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Week over, Susan makes her choice, but is it the right one?

He did it the way that she wanted it, and he was very in tune with her body, her mind, and her soul. A simple moan one way or the other would tell him all he needed to know about his progress. A look from her was like a book explaining what he did right and wrong. Her touch was like a rapport with her soul. Feeding him information on how he could please her better. He picked up the pace slightly. His tongue beginning to get tired, but it didn't matter, and he didn't slow down. Nothing mattered except her. Her pleasure, her desire, and her will was all that mattered to him. They are his entire being, and his entire reason for living. His tongue darted in and out of Her, moving up and down, side to side, batting her clitoris, and her moans were telling him that he was doing an adequate job. The mornings were always long. She liked them long. She liked to have him between her legs, feeling his head between her thighs for at least an hour right away in the morning. Her will, and control over him was complete. There was no struggle, and no fight against her in him.

After some time she pulled on the leash just a little tighter. He didn't know how or why she decided when it was time for her to cum. He just obeyed. She pulled on the leash and dug her fingernails into his head almost to the point of breaking the skin. He knew that it was time to pick up the pace, and prepare for her to buck like a horse that had never had never been saddled.

Then it happened. The moment that he lives for happened. She started to cum. Her eyes ablaze, her body on fire, and her soul showed in her eyes. She moved so passionately that she seemed to not even be touching the bed, and he just struggled to keep pace with her passion. He strained and struggled to drink every last drop of her love.

Time before

The morning air came into the croft with a chill that made them hold each other just a little bit tighter. The cool, wet air penetrated the furs, and the fire had long gone out. But the fire between them was still there. It was always there. She rose and went to the bowl for water. He was right behind her, holding her, and engulfing her with his blanket held like a cloak. He was wrapping it around her like a predator capturing it's prey. She laughed and turned inside to face him. They were standing face to face, and their naked bodies touching each other. Eye to eye.

They went back to the bed.

"Lass I have to go fight. Our family members are being killed." Her heart sank in her chest, and her mind now went from that Heavenly place to a place that was Hellish. Her love for him knew no bounds, and she knew that he was right. His place in the clan was as a warrior. It was a part of him that she loved, feared, and resented... sometimes.

"Come back to me... please promise... somehow you will come back to me?" Their eyes locked for a moment of silence. The world seemed to be still for a moment. They were in their own universe for that moment.

"I will lass I promise. Somehow I will come back to you." He said softly but clearly to her.

They embraced and both wept slow and silent tears in each other's arms.

"But today let's go out, be together, and enjoy such a beautiful summer day. You are my beautiful lass." He smiled and stared her in the eye, and she smiled back. They started to dress. The air started to get warmer as it moved in through the open passage to the outside. The animals needed tending, and there were so many things that needed to be done, but today they would have to wait. Today was their day to be together. She dressed in her highland clothes. Her wrap around dress was held by her tartan around her shoulder. He put on his kilt and his loose horsehair shirt that she had made for him. They started out for the stone circle.

The sun was beaming so bright it was blinding, and the chill of the late morning air was starting to give way to a misty cool breeze.

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