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A young man falls into a river & then needs some warming up.

When Elise straightened up, her skirt clung so high on her hips that it revealed the entirety of her legs from feet to pantie. She quickly smoothed the skirt back down, but in spite of her efforts the tiny garment still refused to cover the lace bands atop her stockings.

"My God," she laughed nervously, "I think if I stand perfectly still I MIGHT be able to avoid flashing everyone, but if I have to move... Yikers!"

Arthur just smiled from behind his desk.

Elise tip-toed back down to her own desk and dug through her backpack until she found a couple of clips to hold back the loose strands of her long auburn hair. Then she used a length of satin ribbon to tie a large bow behind her head at the base of her ponytail. Lastly, she put on some silver hoop earrings and refreshed her subtle pink lipstick.

"I'm ready," she announced, turning toward Arthur's desk once more. "How do I look?"

"Fantastic,' Arthur replied honestly. "And you seem to be enjoying this, at least a bit, which is a big relief for me. I was worried about how this whole uniform deal was going to make you feel."

"Oh, that's sweet Doctor Peters but you don't need to worry about me. I wouldn't have come out here if I wasn't cool with it. They're just clothes after all."

"Well, good. You've got a good way of looking at it, I guess. So I won't lose any more sleep over your uniforms, then."

Arthur smiled inwardly at his little joke. He had already lost plenty of sleep fantasizing about Elise's uniforms, and after today he was certain he would lose many more hours lying awake in his lonely bed doing exactly that. That was, in fact, exactly his plan for the evening.

"Oh gosh no," Elise assured him, "Please don't worry Doctor Peters. I do appreciate it, but I'll be fine. Now... what time is it?"

Arthur checked his watch. "Ten twenty-nine. Doctor Yamamoto should be here any second."

Elise bit her lip. Despite what she had just told Doctor Peters, she felt really nervous. But now that she had seen how relieved Doctor Peters was that she felt okay, she didn't want to reverse herself.

"What a sweet man," she thought. It was so flattering that he was worried about her -- that felt good. But this outfit felt way skimpier than she had expected. Elise told herself to put on a brave face and be more confident. But then she began to wonder if Doctor Yamamoto would be offended that she wasn't dressed more professionally for their first meeting. She quickly re-fastened the metal clips holding her hair back, regretting that there was no time to brush it properly after it got disheveled working through all the recycling. She felt the onset of a familiar, creeping uncertainty that usually precipitated some awful mistake or misjudgment.

"My God!" she thought, silently panicking, "I wore dirty sneakers for my first meeting with Doctor Peters, and now I'm dressed like a sloppy hooker to meet Doctor Yamamoto. I must be losing my mind!"

A sharp knock on the door made Elise spin around.

"Doctor Yamamoto!" Doctor Peters' voice called out behind her. "Come in, please! Meet Elise."

In the doorway, standing stiff as a board, was a short, wide Japanese man with a waxy mustache and round wire-framed spectacles. He stood so utterly still that, for a moment, Elise thought he looked fake. But then Doctor Peters' bear-like body rolled past her and went right up to the door to greet him. They exchanged a few phrases awkwardly in what Elise assumed was Japanese, and then shook hands. Elise felt unsure what to do. Was she supposed to walk to the door to great him too? Or wait here? She had no idea which would be more polite, but it suddenly seemed vital to make the right choice. She reminded herself not to stare, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from Doctor Yamamoto. There was something so... formal... about his demeanor.

Doctor Peters was doing his usual wild hand gestures and smiling broadly as he spoke with the squat wall-shaped man that was Doctor Yamamoto.

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