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I served lunch and had a hard time not drooling in my plate. I don't think I ever had more beautiful companions for a meal. Conversation was light and I asked what their plans were for the rest of the week. Shirley said she was taking some vacation time and they were going to take in as many tourist traps as possible while seeing if they could turn on all the men they could. I told them that I was sure they could make any man they came across cum in their pants. Beth said she was going to let them go as a family so they could catch up on all the family gossip.

I cleaned up the kitchen after lunch and went out to the pool where the ladies had gone to get some sun. I didn't bother with a swim suit and just dropped my shorts as I got to the pool and dove in. The ladies had brought their coverings with them but had bared themselves until they got too warm. Melissa had shed her nipple and clit clamps so she was naked as was Beth. Jane and Shirley still had their cunt coverings on and I was anxious to see what Beth's mons would look like when tattoo came off and she was left with a white butterfly on her cunt.

Jane was sitting next to me and was stroking my arms and thighs. She was just wanted to feel close to someone and I was the one she picked. I was getting a hardon regardless of her intent and she noticed smiling at me. She was enjoying being able to turn me on even if she was almost twenty plus older the rest of us. I could see her pussy spreading apart as she opened and closed her legs. Her lips would disappear when she closed her legs and when she opened them they would stick together finally snapping apart when the gap got large enough.

Melissa was eyeing my cock sticking up proud and strong as her mother teased me as she toyed with her big clit that had not disappeared after she took off the clamp. Her nipples were calling me but I decided to give my attention to Jane and Shirley and let Beth deal with Melissa. I didn't think she had experienced the full impact of her tongue and clit. I wondered if it would be more exciting to watch her and Mel or let her tell me about it later.

Jane's hand had strayed from rubbing my thigh to stroking my cock and Mel licked her lips as she watched her mother gently stroking me while talking to Beth and Shirley. I wasn't paying much attention to the conversation but was almost hypnotized watching Mel watch her mother. She wasn't watching me as much as my cock. I felt a drop of precum bubble up and she licked her lips like she wanted to lick it off. I was a long way from cumming and let Jane play all she wanted. She spotted the drop and swiped it off with her finger and brought it to her mouth and sucked her finger. I thought I could hear Melissa groan as she did that.

Beth must have realized how turned on Mel was and reached out to fondle one of her breasts. She rolled the thick nipple between her thumb and forefinger and the girl just about melted into her arms. Beth leaned over and kissed her deeply and I could see the surprise as the super tongue explored her mouth. Beth was an expert at sucking cock and she took the rolled up tongue deep in her throat as I had done. She gave back as good as she got and soon they were lying down on the chaise writhing in each other's arms. Mel was grinding on Beth's thigh and Beth was doing the same to Mel. I could see the wet spots as they worked themselves into a beast with two backs. They moved a bit and their cunts came together grinding clit against clit. Mel pushed Beth over so she was on her back and pulled her legs up to her breasts causing her cunt to open wide. She rose up and placed her giant clit to Beth's opening and proceeded to fuck her like she had a cock. Beth thrashed around like a fish on a hook and apparently didn't realize that this was only the start of a new experience. I could only imagine what she would think when Mel sunk that talented tongue deep in her pussy. I hope she would come back to me after Melissa got done with her.

Shirley had knel

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