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Wife talked into a XXX cinema visit.

It has been very helpful in identifying the remains of those who have been killed in action."

"That is fascinating."

"Oh, don't look so terrified. Ask any of the men, they'll tell you I'm amazing. If you don't want to be... touched in that way, then you tell me. I try to satisfy all requests."

"Does any of your other... family participate?"

"No. They don't even try."

He couldn't decide if he should be disappointed or relieved. He thought of that gorgeous Draenei he saw earlier.

"If anyone would even try..." Elunara continued. "It would be Grogek. But since I brought Jordan in the picture, Grogek hasn't harassed any of my clients."

Nikal crashed back to reality. "You mean, he used to?"

"Oh, from time to time, he found it amusing to come in during a session. If I was sucking someone off, he's slip in behind me. Or other things. It made them nervous, and some didn't come back. Now that Jordan lives with us, we can all satisfy that carnal desire to share my body with each other. I even made a fascinating couch with levers and everything that make some of those positions so much more fun." Elunara giggled. "Why did I tell you that already?" She shrugged. "Anyway, have fun training." He shoved him forward.

Grogek gave her a slide glance. "I know that look, what did you do?"

"Our newest recruit has the hots for Tulani. You know I had to traumatize him."

Grogek watched Nikal. "He better not try anything. I'll keep my eye on him."

"Yeah, I'll let her know to be aware. However, he might just be a harmless flirt. He was flirting with Leslia too."

"I'd push that one, maybe he could get her off your ass."

Elunara grabbed him by the fang and pulled his face to hers. "I do enjoy when we think alike." Pressing her mouth to his, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

He slid his hands into her pants and squeezed her ass.

"I leave you two alone for a minute, and I get left out."

Elunara laughed and grabbed Jordan by his shirt and kissed him too.

He slipped a hand under her shirt. "Yeah, insatiable is the right word for you."

Elunara cackled wildly.

"Good Gods, you three."

Everyone looked over at Gerald. "I can kiss you too, if you feel left out."

"No thank you, I can maintain some dignity around here."

"Pfft, who needs dignity?"

"Apparently, all of you."

Jordan jumped backwards and straightened his spine. Grogek and Elunara just looked over.

"Seriously," Renwa sighed. "I just can't rely on you three to lead by example."

Grogek snorted. "I lead just fine, thank you." He did pull his hands out of Elunara's pants anyway.

"Elunara gets involved, and suddenly everyone loses their minds... and their pants." Renwa raised an eyebrow. "In any event, I've heard that Elunara has had another... happening."

She dropped her arms and sighed. "Mark got cut open and I offered my energy." She shook her head. "It's starting to freak me out."

"Well, maybe some good will come of it."

"Speaking of good, ready for your wedding in three days?" Elunara grinned.

Renwa sighed. "It's taking too long to get here."

"I have no idea how Ina finds the time to plan these things."

"Probably the same way you find time for... everything you manage to do." Renwa grinned.

"Ok, you got me there." Elunara stepped between Renwa and Jordan. "Hey, while I have you both here..." She pointed to the Draenei. "Nikal there has the hots for Tulani. You know me, I did my best to discourage... but he didn't seem to be listening."

Jordan sighed. "Grand."

"However, he was also flirting with Leslia, so... maybe he's just like that. I'm going to be watching him."

Renwa put a hand on Elunara's shoulder. "We'll keep Tulani safe."

Elunara flipped through the pages on her board and put them in their proper order on her shelf. She stuck more paper and fresh pencils in the board and laid it on her couch. She opened the door and flipped her sign. "Right on time."

"Yeah, I know how you are."

Elunara smirked.

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