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Samantha gets into very deep trouble back in the club.

I laughed.

Slowly I looked my husband in the eye, then lowered my body towards his now aching cock. It was very hard, and still covered in some of the raspberry lube he had been so recently stroking on his shaft. I kept looking him in the eye, even as my long, pink tongue snaked it's way from my mouth towards the purplish head of his swollen penis. I had a plan, and it necessitated his penis being flaccid. I knew exactly what to do.

I lowered my head, allowing just the tip of my tongue to make contact with his cockhead. Then, as he closed his eyes to enjoy what he thought was to be one of my sloppy blow jobs, I reached under his ass and jammed my index finger into his butt. He hates that! It worked beautifully. His proud, hard and aching to cum dick dropped to a soft jelly like bundle of flesh in seconds.

He shrieked.

I laughed.

Now that I had succeeded in making him soft, I took out my favourite piece of equipment we have related to fucking. Steve's cock ring. Let me tell you, if you have never fucked with a cock ring, you have no idea what you're missing out on. I reckon Steve's cock swells almost a quarter larger than normal when he is wearing the ring. Anyway, I can only recommend you try it for yourself to see the result. Not only does it make the penis larger, it also makes it last much longer before cumming!

I took the ring in my hand. It is made from black leather and has popping clips all the way around it so it fits all sizes of cock. Steve's is rather thick as you know, so I always put it on the loosest clip. He smiled and lay back, as I fitted it to his now soft dick. Annoyed at my teasing, he was now pleased to see I intended to finish what I had started earlier!

Clipping it on, I then flicked his still soft willy a few times, before resuming my oral exploration of the flesh I knew so well.

I adore giving head, and pride myself on my skills. I took my husband's dick into my mouth, engulfing his entire length until my tongue snaked it's way onto the leather and silver buckles of his cock ring I adored so much. I swirled my tongue around the shaft, feeling the head of his penis swell in the deeper regions of my throat. I was able to remain in this position sucking and licking his cock until he thickened up and started to grow. I jammed down further trying to get as much of him inside my throat as I could, but his thickness got the better of me and I had to retreat a few inches in order to breathe properly as I continued to suck and lick.

I then took the cock out of my mouth and gripped the shaft just where the cock ring was starting to tighten on the base of Steve's cock. I suckled on the rim and head, feeling the eye of his dick with my tongue, the edge of my tongue flickering it's way in and out of the little eye, before slurping my tongue around and all over his sensitive head, causing Steve to moan and toss his head backwards as I sucked him off.

My head bobbed up and down, my mouth applying plenty or slippery, tongue laden pressure, as I felt him grow to his full size. I knew it was full size because the base of his cock was straining against the leather cock ring in my fist as I pumped up and down giving head. I love the taste, the feel and the whole experience of sucking a cock and reducing a man to a blithering mess of moans and whimpers, and that is just what I found myself doing with Steve.

I teased him a few seconds longer, before exposing my teeth and slowly biting down on the rim of his cock. I know Steve enjoys this because it feels great, but it also is a little frightening for the guy because he knows I am only millimetres away from being able to bite down and really hurt him by tearing and biting the bulging head of his penis, just at the very moment he wants to cum in my mouth!

It's great being a woman!

I did this for a while longer, until passion got the better f me and I had to take his cock in my throat once more. I can't deep throat Steve easily, and so I had some work ahead to achieve my goal.

I gathered a massive amount of my own saliva in my mouth, then slurped an

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