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He provides her with more than the winter firewood.

Now I have always had an active imagination when it comes to sex and fantasies, and have thought about every possible sexual situation there is and masturbated to them.

But now I had an experience that fueled my desire to do other seedy things. Like suck a dick or get fucked in my ass, to be used as a guy's fuck toy. It was a perversion, a fantasy, something I never would have sought out with anyone, unless of course that person already sucked my dick and offered to do it again anytime I wanted. Two weeks past and I was horny as I ever had been. I spent every night thinking about the old man and man sex. Two weeks past and I found myself alone on a Friday night, drinking beer and getting a nice buzz on. I was just going to get wasted and beat off, but the beers got me to the point of no return and I called his number at the porn shop. Is Jim there I asked, no he's off tonight.

Do you know his number, he told me to call. Yep, he gave it to me. I dialed Jim's number, no answer. What the fuck, I shouldn't have done it anyway I thought and pulled out my dick thinking about letting him fuck my virgin ass and making me suck his dick. I was just about to blow my wad when I thought, what the fuck let me call again to tell him he was missing a juicy load.

Hello, this is Jim!!

Hi Jim, remember me from 2 weeks ago, the two guys you sucked off at your place?

Yes, my sweet young dicks, do you want me to suck you off tonight.

Actually, I wanted to suck you off I said, but I couldn't reach you so I just called to let you listen to me cum all over the phone.

WAIT A MINUTE, he yelled, don't cum, I'll pick you up in 10 minutes and you can fill my mouth with your sweet cum.

OK I said, and told him where to pick me up.

He arrived on time, my dick still half hard. He said he had plenty of beer and party goods and if I was OK with it, I could spend the night. I didn't have to work the next day, but I said I'd think about it, not knowing how I'd feel about this after I did the dirty deeds. We got to his place and he got some dope and beers and I starting telling him about how much I thought about our last encounter and wondered what it would be like to suck a dick and get fucked and I thought maybe he would be interested.

Of course I'm interested he laughed. I love virgin ass and mouths, but at my age I usually just get to suck cocks. He then started asking me about my fantasies and what was involved. He guessed that I wanted to be dominated and said that was OK, but I had to be sure to trust the person I was with. Hell sweet dick, you're lucky to have found me to break you in right, you already know you can trust me.

He was right, I felt at ease with Jim, he could have pulled some shit on us before but he did what he said, sucked our dicks and never even tried to get us to suck him off. Let's get started he said, taking me by the hand and leading me upstairs to the same room we were in before. This room wasn't a bedroom, just a room with a few chairs and a door on one side. When we got there he told me to think of two colors and say them out loud.

I said blue-green. OK, if you want to stop at anytime, just say that word and I'll stop, then I'll ask you if you really want to stop again, if you do we will, it's that easy. So now we can say all the other kinky type stuff and it won't matter unless you say that word. Truthfully, I was pretty fucked up again and ten minutes later I couldn't have remembered that word if I wanted to. He had me undress and laid my clothes on a chair. He then told me the rules.

I was to be his slave.

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