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How to relax after a hard day's work.

The young sea dog looked so distressed that Jack dropped the matter. He sighed in frustration. Grelik had added another piece to the puzzle, but it only deepened the mystery rather than clarifying it. Jack returned to his food but it seemed to have lost what little flavor it had.

Jack saw Charuk sitting across the deck from him eating sullenly. A purplish bruise covered one whole side of his face and his eyes held the look of wounded pride. "What happened to Charuk?" he asked Grelik.

Grelik looked at Charuk then told Jack what he and Lieutenant Kairn had overheard in the berthing hold. The young sea dog latched on to this new subject, relieved to be talking of anything other than the Karokai. "My guess is that after we left, Monch gave your young friend that face decoration," he said in conclusion.

"So this Monch character beat up Charuk for defending me and Ava," Jack said quietly. All of the frustration, pain, and anger that Jack had felt since his anniversary coalesced into a cold fury that threatened to explode out of him now that it had found a convenient and acceptable target. Monch was a bully and Jack knew of only one way to deal with a bully. "Show me which one is Monch," he said icily as he scanned the sailors lounging around the deck eating.

"The big fellow over there," Grelik said, pointing at Monch with his wooden spoon. He failed to notice the coiled tension in Jack's voice. "Wait, what are you doing?" he asked when Jack climbed to his feet. Jack didn't respond. He just headed purposefully toward Monch. "Shit, I did it again." Grelik leapt to his feet and ran as fast as he could to fetch the officers.

Jack studied Monch as he approached. The big man was holding court, with several of the crew around him listening to every word he said. Everything about the man screamed bully to Jack, from his bulging arms to the stupid, arrogant look on his ugly face. Jack recognized that look. He had seen it before on the faces of the bullies he had gone to high school with. He planted his feet in front of Monch and looked down at the big man where he sat eating his soup.

"I hear you have a problem with me," Jack said coldly.

Monch looked up in surprise and conversations all around them died as the nearby sailors watched the big man expectantly. "Are you talking to me, Outlander?" Monch asked.

"I'm looking at you, aren't I?" Jack said, meeting the man's eyes.

For a moment, Monch seemed at a loss for anything to say until he saw the other sailors watching. "Move along, fat man," he said, his face hardening.

Jack's fury overwhelmed him. "Make me, you stupid fuck," he snarled and knocked Monch's soup bowl out of his hands.

The soup splashed into the big man's lap and for a second, disbelief painted Monch's face. Then his visage contorted with anger and he heaved himself to his feet, coming nose to nose with Jack. His wooden soup bowl clanked loudly in the sudden silence as it bounced along the deck. "You're going to pay for that, you bastard," he spat.

A small voice in the back of Jack's mind was telling him that he was acting crazy, but he just didn't care. "Fuck you," he snarled and shoved Monch as hard as he could.

The big man staggered back and then came at Jack slowly. Jack had half-expected Monch to charge at him but instead the bully smiled his gap toothed smile and raised his meaty fists in a classic boxing stance. Jack did the same and they circled each other slowly. Sailors scrambled out of their way.

Jack's heart thumped in his chest as adrenaline coursed through him. He circled Monch, waiting for the other man to make a move. When it came, it was quick. Monch's left fist shot out in a jab toward Jack's face.

Jack's right hand slipped in front of his face, palm open to slap the jab away just as his father had taught him when he was a boy. Jack immediately snapped out a jab of his own and hit the big man square on the nose. Monch's head snapped back and his eyes began to water. Blood trickled out of one of his nostrils and into his mouth.


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