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Beth is taken to the chair again.

When the shirt came off, Lisa winced a little at the scar across his chest. The one she herself had patched. Crazy bastard, she thought. He had insisted he have a scar.

Jacob moved to the bed where he placed hands on both sides of her body. She moved to kiss him, feeling the warmth of his chest so close to her own skin. But, he backed off, a serious look in his eyes.

"Lisa, I have a secret to tell you. One that will change everything. " Her eyes went wide with fear. All his could do was comfort her. He let himself go and kissed her lips softly. He did not permit his tongue to touch hers. He just kissed her for nothing more than comfort.

"Go on, What is it?" She was ardent, her voice sharp as if expecting the worst. With a deep breath, he decided to swallow his fear and say it.

" The creates you saw last night. They were not bears as I said. It was me and the old man." The color flew from Lisa's face, her brown eyes dilating quickly. She spun her body onto her back, propped up with her elbows. Her eyes begged for him to continue. And he did, the only way he knew how.

"I am a loup-garou...I'm a werewolf." With that said, he began the Shift, the becoming. Bones and sinew popped and crackled as his shoulders widened and his arms grew and contorted. His face began elongating, fur sprouting up upon his massive body. His feet pushed to the balls of his toes, making his heal several inches higher up. He growled and gurgled as the pain subsided, giving way to a rush of adrenaline. When completed, He looked at his human lady, who was totally white in her face. She had garou blood in her line. She, he spoke in wolf-speak, a language she could understand.

"Don't be afraid...Please. It's still me!"

"Holy Shit!!" Lisa tried to whisper. She curled up in her blankets and looked over the monster before her. And five seconds earlier she was about to make love to him. Her eyes looked into his with fright. " Natalie wasn't crazy...She was..."

"Right." Jacob continued. He moved onto the bed, causing it to creek and eventually give way. As they both waited to hear if Natalie had awaken, Lisa looked down between the werewolf's legs. there was a dog-like sheath there. No exposed member or genitals of any kind. when she looked up, Jacob was looking back at her, his head tilted.

"What?" He followed her gaze a bit and then lowered his head. "Oh, that. I guess you might want me to..."

"How big is it in this shape?" She interrupted fast. Her eyes drifting back now and then to the sheath. The idea had caught her mind when she first saw it. Jacob isn't even need to say anything before she made her move.

Lisa moved to Jake, trembling with fear and even, to her horror, excitement. Something about this creature, something deep inside herself, called to her. She let her right hand drift through the shaggy fur of his upper torso as he other reached down to rub the fuzzy sheath in her other palm. She was amazed at the size of Jacob's body. He had to be over 8 ft tall. she desperately wanted to know how big his cock was. A werewolf's cock.

To say the least, Jake's mind went wild. He moans and growled a contented noise from his throat. Her warm hands over his sheath made him tremble and shutter. Loosing himself, he let his tongue flap from his wolfish maw as Lisa worked her hand over the warm skin. Slowly, his member began to emerge. It was almost double the thickness of his cock in human shape and almost a half a length longer if he allowed it. As he knew where it was leading, he let it grow only to his human length. The knot would soon follow.

The Natural lubrication dripped from the shaft of his exposed member as Lisa looked on in shock.

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