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Steven takes an unexpected approach to fixing Gina

After I placed your bags with mine in the back of the truck, I grabbed you and pulled you toward me. Pressing our bodies together, I slid my tongue deep into your mouth and explored your body with my hands.

As we got into the truck, I looked over at you and saw that you were breathing just as hard as I was. Our passion is so strong; we can feel the pure animal lust starting to burst out of us. The drive to the hotel seemed as if it was taking forever, even thought it was only a 10 minute drive from the Airport. I lifted the center console of the truck and you slid next to me.

I placed my hand on your thigh and slowly began to work it higher and higher into your lap. I felt your lips on my neck and I opened the buttons on your dress just enough to slide my hand inside and run my finger over the front of your panties and across your clit.

I could feel the heat from your pussy and I could smell the sweet aroma of your sex as your pussy got wetter and wetter. You placed your hand in my lap and were pleasantly surprised to find that I was rock hard and throbbing.

Finally we got to the hotel and as we pulled in to the driveway, you buttoned your dress back up and we stop to let the valet take the truck. I came over and opened your door and helped you out of the truck, so that we could go explore the hotel and our room.

The bellman came and took our bags and I told him to have them sent up to the penthouse suite. This is the first time you notice where we are, the Bellagio. We walked through the front doors and proceeded past the front desk, directly to the VIP elevators to get to our room.

As the elevators doors close, I pinned you against the wall and I dropped to my knees, lifting the front of your dress. I moved your panties to the side and I leaned in to suck your clit into my mouth. You looked around the elevator and noticed a camera looking in on us and that got you even hotter and wetter.

As the elevator slowed, I got off my knees and regained my composure. I didn't bother to wipe your pussy juice from my face; instead I turned and kissed you, to let you taste your sweet pussy from my mouth. As the doors opened, there stood an older couple attempting to get onto the elevator. As we left, we were fighting back the urge to laugh, knowing that there was no way to hide the smell of sex we left in the elevator.

I placed my arm around you and put my hand on your ass. It was a short walk to a set of double doors with gold handles that led into our suite. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the card key and opened the door. You went to walk in to the room, but I stopped you. I spun you around and lifted you into my arms and carried you through the doors. You looked at the size of the room and couldn't believe this was going to be all ours for the next 3 days.

I walked you right into the bedroom and threw you down on the king size bed and climbed onto of you. I kissed you passionately as you wrapped your legs around me. You could feel my hard cock against your burning pussy and just wanted to rip our clothes off.

I got off of you and told you that you had to see the rest of our suite. I took you into the bathroom and you noticed the Jacuzzi tub and the shower for two. Then I took you by the hand and I led you into the living room and you noticed a tray on the coffee table, with a mixture of fresh raspberries, blueberries and a bottle of champagne.

I poured us each a glass of champagne and then walked you over to the window and pressed the button to open the curtains. You looked down and saw that we had a birds' eye view of the fountains and the strip. I turned on the stereo as the fountain show started and the song that was playing was "Hey Big Spender". I walked up behind you and wrapped my arms around you as we started to watch the fountains and listen to the song.

You sipped your champagne as I started kissing your neck and rubbing your breasts.

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