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Karen is new to college and Vicki helps her.


"OK, here goes. Debbie, would you help me become a man?"

Debbie sits in silence for a few minutes taking in what she had just heard.

"I knew you wouldn't like my idea. I'm sorry Deb."

"That's not it, Mark. I was just shocked when you said it."

"So, will you help me?"

"Can I think about it for a while, Mark?"

"Sure Deb, take all the time you need. And if you don't want to do this I fully understand."

"You're a sweetie, you know that Mark?"

"If you say so, Deb."

"I'd better get your dinner for you. Debbie said as she stood up and left the room.

Two days later, Debbie came back to check on her favorite patient.

"Hi, Mark. Feeling any better today?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Good. That's what I like to see."

"Debbie, have you given any thought to my idea?"

"Yes Mark I have."

"And?" Mark asks.

"I've decided to do it. It would be my pleasure to help you become a man."

All of a sudden I get a big smile on my face. "When can we do it?"

"Easy there, Tiger." She says. "How about after I make you dinner?"

"Excellent." I say. "Thank you Debbie."

"Any time, hon." Debbie leans down and kisses my cheek then leaves the room to start dinner. Approximately forty-five minutes later Debbie comes back to my room with a burger and some chips on a plate. "Eat up." She says. "I want my man to have all his strength for dessert."

I smile at the thought of dessert. "Mmm can't wait."

While I eat, Debbie is in another part of the house. I finish eating and set the plate on the nightstand. I start to doze off when I hear a knock at my bedroom door.

"Come on in, Debbie."

Debbie opens the door and stands just inside the doorway. She is wearing a red, lace teddy with matching panties, garter belt and stockings. I feel my mouth go dry and my jaw drops at this magnificent sight I have only envisioned in my dreams.

"Holy Shit, Deb. I mean WOW!"

"I take it you approve?" she asks.

"Oh yeah, I totally approve."

I watch as Debbie seductively walks over and sits down on my bed. She leans in close and kisses me softly on the lips. I slowly kiss her back. "How do you like that so far, Mark?" she asks.

"I like that." I answer.

"Oh, we're just getting started. Lots more surprises in store for you."

"I hope so."

She throws me back down on the bed and we start kissing again. This time, Debbie parts my lips with her tongue and sticks it into my mouth. I stick mine into her mouth and soon our tongues are intertwined and exploring. Debbie lets out a soft moan and I can feel her nipples becoming hard against my chest.

Then Debbie helps me sit back up and takes off my shirt. "My! What a nice hairy chest you have!" she says, as she runs her hand through it and gives my nipples a playful nibble.

I reach over and start to squeeze her perfect breasts through the teddy. She lets out a soft moan.

"Am I doing it right Debbie?"

"Oh yes Mark, Just perfect."

Debbie then reaches up and hooks her thumbs into the straps of her teddy and finally her amazing breasts are revealed to me. I stare at them in complete amazement.

"Do you like what you see Mark?"

"Oh yes."

"Go ahead, touch them." She urges.

I take one in each hand and give them a gentle squeeze. Debbie moans again and shows me how to roll her nipples in my fingers. They are sticking out like two pencil erasers.

"Please Mark, suck them."

I take her left breast in my mouth and suck her nipple then I do the same with the other one. Her body has just the slightest hint of perfume and the smell of it drives my wild. I bury my face in her D cups.

"You smell so good Deb."

"Thank you."

Debbie then stands up and unhooks her garter belt from her stocking. She lifts her leg in front of me and I lower her stockings one by one. Then she removes her teddy. All she is wearing now is her lace panties. I see the outline of her shaved pussy in them.

Debbie takes my hand and guides it to her panties.

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