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Movie fun turns into fun at the park.

Choice is yours honey, either way you're getting a lot of cum inside that cute little body of yours."

Mike remained silent, trying to think of any other possibility he may have, but he was definitely running out of options fast.

At his hesitation though, Ms. Banks grew impatient, and wrapped both arms around his chest, constricting him and beginning to squeeze the air out of his lungs.

"Or better yet, I squeeze the life out of you now, and fuck you unconscious! Whichever way this goes down boy you're gonna be mine by the end of the night! Well? What do you want boy?"

Mike was unable to answer, his rib were being crushed by her sheer strength. Clearly aware that he wasn't able to answer she decided for him.

"Fine, since you were a good boy earlier I'll let you off easy for right now."

With little effort she flung him across the grass towards a tree. While he lay on the ground catching his breath, she grabbed a chunk of his hair and pulled him towards the tree, dragging him from behind her. She flung his back to hit the tree. When he made impact any little air that was left had been completely knocked out. As he caught his breath and gasped, Erin stepped in front of him and shoved her entire length down his throat.

"Don't forget you little slut, this is me going easy!"

The force of her shoving her entire hard eight inches down his throat, had caught his head orally impaled against the bark behind his head. He was terrified, not being able to breath, his nose fulled pressed against hr hard abs, and her nuts coating his whole chin. She proceeded to pull out, giving Mike a chance to breathe.

"How'd that taste boy? Was it good? I haven't showered all day and I get awful sweaty after my mid-day gym session. Why don't you go ahead and savor the flavor of Mommy's big dick, because she's gonna be pumping cum in your mouth all the time from here on."

She shoved her whole length back down Mike's throat and grabbed either side of the small tree in front of them for leverage. She then began fucking his mouth viciously, her massive cock disappearing in and out of Mike's mouth. Her thick member causing him to gag and cough as she rapidly guided it into his mouth, adding commentary as he choked on her.

"Yeah that's it baby. Mmmmf yeah! Come on! That feel good baby? Does it TASTE good?"

Tears continued to stream out of Mike's eyes as her powerful member jack hammered his mouth. The quiet park was now filled with powerful moans, dirty talking, and gagging.

What was happening? Ten minutes ago this woman was comforting him, hugging him, letting him cry into her shoulder. Now she's pounding his mouth away with one of the biggest dicks in porn history.

Completely trapped between her rock hard eight inches, and the tree behind him, Mike had no room to even move his neck as the sheer force of her shoving her cock into his throat continuously, was pushing his head back against the bark.

"Oh that's a good boy! YES! Oh yes! Your throat is so tight baby! You're gonna make Mommy cum so hard!"

Just then, he felt her balls begin to get bigger against his chin. He had a feeling he knew what was on his way.

"Can you feel it you little slut? Can you feel my giant balls get bigger? That means they're ready to unload in that little mouth of yours!"

Mike panicked. He had never swallowed cum before, his mouth was already full of her thick cock, and he could barely breath as is. If she came in his mouth now, she would completely suffocate him. Her movements began picking up immense speed, and her grunts became animal-like. Her head was arched all the way back as she roared with pleasure, "OOOOOOOH YEEEEEEES!" Mike was beginning to worry someone would see them. Unannounced to him, that's exactly what was turning Erin on.

"Get ready you little bitch! You're about to take Mommy's first load, you make sure you swallow it all, or I'll shove my dick back down your throat until you make me cum all over again!"

Mike began to panic, and flail his arms.

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