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I went back to work and finished what had to be completed this day. Michelle fidgeted a couple of times, but a stern, "Slave!" Held her in position. She was intended to be uncomfortable, and it was clear that she was. When I finished what had to be done I turned my chair towards her.

"Slave, can you tell me what you did wrong?"

"Master, I embarrassed you by stripping off my dress in front of Bob, without asking either of you for permission." She paused.

"What else?"

"When it was obvious that Bob was uncomfortable I didn't put my dress on, I stayed naked because I was enjoying teasing him. I didn't have permission for that and it made both of you uncomfortable. I was very wrong. Wasn't I Master?"

"And what else?"

"The fact that someone enjoys staring at me doesn't mean I can display myself without permission?"

"Very good Slave, now, we're going to retire to the bedroom so that I can administer the twenty-five strokes that will help you remember the next time to ask permission before you display yourself to my friends and associates and tease them for your own pleasure."

Michelle rose and walked slowly to the bedroom. I stood at the foot of the bed and waited for her. "As you can see, slave, the foot-rail is padded. That's for you. You will bend over the rail and rest your hips there while I tie you in position." She handed me the paddle and hesitated.

"Yes, Master." Michelle stretched over the rail and wiggled her hips a little until she was settled there. Her feet dangled well off the floor. I tied each leg to the foot of the bed so that they were spread wide. I paused behind her and admired her ass in the air and her pussy spread open. I climbed on the bed and wrapped her hands together then pulled them tight with a rope from the headboard so that her body was lifted off the bed, her nipples just touching the covers. I went to the foot of the bed and removed my clothes. When I was naked I picked up the paddle, admiring its heft and flex.

"I will give you twenty-five strokes of this paddle. Since this is discipline you will make no sound until I finish, at which time I will tell you that I'm done and you will thank me. Is that clear slave?"

Michelle paused to gulp her fear down. "Yes, Master."

"Very good, " I raised my arm and dropped the first stroke. Michelle gasped and sobbed a little, but not enough to break discipline. I counted, "One." I deliberately administered the remaining strokes. I saw dark spots on the bedspread beneath her head and realized that her tears were falling, but she made only the smallest sobs. When I dropped the last stroke I said, "Twenty-five. We're complete now, Slave."

Michelle sobbed, "Thank you, Master." I laid the paddle on the bed next to her and went back to the foot of the bed.

She was ready, and my erection was throbbing painfully. I stepped up to her and slid my cock into her cunt fully. She gasped at the sudden intrusion, and then moaned as she realized that she would now get what she'd wanted all day. She was hot and wet, and ready, and helpless with her ass on fire. It excited me as few things do still. I started fucking her slowly, but I couldn't stop. The feeling was incredible and I soon found myself pounding her cunt with my cock. As I felt my cum build I heard her moans. My cock exploded at the thought that I had made her cum too. "Here it is slave." I shouted. Michelle screamed with her own orgasm. I felt her cunt milking my cock. I collapsed onto her back as I finished.

When I caught my breath and stood up I heard Michelle say, "Thank you, Master."

I let my cock slip from her and climbed back on the bed to untie her arms. Then I untied her legs. She started to slide off the rail, so I instructed, "Kneel again in position." She knelt and bowed her head. "Use your fingers to clean yourself."

"Yes, Master.

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