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She unknowingly signs away her life.

She was also very aroused. Since it was Friday, she would be hanging out with John in the evening, mostly studying. While she was waiting for his afternoon class to end, she went to her apartment, and masturbated. Just like the day before, her trusty vibrator only served to make her even hornier, without bringing her off.

Since she couldn't orgasm with her vibrator, she was waiting for John at his apartment when he arrived. Almost as soon as they got inside, she was dragging him towards his bedroom. He was surprised by her randiness, and really surprised when she dropped to her knees and began blowing him without being asked repeatedly. He was shocked when she got on his bed on all fours, and encouraged him to take her from behind.

All Kaylee could think about while her boyfriend was having sex with her was her ex, and his big dick. It didn't take her long to realize that John wouldn't be making her orgasm tonight. Just like the day before, she faked it, then made up an excuse to leave. Kaylee hurried back to her apartment to change clothes for Brian.

When she arrived at Brian's apartment nearly half-an-hour later, Kaylee was wearing a tight red tube top, short denim mini, and the same five inch wedge heels she had worn for him the other day. A pair of wide red bangle bracelets were on each of her wrists. Brian opened the door, and looked her up and down.

"Not bad," he said as he let her in. "I was thinking of something a little different though," he added.

"Like what?" Kaylee asked in annoyance. "This isn't sexy enough for you?"

Brian chuckled. "I'll tell you what. If you're really serious about me taking care of you tonight, then go over to Pleasure's, and buy some of those real sexy stripper heels they sell. At least six inches. And buy a sexy outfit that I'll like you in. Then come back, and we'll see if you're ready to earn it."

"What?" Kaylee asked in confusion.

"Go buy some slut heels from Pleasure's," he repeated. "And get a sexy outfit that I'll like you in."

"Come on Brian," Kaylee pleaded. "I'll do what ever you want. Just please have sex with me."

"I want you to go buy some slut heels, and a sexy outfit," Brian repeated again as he pushed her out the door. "And hurry up about it." With that he shut the door in her face.

"Asshole," Kaylee muttered to herself. She thought about giving up and going home, but quickly discarded the idea. She had to have Brian's dick in her pussy, and soon!

Pleasure's was a local sex-store where Kaylee had gotten her vibrator. It also sold shoes and costumes for strippers, sex toys, and some pornographic magazines and movies. Kaylee walked in, and glanced around nervously. There were a double handful of customers inside, all men. A black woman about thirty was behind the counter, along with a white woman a several years older, and quite a bit heavier. Kaylee felt quite a few eyes on her as she headed towards the shoe section.

All of the shoes looked to have higher heels than the ones she was wearing. They all looked pretty cool too, in her opinion. Kaylee could definitely see herself wearing some of them to a club. A few moments later, the black woman came over, and offered to help her.

With her assistance Kaylee picked out a pair of glossy black sandals with towering stiletto heels that were made manageable by small platforms on the front. The platforms and entire sole were clear. The clerk told her the heels were six and a half inches high.

Next Kaylee selected a black satin and lace corset. She also got a pair of black satin crotchless panties, and matching thigh-high stockings. The clerk told Kaylee that she would have to pay for the panties and stockings before trying them on. That was fine with Kaylee. She paid for everything, then went into a changing room to put them on.

The corset compressed her midsection, and had a sort of half-cup bra that served to display her C-cup breasts more than anything else.

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