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Erotic dream snaps back to an even more erotic reality.

Then Kay led me through a doorway into, what I assume, were her private quarters. Decked out as they were in the same decor as our temporary accommodation had been. There was nothing spectacular about them at all.
"George, a long time ago, our society decided that if any one individual wanted to rule the earth, then they are the last person in the world that should be allowed or trusted to do so. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

"I've heard that quote before, or something very similar, anyway," I commented.

"Yes, it's an old saying and one our society has been constructed around. Each Simul chooses her successor, always female, and one who doesn't want the job in the first place."

"You're kidding me. Surely someone has claimed they didn't want it, when they really did?"

"Some people have tried to fool the system, of course. But up until now, none have succeeded. It's very doubtful that anyone ever will, we have checks and balances in place that few of our inhabitants will ever understand.

"We've even had a few males try to pretend that they are female so they might be eligible. Unfortunately for them, our reproductive system makes that deception virtually impossible before they even start. Ah, that's raised your curiosity hasn't it? All that will be explained to you later. In a way that is why you're here, we believe.

"Sorry, we're confusing you George, aren't we? Yes well, we always knew that this was going to be difficult.

"George, you are going to ask why we brought you here. The answer is, that we don't exactly know. History tells us you came here, stayed for some days and then went back to your own time; but we don't really know the reason why you came."

There was something distinctly odd about the way Simul spoke. Besides realising that there was, I couldn't put my finger on why it struck me as so strange at the time. While what she actually said to me sounded so casual and relaxed, every so often she left distinct pauses between her sentences. Kinda like she was... I don't know, maybe calculating and discussing with herself, what she was going to say next. Her speech came out sounding rather unnatural and disjointed anyway.

"Well, we do know why you have been brought here, and we don't know at the same time. Perhaps you will know when it's time for you to return. Please make it clear to Thomas, if you do?"

"Thomas, who's he?"

There was a distinct delay before Simul replied, as if she was in two minds whether to tell me who the Thomas she had just mentioned was. I thought, she even regretted mentioning him; but eventually she decided to half tell me. Well, I thought she did.

"Oh yes. We're confusing you again, aren't we? I'm sorry this is very difficult for us. Thomas is part of your own future and our history. Much like Professor Pemberton is."

"Pemberton, Adona mentioned him."

"Her, George. Jean Pemberton is your great granddaughter; or will be one day. Oh my, I wonder if we should have told you that yet. Perhaps you could clarify that with Thomas as well?"

"Look, you are confusing me more than a little, Simul. But am I right in assuming that, if Jean Pemberton is going to be my great granddaughter, then Thomas is a what... grandson or great grandson?"

"Well we're not exactly sure, but we believe that you're on the right lines. This is very awkward for us, George, there are some questions that we know that we should not tell you the answers too; not yet. And some we do not know the answers to because... Well you didn't tell Thomas. But in time... your time, the answers to those questions will become obvious to you, I'm sure.

"What we are able to tell you is all in Thomas's records of your visit here, and we have been in possession of those records for many centuries. Indeed it is they that must guide our actions while you are here... how much we may tell you, and when."

"Yeah, stands to reason.

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