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She did, he didn't.

They were both so loving as they cossetted both areas. Eva took my hands and put it on one of her breasts and whispered, "Squeeze them for me." I did and I could feel the quiver.

I heard the vibrator turn on as Emma continued to fondle my penis with her hand. She had sat next to me realizing she shouldn't make me ejaculate before her mother had her turn at my hard member. Eva took the hand that was on her breast and laid it on Emma and whispered, "Squeeze this one too." I did and I could feel an identical quiver.

Eva gave me one last deep kiss, straddled my hips and slipped my hard-long dong into her wet wanting twat. She slowly moved back and forth. I could tell she wanted to make it last as long as possible. I fought the urge to make her move faster. Her eyes were closed and you could hear a low quiet satisfied purr. Emma was making the same gentle pleasing sound with her eyes closed also. Emma had taken my hand and moved it to the top of her slit. I was moving my fingers to the spot she wanted to augment with the vibrator impaled into her pussy.

Eva stayed at this slow pace for some time without opening her eyes. Emma, also had her eyes closed enjoying my touch. Eva had been moving just enough to be stimulated but not to have orgasms as quickly as usual. This lead to one massive orgasm that started with a change in pitch of her moan, then to a quiver between her legs, contracting of her vaginal muscles, then a quivering that involved her entire body. Emma opened her eyes when she heard the change in pitch. When she heard this she pressed my index and middle fingers hard on her clitoris. I would feel a slightly smaller version of the eruption occurring in Eva. Eva quivered for what seems like minutes but I'm sure it was less. She collapsed on me, not moving just holding on so she wouldn't fall.

After a minute, she began to remove her leg and said, "It is your turn Emma. You need to feel how good this feels."

"Are you sure Mom? It seems like this should be only yours."

"Nonsense, I wouldn't be here without you. I would be drugged up and being fucked by some sleazy physiatrist taking advantage of me instead of with our Lord Padmore. I want you to share this with me."

Eva sat on my left, moved my left hand to her still quivering pussy as Emma mounted me. Emma was as wet as Eva had been but a little tighter. I looked at the perfect D's in front of me and I couldn't help but take one in my right hand as my left hand was buried in Eva's sweet pussy. Emma moved at about the same pace as Eva had. She also wanted to make it last. She moved just fast enough to stimulate but not get off quickly. They both again closed their eyes and made the same gently barely audible purr. It felt so good that I also wanted it to last.

I could feel small quivers from Eva as she used Emma's favorite vibrator and my fingers. I heard again the same pitch change Eva had made before her big orgasm. Eva heard it also and pressed my fingers hard into her clitoris. Emma erupted into a giant orgasm. Maybe larger than Eva's. I could feel what felt like a squirt even though I was sure it was just an illusion. Emma's body tensed so hard that I could feel it strangling my penis and I knew I wouldn't last long. As she collapsed on me, I managed to hold for just enough time to let her recover a little and said, "I'm going to cum."

Eva said, "Emma let's take it together." Emma got off as they both grabbed my shaft, alternating sucking the tip until I shot between their two faces. They continued to alternate sucking my tip and licking away the cum. When they had finished cleaning me completely with their mouths, they sat on either side and held me for a long time before Eva kissed me deep and hard, while Emma kissed my cheek.

Finally, I said, "My God that was the best. I am such a lucky man."

Eva said, "You are our generous Lord. Thank you for letting us have you tonight. Next time we are yours." Emma shook her head and again kissed me on the cheek.

I looked at the clock.

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