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A beautiful Spanish girl changes a man.

Still holding my hands behind my back, he threw me over onto the bed. I quickly jumped up and cowered to a corner on the bed bringing my knees up to my chest. I began to beg and plead for him to leave me alone. I told him I wouldn't tell anyone--that I would give him money--he only laughed at me as he moved close to me grabbing my hands and forcing me over onto my belly. He began to put a rope around my wrists and I knew this would be my only chance, so I flailed my arms and legs as much as i could and began to scream "LET ME GO YOU MOTHERFUCKER". His free hand quickly came down around my mouth as he threw his full weight onto my body. I could not move--I could not scream. I was helpless. With his body on mine, he reached up and finished tying my wrists to the headboard. He whispered in my ear "Now you will be mine to fuck and do with as I please--if you give me any more trouble, I will hurt you badly. I began to cry again as I considered trying to fight again. I didn't know what to do--I finally resolved myself to just letting him do what he wanted and get it over with.

He flipped me over onto my back--took a hold of the top of my blouse and in one swift move, ripped the front open and then ripped the front of my bra open leaving my breasts totally exposed. He took in a deep breath and slowly moved his fingers to outline my nipples--"mmmmmm, I have been waiting to do this since I first laid eyes on you." I could feel my nipples begin to harden--as I cried in shame. I began to beg again. "PLEASE DON"T". "Hmmmm, it looks like the little slut likes it." he taunted. I didn't want him to see--to know that my body was enjoying the sensation. I kept my eyes closed, so I didn't have to look at him.

He moved his hand down to my knees and forced my legs open--I tried to struggle against him but could not. His hand reached up my skirt and felt the outside of my panties--then felt up around the waist and yanked them off of me. I kept my eyes closed and cried. I did not want him to feel me. His hand reached up between my legs and began to feel my wetness. I began to scream for him to stop and started kicking my legs. He grabbed my panties and shoved them in my mouth telling me that this would shut me up. He then grabbed me and threw me back onto my belly again--my arms ached. I was crying frantically now and whimpering through my panties.

I felt a hand spread my legs and push me upward so that I was cradling on my knees completely exposed to this monster. His hand reached under and began to rub my clit and feel my pussy juices. I felt such shame--how could my body betray me like this--how could I be feeling such things. "MMmmmmm, look at this--only a whore would get wet like this--are you a little whore?" I shook my head no and tried to pull the ropes off my wrists. He only laughed at me. "you want me to fuck you--you might as well just enjoy it and quit acting like you don't like it."

I heard his clothes begin to drop and then the head of his huge cock rubbing on the back of my thighs. I tried to tell him to stop--but only mumbled whimpers escaped through the gag. And in one quick motion, I felt his cock enter me and his balls slapping against my legs. He continued to ram in and out of me telling me what a good whore I was. His hands reached under me and began to rub my clit. I screamed into my panties--no, no,---of course, this did not phase him. I began to struggle madly--kicking my legs so that his cock came out of me and he had to grab a hold of my hips and put his weight on my legs to still me. "Now you have really pissed me off bitch--just when I could feel your slut pussy begin to enjoy my cock. I guess you don't want my cock in your pussy." With that, his hand reached between my legs and reached two fingers into me--I could hear my juices as he pulled his fingers out. Then I felt something I had never felt before, he shoved those same fingers into my ass and began to move them in and out. I just wanted to scream it hurt so bad.

His fingers began to move into my ass deeper and de

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