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Questions to be answered.

When the cock finished spurting, Danni too it back in his mouth and sucked it clean.

"Stay there, I'll get you some paper towels from the kitchen. Tom you can get your cock out now. I'll do you next."

Tom shrugged his shoulder and dropped his drawers as Danni fetched the paper towels. When he returned he handed the towels to Rick and then knelt down in front of Tom. Assessing the big cock he liked what he saw and held in his hand. Tom and Rick were about the same size.

"Wow two beautiful cocks in one night. I couldn't have planned this better."

Danni began sucking him and all Tom saw was the pretty gay dressed as a woman with long blonde hair sucking his cock. He decided that he could live with this as it was just like a girl sucking him. Danni was good and Tom could not remember a better blow job. Rick watched the scene in front of him and he got turned on again. He got ff the sofa and got behind Danni. He lifted the short mini-skirt and pulled the silk panties down to Danni's knees.

Feeling sure that Rick was going to fuck him, Danni told him to get the anal gel in the master bedroom. Rick removed his pants and underwear and darted up the stairs to retrieve the gel. He was back in minutes with the gel in his hand and he began to lubricate the taut anus. Danni loved it when someone else prepared his ass. Rick thoroughly lubed the anal passage and then his cock. He moved in close and pressed forward spreading the rubbery ring. The cock head popped through and then Rick stopped and let the channel expand before pushing forward.

Little by little he fed more of his cock to Danni until he was buried balls deep on the sweet ass. Tom watched with interest as again it was really like watching a girl get butt fucked while he was getting his cock sucked, something that he and Rick had done frequently in college. Danni's cock and balls were hidden from view and he looked very sexy getting butt fucked with his skirt pushed up to his waist. Tom was so engrossed in the scene before him that his release snuck up on him and he barely had time to warn Danni.

Just as he had done with Rick, Danni jerked Tom off and watched the streams of semen shoot into the air. Rick tossed the paper towels to Tom as he continued to fuck Danni's curvy bottom. Danni was now stroking his own cock as he too needed to get off. Without warning him this time, Rick ejaculated into Danni's bottom. That set Danni off and he jerked off into his hand.

"Oh yes, I feel it Rick, cum in my ass!"

Rick stayed in the clenching bottom for several minutes and then as his cock softened he let it slide out. Tom tossed him the paper towels and he wiped off his dick and handed the towels to Danni who wiped his hand. Danni held some towels to his anus and headed for the __ bath.

"So Tom what do you think?"

"You know Rick; I can handle this for a while especially with him dressed like a girl."

"Are you going to fuck him?"

"I'm not quite there yet, maybe."

Danni re-entered the family room and smiled at the two studs. Rick was naked and Tom still had his pants and underwear down around his knees. Danni had decided to remain dressed thinking that it was more comfortable for the guys.

"So what do you think? Am I as good as any girl that sucked your cocks?"

"Yes you are as good as any girl that has sucked my cock and I liked fucking your curvy ass too."

"What about you Tom, do you agree?"

"I do. The blow job was great."

"You guys sure had some big loads. I loved watching you shoot."

At that point they all agreed that it was time to turn in and they went upstairs. Rick and Tom took turns in the bathroom before going to their assigned bedrooms. Danni undressed and douched his ass before going to bed. He loved to sleep in the nude so he was always sure to be clean before hitting the sack. In each room the three of them lay in bed thinking about the arrangement.

Danni was thrilled with the size of the cocks on the two guys and he loved their voluminous ejaculations.

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