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Kimberly & Johnny become an item.

With my hands on both of her knees I spread her legs, holding them apart, opening her up for me as I sucked deeply again on her clit making her gasp and arch against the desk.

Rachael began to shake almost uncontrollably as my tongue swept back and forth over her throbbing clit, deep ragged breaths shook her body over and over as she came hard and fast gasping my name breathlessly over and over, her nails digging into my scalp as she tangled fistfuls of my hair, holding me exactly where she wanted me.

Rachael fell back on the desk, her legs trembling over my shoulders as she whimpered through her orgasm, trying desperately to be quiet despite the pleasure that was coursing through her body, and I held on taking every bit of her that I could, feeding my craving for her.

My brunette banker sat up , her breathing ragged as she came down from her orgasm, her lips on mine in an instant, tasting herself on me as we kissed, her body still shaking slightly as I pulled her against me.

Her hands began to move slowly up my stomach, and over my breasts, the kiss becoming deeper and more about need.

As much as I didn't want to, I pulled away from her stepping back and helping her off the desk smoothing her dress down modestly, and running my fingers through my hair trying to straighten it.

"We should go." I said, trying to be rational.

"Just like that, with no chance to repay such an intense experience?" she teased, reaching out for me.

"And as much as I do need that...this was dangerous enough." I said.

Rachael shook her head in disagreement and walked slowly toward the door, stopping before opening it she turned to look at me.

"The nights not over Jordan and I will repay the favor." she said with a sure grin before unlocking the door and stepping out into the hallway.

I could ride this rush for hours, this feeling of conquest and the anticipation of fulfillment that may happen later in the evening whether it is my redhead lover Caroline, or my sexy brunette banker Rachael that eventually would satisfy my cravings.

The winning bidders were all checking out their latest purchases, bragging and fawning over their newly acquired prize as I worked around the edge of the room looking for Becca.

"We need to talk!" my brother grumbled from behind me.

I turned around, recognizing that look on his handsome face, anger; that was aimed at me.

"You threatened my wife!" he hissed, under his breath trying not to draw attention to us.

Grabbing his arm I pulled him toward the entrance and out into the front driveway, away from eavesdropping strangers and prying eyes, he pulled away from me, glaring at me, wanting an answer.

"No threats ... I simply told her to talk to her husband, so you could explain the rules to her!" I said defending myself, my anger peaking at both the accusation and the idea that he would believe her.

"Why would she lie Jordan, she's my wife?" he asked, clearly upset.

"You're fucking kidding me right?" I asked, hurt that he would believe a practical stranger over his only sister, his flesh and blood.

"She's my wife, I love her and like it or not she will be involved in my restaurant!" he snapped.

"Don't push this Jason!" I warned, worried that the strain between us already was being manipulated to push us further apart.

"Don't threaten me Jordan I'm not some flunky courier or some fucking lowlife drug dealer, it won't work!" he snapped again before turning and walking back inside.

I stood there dumbfounded at what had just happened, confused at his behavior, and angry at our confrontation and worried where this would all lead.

I had two choices of how to deal with this , break my brothers heart and expose his wife for what I knew she was, a spiteful bitch who thought she was entitled to things simply because she hooked him on the rebound, or just not bother, let the evening slide and let the train wreck of their marriage unravel on its own?

I waited a few minutes, my buzz gone, my anger still brewing and my little monster had crept back into its depths, pouting that we were

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