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Sexy Jilnar Jardaly tames and satisfies a legendary beast.

And long! Easily 9 or 10". I forgot for a moment there was a man standing there because his cock became my only focus. I think I fell in love at that moment. I had *never* seen anything so large. I'm sure larger exists, but not in my experiences. It felt heavy and warm in my hand, and as I stroked it - gently, lovingly, it stiffened, getting harder and harder in my hands. The heat of it shocked me. It was like a satin covered furnace it was so hot.

I pushed his pants down further past his hips - through the car window I did this - and then fondled his balls in my hands. They were large and heavy too. Hot, roughened by his hair. They felt wonderful and my pussy quivered with wanting. But I refused to get out of the car still - no matter how intensely sexy he was.

Finally I couldnt stand it anymore and I leaned out as far as I could and took the head of that incredible cock into my mouth - sipping and tasting with my tongue and my lips. My hands still gently stroked and held his balls. I heard him moan softly as my tongue darted down a little further, around the flared head to lick and suckle the skin there. I was afraid I wouldnt be able to fit the head into my mouth it was so large, but happily, it did slide in, though my jaw was quite stretched by it.

My tongue was *loving* the feel of this cock - I could tell he'd recently showered - so the taste was simply clean, a man, it tasted so good I couldn't get enough.

Then I heard his voice..."Oh slut...what a slut you are... you love that cock don't you?" and I was lost! My nipples tingled, my pussy was soaking my jeans, and my mouth couldn't get enough.

I felt his hands weave into my hair. My hair is long and straight - no curl - and I felt him wrapping it around his hands, tugging gently - later sharper as I worked my mouth a little further down around his cock. I knew I would never be able to take it all. It was simply too huge. But I needed to taste as much as I could. I was in heaven.

I continued stroking him with my tongue - fast figure 8's one minute, long slow lapping strokes the next. I could hear him above me, his fists wrapped in my hair - "What a slut you are....to come and suck a strangers cock...and love it. You love it don't you whore?" and I could only whimper an affirmative, because no way was I letting go of that delicious cock.

He was pushing deeper into my throat then - I'd known he'd want to, only about half of his cock would fit so I knew he'd want to feel more. I couldnt take it and felt myself start to gag a few times. He only tightened his hands in my hair again and held my head tightly so that I couldnt move away as he pushed in deeper. I opened my jaw as wide as I could so that my teeth wouldnt graze him and I felt his cockhead push against the hole in my throat. I did gag then, and tried to pull back, but he wouldnt allow it, and pushed deeper then, a little harder. I felt his cock pushing to enter my throat but I couldn't stand the gagging and tried to twist away.

It was useless though, since his strong hands held my head completely by my hair. "It's ok my little cock sucking slut. Just relax.." and almost as soon as he said that he fucked hard into my throat. I didn't realize it at the time but later I knew he'd bruised me from inside - I had a sore throat for a week. But I was shocked to feel that cock buried in my throat. I kept trying to swallow, to breathe, but it wasn't going to happen. I felt one of his hands then close around my throat, stroking and massaging his cock using my throat. I wanted to gag but couldn't. I wanted to breathe but couldnt. Tears sprang to my eyes and my nose started to run.

Finally - though it was perhaps only for a moment - he pulled out enough that I could breathe and gag and cough. I looked up at him and he just laughed a little. "It's ok baby, damn your throat feels good baby. Here, lick me, no hands now ok?"

And I did it - I wanted that cock so bad.

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