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is that machete loaded?

He had many powers which he had forgotten how to use. There was a lot more to Wolverine than a cocky scrapper with claws and metal bones. A lot more.

Jean Grey looked at Wolverine and smiled. She put her arms around him and kissed him. He kissed her back. He wanted her. And she wanted him. They embraced. Wolverine longed to be with Jean, now that Scott Summers and the Dark Phoenix were out of the way. Finally, they could be together. At last. They kissed and caressed each other. Slowly, they undressed. Jean looked at Wolverine's sexy, muscular hunk's body. She licked her lips. Wolverine smiled. He wanted her. She could tell. Jean Grey asked Wolverine to give it to her roughly. Wolverine smiled and propped her up on all fours. They got down to business.

Wolverine kissed the back of Jean Grey's neck and caressed her shoulders and back. His fingers slid into her pussy and he came closer behind her. He rubbed his cock against her buttocks. He spread them gently with her hand. Jean Grey smiled. Wolverine loved sticking his cock up a woman's butt. It was his favorite thing to do. She liked it too. Slowly, he slid his cock into her back door. Jean Grey winced when his cock entered her butt hole. Wolverine thrust into her. Slammed his cock hard up her ass. Just the way she liked it. Jean Grey howled in pleasure.

Wolverine held Jean Grey by the hips and slammed his cock into her. Her ass was so warm and tight. He loved the feel of it around his cock. He drilled his cock into her. Slammed it real deep up her shit hole. Jean Grey howled in pain and pleasure as she was slammed. She loved the feel of a cock up her asshole. Wolverine fucked her like this for about half an hour, then he came. His cock spat cum, flooding Jean Grey's asshole with seed. Jean Grey cried in pleasure. Wolverine pulled out of her. She turned around and looked at him, smiling. Wolverine smiled, then he cut her head off. Jean Grey died, and the Phoenix with her. Wolverine looked at her dead body. He felt no remorse. Once, he did care about Jean Grey but she was a danger to everyone on the planet. The most dangerous woman alive. He couldn't let her roam free, especially after she betrayed the X-Men. He did what he had do. As always.


The Juggernaut looked at Kitty Pride. He smiled. He had defeated the young female mutant. It hadn't been easy. She could become intangible and literally walk through walls. She always slipped through his fingers. She'd been a tough fighter. A lot tougher than any of the others he'd met. In the end, he had taken her down. Now, she was his prisoner. To do with as he pleased.

Kitty Pride looked up from where she sat, bound by bio-mechanical bindings dipped in the same bio-engineered poison which negated the powers of all mutants. She hadn't been stripped of her powers but as long as the bindings held her, she wouldn't be able to become intangible. Which meant that she was the Juggernaut's prisoner. The way he was looking at her made her feel quite scared. He looked like a mean bastard. He'd knocked her out with his massive fist during a rare moment when she was actually solid matter. Now, she was his prisoner.

The young woman thought long and hard about her predicament. There had to be a way out. There had to be! She smiled at him and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Cain Marko smiled and asked her if she thought he was foolish. He wouldn't let her go just because she asked nicely or because she offered him sex as a reward. He was smarter than that and wasn't about to let a woman trick him, thank you very much. Kitty grimaced. Cain smiled and walked away. Kitty Pride went back to trying to find ways of escaping.

Cain Marko watched her.

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