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Helen proves that music is the food of anal love.

As if he dropped from Heaven, Steven Ocello crouched between her quivering thighs and did just that.

The stained outline of her arousal still fresh on Steven's face, Nell reached down and grabbed the boy's proudly swaying erection, pumping the slightly upturned shaft with her right hand and slapping at her vaginal gateway with her left. Given the path Anthony had already blazed, Steven would have had to blind to miss the opening on the first try.

He may as well have stabbed his cock into a freshly made custard pie given what Nell had just been through. The frothy ejaculate Anthony had just deposited bubbled out around Steven's dick each time he lanced the thing deeper into her welcoming womb.

"I've always dreamt of doing this," Steven leaned down and whispered into Nell's ear, the boyish innocence in his voice belying the primal eagerness of what he was doing.

Hearing such a taboo admission sent an electrical jolt through Nell's core. Pressing her forehead tightly against the youngster's flexing bicep, Nell wrapped her legs around his back and fucked Steven as if she'd dreamt of it several times too.

Steadily building up speed on top of Nell, Steven couldn't resist squeezing her tits as he ratcheted up his thrusts. Plowing the older woman as if he'd been saving it for years, Stevie prayed he wouldn't blow his load before he'd milked everything from her he could. An endeavor made somewhat easier by how loose Anthony's assault had made her.

Not seeing Matt for the moment, Steven did catch a glance of Anthony and JJ out of the corner of his eye. Both were lounging in separate chairs lining the bedroom, each content for the time being to watch Steven do his thing as they recovered from their own initial release.

Feeling such a sense of dominance and control each time Nell gushed when he pounded down, Steven decided if this was going to be his only time ever fucking the woman, he was going to do it on his terms. Burying his sword to the hilt, he grabbed Nell by the waist, first rolling to his right then flipping the married woman until she was riding him cowgirl style.

"Mary.... Mother of Jesus," Stevie Ocello cried like the good Catholic boy he was, struck to no end by the surreal sight of Nell's oversized breasts, tangled hair and wild, expressive eyes as she anxiously began slamming her cunt down on the concrete slab of his cock.

"Like being in the front row at an IMAX show," was the only thing Steven could relate the over-the-top clarity of what he was witnessing above.

Locking hands with Nell as she thrashed on top of him, Steven hurled his thin frame upwards until it appeared as if their two bodies had melded into one.

"YEEESSS STEVEN..GIVE IT TO ME......GIVE IT TO ME!!" Nell cried, her face directly above his as she jerked and spun her crotch on top of him.

Dropping her sweaty forehead on top of his, Nell reached down and rubbed her fingers through Steven's short black hair, raking her nails across his scalp as he drilled deeper inside her.

"Cum inside me Steven...hurry up..cum inside me," she shamelessly whispered into his ear before pressing her lips against his.

Her chest resting heavily on top of his, Steven reached out and closed his hands tight around Nell's churning rear end, slamming her down hard on his jutting manhood as the lava-like warmth began to build inside his balls.

"YES...YES......GODDAMMITTT..FUCK ME HARD STEVEN FUCKMEHAARRDDDDDD," Nell wailed, mascara soaked tears streaming down her cheek as the boy below responded like a prodded racehorse.

"GGRRR....GRRR..GGGRRAAAHHHH... GGRRAAAHHHH," he groaned until his cock burst, spewing his boiling lust deep into Nell.

Keeping up his frantic rhythm, knowing from the pace and urgency of Nell's rapid breaths she was on the verge of release as well, Steven aimed the uniquely shaped head of his penis and drove it repeatedly into the married woman's G-spot.

Nell wasn't the first woman to cum on top of Steven, and she wasn't the first to pretty m

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