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I knew some about him.

But we had never met.

Until now of course. He happened to walk through the door of the coffee shop just as Rachel was trying to convince me how everything was awesome sauce with her new lecherous beau.

He didn't see us at first. And Rachel didn't see him either, but I did. So while she avoided eye contact with me as she tried to act like all was fantastic I watched him move around the coffee shop.

He wore dark pants and a white shirt, his sleeves rolled up. His dark blue silky tie hung somewhat loosened at his neck with the top button left undone. He walked over to the counter and stood confidently in line. His gaze started to wander around the room, taking in his surroundings as he waited his turn, eventually alighting on me.

And so I found myself locking gazes with him. And it was rather surreal. We had never spoken but I knew so much about him, with even some details about his quality as a lover. And I was sure the slightly bemused intelligent eyes studying me were likely working through the same types of analyses. Honestly it felt a little unnerving. I felt like I was being sized up, not as competition or something but just as a . . . I am not sure. Like a conquest.

He grabbed the coffee from the counter, seldom letting his eyes move from watching Rachel and I, and then strolled over to our table. He walked up beside Rachel and placed his hand on her shoulder, slightly startling her until she realized who he was. She beamed up at him.

"Hi Rachel." He glanced down and smiled at her, seemingly squeezing her shoulder. Then his eyes came to me, his hand shooting out in my direction. "And you must be Lauren."

"Yes. Dr. Lane?" I smiled but I didn't feel much pleasantness behind my mask. I in fact felt a little hostility towards him. For his arrogance maybe. His confidence. Did he assume I would just fall into line and swoon over his charm thinking that he would be so super duper for my friend?

He nodded, smiled and firmly gripped my hand. "Indeed." His hand continued to hold moment for a moment longer.

He glanced at Rachel, "I apologize for interrupting." She sported a grin as if she was very excited that two people who she always wanted to meet finally did. Which I think was exactly the state of things.

Rachel shook her head. "Not interrupting at all. Would you like to join us?"

He glanced back at me, "You have veto power here." That was surprising. Very. Was he playing some game or was he truly trying to show respect and deference for our friendship? Honestly it was a nice gesture if what it appeared to be was actually what it was. Regardless I nodded. "Please."

He pulled a chair up and settled into the chair, with Rachel on one side of him and me on his right. He glanced at me and seemed to come to an immediate conclusion.

"So, I am not sure if you know this but we share something in common, Lauren."

He caught me mid-sip with my coffee cup at my lips. I raised my eyebrows as I set the cup back down. "Oh? What is that?"

He leaned forward, not to intimidate (I don't think) but rather seemingly to make a serious point. "We both harbor a very deep need to protect Rachel here."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Rachel stiffen a bit. I knew this probably made her feel a little uncomfortable as she was one to avoid directness. He seemed to know the same thing as he glanced at her and grabbed and squeezed her hand lightly, comforting her.

I tried to quickly regain composure from the alarmingly direct statement. I nodded, "I do feel that need."

"Good," he smiled at me. A real smile, it seemed. Genuine. "We all need friends like you, Lauren."

I expected a fight.

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