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Anna is given a chance to save her company.

She draped the dress over a nearby chair and in one smooth move dove into the water.

"Good idea," I said. I walked towards the deep end shedding my shoes then blouse, and then slacks along the way, carefully putting them on the same chair Kim had used. I was delightfully nude in the warm night air. I turned to Ray and Bill and asked, "You guys coming in too?" With that, I dove into the water.

There were some pool noodles floating near the side. I'd aimed for one when I dove in the pool and surfaced near it. As I grabbed the noodle I looked over and saw both Ray and Bill were shirtless and stepping out of their loafers, shorts, and briefs. I grinned at Kim who already had that lovely lecherous look on her face. Seconds later both men dove into the water.

Bill surfaced near me, running a hand up my legs to my nether region as he surfaced. I squeaked in mock surprise. Then Kim did the same thing only a few feet from me as Ray did some illicit thing to her while underwater. Everyone laughed as the men surfaced with devilish looks on their faces.

"I'm not averse to some unusual encounter," Bill said, "but I want to be sure I'm not misinterpreting what this means. And what about your neighbors?"

Ray answered, "Our neighbors are away for the next few months. We do enjoy the privacy it affords -- and the flexibility. As for the sexual nature of the past few moments, we are open to new experiences providing they are loving, sensitive, have some sense of commitment -- not ownership, and involve people able to give and receive. We applaud spontaneous sexuality."

Bill was paying rapt attention as Ray spoke. Ray went on, "We believe that sexuality is an extension of the inner, spiritual self. It connects us with the core of our being and through that connection with the Universe. Thus, we value intimate and passionate contact as one means for communion with spirit. We want conscious contact with one another not a mindless fuck that provides only temporary satisfaction. We want to create joy and blend hearts together."

"Wow," were the first words from Bill's mouth after a prolonged silence. I'd heard some of the philosophy before and so it didn't surprise me. I was attuned to Ray and Kim and increasingly to Bill so I could feel some of the latter's discomfort fade away with Ray's words.

Ray got out of the pool a few minutes later and turned off the interior pool lights. Now a three-quarter moon and a few lights on in the house dimly lighted the pool and patio area.

As Ray returned, Bill asked, "Are you three an event ... I mean 'together' ... err, intimate?"

I answered forthrightly, "Yes, we love each other in our unique way. Ray and Kim are my mentors right now too, helping me change from a person I'd grown to become and didn't like." I glided across the pool.

"Yes, yes," Bill started, "I was aware you'd made a big change in how you dressed and behaved. It's been the talk of the company for the past couple of months. You were so shy, isolated, withdrawn."

"I'm still trying. I have to undo twenty years of thinking poorly about myself. It's not something I can do overnight. Did you know you were my first date?"

Bill looked flabbergasted, "No. You're kidding right?"

"Not a bit," I said as I breast stroked back towards him. "Ray helped me lose my virginity only a month before that. So you see I'm trying to make up for many lost years, certainly in terms of having a social life -- and in terms of my sexuality." I stood in front of him and used my breasts to stroke his chest; since the nipples were erect they had the desired effect of his further arousal. I slid away into the water again.

Kim had watched me. She came up beside Bill and slid under his arm and repeated my move of rubbing her engorged tits against his chest. Bill looked at Ray to see whether there was any awkwardness there.

Ray smiled back at him and said; "I think we have two horny women on our hands.

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