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He gets lucky with coworkers

The girls wasted no time in grabbing their bags from the car and racing to get the best rooms as they exploded into chatter between each other, no doubt talking about what 'cute guys' they could find at the beach tomorrow. Nolan and I just laughed, we didn't plan on getting much sleep anyway if last year was anything to go by. But that's a story for another time.

Luck was definitely on my side when I walked in and saw that the girls had only walked as far as the spa and had yet to venture upstairs to choose their bedrooms for the weekend. This place was remarkable, full glass front looking out onto the beach and the ocean beyond. Spa in the back courtyard with 6 huge bedrooms upstairs, complete with ensuites, walk-in-wardrobes and large glass windows also looking out onto the beach. This place was like heaven.

Being the first upstairs I naturally chose the largest room of them all, which had a wonderful view to the beach and need I remind you that the sunset was absolutely divine with the speckled rays over the water and sand on the hot summers night.

"Bada bing bada boom!" I shouted as I flopped myself backwards onto the soft bed. Drawing the attention on Nolan who came into the room, inquisitive as to what all the fuss was about. Once he saw my room, even he was taken away with the beauty of it all. "You could really get a nice view of the girls from up here Dave!" He was quick to proclaim.

Then I heard what sounded like a whole primary school, but quickly realised it was the girls finally making their way upstairs still chattering away. I still have no idea how girls don't run out of things to talk about.

They too all made their way into my room after seeing Nolan standing in the doorway still. Their jaws dropped before just standing their gazing in awe of the beauty outside. Feeling annoyed at all the girls, and Nolan, soaking up the views from my room, and still grumpy after a long day at work before coming here, I muttered at them "What is this? A fucking meet and greet in my room!?" Luckily they didn't hear that or I would have never heard the end of it.

"Come on, let's go choose our rooms!" Gabriella said to the other girls before swiftly leaving. "Shit" I thought, maybe she did hear what I said. Gabriella was the one person I did not want to annoy this weekend, having had a crush on her for a few years now and having high hopes that this weekend just might bring us closer together.

I had just finished unpacking my belongings and was sitting on the end up the bed when Gabriella came in wearing a bikini which I guessed may have been a size too small for her. No complaints about it from me however! "Hey Dave, sorry if I annoyed you before" she said, vanishing the bubbliness from her voice. She truly meant it.

"Why do you think you annoyed me" I asked.

"Well, I heard what you said when we were all in here. Sorry if we annoyed you, you look grumpy now, that's all. But hey, let's just forget it and go join everyone else in the spa" She answered, reaching up and giving me a tight hug.

I quickly got changed into my swimsuit, and rushed down to the spa, not wanting Nolan to have all the good views. I sat down next to Gabriella and sank down into the bubbly warm water. To my distaste, the bubbles stopped me from sneaking a look at any of the girls' breasts.

We all just sat in silence for a few minutes, enjoying the hot water until small chatter broke out amongst all of us. I was thinking more about sleep and not focussing on any of the conversations and had completely zoned out when I felt something touch my hand underwater. I felt around and discovered it was Gabriella's hand. She gave my hand a quick squeeze, but didn't let go when I expected her to. I looked over at her and saw a small smile draw across her face, like she was happy to be holding my hand.

I let her hold my hand a while, as we both become unaware of the conversation around us.

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