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They use his sweet young little wife.

Diane would take her father's entire cock in her mouth sucking off Pat's pussy juice.

One time Ron had fucked Pat while Irene was home sitting in the same room. Pat had sat on Ron's lap in his big Lazy-boy chair and Ron had hiked her skirt up over her ass and fed his cock into her pussy. Pat seldom wore panties and her pussy had swallowed his cock like a hungry crocodile. Pat had squirmed and moaned on Ron's dick while his wife watched "The Price is right" on TV.

Pat enjoyed riding Ron's cock even though he was fourteen years older than her. She would sit on his cock cowgirl while he filled his hands with an attribute his daughter and wife lacked, Pat's big tits! Ron loved kneading handfuls of Pat's boobs like they were lumps of pliable pizza dough. She would bend over him and let his suck her nipples like she was his mother.

As much pleasure as Pat got fucking Diane's father she was always glad when Sammy was home. Sammy was a randy bastard and always ready to pork her sister's friends. Sammy had a hard young cock that Pat missed so much and he could make her cum again and again. Pat called Sammy her one-man-gang-bang.

Sometimes Sammy would take Pat and his sister into his room for a threesome or both the Anguish men would fuck the pair of cunts in one of the bedrooms.

There were times when Sammy would come by with his friends. They would put the girls on the back of their bikes and head down to Lakeland Beach.

Lakeland Beach was situated on the shore of Lake Ontario, the deepest and coldest of the Great Lakes. Although the water was usually too cold for swimming people would go there during the day to sunbathe but after dusk it was deserted. That was when the bikers would arrive with their bitches.

It was beach blanket bingo with the gang taking turns humping their willing sluts. Pat had been initiated by fucking every one of the gang members.

Come 11 pm many nights when Pat was supposed to be starting work she would be on the beach naked with ten or twelve guys taking turns banging her. She knew Marge the girl she worked with would tell her boss she had called in sick if he asked where she was.

One day Sammy called Pat's house to see where she was. They were having a beach party that night and needed whores.

Pat's husband asked Sammy if he was one of the guys that was fucking his wife?

Sammy admitted he had likely fucked his wife more in the past month than he had.

"What's she like?" Pat's husband asked his wife's lover.

"Not bad but you need to tie a two by four across your ass so you don't fall in!" Sammy joked, "But her tits are nice."

Pat's husband got some satisfaction knowing his wife was being a slut. His only wish was that he could watch her getting gang-banged.

"Would you like to make a hundred bucks?" he asked.

"Doing what?" Sammy asked suspiciously.

"Getting me a bunch of guys to fuck Pat in her bed." he said.

"How many?" Sammy asked.

"At least a dozen." Her husband said feeling his cock growing hard in hid pants.

"No problem dude!" Sammy agreed and hung up.

The thought of watching that many guys slamming his wife gave Dave a real hardon. He had to go into the bathroom and jerk-off with visions of Pat with strange cocks in her every opening filling his head.

Dave wondered so many things. Did she suck these guys' cocks? Did she let them fuck her in the ass? Had she ever been D.P.'d? He had to find out.

Dave asked Pat if he could meet Diane the following Saturday night. Pat wouldn't be working Saturday and it would be an excuse to have her at home when Sammy brought the boys over.

Pat was getting tired of fucking Diane's father and it was too cold for beach parties.

"How will she get here?" Pat asked.

"You can go pick her up." Dave suggested.

That would give Dave an opportunity to sneak the guys into they house. They could park their bikes in the church parking lot just down the street and walk over.

Dave had also invited a couple of his friends to join them, Brian Whitall and Al Marvin, a couple of his

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