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Ethan gains employment with Mistress Dechaump's.

Tara sat there, a cummy mess while Chrissy took in the whole scene. Her eyes slid over Tara's cock, the mess, and over to the computer screen, porn still playing. The girl in the video almost pukes, and Tara cringed and closes her eyes. Then Chrissy said the most wonderful thing she could have.

"Is that all for me?" Chrissy said in a quiet voice, gesturing to the cum. Tara's eyes shot open and locked gazes with Chrissy, her eyes full of desperate fragile wanting, and nodded. Chrissy smiled and took a tenative step forward. Then another. Chrissy reached out slowly, with one finger she cleaned a smear of cum from Tara's face and then after a faint pause to examine it, she licked it clean. Tara still couldn't bring herself to move. Chrissy leaned forward, and kissed another cummy spot, sucking the jizz off Tara's cheek.

Tara's body was stiff as Chrissy smiled gently at her, and began kissing down Tara's body, licking up globs and streaks of cum. Tara began breathing heavily, not even believing as her hot crush cleaned up her cum with her mouth. Tara felt her cock, limp after cumming, begin to stiffen again. Chrissy moved down, clearly getting more and more excited. Dropping to her knees, Chrissy began licking the cum of tara's fingers.

Encouraged by Chrissy's enthusiasm, Tara rubbed her cock against Chrissy's face, and then gave her cheek a playful cockslap. Chrissy giggled.

"That thing is a monster!" Chrissy said playfully, reaching for the shaft, but Tara moved it and gave her another slap on the forehead. Chrissy just giggled and licked the underside, eliciting a moan from Tara. Chrissy used the pause to wrap her lips around the head and suck. Hard. Tara whimpered and moaned as Chrissy began to suck, and move up down. The porn provided a counterpoint to the soft sucking noises from Chrissy's mouth.

Driven into a horny frenzy, Tara began to buck into Chrissy's mouth, her hand in Chrissy's hair as she began to drive herself deeper. Chrissy gave a warning squeal, then a gag as Tara's cock slid too deep. Chrissy recoiled up off the dick, wiping a light bit of drool off her chin. She looked up with a smile at Tara, glancing at the porn screen.

"It's ok, go ahead, just try not to make me puke!" Chrissy said with a giggle, before putting her warm lips back around Tara's cockhead. Tara moaned, loud and low, not believing Chrissy was so excited by the prospect. Feeling empowered and accepted and powerful Tara grabbed Chrissy's hair and began to buck hard up into the little blonde's throat. Chrissy squealed, but did not protest the invasion of her throat as she choked and sputtered spit down her chin.

The squelches as Tara drove her cock deep meshed with the abuse the porn girl was suffering. Tara moaned, driving Chrissy's head down deeper, delighting guiltily in hearing her crush gag and choke on Tara's fat cock. Chrissy whimpered and coughed up thick globs of spit, ropes of drool dripping down to her chest. Her towel coming loose, revealing her full, pale tits, quivering each time Tara's cock sent a shock though her small frame. Tara felt torn. As much as she really liked the blonde girl, her sexual needs starting pushing her into rougher desires, wanting to dominate the petite Chrissy.

"T-t-take it slut!" Tara whimpered with stutter, surprised as Chrissy was that it came from her lips. Chrissy paused for a moment. Tara paused, before grabbing Chrissy's hair and pressing her all the way down and holding her there.

"I said take it slut!" Tara said with more force. Chrissy squealed, trying to conceal her arousal at the dirty talk. Tara heard it though, holding the blonde down until she choked hard and messily before letting her up. Tara smeared her spit covered cock all over Chrissy's face.

"You like that? You like choking on cock little bitch?" Tara sneered, not even believing she could verbally abuse the girl she admired and swooned over.

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