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Woman's first visit to a lesbian bar.

"Sweetie I know this is hard and we'll talk later but we need to collect fluids as soon as possible so just relax."

As the young black nurse rolled the gown up Shannon's long shapely tanned legs, "Officer can you pull her knee towards you and I'll get pics of the bite marks on her legs and hickey's on her thighs. The camera clicked away, her legs so long and smooth were full of bite marks and hickey's where he sucked on her soft smooth legs.

"Let's get her legs in the stirrups so I can measure the penis size and gather semen for DNA."

"Okay sweetie lets get your feet in the stirrups and I know its uncomfortable but it will be over in a few minutes."

"My assistant isn't here, write down the measurements for me officer, please?"

"Yes, okay."

"The thickness of the penis is 3 inch diameter, okay now your going to feel air, I know its uncomfortable but be still for me, please."

"I'll try, Oh God, its so embarrassing"..replied Shannon.

"Okay here's some semen leaking, wow its allot, plenty for DNA, but this attachment is to short, did he break through your cervix wall?"

"He was huge down there, I had never been with any other man but my husband inside me and he was much bigger and much deeper, I kept begging him to stop."....Shannon said.

Looking through her scope and putting a long attachment into her vagina she was in her womb and spotted gobs of man's semen so she started sucking it up from the married mom's womb.

"Okay, wow, the penis length is 13 inches and it was all put inside her, I see allot of semen here, sorry sweetie."

The beautiful victim squirmed on the table feeling so exposed in front of the 2 black officers. "Is it going to be much longer?"

"I see semen leaking from your rectum, did he sodomize you anally?"

"Oh God!!!, It was so gross, so degrading, I had never had that done before, I didn't know humans had sex like that, he was like an animal, holding my hair and slapping me."

"We need to get her on all 4's and get the semen out of her rectum, lets turn her over and I'm going to need you to spread her butt cheeks while I put the measurer inside."

Let's get the gown off her and I'll spread her so you can scoop her clean." Both officers were looking at her soft tanned ass cheeks, a light baby fine hair bordering her ass crack protecting her earthy opening, her little butt-hole opening was dilated as the officer spread her soft smooth ass cheeks. She loved feeling the soft white wife's ass cheeks, her lesbian desires growing. "I see some saliva."

"Did he lick your ass Shannon?"

"Oh my God, he put his finger in me and then he bent me over the sink and I felt his tongue inside me, he sounded like an animal licking me up and down inside me and made me lick his finger that had been inside my dirty hole, I kept begging him to stop it was so dirty, I never felt so degraded."

"Kind of grunt for me and the semen should start coming out, oh yes, that's it, yes, here it comes. There is allot of semen so we have plenty for testing."

"Look at the bruising on her breasts, the bite marks."

Both women were jealous, the victim had breast that all women wish for, fat but pointed, huge pink round areola's that covers the whole end of her breasts with thick nipples, and so milky soft but firm, both officers were smitten with jealously.

"No man but my husband had ever seen my breasts before or touched them and he ripped my top off and, Oh God, he sounded so gross, his language, I never heard words like that before, he was mauling my breasts licking them and biting them and rolling my nipples in his fingers, and his language, the horrible names he was calling me."

After finishing the pictures of her breasts, they took samples of her hair, "you have urine in your hair, did he piss on you before he left?"

"It was so awful, he was laughing at me and was so degrading to me, I laid their in a puddle of his horrible urine."

The officer ask, "I see brown spots on your teeth, did he make you

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