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Middle aged attorney finds the woman of is dreams.

There were basically two, a redhead that I had hit on once, only to find out that she had a girlfriend (damn!), and a quiet woman who seemed half asleep every time I saw her.

She wasn't ugly, but she definitely was not attractive to me in the slightest. I worked at a gym as a personal trainer, so I had seen plenty of women fatter and uglier than her... but also plenty of hotties who were easy to talk into bed. The choice was clear.

This park was pretty much my one refuge from the people that wanted to get into my pants. Having plenty of sex, I wasn't desperate to go looking for more. Besides, it never failed; once I'd had my fun, the woman started talking like I was going to come back for more, and stay in her life. I'm in the prime of my life, and not interested in a relationship!

After my jog, I walked to my car, and then I felt a sting, and pulled a dart out of my neck in confusion. Weird... I wobbled, and fell, and that was the last thing I remember until I became aware that I couldn't open my eyes... or maybe it was just that dark in the room. No... I was blindfolded and tied in a spread eagle position.

Oh great! Just my luck, one of those men we hear about on the news every night just so happens to be gay, and thinks I am an easy target! I increased my efforts to free my wrists when I felt a hand stroke my thigh, and fondle my shaft. What is wrong with me! I am tied to a rapist's bed, and my dick is rising to the occasion!

Hohmigawd! After a brief pause, this rapist was giving me the best head I had ever received in my life! Maybe it's true that gay men know how to suck the best... No, no, no! Um... baseball... my grandma... being punched in the nuts... nope, nothing was helping me to go limp.

My knees started to shake, and I couldn't stop myself from announcing, "I'm gonna cum!"

Surprisingly, this caused my rapist to stop. I felt a bit disappointed, and then reminded myself that enjoying this man's ministrations was against the plan. He shifted his weight on the bed, and I felt him straddle me.

This he is a she! I have been inside plenty of women, and also plenty of women's rear ends. I was expecting something that felt more like the rear than the front, but there is no mistaking this. My rapist is a woman. How often does that happen?

Honestly, I wasn't sure how to react to this information. Should I still resist, or at least try? Should I give in? Did it really matter, it seemed like my body was more than willing. I guess this is why it's hard to believe the rare man that accuses a woman of raping him.

I wondered what she looked like, and realized that she probably wasn't the best looking, after all, a gorgeous woman wouldn't have had to go to all this trouble, she'd just had to ask. Maybe the blindfold was a blessing. Unable to see her, I was free to imagine that she was Selma Hayek or Angelina Jolie. How cool would that be?

She started out slowly, and not only was she incredibly tight, but there was some sort of resistance I had never encountered before. It quickly gave way, and she wiggled around a bit. She chose a better position, and gained in speed. Now, she was riding me harder than a bandit fleeing from a bounty hunter.

I am not ashamed to admit that I was moaning, groaning, and panting in pleasure. I wondered when was the last time I had enjoyed sex this much. I may have even shouted, "Oh yeah baby, yeah!"

I knew I was going to cum soon, and wished my hands were free so I could grab her hips and bury in as deep as I could go. I was afraid that if I announced this again, she would stop. This was rape after all, she might not want me to actually find release until I am begging for it. That would be torture, and in keeping with the theme.

I locked my hips, arched my back and let loose a guttural shout of satisfaction.


Mission accomplished! Virginity gone! However, I still have most of a week of vacation left, and I am not going to let him go now.

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