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A professional woman takes a much younger lover.

He was in a photographer's paradise if he set up and waited for the right day when conditions, most of all the level of light, would be at their best for his purposes.

It was almost dark and he was in dreamtime, far from being asleep, when soft lips brushed his cheek. "I'm sorry, I became totally focused. You are such a beautiful and creative photographer."

"Said the beautiful poet and painter with a mind that might have no boundaries."

She giggled and kissed him properly, he kissing back and squeezing her with her hands to signal he was interested, definitely interested.

"Come on, time to go. I'm so happy you've chosen my bed."

It was a Monday so many tables in the restaurant were unoccupied. The bar-restaurant boosted a residential musician, a guy with a beard reaching mid-chest and black haunting eyes, who played mainly keyboard but there was an electric guitar and a drum kit in the setup.

The music was moody, exactly right. People said hi to Kitty and fixed enquiring eyes on Doug. He smiled and invariably a smile appeared below the enquiring eyes in acceptance of the stranger.

As the bartender poured a gin and tonic and a whisky sour he grunted, "Do you play?"

Doug said, "Guitar I guess."

"Jake, the stranger plays guitar."

"Send him over with a beer."

Doug excused himself, but was unable to leave before Kitty kissed him, she whispering she wanted to establish the relationship because women would be fretting what was going on.

"You have a lovely mind," he said, tapping her forehead gently.

When the item concluded Doug handed Jake his beer and was asked did he play well and Doug said, "Well enough."

"Okay, I'll play until you're warmed up and then I'll switch to the drums. You call the tunes."

Doug played well enough to make it unnecessary for anyone to yell, 'Get him out of here'. A waitress arrived to take his order and when he saw Kitty being led to a table Doug called, "Let's finish with 'Wooden Heart'." It was well received and he was clapped to his table after shaking hands with Jake.

"That was lovely," Kitty said as he bent to kiss her and after that was accomplished he replied, "And so was that."

* * *

Doug had his hands all over Kitty on the walk home and her hands also went roaming. They entered the bedroom and turning she asked, eyes huge, "What now?"

"I want to undress you."

"I'd like that."

Doug took it slowly, knowing that had all night ahead of them. He pulled her into him and crawled his hands over her breasts, asking, "What's this?" when hitting a nipple, causing Kitty to suck in breath. When the other hand hit the other nipple and he asked with mystery oozing from his voice, "And what's this, are there two of them?" She cried huskily, "Can we get on with it!"

Kitty helped him with the bra and as he pushed the panties over her hips and she bent to remove them he bit the inside rear of her thigh and she shrieked, and that was the end of the slow seduction. She almost strangled him yanking off his polo. She screamed in frustration when she couldn't unbuckle him quickly because her hands were shaking so much. Doug helped out.

She seized his erection and licked it sloppily and then dropped face down over the bed and yelled, "Fuck me and fuck me good and I want it now!"

So that's what she got, a full and heavy pounding that shook the bed and had her moaning and groaning until she gushed.

After Kitty's panting died Doug licked and licked her thighs, moving from start to finish and then missed out her pussy and ran a ribbon of kisses up to her tits and then turned to get a leg over to enter her and he smiled at her heavy sigh.

They were good at it, very good, and the twin explosions came less that five seconds apart.

They then fell asleep, not bothering to clean up.

From then on they fucked twice a day, sometimes more and one of the best on the menu was coming up from their nude swim about midday and going at it like dogs on heat on the exercise mat on the deck.

They also worked.

Five weeks after Doug's arrival it was all done, 119 pages o

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