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In occupied France, a GI engages with the enemy.

She's driving, which is good because he cannot take his eyes off of her. The sexy black dress he has been dreaming about did not disappoint. Her strong, sexy legs flow from the dress to reach the pedal that will get him home faster so he can wrap his arms around her. They are still holding hands as he cannot let go. He stares at her profile as she gazes out the window to safely take them home. If beauty were time, she would be eternity!! Her gorgeous face, her strong shoulders, and her spectacular breasts that long to be caressed. Her legs, which seem to go on forever, reflect all the work she puts in to keep her amazing body in shape.

Finally, they are home. He opens her door and watches, as if in slow motion, as her beautiful feet emerge attached to the most incredible legs he's ever seen. Once inside, he savers the memory of the sexy black dress that will haunt his memory into the afterlife. He steps up behind her and wraps his arms around her. His lips gently brush against her shoulder and neck and she shutters in anticipation. He slowly nibbles on her ear as her body shakes and he holds her tight in a reassuring embrace.

He slowly takes off one shoulder strap at a time and slides it over her strong shoulder. His lips follow the strap, kissing her all the way down from her neck to her fingertip and going back for more on the other side. His hands find their way to the top of her dress where he gently, slowly releases her body from the shackles that bind...the sexy black dress. He reaches around and touches, gently, her tight stomach and moves his hands up to one of the sexiest parts of her body, the splendid curves that connect her sumptuous breasts to the rest of the temple. He takes a deep breath to inhale her sweet aroma as he pauses before gently brushing against her nipples which are now standing at attention. He tries to avoid touching them but it's like a river suddenly reversing the direction of its flow and he simply cannot resist any longer. He ever so lightly, runs his fingers around her areola and then finally a gentle pinch sends her body into convulsions.

He catches her as he hopes to do for eternity and eases her down to the bed where he can truly appreciate the exquisite jewel before him. He stands admiring for a short time, trying to decide where to start. He decides to begin his quest at the tip of her left toe, writing a poem on her skin with his lips. He moves to her ankle and shin and caresses the bottom of her leg as he kisses the top. He flips her over as he bites the back of her knee as he works his way around to her powerful thigh. Like climbing the stairway to heaven, he reaches another one of the sexiest places on her body, where her tiny, tight yet oh so squeezable ass meets the sexiest legs ever and he knows he could get lost there forever. But there are more wonders of her nature to explore, so he savors the moment and squeezes her cheek as he moves on.

Oh how she wants him to just touch her wetness and find that secret button that will leave her unhinged but he is not ready for that yet so he teases with a soft, slight touch before moving on. Her moans of pleasure are like wild animals calling out in the night, but he resists. He gently caresses and kisses his way up, treasuring every bit of her tight stomach until his lips reach the valley between the most beautiful mountains on the planet. As sweat glistens from her breasts, a pause is necessary to appreciate the utopia before him.

He sees the imminent prize ahead and moves towards her sweet neck, still tasting every inch along the way. She is in agony waiting to see where he will touch her next and what part of her body will shiver when he does. His lips achieve glory when they brush across what may be the sexiest part of her body, her delicate, supple and simply amazing lips (he's still searching for another word that better describes them).

They share a passionate kiss with tongues slowing flicking and l

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