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Danny's adventures get even more interesting.

Remember that if I'm replaced as ambassador, it's likely that all my staff, including Security, will be sacked as well. Surely you and Injeke are capable of instituting all the necessary security measures.'

Faced with the prospect of losing their jobs, Security came around to my point of view. They agreed to help me look for a woman if they were in control of the process every step of the way. It was embarrassing to involve them in my personal life but there was no other way. They set up a secure profile on Ottawa Discrete Encounters and bought me a burner cellphone that nobody could trace to the embassy. Every woman who made contact with me they researched thoroughly. Security kept the details from me but they kept telling me that every woman was quite unsuitable. Either they lied about their circumstances or else they exploited men in previous relationships or they lied about their sexual health.

But you were quite different when it came to candor. In fact you were exactly what I was seeking in a woman. You were financially independent so there wasn't any danger that your motives were mercenary. You had an education which indicated that you would have no difficulty in carrying on a conversation. We assumed you had high moral standards due to your regular attendance at your synagogue. Having children posed no problem because children are a sign of a healthy interest in sex. When Security dug deeper into your life, all the facts checked out. You were honest and open about everything you wrote, even that you were married with children. Security couldn't find anything wrong with you.

I was curious as to why you were so honest about being married when most women who contacted me said they were unattached but Security found out otherwise. So I asked Security to take their investigation further into your husband. It seems that they took such a dislike to him that they put him under heavy surveillance for a week. I think you need to see what they found even though it may hurt you."

Damien turned on his computer and projector and started to go through a series of files on the flash drive, the content of which shocked me. I wasn't shocked that security discovered that Barry was cheating on me - I knew about that already but I was floored by the amount of evidence the two creepy dudes obtained. Security rented an office across the street from Barry's office and set up a surveillance post. They used an IMSI-catcher to bug Barry's cellphone so they had recordings of their clandestine conversations. Security made detailed transcripts of their phone calls as well as all the dirty sexting going on between them. The stupid, infantile terms the two of them used between them almost made me barf up my dinner.

They had clear photos of Barry and that woman together in restaurants, bars and hotels. Apparently they hacked into Barry's credit card account and the restaurant and hotel billing systems so they had financial verification of all the liaisons to back up their photos. It hurt to think of Barry in another woman's arms but now I could put a name and a face to the other woman. My rival was Amanda Quimby, an articling student in his firm and, obviously, a shikse.

If I doubted the competence and thoroughness of Damien's security team, the last file erased any doubt. They set up an observation post across the street from Barry's office and made a reasonably quality video of Barry shtupping Amanda on his desk. That made me wonder if that was the true inspiration for Damien taking me on his own desk. Damn, Damien's security guys might look creepy but now I didn't doubt their competence at their job. They got the evidence that my high priced detective couldn't get. Secrets of the spy trade, I guess. Damien closed all the files on the flash drive and then turned to me.

"I hope you weren't hurt by all that, Regina but you had to know what's been going on behind your back.

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