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James gets to enjoy a young plaything after a stressful day.

I raised the tool to the right nipple, which was also beginning to secrete, but held it about a half-inch away. She moved forward, but I moved the vibrator away.

"Stand still!" I ordered.

"Now, look at me."

Granny locked eyes with me as I moved closer to her nipple with the vibrator. She stood, unmoving, as the lightest contact was made -- just the two tips touching, with the lightest sensation being transmitted to her nipple.

I reached up with my free hand and held the flattened palm in front of the other breast, not touching, but close enough to feel the heat.

She'd held her hands at her sides since I took the dildo from her, but I saw her begin to reach towards her crotch. Whether this was a conscious move or not, I decided I could not permit it to happen.

"Raise your hands over your head, Granny. Clasp you fingers together. Arms straight up."

She complied with no hesitation, her eyes gleaming as I exerted complete control over her arousal. Raising her arms pulled her breasts taut, nipples standing even more prominent. I increased the contact with the vibrator, and moved my free hand closer so that the palm made contact with her nipple. I began to move my sweaty palm in a small circle, gently massaging her, as I began to move the vibrating shaft over the other tit.

Granny held my gaze until the orgasm overwhelmed her. She tried to keep it together, but eighteen years of unreleased pressure swept through her. Her eyes literally rolled back, her knees buckled as she dropped to the floor, bringing her arms down, fingers still intertwined as she thrust both hands between her legs, centering on the waves of her sexual eruption. ----

By this time, I hand my hand in my shorts with two fingers in me as I pinched a nipple under my shirt. David was still sitting, clutching the arms of his chair as he watched my wanton masturbation.

"It was so fucking hot, David. As she knelt on the floor in front of me, it almost looked like she was having a seizure, her orgasm was so intense. I couldn't tell if she squirted or peed, but there was a big puddle surrounding her on the floor. I almost came right then, too."

"If you won't take it out, touch it through your pants. I'm so close, it would be so hot."

David slowly moved his right hand to his crotch, and traced the outline of his prick with his index finger. I pulled my shirt up, exposing my breast, so I could really get at the nipple. His hand formed around the cloth, stroking the shaft through his pants.

I watched as he raised his hips, and the wet spot in his pants began to spread. As David shot off in his pants, I squeezed my nipple with one hand and my clit between the fingers of the other, triggering my own release.

As I collected my wits, I continued with both the story and my nipple massage. ----

Granny's breathing eventually returned to near normal as she remained hunched on the floor, her hands clasped tightly between her legs.

"Get up," I barked. She started to move slowly.


Granny struggled to her feet, standing in the middle of the puddle that marked the end of her drought. I went back to the kitchen, retrieving her torn dress and panties. I threw them down at her feet.

"Clean up your mess."

Granny squatted, and began to move the pile of rags around the floor, sopping up her puddle.

"Did you piss, or are you just that wet when you orgasm?"

No answer -- not even an acknowledgment of the question. I squatted down, grabbing her chin in my hand, raising her face to mine.

"You will answer me, old woman!"

I pushed her back from her squatting position, sending her sprawling on her ass, legs still spread from her squat, and her gasping pussy spread open and staring at me; it really looked like a smile -- the vertical smile.

"I've always had messy orgasms," she responded weakly. "There's no urine."

I told her to get her mess cleaned up, put on some clothes and meet me in the kitchen.

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