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Mom, Son, & Daughter give Dad a treat.

After a minute, L. O. said quietly, "I guess I should blow him first, you think?"

"It's as good a way to start as any. Have you done it before?"


"What have you done?"

"Made out a couple times. Joey Fletcher grabbed my tits in the once. Dennis Woods took me to the movies and kissed me, and I sort of jerked him off a few weeks ago, but he never called me afterward."

"Sort of? Can you explain?"

"Ummm, he was ... kissing me ... you know, using his tongue, and then his hand was under my skirt and on my..."


"Yeah, my pussy."


"It felt really, really nice, but I was afraid of getting preggers."

"That's a new one on me," Leah laughed.

"Preggers. Like a girl can get preggers if she's not careful!"

They both laughed, and then L. O. said, "So I touched him."


"He took it out, and I touched him again."

"Your first cock?"



"I moved my hand the way he told me to, and he came all over my hand."

"That was it?"

"Well, we kissed a couple more times and he rubbed my ... pussy some. Then the movie ended and the lights came up. So we left. He took me home."

"And he never called you again?"

"No ... I did ... call him, though. I told him not to bother me again."

"Why on Earth would you tell him that?"

"Because I ... I didn't want to ... lose my virginity to him."

"You know," Leah said kindly, "that's the best reason in the world."

"You think? Well, thanks. I wasn't so sure I'd done the right thing, Leah."

"You're welcome. Now, what do you want to know about giving a blow job?"

"What's to know? I mean, all you do is put it in your mouth, right?"

"There's a little more to it."

"There is?"

"Sure, for one thing, there's the teeth thing."

"The teeth...?"

"Yeah, you know how your pussy is tender ... well kind of tender?"


"Guys are even more tender there."


"So, you have to be careful not to bite it, or even scratch them with your teeth."


"And ... when you get to the corona, or crown..."


"I'm talking about the head of his cock. There's the head, the shaft and the balls. And speaking of the balls be very careful."

"Okay, but why?"

"Because they are so very, very tender, and fragile as eggs. They hold the sperm, you know."

"Oh ... yeah, I remember."

"So, you can kiss it, lick it and suck on it. And that's about it."

"Leah, I'm afraid I'll fuck it up. I want to do it right. I want Duane to think I've done it before, you know?"

"You're telling me you want a practice run?"

"How could we do that?"

"Well, with like a banana?"


Leah went in search of the fruit and returned empty handed. "L. O., I don't have any bananas."


"I could call Aubrey. I mean he could come over and I could blow him, and you could watch, pick up some pointers?"

"You're kidding!"

"No, I'm serious. I mean, it would have been great if I'd been able to lean that way."

"But, what about Aubrey; like he's a guy, and all?"

"Duh! We need a guy. I'm sure he wouldn't mind. I know it's asking a lot, but I can guarantee he'll keep it to himself. He doesn't talk about ... you know, private matters."
Would you ask him? Wow that would be great!"

Twenty minutes after Leah called me, I was knocking at her front door. Her parents were at a political meeting and would be there for the next two hours.

L. O. was embarrassed from the start. I mean all I did was greet Leah with a long kiss, and then I peeled my shirt off, and pulled L. O. into a tight hug.

An involuntary, "Hey, wait a minute, you guys!" came out of L. O.'s mouth; and she covered her mouth with a hand, and waved us on with the other.

I stopped what I was doing, and stepped back, giving Leah a questioning look.

Leah took charge, reminding L. O. why I was there.

"Okay. Okay," L. O. said apologetically.

"L. O. you sit there," Leah said, pointing to the hassock in front of the couch. "And I'll sit here," she said, indicating the couch.

I stood there, letting Leah take the lead.

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