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Elaine falls under Kristy's power.

"I think we both know thats not true Jase, sit down" said Andrew softly leaving Jason with no option but to happily sit down and do as he was told while still blushing.

Andrew was dressed in a casual, baggy tracksuit which was unable to conceal his rock hard dick and Andrew liked what he saw.

"Y'know Jason, that guy in the middle in that porno, I was imagining he was you," Andrew whispered seductively into Jason's ear.

Jason was stunned but not quite as stunned as what Andrew asked next. "Pull out your dick for me Jase, let me touch it,". Jason did as told and revealed a sexy, sparsely freckled 7.5inch dick which Andrew then softly caressed only to then begin to passionately lick his large balls. Andrew was in heaven as Jason grasped his member and began jerking it, Jason was too ecstatic and grunting wildly with pure sexual lust.

Ryan Gosling was in the next trailer over wanking like there was no tomorrow, he was stark naked with his light brown brushed pubes on show beautifully above his 9inch, long, veiny, dark cock. He abruptly stopped when he heard what he thought sounded like Jason grunting in Andrew's trailer. Ryan was feeling particularly inquisitive that day and decided to let his erection go down, throw on some pants and investigate.

When he reached the small window, Ryan was amazed but not terribly shocked. Oddly, Ryan felt himself developing a boner, he was looser than a bag of melons when it came to sex and bar a late night playful snog with Mark Wahlberg, he had had no gay experiences or thoughts but he was suddenly willing for that to change. Ryan burst in.

"Sup guys," he said with an enormous grin as he unbuttoned his trousers and ran over to Andrew and Jason who were deep in a party of passionate tongue-hockey and wanking. Ryan then shoved his erect bulge in to Andrew's face and cockily asked him to take out his dick and start jerking. Andrew gently let go of Jason's cock and began to jerk Ryan's stunning 9incher with rapid pace. Ryan had a grin that radiated all through the room on his face. He then told Jason not to be so shy and to get involved again.

"Well which one of you guys would like a rimming?," Jason asked with renewed excitement.

"Me!," both the boys said excitedly

"Ohhhhh, do we have a battle on our hands,?," asked Jason but Ryan simply and graciously said they would rotate and that he was to begin with Andrew. With that direction, Jason got down and started wagging his tongue between Andrew's soft, perky ass cheeks, moving through the ticklish hairs and wetly toggling with Andrew's asshole was so hot to Jason and even more so when Andrew had in his hands the cock of Ryan fucking Gosling of all people. It was beyond Jason's wildest dreams.

Andrew's experience was now too massively psyched up by the addition of Jason rimming him and Ryan was not only enjoying the handjob courtesy of Andrew but the show courtesy of Jason too. Ryan then signalled for Jason to come lick his ass, Andrew was disappointed but changed position to accommodate. Ryan now lay on the couch in Andrew's place while Andrew stood and Jason remained in his kneeling position at what was now Ryan's ass and began licking. To compensate Ryan thought he would instead jerk Andrew off as he could tell he was a bit miffed and he thought it would be interesting to feel up a cock. Andrew was grateful and enjoying his handjob immensely.

"Yo, guys I've rimmed enough, now someone gotta do something with my dick!," Jason said with good heart.

"Awwwh guys! Why'd you start without me?," Jake said back from filming with a massive grin. All the guys were delighted and now that all four of them were involved Ryan suggested they take it to the next level.

"How'd you mean?," Jason said with the tone of a virgin teenage girl.

"Yo Jason, we're talking anal and blowjobs, don't worry I'll walk you through it," Jake said underminingly but not meanly.

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