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A bath takes Alice.

We had Curt's truck unloaded and had backed mine up when Karen arrived with lunch.

She came out of the house carrying a bucket o chicken and a six pack, still in her jeans with the sun dress tucked in, but the tee shirt was gone. "I hope this works," Karen smiled standing just out of the shade in the sun made the shirt even more transparent. "I hate hearing you boys complain." I wasn't sure if she was talking about the food or what she was wearing.

Curt's mouth hung open for a moment not knowing what to say, then he stumbled out "Uh yeah, that's us fine. You even got beer, but not enough."

Karen giggled, "I have more. Don't worry I won't let you boys get thirsty." We sat and ate as Karen chatted with us, enjoying the attention she was getting from Curt. She rose from her chair and grabbed the food that was left. "I will check on you boys later." Smiling she gave me a kiss and bounced her boobs just a bit, then headed to the house.

An hour or so later we were finished with the sand and starting to place the bricks. The sun had gotten warmer and both of us were sweating and removed our shirts. We would place two rows then "Sand in" the two previous rows, basically cover them with sand to set them in place, later we will sweep off the extra sand not holding them into place.

"You boys ready for a couple more beers?" Karen was back, having lost her jeans wearing only a set of light blue panties under the transparent dress. "It looks like you are nearly done." She commented as she handed the each a beer.

"You look like your nearly Nekked!" Curt retorted.

Karen shook her hips sending her breasts bouncing, "What do you have left to do?

"Oh in half an hour or so we should have them all in place and sanded down." I answered her question.

"Then what..." she was doing some sort of shuffle dance like she couldn't keep still, her breasts stayed in constant motion. "OK then, I'll be back with more beer to see how you boys did." Karen started to leave, then turned back towards Curt. "So did you ask Nita?"

"About what?"

"Gee, you are a little slow aren't you?" Karen gave him a funny look as she played with the bottom of her shirt curling it up in her hands, it pulled the fabric tight against her breasts, and her nipples were hard. The hem climbed above the waist line on her panties, a dark area was visible and a wet spot. "You need to ask her. Cuz I want to reward you both for all your hard work." She walked away, shirt still pulled above her panties, her ass swinging.

"FUCK ME!" Curt exclaimed as she stepped into the house.

"I believe that is what she had in mind." I chuckled to myself, I knew Karen was up to something. "You better check with Nita. Knowing my wife, well she has."

"What?" Curt looked at me strangely. "She what?"

I went back to work or at least tried.

"What do you mean she checked with Nita?"

I set the next stone.

"What do you mean SHE CHECKED WITH NITA!?"

I was holding the next brick and he was in my way, "Think about it, you have known my wife for a long time, she ever not get what she wants eventually?"

Curt moved around picking up the next stone and followed me to place them. "Well... no."

"Then you better check with Nita."

We set the next two rows up finishing the set. "Really? Curt asked again.

"Before she gets back out here."

I started covering the stones with sand while Curt grabbed his cell phone. He punched a couple numbers in and listened to it ring. "She cut me off." He sounded worried, then he redialed. "She cut me off again." He stared at the phone, it beeped that he had a text. He read it out loud. "OK, but remember I get my turn... What is she talking about?"

"I think she is talking about the deal I made with her so that you and I could fuck.

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