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Can Nikita escape from such a caring mate?

Lost in the warmth and haze of my drunken state, I didn't even think of how I was amorously fondling my friend; I only thought about how I was touching and feeling a really nice pair of legs.

"I'm getting very aroused," I nervously admitted, pulling back my hands from the hem of his skirt. "I'll drive myself nuts if I keep going like this. You look too good."

"Getting hard are you," Sweet teased, looking down at my crotch.

"Yeah," I helplessly admitted.

"I bet you'd like to do something about that," Sweet grinned.

"I... It's getting pretty tight in there."

"So, tell me," Sweet said, leaning over me, voice very low, very quiet. "What if I took care of it for you? What if I be your little cosplay doll for tonight, and I suck your cock as much as you want, all night long?"

What would my answer have been if I hadn't been lightheaded with drink and horny as hell with an erection straining against my trousers? What would I have said if Sweet hadn't been dressed like a cute blonde in a blue dress and white socks? If I remembered this wasn't a 'real' woman, but my friend that I talked about girls with? I can't answer any of those hypotheticals, because the fact was I was drunk, randy and smitten by Sweet's blonde hair and smooth lovely legs. So, I said, "Yes. Yes, please."

Kneeling at the foot of my chair, Sweet laid his hands on my thighs and trailed his fingers up to the rise of my crotch. Looking down at him, his blonde wig made it seem like it really was Alice undoing my trousers and easing them down, along with my plain white briefs, to fully expose the length of my erection to the air. I clutched nervously at the plush arms of the chair as Sweet held the base of my cock in one hand and began to taste and tease my glans with his tongue. A few moments later, those red tinted lips closed around my cockhead and Sweet took me fully into his mouth.

Perhaps what I'm about to say is either shocking, obvious, or both, but I have to state that there was no difference in the feeling of Sweet giving me head than with any girl I'd been with before. No, in point of fact, I think this was even better. The way Sweet pleasured my cock with a languorous pace and dedication was the best I'd ever experienced before. My breath came in broken gasps as my arousal began to peak, hips rising off the chair. I'm sure that being drunk made the process longer than it might normally have taken, but the end result was inevitable just the same. I could feel my pre-cum seeping onto Sweet's tongue, and with tired eyes I watched his blonde head hovering and bobbing over my lap.

"Oh, God," I rasped, my toes flexing and twisting in my socks, teeth clenching as I felt that breathless moment of no return overtake me. Sweet kept his soft red lips firmly planted around my shaft as the thick streams of my warm ejaculate flooding into his humid mouth.

I gradually regained my breath as Sweet swallowed down the last dregs of my messy orgasm. I wasn't thinking or feeling anything at all, except for how awesome this felt, and how glorious that blowjob was.

"You came so much," Sweet observed, genuinely impressed. "I think you've been keeping that pent up for a long time."

"I... It's been a while," I admitted, looking down to where my moist and softening penis was resting in Sweet's massaging hand. "I wish it didn't have to end."

"Who says it does," Sweet said, smiling. "The night is still young, after all."

"Yeah, keep doing it," I breathed, sinking back into the chair. "Just, please, don't tell anyone we did this, alright?"

"Of course I won't," Sweet reassured me, tugging off my pants.

I quickly peeled off my shirt; so that once my socks were taken off I was completely and comfortably naked.

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