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Reigniting an old flame can be fun.

e these I sometimes wish I wasn't so pregnant!"

"Nonsense, you are gorgeous!"

"You think so?"

"Yeah, if I was a man I'd be all over you. In fact I'm surprised Carl hasn't said something crass by now. He loves pregnant women."

Without thinking or even realizing what she was doing Ann reached out and touched Nialia's cheek. "How about you? What do you love?"

Nialia was shocked but suddenly aroused by this white pregnant woman's sudden advance but, for some reason, she did not move. Instead she smiled and leaned forward slightly. Ann leaned forward too and the two women's lips met softly. It was so different for both of them that they just let themselves go for a moment, enjoying the soft sensation of a woman's lips.

Back in the living room, Mike wondered what was taking the women so long and finally decided to go check on them. He and Carl both walked down the hallway toward the bathroom. At first they could hear their wives talking in a hushed whisper but when they got to the open bathroom door both men were floored by what they saw. Ann and Nialia were locked in a tight embrace, their lips hungrily exploring the others. Both men looked at each other and then without saying a word moved back down the hallway and into the living room.

"Damn, that was hot!" Carl finally said. "You know I've been thinking a lot about what happened the other day. Do you think we could get Nialia to open up and play with us?"

"Looked to me like she was already loosening up. Ann has that effect on people."

"Yeah, I guess she does at that. Damn, who would have guessed?"

"How are you guys for games? Think we could talk Nialia into a game of 'Truth or Dare'?" Mike's grin told Carl what he was thinking.

"She is very competitive. Might be a good way to break the ice."

"Why don't you suggest it when they get back?"

Just then both women appeared around the corner of the hallway. "Suggest what?" Ann asked walking over to her husband. Mike could see that her lipstick was just a little smudged.

Carl looked at his wife. She too looked a little ruffled but she was smiling. "A game. You up for it babe?"

"What kind of game you thinking of?" Nialia said as she seated herself beside her husband and wrapped her arms around one of his strong arms.

"How about 'Truth or Dare'?" Carl asked in his sexiest deep baritone voice.

"I haven't played that since high school!" Ann excitedly squirmed in her seat beside Mike.

Nialia laughed, "Oh all right but what are the rules?"

"Hmm, okay how about this, If you choose truth but we don't believe you then we can vote and if you get voted down you have to do the dare anyway." Mike said, his eyes locked on Nialia's deep eyes.

"Of course but I mean what kinds of things can we ask or dare?" Nialia asked seriously.

"Hey we are all friends here." Carl said, "Let's not set any taboos and just see where it goes, this will be a great way to get to know each other better."

Nialia looked concerned as she studied her husbands face but then gave in. "Okay, who goes first?"

"Ann should have the honors since she is pregnant." Carl said.

Nialia and Mike agreed and the game started.

"Carl, truth or dare?" Ann smiled.

"Truth, I guess." Carl smiled back, his handsome black face showing his perfect white teeth.

"Where were you born?"

Carl answered the question and the game proceeded normally for about fifteen minutes. It was Nialia who really changed the tone of the game to everyone's surprise.

"Ann, have you ever made love to a woman?" She asked after Ann chose truth.

"Not yet." Ann smiled at her causing both men to moan softly.

Nialia laughed and the game went on but now the questions and the dares started taking on a more and more sexually charged flavor.

"Ann, truth or dare?" It was Mike's turn.

"I don't know how much more I want to tell you guys." Ann laughed. "I'll take the dare?"

"I dare you to give Nialia a one minute long French kiss while Carl and I watch." Mike said smiling.

"Uh, well." Ann hesitated because she didn't know how Nialia would take this escalation.

Nialia smiled at her and said

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