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Sebastian's mum and his bully star play on-stage lovers...

.. naked...erect... smiling like old times. Before she could react, he had pulled her to him engaging her lips in a soft but passionate clench.

Her eyes followed the line of his chest and stomach down to his smooth cock, begging out for some attention. She had always loved giving. Without hesitation, she sunk to her knees, hitching her skirt up and pressing her tingling breasts on his hips as she slid down him.

Looking up at his lustful eyes, with the look of a hungry a****l, she slid her hand around his shaft and took the whole length deep into her warm mouth. Closing her eyes at the feel of him between her soft lips, instinct took over. Her head started to bob, feeling him hit her throat. Her tongue lept into action too, swirling, licking... feeling him pulse between her lips. She carried on. His hands slid onto her head, her short blonde hair being swept back and gathered. She carried on. Her breasts moved in time to her head as they threatened to erupt. As she knelt, her swollen clit ached and protruded slowly from within, waking... aching. She carried on. Shane threw his head back, leaning against the doorframe, her hair now gathered in firm buns within his hands. His hips began to move. She carried on. With every rise and fall of her warm mouth on his firm shaft, his hips flexed. They pushed the tip of his aching cock against her throat... she gagged. He was using her mouth. She carried on. Faster, wanting to please, wanting to show him just how much she remembered and yearned for this again. He gripped her head hard, his heavy balls pushing against her chin. She looked up, seeking approval, but shane was lost in the moment. She pulled her mouth off his wet cock and slid back up... licking her lips he sunk his tongue between them and embraced her, his big hands roaming her ample curves, her hips, her ass.

They stumbled back, his warm naked body against hers, lifting her top eagerly over her head, she stumbled further, hitting the bed and landing on top of it with a bounce.

He was an a****l, filled with lust and raw passion for her that had never really died. She had been yearning for his mouth, his touch, his warm body against hers for so long she hadn't realised.

The feel of his hard throbbing cock against her stocking clad thighs enraged her hormones further. With the skill and dexterity of a man possessed, Shane reached behind her, as she arched her back to the feel of his lips on her neck. The bra snapped loose, freeing the heavy soft breasts from their prison. She sat up, casting her arms out of the straps and tossing it carelessly over the room. Grabbing his softly covered head, she forced his hungry mouth onto her breasts. As his mouth feasted on her nipples in turn, she slid her thighs around his bare hips, feeling his warmth under her skirt and groaning in immense pleasure.

Before she could gather her thoughts, the room was spinning, and his arms hooked under hers... in one swift motion he had taken her off the coverings of the soft kingsized bed and swept her up to the top of the bed, almost tossing her onto the pillows with horny disdain.

She reached down, unclipping the now hitched up skirt, as his swollen throbbing cockhead rested against her freshly shaven womanhood. Looking up at him, urges from times past surfacing, she begged him to fuck her. So bold, so direct, she BEGGED him to be inside her again. And then it came. The feeling of his shaft pushing her saturated sensitive pussy lips apart made her throw her head back. He filled her so well, the upward curve of his smooth shaft setting parts of her on fire in one thrust.

Her skirt parted with the motion of him pushing inside her.

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