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The Captain finds more than one canal in Panama.

I also find out his mother already make the divorce. The father work also in the same city in a senior post and also is so kind. I met the father and also like for him so much.

I live inside the mistress factory because my boss he arrange for me the small flat. Nan he already has much money and he buy the flat in the Sanpailou area. We make the engagement so fast and decide marry in summer six month after the Hangzhou.

In China, it is quite OK for the man and the girl sleeping together if they engage. Many young people so liberate and they have sex before marry just be the boy friend and girl friend. So I expect Nan can sleep with me. He come to my flat sometime and I go also his flat. But he never want stay the night. He say he want wait until the marry date and then we make the sexy the first time.

I was getting so much excited and also thinking I can get so better pleasure with Nan. I want to see him naked and show him my nude. But he was so conservative. He do not want to show me, so I only can feel the chiba outside the trouser when I dancing. I know his chiba was so long and big like a good cucumber. So my mind was peaceful because the auntie she tell me the big chiba will break the small hymen and make the blood for him. I never masturbate using the cucumber inside, only one finger sometime. So I can not spoil my hymen. I only make the imagination for Nan and Zhang using the cucumber. But I want the real chiba because the cucumber is so cold and I longing for the hot dog inside my body. I count so many days before I get the present.

The July day we marry was so hot. The temperature nearly 40 degree. But we were so happy and so many friends they come and make the celebration and the drinking. Many friends they want Nan to drink so much the white spirit, so he give the face and drink so much. So we get home ten o'clock. I want bathe together, but Nan say I bathe myself and he later. So at last I sleep inside my new nightdress and wait. The bed room was air-con, so I feel so comfortable. So Nan he wear the shorts and sleep the bed. I smell so much drink, but we kiss like the new lover. I was feeling so hot and want him make the sexy so urgent. But he was so slow and make the step so slow. Then he get out and take a white handkerchief and put on the pillow. He tell me, 'this is our most happy night we must always remember. I want you use this handkerchief and clean the bi so we can make the memory always. I say ok.

I want to see the body so well, but Nan say we must switch the light off because make the sexy must always be so secret for man and woman. I then make myself naked and he was also naked so fast. We kiss and I want him suck for me the nippers. He was so gentle and I was feeling so sexy and so hornly. I was getting so much water coming of the vergina. He put the hand and touch me and I feel his cock was so bigger. It must be 6 or 7 inch long and fat like a small cucumber. It was also so hotter and so smooth. I like the feel so much.

I asked him to smell my bi because it is so clean. I wash many time and also use the finger inside so no smell. But he say it is not good for man to smell the bi. So I ask if I can sucking also for him. He say later because we have many chance in our life. So I obey him. He ask me open the legs. He put the big chiba and rub the bi slit. It was so wet and so nice. The chiba head he is like the mushroom. I feel the clit so sensitive and so pleasure when the head rubbing the clit. I tell him I love him so much because he give for me so high the pleasure playing my bi.

He also the first time make the sexy. So he cannot find the vergina. He push the chiba head on the clit and push and push and then the chiba slip onto the pubic hair. So I let him trying but he fail. So I use my hand and take the chiba and pointing the hole for him. He push slowly and I immediately feel so pain, so I tell him. He say he will make slow and I ask him push some more and the pain was also so much stronger. But the head slowly enter and I was suffering.

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