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Sex between brother & sister, mother & son, and BIL & SIL.

No woman could be that excited that early. She continued to watch the scene, and was interested but not as aroused as she had hoped. Finally she grabbed the remote, fast forwarded to the end, rewound about 15 minutes and tried again.

She had jumped into the middle of a scene with a car in a parking lot. The lighting was poor but she could see a woman going down on a guy. Her interest peaked greatly as she realized that this may not be "acting". Quickly she rewound to the beginning of the scene. It was titled "Caught these two in a local park". When the scene started, an SUV pulled up with a man and woman inside. They quickly started kissing very passionately and, although you couldn't see it, you could tell they were touching each other everywhere. He lifted up, and then quickly sat back down and she went down on him, Her hair was bouncing as she bobbed up and down vigorously. Whether or not it was real, she seemed to be in enough of a hurry that it seemed authentic. After only about 2 minutes her head stopped in his lap. Jennifer knew the man had cum in her mouth. And Jennifer was wet. She hadn't realized it, but she had become very excited. The woman lifted up and lay back against the passenger side door. The man's head disappeared under skirt and Jennifer's hand disappeared under her top. Jennifer gently squeezed her nipples as she watched the woman's body began to move rhythmically up and down at the hips. Jennifer now had one hand on her thigh and one on her nipples, desperately wishing the picture quality was better, when the woman arched up, put her hands on the back of the man's head, and had a very obvious orgasm. The two then unceremoniously left, leaving Jennifer wanting to rewind and watch the scene again.

As Jennifer sat looking at the TV, almost hoping the couple would reappear, the next scene started. It opened with a very pretty, dark skinned Latino girl with jet-black hair. She was lying on a bed in a small t-shirt and panties watching TV. Jennifer was immediately struck by the contrast the white underwear made against the woman's skin. While Jennifer could appreciate the female body, she had never felt sexually drawn to a woman, but after the last scene, she sat back to see if this would be "real" or obvious acting. The on screen woman soon began absent-mindedly rubbing little circles on her belly. Gradually the circles became wider but maintained their slow pace. Her eyes were half closed and she was becoming noticeably relaxed. As her hand rotated up, exposing the bottoms of her breasts, Jennifer realized two things. First, this woman appeared to be truly enjoying herself and, second, at some point without realizing it, Jennifer had begun caressing her own stomach.

As the woman on screen reached under her shirt to play with her nipples, Jennifer followed along, letting her take the lead.

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