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Kin gets taken by shadowlord.

He went to the fourth floor, and then around the perimeter of the floor. He walked down to the third floor, and repeated the process for the other three floors. The cleaning crew was not there tonight. Back down he went to the front desk, where the main entrance was located. He was startled by a woman at the front door, peering in. She wore a sundress that came to the middle of her thighs, and heels, and a naughty smile on her face.

Neal realized it was Joan. He gestured "one minute" He turned to go back and grab the keys for the door. He unlocked the door, and let Joan in.

"I hope you are Neal, cause I'm Joan"

"Yes I am, and may I say, you are WAY hotter in person." Neal replied.

Joan giggled and blushed and said 'thanks"

"So Neal," Joan said, "where is this famous empty desk?"

Neal's heart was beating faster and is mouth was dry. He stammered out "right this way" and led Joan to the elevators.

It was a quiet ride up to the fourth floor. Here, there was a computer bank to monitor all entrances as well as a great view of the Charles River and Boston. Joan wasted no time. She walked over to Neal and began to kiss him. Neal kissed back with no hesitation. It was game on! The kiss set both of them on fire. Both of their hands were all over one another, exploring and groping. Neal slipped his hands under her sundress while Joan was unbuttoning his shirt and broke the kiss to nibble his neck and knelt down to unbutton his pants.

There was no mistaking his desire. His hard cock practically jumped out of his pants when Joan pulled down his pants. She wasted no time in dropping his drawers and taking his hard cock into her mouth. Her mouth felt warm and wet against his hard cock. He was touching her hair and her shoulders as she sucked on his cock. She lapped his cock with her tongue, sliding it in and out of her mouth. She pulled it out of her mouth and licked the length of his cock and took is balls into her mouth. He took this opportunity to stop her and pull her back to her feet. Neal then sat her on the desk and pulled up her sundress. There was no panties to even take off...she was bare ass naked under her sundress. This just excited Neal more and he spread her knees apart and dove right into her delicious pussy.

It was already wet. He ran his tongue over her pussy lips, enjoying the taste of her in his mouth. He gentle put a finger in her pussy, licking her clit at the same time. She moaned and pulled his head closer. He could not wait any longer. He stopped and wiped his mouth against his shirt sleeve.

He looked at her and kissed her again. He whispered "are you ready for me?"

"Yes Neal, please"

With that, he thrusted into her wet and ready pussy. All of his fantasies and late night emails and teasing were over. He could not believe this was actually happening and so exciting! Much better than any fantasy was the feel of her body moving with his, as he thrust in and out of her, feeling her tight wet pussy against his rock hard cock. Joan spread her legs more as he grabbed her knees and held onto her chest. He lowered the straps of her sundress and took a hold of her luscious breast and sucked on her nipple. He could feel her pussy tightening and throbbing against his cock. He could tell she was close to cumming. He picked her up off the desk so she would get more friction on her clit. Joan wrapped her legs around his back, and her hands were around his neck. He kissed her breathlessly as he drove his cock into her harder, and suddenly, he felt her pussy throb and expand against his cock in orgasm. He slowed down a bit, but could not hold back too much longer.

He temporarily took her off his cock so he could move her down to the floor.

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