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My ginger girl's greatest fantasy comes true.


"Well it was certainly a surprise." she said, standing up and putting her arms around his shoulders and drawing him in deep for a passionate kiss.

She led him limping into the bedroom and sat him down on the bed. "Poor baby." she admonished as she kissed him over and over on his cheeks, on his neck, on his ears. She unbuttoned his sexy dress shirt under his sports jacket and worked her way down his body with her mouth. Kissing his nipples and his stomach. She unfastened his belt and pulled out his cock, kissing it all over. She kissed over to his wounded thigh and looked up at him and said "If I kiss this will it make it hurt any less?"

"Sure but when you're done I think something else would enjoy some more kissing." he said and she felt his cock pulse in her hand. She grinned and and kissed his bandage and then trailed her kisses back to his cock. She ran her tongue up the base of it and then accepted it between her soft beautiful lips. She took his cock all the way down her throat and began to suck and suck. She watched his eyes roll back into his head as she did that thing with her tongue that she knew he loved

so much. Twice while sucking him she brought him to the brink of orgasm only to cool off again and then she laid him down on the bed and lifting her skirt she mounted his face so that she could still suck his cock in a passionate sixty nine.

It wasn't long before Mia was about to cum on Sol's face and she could feel Sol was about to blow his load deep into her throat if she didn't pull him out of her mouth. She wasn't much into swallowing cum but she loved it when Sol would blow his hot cum all over her tits because she loved watching him erupt like he would. Big long ropes of cum launching from his sweet cock and all over her breasts was her reward when she released him from her mouth and she came just at that same

moment with Sol's tongue buried deep in her pussy and pressing on her clit.

Suddenly, as Mia's mind began to come down to earth again, she snapped back to awareness as she heard the unmistakable sound of Ray's car pulling up and panicked, she raced around getting Sol's pants, belt, shoes and the

like picked up and shoving them at him. She drug him limping, partially naked and carrying his things down to the first floor closet where she shoved him inside. She got herself cleaned up and threw her sexiest robe around herself just in time for Ray to come in wheeling his suitcase through the front door.

"Surprise! I'm home!" he said.

"I know baby, I know!" she said running up to him and throwing her arms around him. "Why did you leave early?" she asked, her mind scrambling as she adjusted herself and her hair.

"Oh the keynote speaker who we were supposed to listen to all day today had a family emergency and so we left early.' Ray replied. Then he looked at her, really looked at her, and he could smell the candles wafting down the stairs. Catching his look and wanting to head it off at the pass, she said looking down at her sexy robe, which she only ever wore for him, "I

called the hotel because I missed you and they said you'd checked out already. I didn't know why but I hoped you'd be coming home so I lit some candles upstairs just in case. I'm so glad you're home baby!" With that she drug him upstairs hoping Solomon could hear all that but she couldn't be sure and then she proceeded to the bed to fuck Ray's brains out, which wasn't a stretch because she wanted to be fucked very badly after Solomon's skilled tongue had worked it's magic.

She shoved Ray down on the bed so forcefully he was shocked at her aggressiveness. "What's gotten into you?" he asked.

"I have been hoping you would come home soon and just thinking about you has me so horny.

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