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Parents choose daughters first sexual encounter.

if I acted... uh... wrong or whatever, I just do not know how to react to this."

She hugged me back and said "It's OK, not your fault... It just really freaked me out, his reactions to everything. You know, he actually said he loved me today. Do you fucking believe that?" She said as I could tell she was quite angry by this.

"This may not be appropriate right now... but, I'm going to ask anyway, because... well, because it's all I'm thinking about now, does this mean you are done having sex with other men?" I asked, slightly grinning at her.

Her shoulder sunk, and she looked at me in disbelief, which quickly turned to a smile. "No, it does not mean that. I guess the next one, will just not work with me, and not already have a crush, and not fall in love. I'll just be more up front in the beginning, letting them know, love is off the table." She said as her face started to show her ambition.

I was relieved this douche had not ruined it for me. Not that he was a bad guy, just that he fell in love with my wife, although I'm sure a little more of it had to do with he was so 'amazing' in bed. I then pulled her closer and hugged her again. "Well, like you said, there are no rules for this... so, we count this as a practice run."

Chris had not gone back to office since he was moving soon, so Mary and I had not talked about him and the next couple of weeks went by uneventful. Then when we were sitting at the dinner table on night Mary blurted out, "I made a profile on this website."

I looked up from my food, very interested by her remark. "Oh you did?"

"Yea... I was going to go for that 'Ashley Madison' or whatever, but you have to pay for that shit, so I went ahead and found a free regular dating site." She said with a rather large smile on her face.

I was even more interested now, she was eager to find a replacement for Chris... although; I figured she would never find sex that good again. I began to think to myself that she was enjoying being able to jut fuck whomever she wanted to and whenever she wanted. "What did you put in the profile?" I asked her. "Not that you're single, and looking for love" I said jokingly.

"Oh god no, no miscommunication again!" she exclaimed. "I just put that was married, and my husband didn't mind what I did... and was looking for a 'hook up'."

That was to the point I thought. I might have gone a little lighter and easer into it, but then I thought she is probably having a rough time with the whole Chris thing. That really seemed to freak her out.

"I already got a few replies," she said boastingly. "But, just creepy guys that were way too ugly for me to have sex with at random." She laughed.

The conversation of the dating site seemed to drift off after that and we finished our dinner. The next day I went to work, and her call came in at the usual time, like clockwork. "Hey honey," she said as I answered the phone. "Where do we stand about who I choose to have sex with?" She asked with a shy tone to her voice.

"What do you mean? Whoever you want, I guess, I don't know." I replied somewhat confused, as this was not something I had ever even considered.

Later that day, I returned home and greeted Mary, who was standing in the kitchen.

"Hey babe how was your day?" she asked when she saw me.

"Not too bad, I'd rather finish our conversation from this afternoon." I said with anticipation in my voice.

"Oh... You mean what I asked you?" she questioned, knowing the whole while that is what I meant. She didn't wait for my reply "I recently received a call from someone I haven't talked to in quite a while" she offered.

I paused. I hoped it was not her ex-boyfriend Eric. I did not much care for him, as I had met him a few times, mostly because they stayed friends after the relationship, but it could not be him. She broke it off with him because he cheated on her, several times in fact. I thought to myself and wondered who it was.

She backed over to the sink, and leaned on the counter.

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