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First face-to-face encounter between May/December lovers.

It was quite spacious and had various lighting and camera gear neatly arranged around the sides of the room. Also, in the room were various pieces of furniture that made up the elements of a set, including a large bed. There was a bathroom that had a tub and shower stall, which was also rigged for lighting and taping. The final room was the editing room, filled with electronic gear. There was a single occupant in the room, a man in his mid to late forties, obviously in excellent shape. Dee immediately noted how handsome he looked as she concluded that he must be Jenny's partner.

Upon seeing them enter he got up and introduced himself to Dee, "Welcome, my name is Harry, I'm Jenny business partner."

"This is Dee. I just met her at the gym" Jenny chimed in as Dee shook Harry's hand.

"Dee what do you think of our little playpen?" Harry asked, greeting Jenny with a kiss and a hug.

"I'm quite impressed." She concluded that Harry and Jenny were a lot closer than just business partners.

They chatted for some time. After a while Jenny suggested they watch some samples of their work. Dee agreed, as she was feeling very comfortable with this interesting couple. Jenny played various videos. Some of the videos had other models and some had various combinations of actors that included Jenny and Harry. All of them were well done and judging by her increasing wetness, Dee concluded they were hot. Even Jenny and Harry were getting excited, cuddling cozily while they watched. Dee soon began to imagine her self in these videos. The idea of being in one definitely excited her but she wasn't too sure she'd have enough courage to do it.

The next video that Jenny showed was a hot scene of Jenny being fucked in the ass as she sucked another man's cock. As the scene started the faces of the men were not shown. Jenny however, was not acting as she moaned wildly taking it from both ends. Dee was enthralled by this scene, and she was getting very hot. The camera panned back and Dee almost came when she realized that the man fucking Jenny's ass was her father. Harry was fucking Jenny's mouth. In the darkened room Dee rubbed her nipples through the fabric of her blouse. Her hand rubbed her clit through the fabric of her shorts as discretely as she could manage. Stifling a moan Dee shuddered as she came just as her father and Harry showered Jenny with cum.

Jenny turned up the lights and looked at Dee sitting not far from her, her face red trying to conceal her labored breathing. "Dee, I knew that would turn you on." Jenny smiled, "Harry, did you know that Dee is your friend Roberts' daughter. She snuck a peak at the video we made for him."

"You don't say," Harry replied, "Rob told me you were hot but I never imagined you this beautiful. Well what are you gonna do about it, now that you know your dad's feelings."

"Dee, I think you should make a video right now. We'll help you make it hot. And if you like maybe you can give to your daddy." Jenny had moved close to Dee and reached out and gently caressed her shoulder. Dee shuddered at her touch but did not move away.

Still Dee had some uncertainties about this whole situation, "But you guys are talking about incest!"

"Dee right now we are talking about getting your hot little ass on video. Would you like me to get naked with you, you know show you what to do?"

Jenny stroked Dee's hair. She slowly brought her lips and touched them on Dee's lips. Dee responded by slightly opening her mouth and allowing Jenny's tongue to tickle her parted lips. Jenny just as casually broke the contact and smiled, "It'll be fun, I'll show you how it's done."

Jenny stepped out of her shirt and shorts.

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