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She finally finds true love.

She reached a hand back between her legs and wet her fingers with her own pussy juice. She brought her fingers up to Jasmine's pussy and rested her middle finger on the opening. Jasmine moaned as Peggy gradually worked the wet finger it into her. She cried out when Peggy found her magic g-spot. When Peggy used her tongue to push the hood off Jasmine's clit and licked the sensitive nub, Jasmine jumped like she had been zapped with a jolt of electricity. Jasmine's whole body froze and tensed up as came again and again, cumming each time Peggy flicked her tongue on her clit.

All the while Curtis had continued to slide his cock back and forth in Peggy pussy. He grabbed hold of her hips and increased the speed and intensity of his strokes. Soon he was driving his cock into Peggy at a furious rate. His big low hanging balls swung back and forth, banging into her clit on each stroke. It was enough to set her off. Peggy's orgasm surged from the depths of her pussy and shot like lighting throughout her entire body. Her pussy quivered and shook around Curtis's fat cock as her entire body shuddered. Peggy cried out incoherently, panting as she tried to catch her breath. Curtis came at the same time. He drove his cock deep into Peggy's pussy as he fired off shot after shot of warm cum.

Jasmine rolled on her side pushed herself away from Peggy's talented tongue while Peggy was still in the throes of her own orgasm. Jasmine lay there moaning, catching her breath. She had multiple orgasms before but not as many or as intense or as long lasting as today.

Curtis had kept his cock buried in Peggy's pussy while both of them were cumming. When Peggy's orgasmic tremors stopped and her breathing started to return to normal, Curtis slipped his cock out of her pussy. Peggy felt a sense of disappointment as the big tool was removed. She had really wanted cum again. Her disappointment didn't last long. Curtis lifted Peggy onto the bed and turned her over onto her back. He positioned her so her ass was right at the edge of the foot of the bed. He told Peggy to put her hands under her knees and pull her legs back. It caused her pussy to open up wide. Curtis stepped up to Peggy and looked down at her pussy. The lips were puffy and red. He took hold of his cock, it was still hard and covered with their combined cum. He rubbed the head across the lips of her pussy. Peggy flinched and groaned each time the big fat mushroom shaped head brushed over her clit.

"Oh god that's it, rub my clit, make me cum. Please, use you big fat black cock and make me cum," Peggy groaned.

Curtis adjusted himself and lined the head of his cock up with the opening of Peggy's pussy. In one long swift thrust he shoved all twelve inches of his massive cock into her. Peggy gasped and cried out. Cutis waited a second before he began sliding himself in and out of her pussy. Quickly he built up his pace. This was no slow tender lovemaking; this was a raw animalistic fuck. Curtis repeatedly slammed his cock into Peggy. She wrapped her legs around him, pulled him down on top of her and forcefully ground her body up against his. Soon they were both panting and moaning as they drove themselves to new heights of pleasure. Peggy locked her ankles together behind Curtis's back and pulled him tight against her, driving him harder against her clit. She could feel an approaching wave of pleasure over take her senses. She flung her head back and cried out as the first of several powerful orgasms rippled through her body. Curtis held on to her as she continued flexing her hips back and forth, grinding her sensitive clit up against his hard pubic bone causing her to cum again and again. She finally fell back, gasping for air, her whole body quivering and shaking.

"Holy shit Babydoll, the slut has cum again," Curtis gasped as he pushed his upper body off of Peggy.

"Can I pick em baby," Jasmine replied as she got up off of the bed and rummaged through one of their suitcases.

As Peg

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