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Melanie is hired to help around house.

Bill was ploughing away and my second glass was making me feel lofty and relaxed and the sounds of fucking were like a strange and distant music. Kerry's legs lay across my thigh reflecting the blue light of the TV and she was warm. I imagined the blood pulsing through her leg, all those sinuous veins and branched arteries hurrying the red liquid through every millimetre of her body. I thought of her breasts, her cunt, her mouth, all the places where her blood flowed that I wanted to kiss. I imagined I could hear her heart beating in synchronicity with her circulation, sending and receiving, pulsing and squirming.

I became aware of my right palm gently rubbing her thigh in a slow snake-dance, each stroke travelling slightly higher towards the hem of her shorts, while my left hand held her foot softly.

I stopped.

I could hear her breathing coming deep and regular.

I looked at her and she was looking back at me with a quizzical yet lost expression on her face

'Don't stop,' was all she said and I started moving my hand again, this time venturing further up her milky leg and down again and then back up and under the fabric of her shorts. I felt the roundness of her legs flatten out into her hip and I'm sure she could feel my dick begin to expand.

Again I stroked down her leg and up again this time to her hip and then around to fell the swell of her ass, her perfect skin was like silk to me. From her butt I felt around, running my fingers under her clothing until I was met with the coarse hair of her pussy. From there I let my hand cup her thigh and I could feel her labia against my pinkie finger. She made an involuntary sound followed by a deep exhalation.

Removing my hand, I slid up the couch and half out from under her so that my right hand was by her side and my left was free to join the game. I was not quite high enough to kiss her but her hands met my face and she pulled me into the firm but soft mound of her breast. I could smell the skin, that faint odour of her was driving me crazy. I slid my hand under her shirt to her other breast, cupping and gently feeling my way through this unexplored territory. Her fingernails found the top of my back and she pulled me to her more strongly.

I pulled out of her embrace and wriggled out from her legs and took off my shirt. She sat up too and began to kiss my chest and my neck. Her hands stayed away from my cock and it drove me insane. Just the occasional touch of some passing part of her arm would nudge my cock sending shock-waves of feeling through my body.I brought her face up to meet mine and finally we kissed. She was sweet like sugar and smelled of Pinot Noir.

As we kissed her hand found its way through the elastic waist of my boxers and grabbed the shaft of my penis. She slowly began to move her hand letting the base of her palm roll over the head of my dick.

I found it hard to keep kissing her and my hands found her ass and pushed the sleep shorts down so that her cheeks were revealed to the glow of the TV.

'No.' she said pulling up her pants.

Instead she pulled mine down until they were at my knees and my cock stuck out at ninety degrees flailing around like a jack-in-the-box as the elastic was ripped past it. I stood and let my pants fall to my feet, stepping out of them before kneeling back on the seat of the couch.

It was such a liberating feeling, to be naked with her still clothed.

We locked our lips once again for a long kiss which she broke and trailed her tongue down my neck and chest pausing to suck on my left nipple then continuing down my stomach until her chin touched my rigid shaft. I could feel her breath warm in my pubes and the head of my cock rested against the soft skin of her neck. Suddenly I could feel something even warmer only this was also a wet feeling. Her tongue traced the length of my cock to its very tip as her hand gripped the base to steady it as her tongue swirled around the head.

The scene was surreal in the blue glow of the TV.

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