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Sharon's past is exposed and she wants to payback the favor.

He took it from her, tore the package with his teeth, and began putting it on his cock. And then she was there, helping him. The moment it was on she was lying back, legs open, arms welcoming. He slid inside her.

They moaned simultaneously at the sensation of joining.

He wrapped his arms around her body and they moved together. He almost felt like crying because of the intensity of the feeling. He didn't last long but he didn't have to. She was there with him. They fell into a damp heap. Next he was lying on his back with her head on his shoulder and her body close against his. And then he was asleep.

He woke up in the darkness. She was somewhere above him. He was hard and her hand was around his cock. She lowered herself onto him but something was different. She was moving up and down and squeezing his cock with an unusual tightness. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah," she grunted each time she came down. He reached out to touch her and was shocked by a sudden understanding. She'd put him in her ass. It was clearly something that she enjoyed very much. He, however, although the physical pleasure was undeniable, had mixed feelings about anal sex. An inner part of himself withdrew.

She moved faster and faster. The thought entered his head that she must be an athlete of some sort because of how well she controlled her body. Her hands grasped the sides of his rib cage as she pounded herself down onto him. He could tell that she was getting close because of the intensity of the sounds she was making. Harsh grunts. Growls. Then she was keening with the pleasure of release. Hearing her made him come too. And he fell asleep again.

The next time he awoke she was shaking him. "I'm sorry but you need to leave. My roommate will be home soon and it would just be easier if you weren't here. I'm sorry."

"That's okay, I understand," he said sleepily. After he'd climbed back into his clothes and they'd walked to the door he hugged her. She was still naked. "I'm really looking forward to our being friends," he said. They kissed.

"You're really a sweet guy," she responded. Later, when he remembered her saying this, he heard a note of regret. He stepped out into the night and began walking back to the restaurant where he'd left his car.

He sent her an email the next morning, thanking her for the wonderful evening. She didn't reply. He sent another a week later. Still nothing. He felt a sharp pang of disappointment each time he thought of her. It had meant so much to him to believe that he'd found a friend. In the two weeks that they'd been in contact he'd grown to like her more and more. And he'd thought she liked him too.

About three weeks after their meeting he went to the apartment she'd taken him to and knocked. A young man dressed in black with piercings and tattoos opened the door.

"Is Angel here?"

"Angel?" The young man looked confused. "This is Penny's place." A Native American woman with a broad face and lively brown eyes came up behind him. "He's looking for someone named Angel," he told her.

"You must mean... uh... she moved out of town," the young woman said with a suddenly guarded expression.

"Did she leave a forwarding address?" Alan asked.

"No, I'm sorry, she didn't." They watched him absorb this news.

"Well, thanks. Sorry to bother you," he said. The door closed.

Over time the sting receded. He thought of her now and again. It was a special memory; there weren't a lot of people who caught his attention as quickly and deeply as she had. He'd just plain liked her. A lot.

As time passed things changed. He made some new friends. He started having a regular sex life again.

Part 2:

Then she sent him an email:

Hello Alan, I don't know if you'll remember me. We met very briefly over two years ago. I left Silver City a short time after we were together and I've regretted the way I treated you. I didn't even say goodbye. I'd like to apologize, if you'll let me. Angie

He sent this response:

Hi Angie, If you're the woman I knew as Angel I

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