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Lovers finally steal their first time together.

Janice wanted to fuck her grandson.

This thought felt like fire in her mind, but she couldn't help but play it out in her head. Danny would get eaten alive out in the world. Too many evil, callous people would bring him down. He needed a woman who would support him and teach him the real ways of the world. That girl he was engaged to would not be able to handle it. Danny needed a mother to guide him. Not his sham of a mother. A real mother. Danny needed to learn his place. He was not meant to live this care-free existence with that waste of a girl. He needed to know that a man like him belongs at the feet of an older woman. He would be dependent on her during this entire visit. That was a good start. But not good enough. He needed to be serving her, catering to her every whim. Complete and utter servitude. He needed to know that he did not belong in that life of squalor he's been dealing with before. He deserved to live among the elite, like her. After experiencing this life, there would be no going back.

Janice was furious that he had not responded to her body. How dare he? Insolent asshole. He thinks he can get a free show of a hot older woman's body and not appreciate it. Who the hell does he think he is? Janice would teach him a lesson in respect. When she was done with him, he would only respond to older women. Does Danny think he can wave that massive cock under Janice's nose and expect that cock to still be his? How does he not know that that massive cock belongs to her now? For Janice, the future was clear. There was no other way this could end.

Janice considered the ramifications of this thought. It would be incest. Such a taboo thought. Could she really be that dark and that depraved to consider an act of incest in order to slake her thirst for young men? Incest was such a taboo subject. Simply saying the word would cause a shiver to run up your spine. It was so dark, so messed up, so forbidden. But so erotic. Janice's pussy was getting moist just thinking about it. Janice had heard whispers of other women indulging in incestuous sex. Just rumors that she heard from various girlfriends. And she had always heard the same thing: incest was addictive. Its forbidden nature made the sex world-changing. Janice had always acted disgusted, but a deep dark part of her found the concept intriguing.

A young man fucking his own grandmother was so fucked up. How often had that actually happened in real life? How often had there been a situation where both the young man and his grandmother were sexy enough to want to get down with each other? It was a situation that had no advantage for the man. Quite honestly, for a young man such as him, a woman thirty years older was not a viable lifelong mate. But, for an older woman, a young man was a perfect mate. Only a young man could keep up with an older woman's gross, insatiable sexual nature. An older woman/younger man coupling greatly favored the female. Janice would have to make it worth his while if he were to become her sex slave. His grandmother's sex slave. He would have to know that the sex she would provide would be something that he couldn't get anywhere else. It would have to be so good that he would simply know he could get no better.

Janice stared at her grandson again. She studied his sleeping form. Could she do this to him? He was such a sweet young man. He was clearly destined to do great things. Could Janice be so selfish as to ruin that? Could she corrupt him and take all that potential and use that for her own selfish purposes? He was destined to make the world a better and brighter place. Not to be the sex-slave of his sexy, hot-bodied, sex-craved grandmother. If you looked into his future, which phrase would best describe him: A good man who is madly in love with his high school sweetheart, or an incestuous crazed animal who was obsessed with fucking his own grandmother? It was up to Janice.

If Danny did become her slave, where would that leave his mother Erin? And his fianc__e LeAnn? Well, LeAnn wo

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