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New lust with a new dance partner.

I know I did. The temptation to reach over and caress Anik's breasts was almost overwhelming as I watched her nipples grow hard in the cool atmosphere of the living room.

The sixth hand went to Tony. I lost. My shorts joined the growing pile of clothes in the corner. I sat cross-legged, proudly displaying the pillar that had risen in my jockeys.

Anik lost the seventh hand. As she dropped her cards, I looked into her eyes. There was panic there, I realized, but she had set her mind to this afternoon's event, and with slow and deliberate movements she rose to her feet and bent over, peeling her satin panties down to her feet before kicking them aside. When she straightened her back, she stood naked before us, giving both myself and Tony a full frontal view of her sexy body. I glanced at Tony and smiled. He was staring at her as though he had never seen a naked woman before. Though he still wore his baggy jeans, I could see the bulge in his crotch.

"Your deal," Anik told him as she sat back down and pushed the cards his way.

Tony dealt. Anik lost.

"Um, I haven't got anything else to take off," she declared.

"So now what?" Tony wondered out loud.

I decided it was time to break the ice.

"Tony and I will play a hand. Whoever wins gets to demand one favour from Anik. Anything goes."

Tony's jaw just about hit the floor. I ignored him and continued to watch my girlfriend while she nodded slowly.

"You alright with that?" I asked.

Anik smiled at me, then at Tony. "Sure," she said. "Bring it on!"

I dealt the cards. In the end, though, it was Tony who won the hand.

"So what do you want?" I asked him.

For the first time since I had met him, Tony was at a loss for words.

"I don't know," he confessed.

I turned to Anik. "Why don't you show him how good you are with your mouth?"

Anik smiled as she rocked up onto her knees and crawled toward Tony. When she was directly in front of him, she reached for the button of his jeans and pulled it open. She lowered his zipper while staring straight into his eyes. When the jeans fell away, she slid her small hand under the waistband of his boxers and cupped his strengthening manhood in her palm.

"We wanted to invite you to join us," she said as she lowered her head toward his crotch, "but we didn't know how to ask."

Tony's eyelids fluttered closed when Anik slid her lips down onto his shaft. I knew from experience how wonderful she was at sucking cock, and as I sat there watching him, I couldn't help but pull my own jockeys down and begin stroking my dick. Anik's head bobbed up and down while she sucked Tony's cock. Her tongue swirled around his head, then slid out from between her lips and licked down the underside of his shaft toward his balls before she swept him into her mouth again. The sucking sounds were incredible. I could hear Tony moaning while Anik blew him.

"Oh my God!" Tony whispered hoarsely.

Suddenly, without warning, Anik pulled up and backed away from him. Turning toward me, she took my hand and rose to her feet, drawing me after her. As she started toward the bedroom, Anik motioned for Tony to follow us. He did, no questions asked.

Once in the bedroom, Anik quickly tore off the last of the clothing that Tony and I wore. There we stood, our poles at full attention while this dark-haired goddess knelt between us, grasping both of our rods in her hands. She stroked us together, then took turns sliding her lips down first Tony's shaft, then my own. I almost blew my load right then and there as she sucked my cock and fondled my balls, but before I could dump my cum into her mouth, Anik stood up and motioned toward the bed.

"Lie down," she instructed.

Tony and I were like little kids diving up onto the bed and flopping onto our backs. It was weird at first, lying side-by-side with another naked man, but as Anik crawled up between our legs and began sucking first one cock, then the other, my homophobia quickly vanished.

For several long minutes, Tony and I were treated to the best blowjobs Anik had ever given.

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