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I slowed down, kissing her pussy while she came down from the massive orgasm.

I moved up, kissing her softly.

"That was unbelievable," she said between her gasps for air.

"Glad to be of service," I answered between the kisses.

I felt her hand around my cock, and she pushed me back while she climbed on top of me.

She looked a little scared when she looked at my huge cock.

She sat up, squatting over my cock. She lubricated the head with her juices before lowering herself down onto it.

The head found a bit of resistance and then it was in. It was the tightest pussy I ever felt. She slowly lowered herself getting used to the size.

She kept her hand at the base to prevent the full length from entering her. When her pussy lips touched her hand she removed it, and after a last look into my eyes, she dropped down until she was fully impaled onto my cock.

She had a satisfied grin when her bald pussy touched bottom. I held her, marveling at the tight feeling around my cock. I could just come from being in her, but she had other ideas.

Still on her haunches, she started moving up and down, almost removing my cock and then down again until she touched bottom .

It was a wonderful sight with my wet cock impaled into this tight, bald pussy. Her pussy lips were folding out on the way up and then back in on the way down. I could feel that wonderful pressure building again, but I tried to pace it.

I could see that she was coming close, and when I felt that extra contractions in her pussy, we both screamed while we came. She fell down on me. We were both out of breath. I stayed in her not deflating at all, to my surprise.

I heard a knock at the door. I jumped up, throwing over a robe to open the door. I looked back to see if Renae was decent, but she was totally naked on the bed, refusing to cover herself she lay there smiling seductively .

I just cracked open the door to shield the visitor from the bed. It was a woman, only slightly shorter than me, in a small nighty that hardly covered her ass.

Her full boobs were spilling out of the low cut top. I think she was my neighbor.

She pushed past me, and with a quick glance at the naked girl on the bed, she walked through the suite to close the balcony door.

I only then realized that anyone on our deck would have heard our not-too-subtle lovemaking.
She walked back out, turning around

looking first at Renae and then at the tent in my robe. She smiled softly,putting out her hand.

"Amanda" she introduced herself.

"I am sorry about that, and I don't care at all about the lovely sounds you were making, but I have my ten year old son with me, and I don't know how to answer the questions that might come up."

When she said "up," she again looked at my cock with a smile.

When I closed the door, I felt Renae's wonderful, soft body hugging me from behind.

She opened my robe, searching for my hard cock.

"You like her don't you?" she said while stroking my very hard cock.

I never saw myself as an exhibitionist but she was right. I was as turned on as ever.

I dropped the robe, taking her in my arms with my engorged cock pressing against her flat stomach .

I pressed her down onto the table with her wonderful ass in the air.

I grabbed her hair and entered her with one motion. I pulled back and rammed my cock into her pussy.

This wasn't making love; this was fucking. I entered her time and again, making quite a racket with our combined grunts. The table was banging against the cabin wall.

I could hear her cum, but I continued abusing her tight pussy. Again and again I fucked her.

"O fuck Johan!!" she screamed while she came again.

The contractions of her pussy finally sent me over the brink.

I pulled out, jacking myself off, watching the spray of my cum covering her beautiful tight ass.

I couldn't believe the amount of cum that was spurting out of my cock. Covering her lower back and her ass, dripping down between her legs.

She was fighting for air as I smeared the cum into her skin and between her ass cheeks .

I used the lubrication to enter

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