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Between the sensual and the surreal.

Tina was fully swallowing his cock again and he was having as hard a time as I was forming sentences.

It made sense. Jodi had shown us the route, and told us that Matt and Tina had the shift. Jack had simply chosen what he figured was the last stop and brought us there to wait.

I fucked Tina's pussy harder and she started to scream onto Jack's cock. I pulled out and motioned to Jack that we should switch. I mostly wanted to watch Eva get fucked by that monster cock, and I'd have a better angle if I was on Tina's other end.

And oh dear lord was she ever getting fucked.

No sooner had Tina swallowed my cock again when I looked up to see Matt ramming about three quarters of the length of his cock into my girlfriend's cunt. He must have been bottoming out on every stroke. And Eva was shrieking and screaming her pleasure at him.

"So fucking big!" she howled. "Fuck me with your huge cock! Give it to me, you fucking stud!"

Eva's tits were flailing wildly with every impact, as were Tina's from the pounding that Jack was now delivering to her pussy from behind. She continued to moan and wail onto my cock as Jack fucked her, and I let my gaze wander back and forth as both women thrashed and bucked through monster orgasms. When Tina was done cumming all over his cock, Jack turned and joined Matt and Eva, climbing up onto the boat so Eva could clean Tina's cum off of his big waving fuck-rod.

I got off the boat and turned Tina to face me. I lifted her up and set her butt down on the edge just like Eva was across from us. Then I plunged the entire length of my cock back into Tina's sopping pink fuck-hole. Her big tits heaved and bounced on her chest as I pounded my hips forward.

"Fuck me!" Tina screamed. "Harder. FUCKING FUCK ME! AAAAAAGH!"

She came again, her juicing pussy spasming around my still-thrusting cock, when my balls suddenly clenched and I exploded. Thick spurts of cum squirted deep into Tina's pussy, over and over until I could see it leaking out onto my balls and both of our thighs. As my orgasm passed, I pulled back and my cock fell away from Tina's pussy, and I teetered around to sit next to her, both of us gasping to catch our breath.

Eva, Jack and Matt were all getting close.

"I'm going to cum soon, Eva" Matt said. "Can I cum in your pussy?"

Jack pulled his cock out of her mouth so she could answer and Eva screamed, "Yes! Give it to me! Fill me up with your spunk!"

Then she closed her mouth around Jack's cock again and Jack started to cum.

"Oh fuck yeah, Eva!" he cried. "Swallow that fucking cum! You suck my cock so fucking good!"

Eva just continued to howl onto his cock as her throat worked to swallow his big load.

"Oh fuck here it comes!" Matt bellowed, and his body went stiff and his thrusting stopped as he started to shoot his cock cream deep into Eva's pussy. "Your pussy is fucking amazing, Eva."

Matt and Jack both backed away, gasping for air, and Tina hopped up from her seat next to me and crossed over to Eva. The women kissed each other and pressed their tits together, arms and hands searching each other's bodies. Tina helped Eva off the boat, and the pair tumbled into the sand, squirming until they had their mouths latched to each other's pussies. Tina sucked her husbands cum out of my girlfriend's pussy, while Eva sucked my cum out of Tina's.

"Good call, Jack," I said, indicating the cove around us. "Good fucking call."

* * *

We left Matt and Tina behind with a promise to join them on Wednesday night at their house (they called it a house, not a cabin). We didn't bother putting our clothes back on at first, but when we got out into the lake proper, there were quite a few more boats out than there had been earlier, so we played it safe and stowed our junk. As hard as it may be to believe at this point, not every boat we passed was loaded down with hedonistic sex freaks.

To the delight of our groaning stomachs, Maggie already had the grill going when we got back to the cabin.

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