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Woman must orally please the entire royal assembly.

I was a little nervous at first, since I'd never done anything like this with Steve before. I had no way of knowing if he'd get cold feet or not be able to perform or request some kinky kind of sex that would send the girls running. From how closely together our bodies were packed in our post-coital coma, it was clear I had nothing to worry about.

I don't know if I woke everyone else up, or if the rain woke all of us at the same time, but slowly everyone started to stir. Legs started to rub against one another, followed by fingers and arms exploring the bodies around us. There were little moans and the sound of little kisses, pecks on the back and neck. I reached one hand between Steph's legs and gently rubbed the patch of trimmed hair leading to her pussy. The closer I got to her sweet spot, the more tense her body became, until I slid one finger in, and gently rubbed her clit as I slowly pulled it out again. Her body went tight and she reached her hand behind her as if to grab me for support.

I couldn't tell just what was going on behind me, but I could feel Kessia's body writhing against mine as she and Steve, still in the spoon position too, greeted each other to a new day. She had her bottom are under my head and reaching down to scratch my chest. I occasionally felt a kiss or a nibble on my back or shoulder, as her hips would grind into my ass, I can only assume from a push they were receiving from Steve. As we each came out of our sleep induced stupor and hormones began to assert themselves again, the atmosphere quickly took a decidedly more serious tone.

Steph finally rolled over to face me. I rubbed my hard morning wood against her landing strip twice before plunging my cock deep into her. Kessia bit my neck from behind at about the same time and I let out a loud moan. Steph kissed me, then kissed Kessia, and then began biting my neck in the same spot that Kessia had just vacated. I felt the two behind me pull away for more space, and when they did, Steph rolled me on my back and impaled herself on my cock. I grabbed one breast with my left hand and grabbed her ass with my right as she started to ride me.

I quickly saw why Kessia and Steve had moved back, she was on all fours facing me, with Steve behind her entering from behind. He was on his knees, working into a rhythm with Kessia, right next to Stephani, who was working on getting into a rhythm with me. I grabbed the back of Kessia's neck and we began to kiss passionately, while Steph and Steve did the same thing on the other side of the bed. The entire time, Steph was in the cowgirl position with me while Kessia was on the receiving end of doggy style from Steve.

Things got quiet for a while as all of us were doubly occupied. Soon our rhythms picked up so that the slapping of skin, squeaking of the bedsprings and banging of the headboard against the wall were all you could hear. But as our passions grew stronger, so did our thrusts. Pretty soon Kessia's body was being thrust forward with so much force that we could no longer kiss. The same was true for Stephani and Steve as here body was bobbing up and down too much for them to engage in a kiss of any length. With all of our mouths no longer occupied, our moans, screams and grunts began to fill the room. I felt Steph's pussy contract and it sent me over the edge. I shot my load deep inside of her with a grunt. As my cream coated her vaginal wall, she dug her fingernails into my chest and went rigid. Goosebumps appeared all over her body before a tremor went through her body and she collapsed on top of me. My flaccid penis still inside of her, our mixed juices streaming all over my crotch and down to the bed.

Steve and Kessia were still building up to a climax next to us.

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