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Jim gets a present from an unexpected source.


Fuming in rage he said "You're making a big mistake."

"No, I'm not" drawled the older MILF confidently before leaning forward to squeeze his ass with her free hand and then whisper in his ear "because tonight I'm going to make your tight ass mine" and she was gone.

For the first time in his life Fez felt uncertain. He could not stop thinking about Hayek. The last couple of hours before he left the auditorium for the apartment complex address which she gave him were the most nerve wracking of his life. He sent urgent messages to all allied agents he could think of and finally one sent him a warning code which confirmed his worst fears. He was burned out, no cash, weapons or info. His aunt and her entire operation were severely compromised including their safe houses.

For a spy being caught out in the cold without support and at the mercy of a vindictive enemy was the worst possible position and it usually ended in death. Except in his case he feared a fate far worse than death. As he arrived at the door of her sixth floor apartment he couldn't help but pace in front of her door desperately racking his brains for a way out of the situation he now found himself in. He bitterly regretted trusting Rafa, a rookie mistake that now cost him dearly. He was startled when the door opened.

Hayek stood in a blue bathrobe that revealed her tantalizing curves; her golden olive skin seemed to glow as it was illuminated by light from her apartment. She crooked her finger and beckoned him with a sly smile. The older MILF definitely had changed since the last time he saw her. Her ageing had been unmistakably reversed with Futa gene therapy. Then there was a strong odour of musk that confirmed his suspicions that she now had something extra. All undercover agents who worked against the Fempirium knew how to sense and counter the powerful pheromones that Futanari used to devastating effect on both male and female victims.

As the various factions of the human resistance inoculated themselves against the futanari pheromones, the Fempirium's labs concocted ever more powerful pheromones. Fez was always careful to ensure that his immunity stayed strong. His Nanobot enhanced immune system was fighting against the drug like effect of her pheromones as he stepped into her apartment and ensured that he didn't swoon or fall under her control.

"So you traded your humanity to become an abomination" he said accusingly as she shut the door behind him.

The apartment was a luxurious suite, with plush sofas, snowy white carpeting, state of the art entertainment center and a bar from what he could see. She glared at his comment before grabbing him by the blazer and yanking him around with a strength that belied her 5 foot frame before slamming him into the apartment door behind. That confirmed his suspicion; Hayek was now no longer an ordinary woman but a transsexual hybrid, her strength was enhanced to be 6 times that of the average woman but less than a pureblood Futa.

"I made a deal Fez. The Futanari offered me the means to get back at you and your aunt while I offered them a chance to find a potential caliphate agency. While you were vacationing on the moon they captured your aunt and most of her agents thanks to the intelligence I provided with a little help from your cousin sisters. It seems Nyssa and Farah both resented your aunt's favourable treatment of you"

He grimaced. The betrayal made sense. It was the only reason he'd been caught unprepared with no warning because his aunt was also taken by surprise. He could only hope that Moira was still alive. The strange musk was now making him feel slightly drunk but his head was clear enough for action.

"I'm impressed that you are resisting my pheromones, nice immunity" she noted wryly.


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