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Shibari Training

So delicate. Different than me. You were two little birds, leaning against each other, small by the side of the bathroom door, holding one another up. You both had on these little skirts. You looked like this little schoolgirl, I could hardly look at you without becoming rock hard, your little pig tails, your beautiful big eyes, your cheeks all flushed and your red mouth, so red when you got aroused. You were so aroused, squeezing your thighs together, you were creaming herself, I could tell, playing with Zoe's hair as you kissed.

Zoe had this little shirt on, some kind of tight fabric that pulled around her. She was wearing even LESS than you, my little girl. But she had on those sandals, such a thin waist, a plunging neckline on her little black top; such dark hair falling straight around her shoulders - shiny. I had too little brunette pussies right there.

And I sidled up behind you. You started when I touched you, and then glancing back you saw me, smiled. Stopped the kiss a moment. Your beautiful smile, your love for me in your eyes, and then kissing Zoe again. I whispered, "Mind if I join in?" No answer. I don't think either of you even heard me. So I just stroked you, softly running my hand over your shoulders, down your back, and just to let you know what you were doing to me - pressed my cock into your ass, let it lay right up the line of your bare ass beneath that skirt. God I knew you were wet, I could just about hear your juices squishing inside you as I pressed myself to you, pulling your hips back against me. You gave me a long stroke along my length - You knew.

And then I began to paint a little outside the lines, letting my hands wander along my little girls arms and then along the soft white arms of Zoe. She looked right at me, smiled as she kissed you, caught my eye. Gave me a little wink - a go ahead kind of look.

So I began to caress the two of you, letting my hand wander over you and onto Zoe, back again, and I began to squeeze your perfect breasts - god I loved your breasts, as you two girls were pressed together. You were smaller, perfect, just the size I LOVE, your little nipples were nice and tight - pressed right against Zoe's breasts - who was quite a bit bigger than you.

As I stroked you the back of my hand was caressing Zoe's breasts. I could hear you both whimper as I squeezed and played with them, while with my other hand I began to rub Zoe's back, setting my hand right at the low of her back, tipped my fingers up under her top, feeling the bare skin. She had nothing on under her blouse either. Luscious.

I simply had to. Zoe had such a fantastic little skirt on, so short. I wanted to know what she had on beneath. I knew your pussy was bare, creaming wet, if I touched you I would be fucking you right there in the hall, but what about Zoe? I shifted so I was right at her ass and reached my hand lifting her skirt, and touched her ass, her bare ass. Zoe felt me, and tipped her ass right into my hand. No panties! However, as I stroked her I felt a line of panties, ohhhhh, she had on this little thong, just a little line of fabric around her waist and a line down the crack of her ass.

I traced the fabric, first following it down the line of her ass. I heard her moan and tip her ass back, and cupped her pussy briefly with my hand, felt her spread open her legs. Her panties were soaked, so hot. I drew my hand back up the line, and without thinking grasped them at her waist, began to tug them lower. Habit I guess with my little girl. I remember thinking - this won't do...

As Zoe felt her panties being pulled lower, she began moving herself away, just slightly, away from me, but you were holding her.

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