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I knew his instruction to buy sexy underwear had been made in the hope that Anna and I would end up in this very situation, I was still unsure of my feelings but I knew I enjoyed the fervor and passion with which James rewarded me every time.

My playmate suddenly changed the pressure on the back of my neck and I found myself on my knees. I smiled inwardly. Very typical of feisty Anna. She lifted one leg and I was faced with her wet cunt, ripe for licking. I extended my tongue and ran it from hole to clit and was rewarded by a stifled squeal and shiver. I opened my mouth and took in her nub, rolling my tongue around it, sucking gently. Anna arched her back and pushed into my face. Her sweet smell filled my nostrils as I licked and nibbled her. Using two fingers I probed her hole as her juices started to flow. I pulled out my fingers, licked them clean and then gently forced them back deep into her pussy, relishing the feel of her muscles as they started to squeeze.

I moved my fingers inside her and rubbed the small ridges of her 'G' spot. Her pussy started pulsing and quivering, juices flowing down my fingers as she started to cum. I withdrew my fingers, leant forward, clamped my mouth around her delicious pussy and milked her, my teeth working on her clit to lengthen the orgasm. Amazingly Anna managed to remain quiet as her orgasm flowed into my mouth, although her hold on my head and hair belied the intensity of feeling the exquisite pleasure. Soon enough she released her hold on me and, with a parting lick, I stood up. Her eyes were sparkling as she leant in and kissed me, obviously relishing the taste of her cunt juice on my tongue.

"Well," she gasped, "I know I've said it before, but it's worth saying again. I fucking love the new you, and where did you learn to lick a pussy like that?"

I laughed. "I'll admit all I do is think of what James does to me!"

I undid the zip of my bondage dress and stepped out of it. Anna looked at my bare breasts hungrily. I smiled, stepped back and held up my hands. "No you don't. I want to try on these clothes, and then get home to James. His cock is all I can think of right now!"

Anna laughed. "You'd better not take that off," pointing to my thong, "I can see how wet you are, you'll end up leaving a trail everywhere."

We both giggled as we tried on the other garments (minus the knickers). Eventually we pulled on our street clothes, paid for our selections and practically ran out of the shop.

As we fell through the front door at home, we were still laughing. James appeared from the kitchen and grinned at the pair of us.

"You girls have fun?" The laughed response made his eyes shine as he quickly deduced what must have happened. He kissed me lightly on the lips, then kissed me again as I opened my lips slightly. His eyes widened as his tongue encountered the lingering taste of Anna's juice.

"Mmm... nice!"

We all moved into the living room and Anna spied the bottle of wine James had chilling in the cooler bucket on the coffee table. As she filled the three accompanying glasses, James pushed into me from behind. I could feel that the thought of the actions behind the taste on my tongue had an immediate effect on my lover.

"So," he enquired as Anna passed out the golden nectar, "do you have outfits to demonstrate?"

"We do," I replied, "and Anna goes first."

She spluttered into her wine. "How d'you work that out?"

"You didn't fulfill your side of the bet!"

She gave me a look of distain, took a gulp of wine, picked up her bag of purchases and pointed to the stairs.

"At the top, turn left." I smiled as she stomped out of the room.

James pressed even harder into me and used his free hand to reach round and squeeze my breast.

"Fun afternoon then?" he whispered as he nibbled my ear. I reached a hand behind me and lightly brushed his engorged cock.

"It had its moments," I teased as I gently squeezed. He felt harder and bigger than I'd ever known him to be.

"Still feeling playful?" he asked.

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