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Winding you up for the day gives us both a treat.

"Jesus, Nathalie!" I gasped, startled.

"Will you let me?" she asked. I wondered what, and she raised an eyebrow.

"Nathalie, look," I said, trying to be firm. "I know you may feel a certain way about me, but--"

"What?" she interrupted. "Wait--you think I've got a--that I think I'm in love with you? God, no, Larsson!

I was disappointed, but pressed on. "What, then?"

She sighed, sitting up on the table. "Look, I mean, I like you. You're nice, and a good teacher, and I trust you. But I'm not in love with you. I decided a long time ago that I wouldn't do something like this for love."

"Something like what?"

"This!" She looked around. "It's not about love. It's about, when you get right down to it, you making me feel good, and me doing the same thing for you. And while it might be better with someone I love, I'd rather start out with someone comfortable. Who can teach me. Like riding a bike but with training wheels."

I took a moment to laugh at the analogy, but she was already straddling my lap, her soft warmth settling down on my cock, which was beginning to harden in my pants. "God, Nathalie," I gasped as her weight settled. "You have this all planned out."

"Mmmhmm," she murmured, but her mind was no longer on the logistics of learning to make love. She was too deeply interested with her own pleasure. I felt disappointed that she was, in a way, using me, but it disappeared as she began to rock herself in my lap, her fully clothed pussy pressing my now-hard cock with each movement of her hips.

She closed her eyes and bit her lip and tipped her head back as she went on. "Wait, wait," I muttered, and opened my pants, letting my cock spring up in my loose boxers. "Better," I said, and she readjusted herself, positioning my clothed cock between her legs. She leaned forward, increasing her rhythm as she dry-humped my cock. Her chin dug into my left shoulder, her hand gripping the right, and then she leaned back for better leverage. Her hips moved more swiftly, more like she was riding me,and I could feel her friction pulling my soft boxers up and down over my cock. She went forward again to do the humping motion, but it provided very little pleasure to me, beyond feeling her weight atop my pulsing cock. "No, lean back again, that way," I said, and she obeyed. This time she hung onto my shoulders as if for her life, panting while she slid my dick in the groove created by panties and swollen labia. Up and down my shaft she rode, and I could feel my balls beginning to tighten as I prepared for an orgasm.

This was the first time I could see her reactions to pleasure, I realized, and I watched Nathalie's face, her eyes fixed on the ceiling then squeezing closed, her mouth open as if in shock. She steadily murmured something I ouldn't hear, but looked like, "Yes, yes, oh God, yes."

Her pussy was beginning to tremble and tighten, and I realized how strong the tension of her inner muscles had to be if I could feel it through her pussy lips. God, there were just two thin layers of cotton separating me from that virgin opening. She humped my cock faster and faster until I felt I would explode. Oh, what I wouldn't do to burst through that cotton, plunge my hard dick deep into that waiting hole, its walls trembling and convulsing in anticipation of our simultaneous climax...

That image, coupled with Nathalie's insistent thrusts, sent me over the edge. Cum shot out into my boxers, a sticky warm stream dripping back onto my penis. She felt it and groaned, squeezing her eyes shut, murmuring "Oh my God, oh my God," as she reached her orgasm.

I imagined being my dick inside of her pussy, her slick red walls shaking with the effort of waiting, trying not to cum as I pushed inside. I closed my eyes, in the back of my mind seeing my cum shoot into her in hot white streams, coating her walls, the force and the heat of it all too much for her.

I was brought back to reality by the sound of her moan, ripping from her throat thought she was trying to keep quiet.

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