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"Stand quite still maiden!"

A loud command from behind her made her turn and find three uniformed men on horseback.

"Hither woman, prey tell me your name?"

The tallest of the men dismounted and drew his sword and crooked a finger at her.

Sarah had never seen a real blade before and felt a cold shiver up her spine. She approached the men in silence and looked at all three in turn.

"I said, by what name are you called wench?"

"S...S...Sarah" she whispered and trembled.

She saw they all had swords, wore chain mail head wear and had long robes over their tunics. Dirty boots rode up to their trousers.

The lead man gripped her roughly by the chin and squeezed her face together and ran the flat of the blade over her cheek.

Sarah gasped as he lowered it to her cleavage and ripped the material down to her belly. Her outstanding breasts now exposed caused the shorter yeoman to whistle at the sight of the boobs. Her nipples were erect with the arousal and fear of what may come next.

Behind her another man held her arms to her side and she heaved up which made her chest thrust out. Her dress dropped lower down so her upper body was bared.

Tall man laughed and held both her remarkable orbs in his hands and felt the ample flesh.

"Look at these titties lads, ever seen bigger?"

He pulled the comely girl to him and grabbed her ass hard through the dress and kissed her on the mouth. She tasted his rancid breath and gagged but could not get free.

"What say we have some fun boys, its not every day we find some cunt in the Sherwood forest."

Now Sarah's dress was rent from her and fell to her feet in a heap which left her fabulous body naked in the afternoon sun. She squirmed in the arms of shorty as his mate moved his hand over her mound and felt her pussy liquid which drooled out.

He stroked her, his fingers brushed her brown haired muff then found the shaven lips and cried out.

"The wench has no cunt hair!"

Sarah sobbed and wriggled her ass as fingers were inserted inside her soft labia and up her crack between her thighs.

Now tall man dropped his lower uniform half and pulled out his erection which he jerked in his fist.

"Turn her around."

The helpless brunette was spun and bent at the waist so her naked rump was raised up.

The man sighed at the sight of the toned buttocks that faced him and he gave her a slap. She yelped and looked over her shoulder with big eyes.

"Please, spare me this dishonour, I have done nothing wrong."

"Hold still girl and shut up."

With eyes shut tight Sarah waited for the inevitable when she heard a rush of air and a sharp cry. When she felt her arms freed she opened her eyes and saw the three yeomen prostrate on the ground, all of them with a arrow in their hearts.

With a gasp she gathered her tattered dress and stood back, then a vision of deep green came to her side.

He was over six feet tall, fair and lean in a hooded tunic and knee high leather boots. Suede trousers and suede gauntlets and a wide belt with an arrow holder down his right thigh. A drawn bow was in his fists as he looked down at the fallen men.

"Are you well maiden?" His voice was clear and his blue eyes locked with hers and Sarah felt her heart thump.

"I think," the ravishing beauty stopped short and collapsed in the man's strong arms and her vision faded as she fainted away.


When Sarah Young opened her eyes she was laid out on her back in a shaded section of the forest with various tools and animal hides strewn around. The sun had set and the light was dim.

By her feet at the edge of a crude cot was her saviour and a black haired woman in a long sleeved crimson velvet dress that had a high neckline.

As her eyes focused Sarah saw her torn dress had been replaced by a similar outfit to her hero.

A forest green top with a plunging neck and a suede corset that held her boobs up and finished at her waist which was laced at the back.

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