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The final resolution to the viper gang.

"See you in a bit, Jack." She left the room, closing the door with her foot, heading stairs to clean up after dinner. She then sat down at the kitchen island to finish some of her homework.

Jack took a while longer to join her this evening. He just took her hand and they went straight upstairs to her room. Once the door was closed, he pulled her into his arms, his eyes closing as his lips reached down to kiss her shoulder. "You two scared the crap out of me today. Give me a warning next time."

Amanda laughed. "Yeah, because a text message at work would have gone over so much better, Jack." She pulled him onto the bed with her and they collapsed in nervous exhaustion. "I couldn't believe it when you said it would be hard to give me up. That took guts. Way to go big or go home."

Laughing, Jack kissed her nose, then started playing with her braid. "You both asked for honesty, that's what I was feeling inside. I'm still confused as fuck, but I can't imagine not needing you, Amanda. I don't know how, but you're in deep and I can't get you out. I don't even want to try." He tickled her face with the end of her braid. Then he pulled her tank up over her head. "And how did you expect me to concentrate on any of that with your nipples showing through this shirt? Steph caught me looking at them." He kissed each nipple, moaning as they both grew erect under his lips. He loved how responsive she was to his touch.

Amanda let her head fall back as her uncle started working his magic on her body. He made short work of the rest of her clothing, as well as his own. He kissed her everywhere, taking his time exploring every inch of her tanned skin. His mouth made love to her cunt. He loved everything about her sex. The pink flesh drew him in, the smell kept him there and the taste made him never want to stop. He let his tongue slide down to the bud of her asshole and probed her there. She usually squirmed uncomfortably when he did so, but tonight she gave this low moan.

Chuckling, he looked up at her. "Oh, you like that tonight, do you?" He dove back down, his tongue penetrating the musky hole.

Undulating against his mouth, his tongue, Amanda replied, "I find everything you do to be really sexy, Jack. I don't know that I could deny you anything. You take, I give, and it's fucking incredible. So, take what you want, I'll fucking love it when you do."

Raising an eyebrow, Jack wasn't going to question her words. If she was offering him her ass, he wasn't going to question the gods that had dropped this gift into his lap. He continued to tongue her asshole as his finger penetrated the slick folds of her pussy. He could feel her excitement increasing. He reached into the side table with one hand, searching for the lube he had kept there. He used it liberally on her hole, then two of his fingers. Switching so that his mouth was now on her pussy, he made lazy circles on her asshole, waiting patiently for the bud to open for his touch. He grinned in satisfaction against her pussy lips as it was finally teased into submission. He slid a lubed finger in, then wait, letting her get used to being filled.

Gasping, Amanda paused, squirming a little. "That feels ... Different. Not bad. It hurts a little." Jack pulled out, added more lube, then repeated the process until he was back inside, and she was moaning. His tongue teased her clit and she grew more excited. When she came into his mouth, he added the second finger, groaning as her asshole clamped so tightly around his fingers. Her ass was going to feel incredible on his cock and it jerked a bit at the very thought.

He continued playing with her hole until she was actually thrusting against his fingers.

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