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Jenny discovers multiple penetration.

Peeking through the crack of the door, Bobby tries not to gasp.

Susan and Kai are both naked with Susan straddling Kai's hips. Kai's body glistens from some type of oil. Susan and her daughter are locked in a passionate kiss, as Kai's hand cups one of her mother's breasts. Bobby feels his cock begin to grow hard at the sight. Suddenly, the door creaks and both women look over at Bobby's one visible eye through the crack. Kai sits up and tries to cover her naked body with one hand and cover her mouth with the other. Susan looks equally embarrassed.

Bobby swallows and steps into the room. Kai starts to get up, "I'm just going to be off in my room. Please don't come and find me." Bobby looks over Kai's sexy naked body with an interest, hoping Susan doesn't notice.

Susan recovers faster than Bobby, "Stay here. You too Bobby, the three of us have a lot to talk about."

"Can we at least put some clothes on first?" Kai asks, trying to cover her naked body with her hands.

Susan shakes her head, making no effort to cover her naked body, "No. We need to have this conversation now. Bobby, take a seat on the bed and we'll get started." Bobby is still speechless and does as she says. Once he is seated, Susan says, "So this is a surprise for all of us I'm sure."

Bobby interrupts, "A surprise is a bit of an understatement! I walked in on you two naked and kissing. What the fuck led up to that? Where were you going to take it?"

Susan sighs, "Bobby listen, it started the other day when Kai watched me cum out by the pool. When she and I had our little girls chat, we both said we were turned on by what happened and were not sure how to deal with that. We decided the best thing to do would be for us to... experiment with each other. That was this morning, before you walked in, I was giving Kai a massage to try to relieve the tension between us. When you walked in, things had clearly passed that point."

Bobby looks between the two women. Kai is still trying and mostly failing to cover her body with her hands, while Susan sits naked in front of him, making no attempt to cover herself. Looking at the two sexy women before him, Bobby can't help but have an erection. Kai sees this and quickly blushes and looks away. Booby says, "So, you two both wanted to do this?"

Susan nods and looks at Kai. Kai sighs and says, "I just wanted to see, but it turns out, I was pretty turned on by it..."

Susan smiles at her, "Looks like you aren't the only one. Right Bobby?"

Bobby shifts uncomfortably, trying to hide his erection. "I... um..."

"Bobby, I'm not angry. I can see your enjoying looking at Kai as much as me. Just admit that this is turning you on." Susan says.

Bobby sighs, "It's turning me on."

Susan smiles, "See? Not that hard was it? Now that we've all admitted to liking this, Bobby, how do you think we should go forward?"

Kai looks up at Bobby, with interest in her eyes. Bobby looks at Kai, then Susan. He says, trying to avoid the question, "I think there's a few things we could do..."

Susan pulls Kai close to her, pushing her arm away from her moderately sized breasts before using her other hand to spread Kai's crossed thighs. Kai's body glistens from the oil and the young woman makes no effort to stop her mother. Bobby stares at Kai's sexy body. "Come on Bobby, be honest, what do you really want to do? Deep down, what is it that you want?" Susan asks.

"I want to fuck your daughter." Bobby says quietly, before repeating himself, only slightly louder the second time.

Kai looks at Bobby for a second, then at her mother. "Mom?" She asks.

Susan smiles, "Do what you want baby. I'm willing to share." Susan then gently kisses her daughter's neck.

Kai sighs, "Fuck it... let's do this..."

Susan smiles, "Great.

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