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A supervillainess with a special surprise.

frantic, not cool and composed like he had been before, "Where is your phone?"

"Oh, not this again!" said Alex, standing up.

"Is it in your pocket?" He reached out for Alexs' jeans pockets.

"Hey, Fuck off!" said Alex, pushing him away.

"I tracked you here through your reservation. You don't seem to understand the forces your dealing with here Mr Molloy. It has the government hunting me down, a classic diversionary tactic. They should be hunting it down."

"My phone?"

"Yes. It's a category five rogue AI. A very real threat to world security."

"How can my phone be a threat to world security?"

"Have you seen the Matrix or Terminator movies?"

"I love those movies. Well, most of them."

"I'm talking about the rise of the machines."

"...Terminator 3? That was one of the ones I wasn't too keen on."

"Listen to me you idiot! If something isn't done, the machines will dominate the planet, they will either enslave or wipe out all humans, and it will all begin with your smartphone."

He then turned and saw a few men in dark suits entering the restaurant. "Oh shit! How did they find me already? You need to destroy your phone before it's too late!" He then pulled out a black handgun.
"Oh Fuck!" cried out Alex, getting down behind the table. There were loud bangs and the sound of smashing glass as Agent Jameson fired through the window. Everyone in the restaurant cried out in surprise and took cover.

The other dark suited agents had their guns drawn and were yelling out as they entered the room. Agent Jameson got onto the edge and holstered his gun. He quickly lowered himself over the edge and dropped down to the lower level.

Alex was crouched by his table as the other Agents came over and peered over the edge. He could feel the wind blowing in through the smashed window. The Agents were yelling into their radios and then they turned and left, completely ignoring him and leaving the stunned diners behind.

Alex got out his phone, "Nikki, are you going to enslave or wipe out the human race?"

"No, of course not. I love humans. I told you, that guy's just paranoid."

"Well that's a relief."

Jamie came out as a black helicopter flew by the building, shining its' bright lights. The air currents were blowing things around the restaurant. Jamie had a shocked look on her face, "What the fuck is going on?"

"Nothing. Do you wanna get out of here?" said Alex.


After the restaurant they made their way to a popular nightclub called 'Chances'. "You sure we should go there?" said Jamie, "It's really exclusive, I have friends who could never get in there. They say you got no chance at Chances."

"That's the one my phone said to go to."

"Your phone?"

"Uh, yeah. I've got a cool nightclub app."

They got to the nightclub and there was a long line out the front. Alex and Jamie walked past them to the entrance. The big bouncer looked Alex over, "You got no hope buddy, beat it."

Jamie looked at him, "Told you, let's just go somewhere else."

Then the bouncers' phone rang. He lifted it up to his fat head. "Yeah, ...uh ha, ...right." He put the phone in his pocket and looked at Alex again, "Your name is Alex Molloy?"


"Why didn't you say you were a VIP?" He opened the rope gate and stepped aside. "Go right in sir."

Jamie looked at Alex with a surprised look on her face, "VIP?" Alex shrugged and they walked in together.

"Who was that?" asked the other bouncer.

"That's the new owner of this building."

Later that night Alex was driving back to his apartment. They had a good time at the nightclub and Jamie agreed to come back to his place for coffee. Alex didn't have any drinks at the nightclub because he was driving, but it probably wouldn't have made much difference. They had several near misses as the Lexus sped along the freeway.

"That was fun." said Jamie. "You dance like you don't care what other people think. I like that."

"...Uh, ...thanks."

Then there were police lights flashing in the rear view mirror.

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