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"I promise." Liv got out while trying to suppress a yawn.

Lucus smiled and tucked her in, walked across her room and after closing the doors quietly he crossed the hall and then headed into his office, the reading of the will would be later.


A soft knocking broke Lucus out of his thoughts, "enter" he said quietly, knowing that the person knocking would hear him.

Mark walked in and said "I did another exam on Liv, she is progressing much faster than we expected."

"What do you mean?" Lucus said in a worried tone.

"Relax," Mark replied, with a small smile. "We aren't really sure what to expect with an immortal pregnancy, and you add triplets to that, it's going to be a learn as we go experience."

Lucus visibly relaxed, Mark was one of the few that Lucus was comfortable enough to show emotions to.

"She is already about 12 weeks along and it looks like her pregnancy will be about 5 or 6 months total, which means 3 months tops until we have these miracle babies here with us." Mark excitedly explained, he felt so fortunate to be included in the care of these children and Liv.

"How is her body handling the rapid changes?" Lucus asked.

"With the amount of your blood we gave her, and possibly the powers the triplets are sharing with her, she is doing remarkably well." Mark replied.

Lucus sat back and thought about all of the changes that would be coming in such a short amount of time. He would announce First Right at the will reading, that was planned to begin very soon, they needed to get going.

"Lets go, Mark, we need to get to the conference room." Lucus stated as he stood and began walking to the door. He smiled as he passed his bedroom doors, ready to see Liv again, but it would have to wait.


Lucus and Mark entered the conference room, which was already full of ancient vampires and Augustus, who was considered a baby comparitively. Since Julius was an ancient, his lawyers were highly trusted vampires as well, and his will most likely included other ancients and not just immediate family.

"Ok, everyone, lets get this going so we can conduct some other business and then send you all on your way." stated Lucus in his typical matter of fact way.

"Thank you, sir." the lawyer stated as he read the will, nothing unexpected came up in the reading, Liv inherited a vast amount of money and several of Jules' homes, some charities also received some money, and Augustus inherited the rest of the vast fortune.

One thing that may have surprised Augustus, since he had been away for several years discovering himself, he hadn't kept up with his fathers affairs that closely. Augustus was expected to give some of his time and money to one of Julius' favorite charities, an orphanage that was close to his hometown. Julius had a big heart and always wanted people to feel loved and supported like he was in his large vampire community and especially since meeting and marrying Liv.

Lucus stood after the will reading concluded and said that, although he had planned announcing Augustus' punishment, he felt that he needed to start his fathers work first, the punishment would come later after he consulted with Liv.

"One last matter of business to attend to and then we will conclude this meeting." Lucus said as he made eye contact with everyone in the room. "I am calling First Right to Livia, she is under my protection and in one year she will choose who she wants to mate."

There were a few shocked expressions but most seemed to be expecting the news. Augustus then stood and said "I know I am expected to be one of the five to court her, but I still believe it is her fault that my father is not here with us, I will not be courting her at this time. I do keep my place as one of the five though."

This statement did cause some gasps from the group in the room. Lucus was very angry, but hid it well, he did not want to kill Augustus outright, which is what he really wanted to do at this point, so he just sat down and said "very well."

"I expect those that want to court Liv to submit their

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