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Jim gets a present from an unexpected source.

It killed his heart, Darla. It killed his heart. That's why he left," he said.

"Huh-wha..." she started. "He heard what?"

"He saw the video, and it had sound. The kids were not kind to him. He recognized, I guess, that it was his fault; their being estranged from him, and not you or even your husband. And, he just decided, I guess, that he couldn't deal with it; so, he cut country. I've been managing things for him ever since, me and mister Hofschneider.

"Darla, I'm no psychologist. God knows I've been places like he's at right now. But, not all at once like him. There were just too many things coming at him from too many directions," said Roberto.

"I don't understand," she said. "The kids are just that, kids. He could of and still could, turn it around with them. What would have been so hard about that?"

"You didn't see the video; it wasn't good. And then, you divorcing him, replacing him with some big ticket law dog, him trying to keep up with you money-wise. Well, and then the kids. Well, everything just kinda overwhelmed him. He gave up," he said.

"He ain't coming back, Darla. I just hope he doesn't end it, and I worry a helluva lot that he will," he said. Her eyes got big. "Mister Santana, we can't let that happen. He is too good a man for that. I'm going to talk to the kids. Then, you and I are going to talk to him! How about it," she said.

"The kids are only part of it, Darla. Like I said before, there are just too many things for him to have to deal with. She rose, turned, and left. Her look, he mused, was nothing if not determined.

She strode to her car. She was angry. Angry with her former hubby. Childish did not begin to describe him as far as she was concerned. Oh, she was sure that Roberto was right about the way he saw things-her Red. She sighed, he wasn't hers anymore; but then, on some level maybe he was. They did share two children. He'd loved them; she was sure of that. He just didn't know how to show it, never had.

She felt bad for him. But, she just couldn't bring herself to take the blame for his ego being what it was. He could have been a lawyer instead of a cop. He could have made the big bucks. But oh no, he had to do it his way; well, until he couldn't. Now, she was going to have to make an effort to clean up the mess he'd made for himself. Yes, she had to do it, to give herself piece of mind. It wasn't fair, goddamn it, it wasn't fair!


"Mom, we don't hate dad. We never did," said Jennifer.

"That's right mom. Heck, we love him, I guess. But..." started Randy.

"Kids, I know what you mean, and your dad, neglectful as he was, and stubbornly so, did things the best he could. He, well, he, he just thought that he needed to do more-well-to make a better living for us. He was always a workaholic. Still is, I guess," said Darla.

"Mom, we're willing to see him, talk to him; I mean if you want. Randy and I talked. You know after what you told us yesterday. We've no problem talking to him. But, well, we don't want to have to choose between Marty and dad, that's all. Marty's been good to all of us. We-well-we love him too. That said, mom, we'd have no problem visiting with dad now and again. I mean if you want us to," said Randy.

"That's right, mom," said Jennifer.

"Oh boy," mused Darla.

"Kids, I'm going to talk to your dad. But, I have to tell you if the attitude you have shown right now is made clear to him, he probably won't want to have anything to do with us anymore. I mean-'if I want you too'-you have to want to, the two of you, or there is no go on this.

"Kids, your dad loves you. And, I just can't believe that at your ages now that you can't see that. Was he the dad 'of the year'? No. But, he never stopped loving you two, no matter what it looks like.

"Anyway, I owe the guy. And as far as you two are concerned, you owe him too even if you don't realize it now. I assure you, the day will come..."

"Mom, we get it. I guess we said it wrong. We want to have a relationship with him too. Don't we, Jennifer," said Randy. "It's just..."

"We just don't wan

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