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She glanced at her watch again and gritted her teeth; Eighteen minutes to go and her stump was burning horribly.

"My third step I do daily, praying to God to let me do His will, not mine," she continued. "We can see where my will got me."

She took a sip of the coffee.

"My sponsor, I met her when I was in the treatment center, said it was time to do a fourth step and she wanted me to do it straight out of the Big Book," Robin said. "She said she didn't want any 'treatment bull shit,' no little 'check lists' or 'fill in the blank' crap."

Taking a searching and fearless moral inventory was much more difficult that Robin had anticipated. She was used to cataloguing all the indignities she'd had to endure, looking at all the faults and shortcomings of others, but had never looked at her own involvements in each given situation. She had never even entertained the idea that she may have some faults or be responsible for her lot in life. And certainly did not like looking at the fact that she had hurt others.

She blushed hotly as she listed all the people she'd fucked; the ones she could remember. A lot of the men and women had been anonymous. Nameless, faceless cocks. Nameless, faceless cunts.

Her fifth step, she decided to share with a priest that her sponsor suggested, even though Robin hadn't been in church in years. The most humiliating thing, other than admitting out loud the horribly depraved lifestyle that she had been living, was when the priest gently and lovingly patted her hand.

"Robin, if you had a daughter and she did all these horrible things, and came to you and said 'Mom, I'm sorry for these things, please forgive me,' would you be able to find it in your heart to forgive her?" he asked.

"Yes," she choked out. "She'd be my daughter; I'd love her no matter what."

"Well, you are God's child, and God loves you, no matter what you've done, and He forgives you," Father McBride said gently and Robin burst into anguished sobs.


"And I started going back to church and love going to church," Robin smiled. "It's a privilege, not an endurance to be able to go to church."

She smiled wider.

"And I've got good news or bad news, depending on how you want to look at it," she said. "My sponsor said that if I'm going to be sober, then my pussy has to be sober too, so no more fucking around. ALL of me have to be sober and act sober."

"Damn!" she heard a man say and giggled.

"Sorry buddy," she said to him. "We have to develop a relationship vertically before we can get horizontal. And my sponsor says 'If he ain't willing to get on his knees and pray with you, then you ain't willing to get on your knees and play with him.'"

"I can pray," the man quickly agreed and she laughed out loud.

"We'll talk after the meeting," she promised.


She held her breath and knocked on her sponsor's door. She knew what was coming; they'd worked on her eighth step, made a list of all the people she'd harmed and had preayed for the willingness to make amends to them all. She knew her sponsor would tell her to start making those amends.

"And it ain't going up to them and saying 'Gee I'm real sorry I hurt you, but I'm sober now, have a nice day,'" her sponsor told her. "You're going to go to them and tell them 'I know I've hurt you, how can I set it right?'"


"My mom, my mom just slammed the door in my face, and I really can't blame her," Robin said. "All the times I went to her and said all kind of shit, just to get money out of her, she probably thought 'Oh, where we go again.'"

Robin shook her head at the memory of that humiliation.

:"My dad just cried and held me and told me he loved me and was so proud of me," Robin said and fresh tears began to fall.

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