katie was surprised. She was greeted at the door by a cute, small, blonde, girl with double ds and a 23 inch waist wearing a sheer, purple, halter babydoll.

"Um, is Marquis home?"

"I'm right here doll."

Marquis came from behind the petite blonde and gave Katie a deep sensuous kiss.

"Oh this is Candy," he said dismissively.

They walked into the massive sunken living room. A very large, fit black man was sitting on the sofa with a petite asian beauty draped over him. He was wearing boxers and she wore a very sexy, black, sheer babydoll, similar to the one Katie had just bought. Tyrone was a very big man, with a moustache and a goatee. He head was hairless and it suited him well. Everything about Tyrone was smooth and sexual. His movements, his look and his manners were very relaxed and sensual. Both men had a beautiful set of white teeth that were on full display every time they smiled.

"This is Cashmere. Cashmere say hi to our guest."

The stunning asian beauty's body was revealed in the lace see through babydoll when she got off the sofa. Her exposed nipples were hard and looked ready to be sucked and nibbled on.

Cashmere stood up and kissed Katie full on the lips, then traced her tongue along her lips.

"Hi!" she said shyly sitting back down and reattaching herself to Tyrone.

"So, you've met all my roommates now. Tyrone, Candy and Cashmere are great people. The more you get to know them, the more you'll like them."

Katie wondered how close the roommates actually were. She sat down with her coat on, feeling suddenly shy. She had thought it would be just her and him.

"Candy. Help Katie off with her coat."

"Sure babe," Candy said sitting beside Katie on the sofa.

They watched as Candy untied the knot on the coat and revealed the stunning lingerie that Katie was wearing. Both men whistled as her sexiness was revealed.

"Ewww, weee, you are so gorgeous babe, I want you all to myself."

Marquis stood up and walked over to Katie offering her his hand.

He looked at his roommates and said, "Excuse us please, we have some catching up to do."

With those words he put his arm around Katie and led her away. They walked down a long hallway and entered the second last room on the right. The room was pure white.

"Wow, what is this all about," Katie asked taking in the stark white features of the room. It held a white mini bed and a narrow lucite table. All around her was a screen.

"This is my holodeck room gorgeous. I'm very proud of it. The screens are angled to a 45 degree angle for the full 3D effect. A hundred and fifty speakers along with specialty lights are wired into this room to make it an amazing playroom. Would you like me to give you a demonstration?"

Marquis started turning dials and switches. Hard rock, soulful jazz, blues, hip hop and other various tunes filled the room. Then colours and swirls of designs captivated the space, followed by nature scenes, all in a 360 degree surround sound 3-D format.

"For a full 3D effect try these contacts on and I will too."

Katie, ever impressed by the erotically stimulating turn of events, submissively followed Marquis's lead.

The supply station was inside a caveat off the main room. When the door closed and Katie emerged with her new contacts on she was totally immersed and cyber loafing in a vibrant, exotic space where she had nothing to do, but enjoy. The changing colorful swirls vibrated and shifted to the beat of the music. It was all around her; in and out of every part of her. The continuous bursts of light swirling doodles and vibrating sounds were all consuming and heady. Dreamy! And definitely not reality as we know it.

Together on the sofa Marquis gathered Katie in his arms and kissed her deep and tenderly. The bursts of color and sound allowed the couple to immerse deeper and deeper into each other's sexuality.

"You can be so sweet and yet so wild my sexy lover," Katie said softly between their loving, tender kisses.

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