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John settles in at home.

" She became frantic and shook to get free. The more she moved the more this stuff would toss her about aimlessly. "HELP!"

"Oh shit, if this is a spider web, imagine the size of the ..." Lynn struggled again, even more violently and was able to twist her body around to her side as one leg flung freely. "Ek!" She squeaked as her loose arm flung wildly.

Lynn fought with her sticky bindings till she was exhausted. She began to weep, hanging there mercilessly. "I have always been afraid of spiders. I don't know why." She started crying. "Hanging in the dark, naked. I hate the dark." She sniffled. Looking around her self, "I don't know why!"

Lynn worked her fingers back and forth slowly releasing a finger at a time. "I am stuck to a ... sticky... WEB!" Her wrist pulled free and then the arm slowly released from the tacky substance's grasp. "This isn't a spider web. I have swatted at many of them. No matter how big the spider web is it is always stringy and easily walked through, this is has to be a dream, but I have never had a dream as real as this," Lynn sniffled then gave another angry yank at the sticky rope. "This stuff is worse than ... fly paper ... Oh, how gross!" She whimpered.

She squinted in the dark, thinking she saw something move. She sniffled and tried to sling her hair to the side for a clear view in the direction she saw movement. But the tacky thread pulled various strands of her short black hair keeping her head from total free movement.

Squinting her eyes even more, peering into the darkness it became clearer, as if a white ribbon flapped in a light breeze. A large ... white ... "feather?"

Lynn worked her last finger loose then slowly pulled her arm free by pulling very slowly but steadily. "If this a dream, I should have some special powers!" She didn't slight a smile at her own humor. "I can do this!" Lynn glanced around for any sign of an on coming spider, uncertain of anything at this point other than she was alone, "Where's spider-man when you need him. Look's like I'll have to rescue my self."

She was able to get her body free but her hands and feet were still stuck and holding her. She pulled a foot free and began working her way down the web, very slowly. Then a hand pulled loose and found another hold, lower. Strangely, the less force used to pull away from the string seem to release it's peculiar 'messy' grasp.

"This fly is getting out of the web," Lynn smirked with courage. Her hand grasped what felt like a stone. She turned for a closer look and saw that they were green and white. Like very large beads. Identical to the ones on ..."The Dream Catcher!"

Lynn's mind scrambled to solve the puzzle while her body worked it's way down the web till she felt a round limb that served as a good solid standing platform. Considering she just come from being suspended.

She worked down to having one hand holding the sticky netting while two feet were now able to stand. Her other hand fought sticky fingers, they kept holding to each other from the strange substance. Lynn tried shaking it off and rubbing it off ...but nothing worked. Even her feet stuck to where she stood.

"What is this stuff!" she said frustrated. She wormed and wiggled a foot free then stuck it out over the oval platform. Feeling the darkness, testing the depth of the nothingness. Hoping to find the ground she searched with her toes for something to touch.

"Hello," Lynn shouted and listened. Her voice echoed back as if she was yelling into a deep hole. "Damn, where in the hell am I?" She eased over the edge of the limb and reached as far as she could with both legs. Leaning over the rounded structure she began to slowly ease herself down farther.

She felt something with her toe. She waved her foot around to try and locate what it was. Then she brushed it again. With excitement she lowered her self even more and hung from her hands hold while her legs found what seem to be a rope. Her legs wrapped a leg around this thin sturdy rope and pulled it to her. It was not sticky other than her limbs tacky touch.


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