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Respectable lady decides to pep up her sex life.

' My hands were on his arms as we danced but almost without thinking they went around his shoulders and I snuggled my head into his chest. I looked over at Jill and Vince and they were kissing away on the dance floor, oblivious to everyone around them. Feeling the heat off Jim's body, I began to think where the night was leading to.

The lights came up and soon we were getting into Vince's car: Jill in the front and me and Jim in the back. Jill whispered something into Vince's ear and I saw him smile and nod before driving off. Jim sat close to me and put his arm around me. I didn't mind, it was only a cuddle after all, and feeling a bit tipsy I shuffled a little closer to him too. It was then I realised we weren't going back to our part of town. I went to say something but Jill quickly turned around and gave me a 'SHUT-UP' look, making me stop in mid-question.

'So where are we going?' I thought to myself.

Vince carried on driving for another five or so minutes before pulling into an industrial estate and parked up in an unlit corner far away from the road. He turned the engine off and there was silence.

Jill and Vince lent towards each other and immediately started kissing again.

Jim was next to me and I felt his hand on the outside of my uncovered thigh. He leaned towards me for a kiss.

All manner of thoughts raced through my mind.

"Do I want to do this? Shall I say no? If I do; what then? Jill will go mad won't she? Jim's quite good looking though isn't he? If he kissed me I don't suppose it'd be so bad and it'd only be a kiss. Its not like I've changed my mind is it? Okay then, just a kiss and then we'll all stop and drive home."

Jim's lips met mine and I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, his soft tongue finding mine. Gosh, he was a good kisser. I felt myself sliding down the vinyl seats as Jim moved over me, his hand now creeping up the outside of my thigh, under the hem of my mini-dress.

"Should I stop him? Should I put my hand on top of his to stop him going any further?" I thought as we kissed. I wanted to be a good girl, I really did, but now I was also enjoying kissing him. "Maybe he won't go any further?"

He did.

As we kissed and I continued to slide down until I was almost horizontal on the back seat. Jim's left hand swiftly moved up under my dress to grasp my bottom. He soon found his way under me to cup the cheek of my pantyless arse. While he did this, his other hand moved around and took hold of my unfettered left boob, gently squeezing it through my dress.

"Oh no" I thought "I'm not wearing any panties or a bra am I?" My good intentions were fading fast as I responded passionately to his kisses. This was all so confusing; as my alcohol-befuddled mind wrestled with what to do next.

"We're only snogging though aren't we? As Jill's only in the front seat, its not like we're going to have sex with her watching us is it?"

I opened my eyes and looked over at Jill. She had put the front seat back and she was lying almost flat against it, her top was pulled up and her big soft boobs pulled out from the cups of her bra. In the dim light I could make out her dark nipples against her white skin. Vince was kneeling on the seats, his shoulders pressed against the car roof and pulling down his trousers. Still kissing Jim, I watched with my heart thumping as he got out his large erect cock in front of her. He held it in his hand, moving up and down its length. Fuck it was big, almost as big as Cliff's, and I felt butterfly's in my stomach as he rubbed it against Jill's smiling lips. She flicked her tongue out, licking the little hole at the top. Fuck, this is so sexy and I squeezed my legs together as I felt my pussy moisten.

I realised Jim had stopped kissing me.

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