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A pretty blonde waitress noticed and winked at me on my way out the door.

* * *

My erection had subsided on the short drive home, but was quickly returning while she pulled down my pants, already having taken off my shirt. She laid me down on the bed, naked, and sat down between my legs, still fully dressed. She took off her elegant red high heels and threw them on the floor, revealing her precious feet. She outstretched her legs, putting her heels on my chest as I suck on her lovely toes, holding her ankles while she plays with my balls and rubs my dick with her fingers.

"I'll be happy to indulge your fetish," she informs with a smile, taking off her dress and bright-red lace bra. She sits back and bends her legs, rubbing and squeezing my balls with the toes of her left foot, moving her right foot up and down my shaft, my penis held tight between her big and pointer toe. She pushes my penis against my stomach, running her whole foot along my shaft, squeezing my balls with her toes while she licks her lips.

She positions my cock straight up in the air and puts her feet flat on my crotch, my penis between her feet, her knees bent and touching. She brings her feet up and down my shaft in unison, getting faster and faster, squeezing harder and harder as I get closer to orgasm.

"Just like that baby, don't stop Gina, please don't stop!" I moan while she fucks my cock with her feet.

"Oh yes baby, are you gonna cum for me? Are you gonna cum all over my sexy little feet?" she purrs.

"Ohhh yesss!" I shudder as my engorged member spasmodically squirts semen all over the tops of her lightly tanned feet. My erection ends abruptly, my penis falling onto my stomach. She rubs my juice around her left foot with her toes, then does the same to her other foot.

"Your cum feels good on my toes," she said happily.

"Lick it off for me babe," I softly reply.

She twists her right leg back and grabs her ankle with her left hand, holding herself up with her right so I can watch. She sexily licks off her creamy foot and sucks on her sticky toes, then does the same to her left foot. She puts her clean feet on my stomach, gently caressing my balls and holding my growing penis in her hand.

"Are you about ready to go again hon?" she asks in a low, sexy voice. I nod. "Tell me how you want it babe," she purrs with a smile. I grab her feet and put her heels on my thighs.

"Spread your legs, yeah just like that babe," I instruct as she spreads her legs, revealing her red silk panties. She slowly flexes her feet, rubbing my cock from just under the corona to the tip with her pointer and big toes.

"Now use your arches," I ask. She rests her heels on my balls, her toes together as she squeezes my dick between her feet, slowly bringing her arches up and down my shaft.

"Now your toes," I moan. She pulls her legs slightly toward her, wrapping all of her toes around my penis. She quickly moves her feet in unison up and down along my cock, squeezing as hard as she can as I draw nearer to orgasm.

"Turn around and give me your panties," I ask. She pulls off her underwear and hands it to me, then turns onto her hands and knees between my legs, facing away from me. Her legs together, I grab her feet and put them on either side of my cock. I let go and she pumps her feet along my shaft, picking up speed while I lick and suck on her warm panties.

"Oh that's so hot, oh yeahhh, I'm gonna cum on your gorgeous feet!" I moan, taking her panties out of my mouth, the tops of her feet slapping my pubic bone. My whole body shakes in ecstasy as I explode onto the soles of her beautiful feet, my dick quivering in delight between her arches. She spreads her legs and puts her feet together, wrapping her toes around my cock as the swelling subsides.

She turns around and sits between my legs, bending her right leg so her foot is by her face.

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