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On their 18th birthday, best friends become more.

Sam moves in, puts his 11 inch cock into my wife's pussy, grabs her ass and begins his pumping. Joyce smiles at me but says nothing. Sam's standing there, his legs together, fucking my wife. She with one leg on that dresser, gets the full length of his cock in her, starts moaning.

He pumps faster. The bodies slapping together, the dark cock going in and out of her at a speed only an athlete could accomplish, goes on for about 20 minutes. Joyce's cunt dripping moisture on the floor, moistening Sam's cock shinny black. Every inch of him getting inside her with each thrust. Dark hands on jutting huge white breasts, moving lower to small-of back, finding their way again to the firm ass on Joyce, pulling that ass forward with each thrust.

"That huge cock vanishing up my wife's cunt should reach her belly," I think to myself. "For such a thin woman, how can she take so much cock?'

Finally, Sam says "I'm cumming now." Joyce takes her leg off the dresser, pulls Sam, cock still inside her, over to the bed. "Shoot it deep inside me," she moans to Sam, now on top of her, the two of them in the missionary position. He pumps faster. She folds both legs up, her knees touching her breasts. Legs spread wide and bent, moisture from her cunt wetting the sheet beneath her, she looks at me and smiles, saying, "I knew you would enjoy this as much as me."

Sam grunts loudly. I can see cum on his cock now. He's still driving into Joyce but each thrust shows more white cum on the dark cock. White cum mixing with cunt moisture. With three rapid thrusts, Sam finishes up. There is cum and cunt juice all over the sheets now. Sam withdraws his cock, stands up, silently looks at me. I go get his folded clothes from the closet, thank him for allowing me to see him fucking my wife. He leaves the room.

Joe comes over to the bed, his cock inches from my wife's face. She's rubbing the area around her cunt, mopping up the part of Sam's cum that oozed out of her when he withdrew from her. She's carefully rubbing it back into her cunt, her legs still bent upwards. "Hate to waste any," she says to me as she licks her fingers, fingers wet from her own moisture and the cum that sticks to them. I don't know whether she's talking about her own tasty juices or the cum or both, but don't ask. She sits up on the bed now. She slides her right hand up and down Joe's slightly lighter-in-color prick, her left hand still holding Sam's cum inside her, Joyce starts sucking the cock in front of her.

My wife, sitting on our bed, sucking a man's cock, suddenly looks beautiful to me. How could that be? I encourage her to do this frequently. I can't help myself. I feel terror and lust simultaneously!! She responds by taking the cock out of her mouth just long enough to say to me, "five nights a week, from now on." She resumes her sucking, then. I can't believe she's getting the full 9 inches of Joe into her mouth. All of his cock vanishes into her with each thrust. He shoving it into her mouth, she now gripping both of his balls with one hand, running her fingers over and into Sam's ass with the other. I notice cunt juice and white cum now flowing out of her pussy again. I wonder what kind of huge load Sam shot into her. It must have been a half-cup of cum, I believe. More than any human male should be able to manage. Joe doesn't last as long as Sam, though:

About 10 minutes into the oral sex, Joe is shooting load after load of cum into my wife's mouth. Massive, inhuman amounts. The cum oozes from the corners of her mouth, slowly rolls down her chin. The lipstick now worn from her mouth, visible on the staff of Joe's cock, Joyce says to Joe, "WAIT. Don't take it out yet." Joe, still hard, pauses from withdrawing his cock from her mouth. Joyce squeezes the cock as she pulls it from her mouth, getting every last drop of him into her.

"I SAID I don't like to waste it," she continues.

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