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Maria seduces beautiful Helen one night on a school trip.

That night, Sarah invited Katie back into our bed. We offered ourselves as guides for her sexual exploration, and she immediately jumped at the offer. Sarah began to kiss her, but I could tell that she was impatient and wanted sexual satisfaction as well, and I didn't want her to pressure Katie. I pulled Sarah off her, bringing her close to me. After gently kissing Katie, I asked her if she wanted to watch again, first. Katie nodded, a bit nervous.

I lay on top of Sarah, kissing her deeply as I played with her breasts, enjoying the weight of them. Soon, she was sighing into my mouth, and began to grind her hips against my thigh, wanting more stimulation. I invited Katie to play with Sarah's breasts, toying with the nipples as I kissed my way down my small lover's body. I teased her when I was finally between her legs, licking her thighs gently causing her body to writhe as she craved the touch in her most sensitive place. Then I let my tongue run gently up her slit, circling slowly around her clit before sucking on it gently. Moans escaped her lips as she finally got what she wanted. She bucked her hips against me, and I slowly inserted one and then two fingers inside her. She was already so wet; her warm cunt gave me easy access. I expected her to moan more, but I didn't hear anything from her. When I looked up, I saw Katie kissing her deeply, their tongues probing each other as Katie continued to play with Sarah's soft globes. I kept working Sarah's tender parts, making her moan into Katie's mouth as her climax crashed over her.

As she was recovering, Katie and I started to kiss, letting Sarah catch her breath. Katie was a more delicate kisser than Sarah, nervous but yielding. Her voluptuous lips parted for me, our tongues gently caressing each other. I let my hand wander down her back and over her hip, exploring her curves. It was strange, kissing this other woman over my girlfriend's body, yet it was incredibly exciting. Sarah soon wiggled herself out of bed, going to her nearby food stash to get some drinks for us. This promised to be a busy night, and we needed to stay hydrated. We paused for sips of sprite between kisses, the bubbles tickling our sensitive lips.

Katie lay on the bed, after sitting up to drink, and I resumed my soft kisses. Sarah helped team up on her, fondling her small breasts, kissing those hardening buds. Soon Katie was breathing more heavily, and Sarah slowly began to lick her way down Katie's stomach, playfully sticking her tongue in the indentation of the belly button, before continuing down to between her legs. Katie was clearly reluctant, but her body was decided instead of her mind; her legs spread, allowing Sarah easy access between them. Taking her time, Sarah kissed softly all around Katie's nether region. When she finally slid her tongue between Katie's lower lips, licking up her slit until her tongue found Katie's clit, I felt the shock wave go through Katie's body. I let my hands wander over her body, holding her while also caressing her smooth skin. She kissed me deeper as Sarah brought her more and more pleasure. Soon, all her inhibitions were disappearing, as her hands groped for my breasts, her hips bucking against Sarah's little mouth. When she finally got her orgasm, she broke our kiss, moaning out loud, expressing her overwhelming pleasure.

She didn't want to be left alone though to recover, something that I thought all women except I wanted.

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