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He becomes the servant of a Japanese couple.

I had now moved up to four fingers sliding in and out of her. I had never seen her so wild and never imagined that she could get so relaxed and horny in full public view. As she laid there, writhing in ecstasy, she lifted her ass off the seat exposing herself even more to anyone that might be looking - and plenty of people were. Finally she erupted in orgasm along with a deep groan that drew even more attention to the car from the shocked passersby.

Even after her explosive orgasm M was in no hurry to cover herself as she laid there for several minutes with a grin of satisfaction on her face. She slowly covered herself as I pulled out of the parking lot. I thought I heard a bit of applause as we pulled away but I was more focused on what I was going to get when we got back to our hotel room.


We have found that as much as we like to fuck almost every day, there is something to be said for a little bit of abstinence. I like to say "absence makes the cock grow harder". We have some of our best sex when I return from a few days away. And since we plan on having a lot of sex during our week of vacation, we decided to test ourselves and see how long we can go without it. Originally we agreed to go for a full month but then I went away for five days and we knew we would have to make love at least once before we started the fasting. When I got home about midnight two days ago I was horny as hell and I wanted it then but M convinced me to let her sleep and she would take care of me in the morning. I'm glad I waited.

We woke up about five-thirty and snuggled close together in that wonderful half awake world of early morning. It didn't take me long to start getting hard and I could tell M was waking up by her occasional twitching that tells me her horny little mind is starting to work. The softness of her naked skin against mine felt great after being away for so long. I nuzzled into her neck and took in her scent, kissing and licking my way up to her ear which I could tease with my tongue and gently nibble on. I then worked my way down to those wonderful tits and nipples.

Usually about this time I continue working my way down across her soft belly to my favorite part of her magnificent body, her dripping cunt, but this time she pulled me on top of her and told me she wanted me in her now. I slid in with ease as I held most of my weight off her and continued to nibble away at her and inhale her scent. I could tell this was going to be one of the times we refer to as love making instead of just raw sex. We define love making as those times when you are into each other mentally and emotionally, sex is pure physical animal stuff and both are great.

We began to kiss and I worked my tongue deep into her mouth as she did the same to me. We were working ourselves up with the least amount of movement I can handle and still feel that my cock is in a tight pussy. As I lifted myself up off of her I began to pump deep into her wet hole. I love it when the end of my cock slams into the back of cervix and when she is this horny, she loves it too. I ground my cock as deep into her as I could and pressed my pubic bone against hers catching her swollen clit in between. This is something she can only handle when she really wants it.

We gazed deeply into each other's eyes as she raised her hands up to my chest and began to pinch my nipples. She knows my nipples are like a switch that drives me wild and after squeezing them gently for a moment she began to twist and turn them, being as rough as she could. I lowered myself onto her as we continued our deep stare and we each began to glaze over, moving into a state of total bliss. With almost no motion and with most of my weight on her, she began to orgasm. As her eyes rolled back she began that deep groan that tells me this is going to be a good one. Just knowing that she is experiencing so much pleasure sends me over the edge and, without moving, I began squirting my hot cum deep into her.


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