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Monica can't say no to her Admirers.

We got out of the Jeep and walked around to the front and talked for a bit before we both knew what we wanted. We began kissing each other and warming each other with our hands. She looked up at me and smiled and bit her lower lip. I smiled back and jumped up on the hood that was still warm. She followed and sat there with me. I stood up in front of her, standing on the front bumper with my rod sticking straight out underneath my shorts. She didn't need any prodding and slipped her hand up my shorts onto my hard shaft, stroking it. I was feeling her warmth when she pulled down my shorts and engulfed my hard-on with nice strokes with her tongue while rubbing it with her hand. She was tickling under my balls with the tips of her fingers, barely touching my sacks. She knew that drove me crazy. She smiled up at me and slurped faster. My dick was throbbing and felt achy like I wanted to give her my load right there but I stopped her and pulled her up and kissed her instead while she still had my cock in her hand.

"What's wrong"? She asked.

"Get in the Jeep". She did and I drove further into the woods about 50 feet or so and we both got up and moved to the back seat. She sat but I stood her up right away and I pushed the passenger seat full forward. I turned around as she faced me.

"Put your hands on the top roll-bar and keep them there". She smiled and complied.

I rubbed my hands up her legs and back and brought them around to her breasts and massaged them through her sweatshirt.

"Hmmmm, that feels good" She said closing her eyes.

My cock was becoming erect again despite the cool temperatures.

I slid both hands down her abdomen and lifted up her sweatshirt and began licking her naval and stomach. She squirmed a bit as my hands pulled her shorts and panties down. I slid my tongue down her stomach and played with her pubic hair with my tongue as my left thumb found her pussy lips.

She was quite wet.

"Oh, nice" She admitted and began sliding one of her hands down to her breast and over her erect nipple.

I guided her hand back up to the roll-bar "keep it there" I whispered.

I shoved my tongue deep into her wet pussy, as far as it would go stroking the entire inside with my mouth muscle. I looked up at her and she was breathing heavy.

"Oh yes, just like that Chuck, just like that!" Her body was swaying as I brought my tongue outside her pussy and licked and sucked her skin area. As I was sucking she burst out, "Fuck yeah, oh my gosh Chuck. You do that so fucking well. Fuck my pussy with your tongue!"

I did, sending my tongue in and out of her and grabbing both ass cheeks with my free hands.

"Oh yes, yes Chuck!" She was whimpering and moaning intensely.

"Damn it Chuck, give it to me. I want you inside of me now!"

I stood up and kissed her so she could taste her pussy and sucked her face. I brought my hands up and squeezed both tits and then got behind her, my shorts already down. She was sticking her round ass back towards and I grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy.

"Fuck yes!" She yelled.

I slid my hands up her back and undid her bra closure. I forked my fingers underneath it while I was pounding her with my throbbing member. I lifted her bra and released those firm mounds but left her sweatshirt down so I could crab her free boobs through the fabric. She loved the way the fabric felt against her bare nipples and that together with my 7 inch hard cock was sending her over the edge. I brought my hands up beside hers on the roll-bar and arched my back to get as deep as I could inside of her.

"Yes, fuck, yes! Fuck me Chuck, dammit fuck me!"

I slammed into her over and over again finally grabbed her waist with one of my hands from the roll-bar and began playing with her clit as I was fucking her pussy.

Without any more warning she had an orgasm and arched her back into my aching cock. Her legs were shaking as I continued to slam into her.

"Yes, don't fucking stop Chuck

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