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Sexy Trina is brought into the plan.

Pushing the silk sheet down her naked body, Patty arched her back in a languid stretch and said "Gee Uncle Joe, these are the softest sheets I've ever slept in - I feel like staying in bed all day."

"If you hurry up, I'll take you out clothes shopping today" I promised.

"Don't you like my clothes? I brought just about everything I own" she pouted.

"I thought I'd like to buy you some Miami tropical wear. I want my little niece to be the hottest little art student in South Florida" I teased. "Go grab a shower and meet me in the kitchen in ten minutes."

It was Friday and Patty didn't start school until Monday so I had three days to get her ready for life in Florida. We spent fifteen hundred dollars in 'Victoria's Secret', just our first stop in what Patty later called the best shopping day in her life and we arrived home late in the afternoon laden with tens of boxes which we piled all over her floor. "I'm going for a swim. I'll see you at dinner; we're eating at eight sharp, why don't you wear one of your new dresses?" I added as I left her to her new clothes.

Twenty-five minutes later I saw her approaching me, after a quick dip I had retired to a large cushioned lounger by the edge of the pool. "You're still a nudist Uncle Joe?" she asked, taking in my whole body in a slow inspection and then sitting down next to me, our bodies touching lightly.

"Yes, I usually swim and tan naked but if you don't like it Princess I'll get a suit."

"No, I like it. It's weird; up in the north we're always fully covered, just a little skin exposed is considered exciting. Down here with the hot sun and swimming all the time it's just natural to be naked. You don't mind if I go naked, do you?" she asked smiling as she opened her robe revealing her body in all it's natural glory.

"Christ, you've really grown up! The last time you were here was two summers ago and you had just little bumps on your chest, no hips and almost no hair down below. Stand up and let me get a good look at this beautiful young woman."

"I know, I was a real dork in those days, I was afraid I'd never grow breasts. God, look at them now" she demanded, cupping a hand under each and lifting them even more. "If they get much bigger, they'll be too big. Do you think I should shave down below?" she asked, moving one hand through the curls on her lower mound while bringing her pelvis towards my face.

"I'd say you're just about perfect Patricia. You may be the most beautiful girl in South Florida. I'm going to have to get a big stick to fight off all the boys that will be chasing you. Come here and sit next to your uncle."

As she sat down I pulled out a tube of sun block and offered it to her saying "With your white skin make sure you put this on at all times for the first couple of months, its really important that you use it."

"Could you put it on for me please? I don't want to miss a spot" she added grinning, testing how much she could get away with when dealing with her old Uncle.

Starting first with her face and neck, I then proceeded slowly downward, applying the cream in smooth firm strokes. "It's really important to get your breasts well covered as they are much whiter than the rest of your body" I said chuckling, taking my time fondling first one breast and nipple before moving to the second while assuring her "You do have lovely breasts though; some young art student is going to love putting those hard nipples in his mouth. Do you like it when a man sucks your nipples, Patty?"

"Uncle Joe! I haven't let a man touch my breasts like that ever!" she protested loudly.

"Why not? Don't you like the feeling of my hands on your body?"

"Oh, yessss."

"You're eighteen, you're sexy and you look healthy. You're not a lesbian are you?" I said as I continued to massage her firm orbs while occasionally tweaking the now fully erect nipples.

"No I'm not.

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