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A succubus queen plays with her pet.

This one had pictures of naked, erect men. "Just in case. Now we may need to watch you masturbate so we can take our tests."

The smiling nurse had let go of his dick for a moment so she could strip off the rest of her uniform. She stood now in bra, knickers, suspender belt and stockings, lips glossed a delicious red color. Her huge, thrusting tits were bursting out of their obviously too small bra. The doctor meanwhile could feel his own hard on throbbing within his trousers. He would sorely have liked to have taken the boy's erection in his own hand, and propelled it slowly between his now rather dry lips. He wanted to pull his own cock out and masturbate at the same time. Or maybe bend over and ask the boy sweetly if he would like to insert his monster cock in his own tight ass.

Nurse still had had the boy's hard dick in her soft, experienced hand and was slowly stroking it, licking her lips, wishing the boy's mother wasn't there.

"We really need to make Jason cum," he said. "To test our theory, of course."

"Of course," agreed the nurse, and taking this as her queue she slowly lowered her hungry, red lips down over the boys cock head and shaft.

The doctor, having the same desire, suggested to Martha, "we have some rather delicate tests to perform now. Perhaps you would like to go home now, Mrs Jones? We can call you if there are any developments". The sort of developments the doctor had in mind were possibly best not witnessed by the boy's mother.

"OK," said Martha. "I'm sure you know what you are doing," she said heading for the door.

"Of course," replied the doctor. "He will be fine."

Once Martha had departed, the doctor turned to the buxom nurse, who still had the boy's hugely erect cock deep in her mouth.

"Mmm," she moaned. Her free hand cradled his balls as she slowly sucked up and down on the boy's member. This was too much for the doctor to stand. He quickly unbuttoned his white coat, unzipped his fly and reaching in, pulled out his own sizeable erection, slowly beginning to stroke it. He began to breath heavily with the pleasure of feeling his own hard cock, and of watching the big titted woman sucking the boy's monster dick.

Finally the doctor could stand no more. He pushed the nurse roughly out of the way.

"I think it may be time for me to conduct my own examination," he snapped.

Moving past he put on his most professional, reassuring smile for his patient, and looking down at the teen's hard cock, softly took it in his hand. The doctor slowly began to stroke it. Lovely he though.

"I need to take your temperature," he smiled again.

The doctor leaned down and delicately poked his tongue toward the head, tasting, licking with great pleasure the boy's substantial penis end.

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