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Haitian author and college student tells his story.

It was so romantic with the candles and the rapidly approaching dusk and we were both feeling it. All through dinner, we touched and kissed like newlyweds and I shivered with anticipation.

"Baby, could you get me my contact case? It's in my jacket pocket."

I jumped up to get his case, worried that his contacts were bothering him. It was a new prescription and I had promised the doctor that I'd watch for any signs of irritation so that we could get him back in for examination. I opened the closet and shoved my hand into the outer pocket. My heart stopped and the breath froze in my throat when I felt the square velvet box. His strong hands touched my shoulders and he took the box from my shaking hands, dropping to one knee.

"I should have done this a long time ago but I've been so afraid that I've been dreaming the last three years." I saw his eyes start to film with tears and I started crying. "Life with you has been so damn wonderful, Felice. I wake up next to you each morning and thank my lucky stars that you chose me to share your love with." He opened the box and the most beautiful antique oval-cut diamond stared back at me. "I want everyone in the world to know that you're my lover and my best friend and that I can't live without you. Felice Simons, will you marry me?"

I was nodding before the word came out. "Yes." I don't know how long we stood there, holding each other and crying but I became aware of Matt leading me to the balcony and sliding the ring onto my finger with a kiss. By now, darkness had fallen and the harbor was lit up with a hundred boats, awaiting the fireworks. A huge barge, just a large dark square in the distance, had been loaded and now only waited to be lit and enjoyed.

Matt popped another bottle open, our third, and we toasted to our future together. After we finished the bottle, Matt opened another one, drawing me inside. "Time for the christening." I wasn't sure what he was talking about but the sultry look in his eyes told me that I was in for a treat. He pulled the corner of my gown away and poured a little bit of champagne on my shoulder, quickly moving in to lick it away. I shivered and closed my eyes, willing my skin to see the touch of his fingers as they traced the downward movement of the silk.

The cool fabric of the gown pooled around my ankles and my nipples tightened at the rush of chilly air. His lips traced the length of my neck and it felt the smooth chopsticks slide across my scalp, sending my hair cascading down my back in a dark tumble. Matt's hands were in it immediately. I knew how much he loved my hair and I sighed as he weaved his fingers through it, pulling my mouth in for a long, deep kiss.

We side-stepped over to the bed, my hands busily unbuttoning his shirt and pushing it off his shoulders. I moaned at the muscles that rippled beneath my fingers. God, am I lucky! My teddy joined the gown and Matt laid me down on the bed, pushing the comforter back. A thin drizzle of champagne drenched me beginning at my mouth and I drank before he continued downward. Fizzy bubbles filled the hollow at the base of my throat, trickled down between my breasts and foamed around each nipple, then streaked toward my belly button.

Matt leaned over me, giving me a deep, French kiss that took my breath away before licking the side of my neck and drinking from my throat hollow. Nipples were next as he moved down to my belly button, spending a little extra time there as he knew that was one of my favorite fetishes. The spear-like tip of his tongue probed and licked every inch of my inny until I was having a mini-orgasm that wetted my thighs with clear juice.

"Are you wet for me?" His throaty whisper sent chills down my spine.

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