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What happens in Vegas...

"I'm done with him; I'd done with ALL Todds. Been there, done that, and I'm not going back."

"And as for Tomas, I don't think that's gonna work. All he's done is lie to me from Day One. I don't want him either..."

"Get out! Get out of my house!" Tea was screaming, her voice on the edge of hysteria as she was practically chasing Blair from the living room.

"Alright, alright... I'm going," Blair said with a heavy sigh, making her way toward the door. "But damnit, Tea. You have to face it. The man you love, the man you have been sleeping with all this time, he may not be Todd Manning."

Tea was only two steps behind Blair, her heart racing in her chest as angry tears stung at her eyes. She suddenly realized her jealousy was only part of her outburst, because above all fear and anguish outweighed any other emotion. She suddenly reached out, grabbing onto Blair, ripping Blair's black silk blouse in the process. "Get back here! Don't go!" she said in a half sob.

"Tea, what the hell are you doing?" Blair cried out, seeing her blouse now in shreds and a great deal of her beautiful breasts exposed by the gaping material.

"Blair, don't go," Tea said softly as tears shimmered in her eyes. "Please..."

Blair turned, sighing softly as she saw Tea's unshed tears. She reached for Tea and pulled her in close, wrapping her arms around her. "Hey, don't cry. I'm sorry I kissed ... your husband... whoever he is..." Blair spoke as she held Tea close.

"That's just it, Blair," Tea said sorrowfully. "I don't know who he is, but something tells me he isn't Todd. I don't even know the man I married..."

Tea's tears fell on Blair's chest as Blair held her close in comfort. Somehow the two of them ended up on the wooden bench in the foyer and Tea was in Blair's arms. All the fight had gone out of Tea, as though she needed nothing more at that point than Blair's gentle embrace and the security it provided.

"Tea, no matter what happens, you don't need Todd, whoever Todd ends up to be. You are a strong woman. You've been through hell and back with that man, just as I have. You don't need either one of them," spoke Blair as she ran tender caresses through Tea's dark hair.

There was a sheer instant where Tea felt an emotion akin to embarrassment considering she was crying in Blair's embrace, but when her eyes met Blair's, all of it disappeared. Blair was looking at Tea with so much tenderness and admiration that it was swept away, leaving Tea with another emotion altogether. Suddenly she realized that there was more going on between she and Blair, and that it had been building up for some time.

"Maybe I don't," Tea said softly as her arms came around Blair and she leaned in close. Their eyes caught and held, and for a moment there was nothing but complete silence.

"Tea, I have to confess something. I don't really have feelings for your brother... and I am SO done with Todd," Blair finally said.

"BOTH of them," she added.

"And to be honest, there is only one person I want to kiss... and she's right here..."

Tea's eyes drifted shut as she felt the warmth of Blair's lips against her own. Suddenly she realized she wanted this, Blair's soft touch and her kiss. A moment later they broke apart, and Blair was quietly searching Tea's eyes.

"I'm sorry I ripped your clothes off..." Tea spoke.

"I'm not," Blair said as she slowly inched down the zipper at the back of Tea's dress.

"Uhhhh... wait, Blair. I've never done this before..." Tea admitted, feeling hesitant as Blair seemed to have taken control of the situation.

"Ohhh come on, Tea. Forget all about Todd... or whoever the hell he is... live a little..." said Blair as she pulled the material of Tea's dress off her shoulders, spreading kisses all over Tea's soft skin.

Tea's heartbeat sped up as she sucked in her breath, feeling Blair's lips caressing her skin. She tangled her fingers into Blair's blond hair, all thoughts swept away as she felt Blair's warm breath against her flesh.

"Ohhh God," Tea breathed as she gave in to the undeniable desire that flowed between th

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