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You teach me a valuable lesson in manners.

"Do you like it?"

"Oh wow Mommy," Chris said, drool slipped out of his bottom lip on his shirt. "You're a sexy little mouse!"

He lifted his hand up to squeeze her ass, but his arm felt like a hundred pounds, and dropped it back down on the couch to go limp. "Is the mouse gonna get the cheese?" He asked.

She would grin to him then and laugh. "Sorry this mousey only likes," she counted down from five as the door opened, "cats!"

"But I thought mice don't like cats," Chris groaned as the front door opened.

The five teenage boys walked through the door with the masks over their faces. They heard a voice and they walked towards it into the living room with the TV. When they saw Michelle in the sexy mouse outfit they approached her not talking.

She giggled as her son seemed too drugged to do anything about this. "Kittens please show your prey why a mouse should love such young kittens as you," she said, then gestured with a wave of her hand towards the boys behind her.

The boys nodded, and began to undress. All five of them stripped out of their clothes, showing off their young athletic toned bodies. They pulled down their shorts and exposed their rock hard giant cocks. Once naked they walked over and all of their hands began to grab and squeeze all over Michelle's body.

"Mommy, those kittens are attacking you," Chris mumbled, not sure what he was seeing, floating on a cloud as if in a dream.

With an adorable little squeak she stepped back against the boys that groped her body so eagerly. With the camera set up before the boys entered, this video was going to be a blast.

"Oh dear they are... whatever will I do... you'll save me right? Make everything bad that attacks me go away forever right?" She looked back to the boys and winked before she whispered their positions again.

"Yes Mommy, I'll help you," Chris groaned, tried to get up from the couch, but his body felt like a bag of bricks, getting up only to fall back over.

The boys heard her instructions and got right to their positions. The first boy laid down on his back on the floor. The next two boys grabbed her arms, directed her hands to their throbbing hard cocks. The fourth boy grabbed her head and slapped his hard cock on her face, while the first boy grabbed her hips, and pushed his cockhead inside her pussy. The final boy smacked her ass and pushed his hard cock into her tight asshole.

"Oh no," Michelle moaned. "These mean kittens, look at what they are doing to this poor mouse," she would smile as her hands stroked the cocks they were wrapped around. Gleefully she winked to the boys as she felt them thrust up into her ass and pussy, filling her right. She looked to her son once more. "Help me," she said before opening her mouth for a cock.

"Mommy no! I can't get up! I don't know what's wrong, I can't even stand, my body is so heavy!" Chris groaned as his heart raced, as he watched his mother dressed as a sexy mouse got violated by five muscular cats.

A huge cock slid into her sweet mouth, sucked it as he held the back of her head. Her hands beat off two bigger cocks, as two kittens moaned, rocking and humping Mousey Mommy's body. She hadn't been fucked like this since college, and damn she did forget how good it felt. Instantly she moaned around that big cock in her mouth. Her hands stroked as fast as they could wanting the boys on her side to feel good too. Her pussy and ass quivered around the cocks inside her. The kittens moaned out loud. All of them moaned and panted, breathing hard in their masks. The cocks in her hand oozed precum all over her fingers, getting them wet and sticky, as she sucked the huge cock in her mouth, drooled all over his balls, and down her chin. The boys fucked her pussy and ass, pumped her deep and hard, one hole after the other, taking turns pumping into her body, rocking her back and forth.

"Oh Mommy no! I have to save you!" Chris groaned as he squirmed on the couch.

She almost felt bad, but seeing her son this vulnerable was all a part of her plan.

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