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A girl has a few first in her sexual awakening.

Your slit is so wet, it glistens. You are positively dripping." Deb quickened the pace and felt hersel getting hotter and wetter as well. She would be needing the cock next. She'd show Emma how to use it on full vibrate. "You are taking it good, Emma, I want you to cum for me. Show me what you got, babe." The cock slid in and out in a frantic rhythm and Debs free hand moved to the top of Emmas' slit feeling for the hard little button she knew was there. "I'm going to help him get you off. Okay if I touch you there? I'm gonna rub your clit, Emma. Make you cum for me."

"Oh yeah. Just like that. Just like that. Do me Deb. I promise I'll do myself from now on, but get me off. It won't take long. Oh my. That's it. Right there. Right. There." Emma arched as the pink dildo became a blur in Deb's hand and her other hand rubbed her clit having found the hard pink button. Her fingers flicked it and then rolled it between the thumb and index finger.

Emma arched her back raising up from the bed slightly and thrusting onto the cock. Deb pressed her hand onto the swollen clit and held the cock deep inside her friend moving it slowly from side to side. A moan came from Emma. It seemed to start at her toes and move up through her body and finally escaped through her mouth. Deb felt the dick twitch in her hands and knew her friend was at climax. It twitched as wave after wave rolled over her. A second moan escaped and finally Emma lay back saying "No more. No more. Oh my. Take it out. Oh, my. Hold me?"

Deb removed the cock and lay on Emma feeling their naked skin melt into one. Deb was excited and wanted a release, but knew Emma needed this more than she did. She moved her face to the side and nestled into her neck. "Shhhhh. I'm here."

Emma remembered Deb moving on top of her and resting her head on her neck. She recalled the soft "Shhhh" and a tear escaping from her eye before she let the blackness overtake her.

"How long was I out, Deb?" Emma called to her friend as she came into the living room wearing the robe. "I am so sorry. I just passed out. I remember seeing stars, feeling them, then feeling you, then...nothing. I am so sorry."

"Sorry? Sorry for cumming so hard you passed out? Damn. That is nothing to be sorry about. I figure it is a compliment to my expert use of Mr. Doe. Maybe I don't suck as a lesbian after all." Deb was sitting reading in her chair and moved to get up. "But seriously. Are you okay? I think you needed that. Maybe more than you even knew. Thank you for letting me share in it."

"Not to spoil this Hallmark moment, but I gotta pee. Real bad. Hold that thought." Emma dashed off to the bathroom and Deb just shook her head. Yes, they were the worst lesbians ever.

The next few days passed quickly and uneventfully. Discussions turned more to future planning, career ideas, locations and possibilities. Emma was a planner and Deb could see those skills asserting themselves. Emma was taking inventory of what she had and was assembling the information she needed to get on with her life. It made Deb pleased to see her friend gain confidence, but she also knew their time together was limited.

"Ready for Naked Night?" Ol' Tom still asked everyone as they checked out. He could probably provide a more accurate guest list than even DDM.

This time Emma answered him. "I sure am, Tom. Wouldn't miss it for anything. Save me a dance, will ya?" It was the first time she had ever seen him speechless. Tom stopped bagging and just looked at her.

Finally he handed her the straps for the bags and replied. "I surely will, Miss Deb. I surely will."

"So how does this work? Emma asked on Friday. "We all strip down and drive over to DDM? I'll put a towel down on your seat, hon."

"Not far from it, Emma.

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