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You were the first person she saw.

Mindy's were already looking like the erasers on a pair of new pencils. I rolled the left one gently between my thumb and index finger, and started licking, sucking, and nibbling on the right one. Mindy let out a little squeal, and started jacking my cock harder.

"Oh God, I love that!" she said. "My nipples are always so sensitive. When I play with myself, that's always how I start. And I always think about you."

"Me?" I said.

"The first time I ever felt myself get wet down below was when I was ten. You were tickling me and you put your arms around me to hold me down. Your fingers brushed my one nipple and it made me go all warm and tingly. I felt myself get wet, but I didn't know what it meant. Now I know that I've wanted you ever since I was a little girl. I've always loved you."

"I've always loved you, too, Sweetcheeks, but I never thought of you like this," I said.

"I've been thinking of you like this for years, Poppa Tom," Mindy breathed. "Now stop talking and fuck me!"

She grabbed my shorts and started trying to pull them down. I lifted my hips off the bed to make it easy for her. As soon as my cock sprang free of the waistband, she grabbed it again and started stroking it. Then she climbed on top of me and rubbed it against her wet pussy, lubing it up with her moisture. Before I could really comprehend what was happening, she had lined us up and was lowering herself onto me.

She stopped when only the head of my cock had penetrated her. "This is going to be really good, Tom," she panted. "Last night, we did it missionary position. This time, I want to control the pace. Not that you weren't gentle with me. Not at all. In fact, you were almost too gentle. Now I'm going to fuck you. And you better be ready, 'cuz I'm going to fuck you hard!"

She slowly ground herself down onto me. I had forgotten how tight a young girl could be. I couldn't believe this wasn't painful for her, since the snugness of her near-virgin teen pussy was almost painful for me. She was very wet with her excitement and she took her time so she could stretch to make room for me, but still! When I was sixteen, my cock had been a lot skinnier than it was now. It probably would have fit her nicely, but the added length and especially girth of my late teen growth spurt had left me, at the ripe old age of thirty-seven, relatively well-endowed. Compared to her still-maturing teen pussy, I seemed huge.

With what seemed like considerable effort, she gradually forced herself onto me. When she could finally rest her weight on my pelvis, she said, "Now, don't move. Let me do all the thrusting. I'm so close to cumming right now, just feeling so full. You're so deep inside me, deeper than last night." She leaned front and said, "Lick my nipples, Poppa Tom, suck on them. I know that will make me cum."

I was happy to do that for her. Her breasts were perfect. Not too small, not large enough or old enough to have any sag at all. They were all firm, perky, youthful femininity. I strummed on one nipple with my fingers, gently rolling and tweaking it, while licking, sucking, and nibbling on the other. Apparently, she loved it. Even though her pussy stayed clamped tight and still on my shaft, her breathing was now coming in gasps and pants. When she started moaning, I swapped nipples and used my mouth on the one I had been fondling, while using my fingers to tease the one that was already wet with my saliva.

Still not really moving on my cock, she began to rock her pelvis back and forth, her chest heaving with her labored breathing, and her pussy muscles rippling around me. By this time, she was moaning loudly, and I knew she was almost ready to cum. I figured I'd help her along by rubbing her clit.

That did the trick.

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