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Can Zane go 24 hours without sex?

The bed started creaking rhythmically in an unmistakable age-old sound of sex.

Ingrid threw her head from side to side as he humped her and grunted loudly each time he slammed down into her. He started pounding harder and harder into her, hitting her cervix with the tip of his long hard cock every time. It hurt and her grunts turned to rhythmic yelps in time with the bed's squeaking. The headboard banged over and over into the wall. She took the pounding though and gritted her teeth through it. This fucking didn't feel good. Her hips were stretched too wide, he was drilling too deep inside her, and her huge aching tits bounced uncomfortably back and forth. He put his upper body weight fully onto her stretched legs, spreading her even further. She wasn't going to be able to walk normally after this. But still she took it. This is what she was good for.

Wilde hammered into her relentlessly and seemingly unendingly. Between the bed thumping into the wall, Ingrid's own moaning, and the loud metal squealing from the bed, anyone nearby would know exactly what was happening in her room. Ingrid hoped her neighbors weren't in their room to hear her get fucked like this.

Then the police officers' radios came to life, calling them by unit number. Thompson's voice broke into Wilde's ruthless rutting. "Wilde! Hey! We gotta go, man. Hurry it up!"

Wilde squeezed his eyes shut. "I'm almost there! Give me a minute!" He closed Ingrid's legs and pushed her ankles together over her left shoulder, effectively tightening her pussy's grip on his dick. The relief from her legs being stretched wide was immediate for Ingrid and her yelps turned back into moans as he continued to slam into her. Up until now, she had kept her hands on her knees, attempting to push back on Wilde so she wasn't stretched so wide. But now she slipped one hand to a nipple and the other hand between her relieved thighs and found her clit. Ingrid frantically rubbed herself, looking for another kind of relief. And she found it at the same time Wilde found his. He pumped his cum inside her pussy while she spurted all over his dick.

Pulling out, he gleefully turned to Thompson, "We got a squirter on our hands here, dude! You sure we gotta go?"

Thompson was already waiting impatiently at the door. "We know where she lives. We can always come back, Wilde. Hurry it up!"

Wilde laughed, "You're just jealous I made her squirt and you didn't!" He straddled Ingrid's chest and presented his cock to her mouth. "I can't go back to work smelling like slut. Open your mouth and clean me off." She of course complied, lapping up her pussy juice and his and his partner's cum. Tasting the musky fluids started to get her excited again, and she tried to desperately swallow his dick and get it hard for another go.

Wilde rudely pushed her face back and climbed off the bed. "Back off slut, I don't have time for your apparently insatiable desires." He put his uniform back to rights and joined Thompson at the door.

Thompson smirked down at the naked girl on the bed who was still idly fingering her clit. "Just remember, keep up this kind of activity and we'll be forced to bring you in. And we have you on record saying you also take dick up your ass. So you better play your cards right. We'll be back to make random checks on you. Ma'am."

The police officers stepped out of the room and shut the door, leaving Ingrid alone, naked, and with two more loads of cum inside of her. She really ought to get on birth control, she thought.


Ingrid slept hard and deep that night. After the police officers left, she didn't bother wiping off the cum in her pussy, she just passed out where she was in the seedy bed, cum pooling underneath her as it leaked out of her. She woke up to damp sheets, a sore pussy, aching legs, and purpling bruises on her tits. She also woke up with renewed confidence that she deserved to be a fuck toy. Waking up in a puddle of cum was something she ought to get used to.
An hour later, she was he

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