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Dracula in a haunted house gets his own life force drained.

He turned her around so the water could cascade down her nice beautiful chest. His cock, still nice and firm, pushed against her backside and especially the upper portion of her ass crack.

He maneuvered it downwards with one hand so that it could begin to penetrate her crack just a tad deeper. He enjoyed the way that felt on the tip of his crack.

Not able to see her face, she contained a smile also and her eyes were closed. She just began imagining it was Jamison's cock sliding itself inward. Warmth and erotic feelings began to absorb her emotions.

She cut out the vision of John putting it to her. He used a duel vision. First, he used Elaine as his 'kill'. Second, he used a onetime lover, Cary, who always loved different and almost sexually violent crap to be done to her!

He used this as he mounted his cock a little more into her butt crack. He had put a little cr__me rinse from the shower, so it would glide easier inside the tight fitting cheeks.

She smiled more and more as she felt his cock slip deeper into her cheeks. Then he said, "Let's do it babe. Let's go get it on honey. Let's get it on good!"

A weird like expression came on her. She was worried what he meant. Did he actually mean he wanted to fuck her up the ass? She didn't have a choice. He began pushing himself deeper into her ass as he slightly penetrated her actual hole.

She jumped forward not expecting that initially. But she liked it too and moved backwards to take it up inside again. He didn't realize she wanted his cock again. No, he thought she would be frightened and dislike what she just experienced.

Contrary to that, she responded with, "Mmmm, that was wonderful sweetheart, please do it again; please feel free to do that to me. I loved it!"

He was rather pissed off. He didn't like the fact that she enjoyed his cock penetrating her ass. "What a fucking bitch", he thought! He slipped his cock more rapidly into her asshole.

She loved the feeling, but it caught her off guard as she jumped forward again. She became thrilled at this new escapade from her husband. He didn't like it that she was enjoying his cock up her ass!

"You cunt you, you're enjoying every second of this, aren't you bitch!"

She was caught off guard by what he just uttered! She turned around and faked a smile that anyone could read that said, "Listen you bastard, fuck me up the ass!" Of course, that's what she thought and that's what she wanted to emit as far as a look was concerned.

"John baby, she said openly, I'd really like to feel how you do me up the ass. Let's get out of here and show me how you really do a woman's ass, okay sweetheart?"

"Okay, he said, let me show you how it's done right!"

"Ha-ha, she thought to herself, there aren't better ways you could do me then the way Jamison did me. He is the best by far, I'm sure of it!"

With the shower water still running and John's cock harder then a stiff piece of metal, he stepped out of the shower, tugging at Elaine's arm to get her to come out too.

Caught off guard, she let him be tugged by her arm. She knew she couldn't get him to let up on her arm. He had a seriously firm grip on her. Sopping wet, both of them walked to the bed.

He pulled her hard as he put her up on it. She sat down initially. "Turn over you cunt, he said, I'm gonna show you how good this is going to be!"

"You are, she replied and smiled, you're gonna make me proud, huh?"

"Now, what do you mean by that? Have you wanted to be fucked up the ass by me before and you never said anything?" He was furious that she never asked to be fucked this way by him ever.

This was not love any longer. This wasn't even lust. This had become pure anger and she was his victim. She knew she should beware, but also she liked having cock up her ass, unlike most women; there's a small percentage, only, that do like 'ass action' in society.

She smiled a precious smile, although fake as it was, he was convinced she didn't know any better that he was angry. He just thought she was thinking she was role-playing.

He was completely con

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