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Chance or fate?

Whoever was playing with her walked room to room, opening the doors to glimpse inside, offering her a tantalizing view of what was going on, only to chuckle and say,

"No, my sweet, this is not our room."

Every door that was opened on a scene of lusty pursuits, her captor made her watch for a few minutes, fondling her wherever he pleased and always whispering in her ear. From the first room, he grabbed a pair of handcuffs and trapped her hands in front of her. Three doors down he snatched a knife lying on a table by the door and cut off her shirt and bra.

By the time they reached an acceptable room, Lilith could not decide whether she was horny or pissed. She was usually the teaser, not the teased. If she refused to bow down to Adam, she sure as hell was not going to bow down to anyone else. But whoever had gotten his hands on her seemed an expert at what to touch to get a woman's juices going.

She was flung face down on an enormous bed, complete with four posters and all the necessary shiny for a good time. After securing her with the cuffs from a hook hanging from the ceiling, she was lifted long enough for the bed to be shoved across the room. Damn, but she loved brute strength.

Hands removed her skirt, leaving her in nothing but heels and black lace thigh highs. Her captor came up and wrapped his hands around her breasts from behind.

"So soft. These were meant for a man to play with."

A not so gentle caress, a hint of nails, and Lilith sighed in pleasure.

Slowly, the nails burned a path down her chest and stomach, the hand resting to play around her clit. She moved, trying to get him to touch the right spot, but he chuckled and moved away.

"No, not yet. I have waited a very long time for this. This time, my sweet Lilith, you will submit."

He moved her long hair to lie over one shoulder and placed a gentle kiss on her neck.

She hung there a little confused. The voice sounded familiar, but it could not be whom she thought. He did not play her kind of reindeer games.

The whistling sound in the air caught her attention just as she felt the sting across her back. A breathy moan escaped her lips before she could stop it. Another whistle, another sting, and another still. By the sixth time, she was shaking from either pain or lust or both. She felt hands on her back, tracing patterns on her skin. She felt one slide around to fondle a breast, surprisingly gentle after the fury of the whipping she had just received.

He whispered in her ear,

"I want to feel you, sweet Lilith, wrap my hands around your waist as I plunge into you, and trap your moans of pleasure with my mouth. I have watched you for ages, from the beginning, wanted you for my own with your first breath. So, here, now, I will claim you as mine, you will do as I say, and enjoy the obeying of every command I give. For this is our neutral ground, and anything can happen. To quote a phrase, what happens in Common Ground, stays in Common Ground, but your cries of pleasure will reach the Heavens."

Trails of kisses started at the nape of her neck, flowed down her back like water, and puddle in the small of her back.

With an almost inaudible moan, her captor grabbed her by her hips and bit down. Lilith lurched forward to get away from the pain/pleasure. His teeth then followed the previous trail of kisses, and when he got to the nape of her neck, he bit hard enough to draw blood. They both moaned in pleasure.

Lilith felt a momentary sense of loss as he left her there, felt his presence fade from behind her, only to have a blind fold placed across her eyes.

"To add a little spice to our excitement," he explained with a chuckle.

Then he was in front of her his body pressed against hers, his hands gripping her waist.

"Wrap your legs around me, sweet Lilith."

To her amazement, she did, enjoying the feel of his hardness as it pressed against her stomach.

He cupped her ass in his han

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