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I wanted no interruptions of my plan.

Plan? Yes, I admit it; I had planned this for several days. Did you wonder where the scarves had come from? Neither of us owned any like them, long and silky to the touch. One wrapped around your wrists binding them together and then to the headboard of our bed. Had I ever moved so quickly before? I wanted you helpless before you could think to object. Your ankles met with a similar fate as your wrists, but I did not secure them to the posts at the foot of the bed. No, that was not enough. I passed the ends of the scarves through loops made from a nylon rope that passed between the mattress and the box springs of our bed. I can't help smiling now as I think of it. Your astonishment gave me the time I needed. I pulled the ends firmly until your knees had to bend and your legs had to part to their farthest extent.

Oh the sight you presented! Helpless and vulnerable, and so damned beautiful. My heart is pounding in my chest even now as I think about it. You were breathing so fast, your breasts rising and falling enticingly. For a moment I was tempted to renew my attentions to them, but my gaze followed the motion of your breathing down over your stomach and lower. The surprise was mine this time. When did you shave the thick bush that I so loved to tease my fingers through? Has it been so long since we loved one another? Perhaps you have been making some plans of your own. None of these thoughts had found a place in my mind last night however. My only thought was of the treat that lay before me.

You must be missing the warmth of the quilt in your slumber. You are shifting restlessly. I hope you aren't going to wake. I want to savor these memories for just a little longer.

I can see you better now with the quilt gone. The length of your leg, so firm and shapely, your feet so amazingly tiny compared to my own. The muscles of your thighs quivered beneath my lips as I laid a trail of kisses along one all the way to the top. The hollow there is so ticklish. It was cruel of me to dance my tongue in tiny circles until you begged me to stop. It was the first time you begged last night, but not the last.

Seeing the bare triangle between your thighs reminds me of the fascination I felt last night. I had to lay my cheek against your mound and feel the softness of the shaven skin. There was no trace of stubble; the shaving must have been recent. I couldn't help rubbing my lips back and forth right where your lips begin to swell and part, such an amazing feeling. I remember how the position of your legs had you wide open to me, nothing hidden at all, but all I wanted right then was to feel the smoothness of your skin beneath my pursed lips.

How easy it is to lose myself in the wonder that is you. Everything about you fills me with such longing. The slight thrusting of your hips and your soft moans broke through my worshipful trance. You were pleading with me again. Not to stop this time, but to go on.

"Please...", you whispered. I continued to rub my lips against you as I asked you what you wanted. You wouldn't answer. You knew that I knew what you wanted me to do, and you knew that I wanted to hear you say it. Yet you hesitated.

I let my mouth hover, the warmth of my breath washing over you, causing goose bumps to rise along your thighs. I asked you again what you wanted. Your stammered reply had filled me with a rush of power. You seemed so shy and yet so in need.

"L-lick me..." you had whispered almost as if against your will. Perhaps I will pay for my next actions when you wake, but last night it had seemed the thing to do. I had turned my head and ran the flat of my tongue against your thigh from juncture to knee. Your cry of frustration had caused me to bite back a chuckle. I can be so wicked at times.

I asked you if that was not what you had wanted. You cursed at me! Even now the memory of those words coming from your sweet mouth makes my body burn again.

"Lick my pussy, damn you!"

Ah, music to my ears! What is it about the word 'pussy'

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