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Teacher falls for an intriguing student.

Her response was to just hold her hand, curl her index finger back toward herself, and say in a cold voice, "Bring me that paddle now or I will beat your little ass until you can't sit down for a month!"

Terrified but unable to resist her authority, I reluctantly handed her the paddle and lay back over her lap.

Up until that point, I'd been spanked by Mary with her hand, her hairbrush and even my own doubled-over leather belt. None of those compared to the stinging, fiery pain of that paddle. Helen landed every smack right across the curve of both cheeks, sending the force of each impact directly into my anus, up my spine and forced the wind out of my lungs. I was gasping for breath, crying, moaning and squirming the entire time.

I don't know how long she paddled me. But when she stopped, I was broken, laying limp over her lap, covered in sweat and didn't even have the energy to kick or squirm anymore.

Helen grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up. Grabbing a small bag out of her purse, she bent me over the corner of my bed. Opening up the bag, she pulled out a small tube of lube and an inflatable anal plug. Scared at the size of it, I stood up but Helen swung her free hand and spanked me until I bent back over.

She pushed a lubricated finger into my rectum. Then she pushed two lubricated fingers inside. As she twirled her fingers around, stretching me out, she leaned over and said into my ear, "Don't tell me you're not enjoying this, spanky boy. Your little cock has been pulsing every time I've pushed my finger into your tight little asshole."

After a couple of minutes, she withdrew her fingers and started working the deflated lubricated plug into my rectum. It was a tight fit and she noticed, "So, you're a virgin back there? After today you're going to be my butt slut."

Once inside, she started squeezing the external bulb, pumping air into the plug inside me. It got bigger and bigger and bigger. Not only was it filling up my rectum, it was also widening inside my anus. At first the stretching was uncomfortable, but then it became almost painful.

"Lay down," she said, "you're going to eat my pussy."

Pulling up her dress, she lifted it up over her shoulders leaving her completely naked. She was overweight according to Hollywood's anorexic and twisted standards of beauty. Her "extra" weight gave her thick thighs, a curved belly and a very round butt. Her large breasts sagged a little but there was no mistaking the fact that she was absolutely beautiful.

After I lay down on the floor, she kneeled above me facing my feet. My face was between her legs and her shaved vulva was just over my mouth. Her scent caused my mouth to water. There was nothing more I wanted at that moment than to please her.

Then she reached down and pulled my legs up so she was holding my ankles with her hands. This lifted my very sore, red bottom off the carpet. She kept pulling my ankles until she could position them under her armpits, holding me curled up underneath her. She said, "Let me show you something else."

She pressed a button on the base of the plug and it started to vibrate inside me. Instantly my erection began pulsing with the plug. "This isn't just a butt plug for your tight little ass, it's a vibrating plug for your prostate."

Just as she had done a few days before, she ground her vulva into my face. My tongue frantically licked every curve, every crevice, and every bit of her it could reach. Her juices soaked my face.

With Helen on top of me and the plug vibrating inside me, a near constant stream of clear fluid began dripping, then flowing from my erection.

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