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This is a story of something I did, that I once thought.

"Yes," Derek answered, lounging back in his chair.

"This is just too embarrassing," Emma said and fled from the room.

Derek gave her a few minutes, then got up. He found her trembling in the dark in the kitchen. Walking up behind her, he put his arms around her waist. "You can tell me anything you need to, Emma. Anything you say is safe with me."

She broke free and walked to the sink, looking out the window over it into the darkness. "I'm frightened."

Derek kept his distance. "Don't be. Just take a deep breath and say it."

She turned and her eyes were burning. "I want you to perform cunnilingus on me."

He grinned. "Is that all? I was afraid you wanted me to rob a bank for you!"

The tension broke and Emma laughed. Derek loved to watch her do that, and this delightful woman didn't do it often enough.

"Come here, Emma." She moved forward and he wrapped his arms around her as she rested her head on his chest. She was still trembling violently. "Why do you want to do this?"

She buried her face into his shirt. "Because I'm burning up with curiosity and because I could never ask Peter to do it."

"He might surprise you."

Emma shook her head and looked up at Derek. "No, he won't. It's too filthy. If you overheard our fight, you know how definite he is."

"Let's go back to the living room and talk."

This time they sat together on the sofa. Derek spent a half-hour talking to her about it. She confessed with great embarrassment that she'd been watching that video and that's what got her started, although she'd known about cunnilingus ever since high school.

"Cunnilingus is such a formal word," Derek said. "It sounds sort of like a disease, instead of something completely indescribably wonderful. How about 'you'd like me to make love to you with my mouth'? If being a bit crude turns your crank, you could ask me to eat you."

Emma shivered at that. She clearly remembered the other night with that very vocal woman, almost describing to her what Derek was doing.

Regardless that Emma had brought it all up, it was obvious she had no idea how to get things going.

"Now, I want you to tell me what you like and don't like," Derek told her as he took her hand. "I've learned that every woman is very different about this. Don't be embarrassed. Just tell me. I want your first time to be as amazing as possible."

Emma gripped his hand back. "And you'll never tell Peter? Never tell anyone? Promise me that!"

He smiled and kissed her cheek. "I wouldn't rat on my best friend. How could I?"

Whether that was true or not about Emma being his best friend, it did reassure her.

"Where should we do this?" she asked nervously.

"Where would you like to do it?"

"Here I guess." It flashed through Emma's mind that it would be a lot like that video clip. "What should I take off?"

"Well, this is a lot easier if you have nothing on your bottom," he joked. "As for the rest of you, that's your decision. Do you want me to keep my clothes on?"

Emma nodded. Now came the hard part: taking off her shorts and panties. You've gotten yourself into this, she thought. You're going to look like a silly scaredy-cat if you chicken out now.

"Turn away, please," she said as she turned off the one lamp in the room. There was light from the hallway, but the living room felt comfortingly dark.

She quickly stripped off her shorts and panties and laid down at her end of the sofa, knees tightly together and feeling incredibly vulnerable.

Derek turned back and looked at Emma, naked from the waist down. "You look just lovely, better than I would have imagined," he told her in a soft voice. "Now would you like me to take my clothes off?"

"Do you need to?" Emma knew at once that was a silly question. Of course he didn't need to be naked. But did she want him to be?

He took her silence to mean that she wasn't comfortable. Kneeling on the floor near her waist, he put his hands on her knees.

"Emma, these really need to be apart or this won't work."

She was trembling again a

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