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A nerd is suduced into lesbianism through hypnosis.

Once again he removed his mouth from my cock and I could feel the cool air on my spit drenched cock.

He didn't remove his fingers and continued to finger fuck my hot hole. It was such a great sensation my cock felt like electricity was running through it.

Each time he thrust his fingers in my hole, my cock jumped up noticeably. It was a spasm delight that felt like I was cumming.

He continued to finger fuck me for several minutes. Each time he thrust his fingers inside my tight hole, my cock jerked up in perfect unison.

I was concerned with how much cumm would come out and where to put it crossed my mind.

He stood up behind me and reached his left hand around in front under my shirt and found my nipples.

He began pinching and pulling them. They were so hard and pointy. The pinching sent waves of pleasure to my hard cock.

"Mmmmm yes that feels so good," I moaned out.

I had wondered what it would feel like to be fucked in the ass. I had never before experienced such feelings of ecstasy with fingers up my ass. Then I could feel his hard cock on my thigh.

"You liked my fingers in your butt," he inquired. I think I said yes.

Then he asked me if I had ever been fucked before and I stammered n-n-no.

"Would you like to try it," he asked. How could I refuse after the sucking and ass playing he gave me? He explained that I would enjoy it a lot.

"I guess so," I murmured softly.

"Imagine how good its gonna feel having my big cock inside you," he promised.

"How big is it?" I asked him.

"Nine and a half inches," he said proudly.

He said he would go slow and stop if it hurt. I only nodded my approval. I felt some assurance that he would stop if it was painful.

I grabbed his cock and was shocked to feel it was so long and thick. It was at least two hands long and my fingers only touched when I squeezed it.

My ass was wet from his spit. He helped me pull my jeans off leaving my tennis shoes on. My pants gone I felt vulnerable and anxious but the feelings of exquisite delight and my boiling need to cum overruled any hesitancy.

I watched as he applied some ointment from a tube from his pocket to the head of his cock.

He had me put my hands on the wall, spread my feet apart and slightly bend over my ass facing him. I felt like a suspect being frisked by the cops.

He held his cock with his right hand as it nudged inside my cheeks and his left finger guided the head to my tight hole.

My bung hole was itchy and wanted more of his fingers inside me. I anticipated a painful entry but his soft cock-head massaged my anus as it prodded and it felt good when it finally popped inside.

He reached around with his left hand and massaged my cock. With just the head snugly lodged in my ass ring, my ass began to pump back against his cock.

I was hungry to engulf the rest of his hard cock. I wanted to satisfy my new found hunger for anal pleasure.

All of a sudden, his cock popped inside my sphincter stretching my virgin hole and the pain hit me like a knife.

"Aiiiiiih,dam" I cried out in agony.

I cried out but he had already pulled back in anticipation and with just the soft head of his cock still lodged inside the entrance to my aching hole. My legs quivered and my cock was still raging hard.

The biting pain ebbed and soon I was pumping back again onto his cock.

"Its OK see it doesn't hurt now, its your first time it hurts a little the first time, just take deep breaths," he counseled me as he pumped on my cock.

We repeated this action twice more until finally I was pushing back on his cock when two inches of hard fat cock entered my rectum.

This time it didn't hurt and my rectum had an unusual full feeling that I could tell was pleasant. My body felt really hot.

Wow, what an experience.

His hard cock felt so much better than his fingers. I could feel the tingling in my cock and my rectum was stretched sore to its fullest.

"You like that don't you," he asked.

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