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Would my wife and I have the courage to seduce my mother?

After drenching her finger in her hot cunt juice, she found the already lewdly swollen bud of her clitoris and began to stroke back and forth swiftly across it. And despite her ignorance of these sexual acts, she began to work even harder to please her hubby with the obscene ministrations of her lips and tongue.

She twirled her tongue around the lust-bloated glands at the end of his cock, tightening her lips around the thick hot shaft like a rubber band, scraping softly with her teeth to elicit little incoherent gasps and cries from his throat. As Rohith has told her before, she knew that she couldn't expect her hubby to control himself when she was giving oral to him. So if he was going to climax, she was ready for it. She began to long for his cum and just the thought of it squirting into her mouth and spilling down her throat made her more excited.

Great swirls of heat were building deep in Rohith's loins as he again raised his head to watch the new bride's face with his cock sunk deep up between her oval shaped lips. He could see tiny droplets of sweat rolling in thin rivulets down the side of her body as she bucked and writhed like a she-demon. The muscles of his stomach tightened as he arched himself up from the bed, ramming farther and farther into her throat as he pulled her head down even tighter with both his hands. And then suddenly it began. His cock gave a series of violent jerks and the dam burst in obscene torrent as the wetly searing droplets of cum came squirting forth in a volcanic fountain of release.

Sheela groaned as she sucked up the heavily spewing stream, her finger continuing to work in rapid frenzy up between her thighs. She gurgled as the slick male semen squirted down her throat, clasping her lips in a tight elastic ring around the wildly lurching member, her tongue swirling swifter and swifter around the throbbing head. In her delight, she was determined to suck him dry, to completely milk his youthful essence.

And as she threw herself whole-heartedly into her task, Rohith's guttural groans of pleasure only drove her to greater effort. Drop after drop of his life-giving sperm surged up from his hard penis and down her throat, the excess dribbling from the corners of her mouth.In spite of all her efforts to prevent wasting it, it seemed like an eternity before the hands holding her head finally fell away and the throbbing cock gave a final spurt of its salty hot fluids and stopped. Then it slipped from her mouth and Sheela raised up to gaze through lust-glazed eyes at her hubby to whom she'd just given pleasure like an *apsaras*.

Rohith stared dazedly back at her, his eyes descending her glistening torso to the shaved mound of her pubis, where he could see her hand still pressed tightly over her genitals.

"I'm sorry," he groaned. "I couldn't hold it back. You were sucking me too good. But I will get it up again for you. We will fuck the whole night."

"Ohh.yess, Darling, and I love you" said Sheela.

Rohith reached over to the head of the bed and grabbed a pillow. Grabbing her ass, he lifted it and placed the pillow beneath it. Sheela wondered what he was going to do. Her blossoming tits, their rosy pink nipples already fat with desire, panted with a rising fever as he hunched his broad shoulders beneath her thighs. He lifted her ass up and licked his lips. He looked closely at her pussy lips and noticed the clitoris looking like a dainty rosebud, soaked and pulsing before his eyes.

Rohith took Sheela's hand and guided her fingers to her pussy.

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