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Eliza has been alone a long time.

Under every raindrop, a story."

Casiama tilted her gaze towards the window and stared out over the sea. Her voice was calmed. Heavenly. "The storm eventually parted, and the sky enriched anew. The most magnificent rainbows, wispy clouds of white... and I was so happy Talos, because it was then I knew; all of that is me."

Casiama paused, gulping.

"It was seen as a miracle, a paradise formed out of dust and ash. And how could it not? And even today the rains still continue, gifting a gentle sprinkling upon every morning. For I will them to come on every sunrise."

"... Directly?" Talos inquired, leaning towards the elf. Casiama turned her bright, whimsical smile back towards him.

"Yes. I will the rains overhead, and I disperse them in the same manner. I even bring in the ships when they have no oars, and help push back them out when they are ready. And it is not easy, Talos. It's effortless."

"That's... incredible, Cass. Have you learned anything else? Seen the heavens again?"

"No. Nothing of importance," she softly replied. "It is only faith that brought me this far, and it seems, so far, that's enough. Have you?"

"Nah," he muttered. "But there's this woman back in the Empire who I want to visit again. A seeress, one renowned for her prophecy. I think she was aware of our status all along. She actually helped lead me here, and told me to return to her when I found my princess, but... you are so much more now. You've changed so much, Cass."

"But I am still your princess," she beamed. "Talos, I dream of you all the time, and I have been absolutely faithful in your absence. Sarandel, tell him!"

"She has been chaste to the extreme, my lord," the handmaiden quickly concurred. "In fact, she does not allow herself to be alone with anyone but her handmaidens, lest rumors spread."

Oh gods. Tanya hoped the rest of Cindervale wasn't as sycophantic as this one.

"I've dreamt of you similarly. I'm just, uh... stunned. Stunned that you're before me. Stunned that you changed so quickly. What happened to all that about burning down the realms of man?"

"Huh?" she frowned. "I thought that obvious, Talos. Was it not clear that I had forsaken prophecy to follow you instead? I had the violet king at a hundred knife points and his army surrounded, yet I did not strike."

"Yeah, uh, I guess it was. Speaking of, thanks for protecting Alanna that day. You didn't have to."

"Hm," Casiama blushed. "You noticed my ploy ... my love?" The last two words she uttered seemed forced, like when a schoolgirl decides to make a crush aware of her feelings.

"Yeah," Talos smirked, his eyes suddenly sparked by flame. Casiama matched his smile, and the two of them only gazed at one another for a long moment or two, blaze to burning blaze.

It was more than a bit awkward, until Talos cleared his throat.

"Mm, Tatiana - I think I got this from here."


"Yes!" Casiama excitedly exclaimed. "I mean, um, Sarandel, w-would you escort our lovely sorceress outside? Talos and I will remain here for a time."

"Uh, right. Right here," Talos agreed with a nod. Sarandel and Tanya glanced at one another, one grinning whilst the other pouted. The handmaiden lept to her feet.

"Yes, your eminence! Right this waay, sorceress!" she sang. "I believe our divines have some cats to - um, what was it called, my lady?"

"Catching up to do," Casiama giggled, her happy eyes never leaving Talos' own. Tanya scrunched her nose, and lifted herself to her feet; the only thing that stayed her mouth was that she didn't sense deceit.


"Well, that was certainly quick," Alanna commented plainly when Tanya met her outside but a few minutes later. "What happened? Where are they?"

"They're..." Tanya sighed, "fucking. Definitely fucking."

"Aw! That's wonderful!" Alanna squealed, spontaneously deciding to dance a jolly jig. "So, what about living arrangements? Food and drink?!"

"They didn't make it that far."


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