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Plumbers fix more than people's plumbing.

Lay over my lap and I'll give your pretty little ass some cooling medicine."

"No!" Dove said, trying to jump away, but before he could get off his captor's lap, he was flipped over again, a possessive hand sliding over his tender little ass. "I won't give you my virginity!"

"Who said anything about giving, sweetheart," Tye said, cocking his gun before putting it away. "Tonight's your wedding night, pretty boy. That little ass of yours is going to get plowed."

Dove was about about to start protesting and struggling, but Mac, rubbed his back, soothed him. "Just relax, Dove. You've wanted this for a long time. You know you have. It'll hurt a lot less if you try to relax."

Laying there across Mac's lap, his boxers around his thighs, his spanked ass lifted up, he knew he couldn't get out of it. "But it is going to hurt and ... and you guys will... see me."

"Yes," Allie said wickedly, "We're going to see you all turned on and sweaty as we fuck you. The pain let's you know that you belong to us from now on. It'll hurt less next time."

"Please don't do this to me," he begged as Mac rubbed his little pucker.

"Tye, want to help me hold his cheeks apart while I give him the supository?"

"Oh god," Dove complained, blushing so brightly even his spanked cheeks darkened.

"Yeah," Tye agreed happily. His fingers were longer than Mac's fingers, cooler too because they hadn't been spanking him. He cried in shame and hid his face as the mercenary spread his cheeks apart, leaving the little valley unprotected.

Mac rubbed the pink puckered skin to help it relax then touched a drop off cool gel to it, rubbing that around before a slick suppository was slowly pressed past tight muscle. Mac pushed it deep into him where it would melt and deliver its medicine. "That was a good boy," Mac said, "You're our sweet little pet. It's only right that we get to fuck you."

"I can't do it," Dove cried as Mac's thick finger moved in and out slowly, caressing his sensitive passage. "Let me go, please!"

"Oh you don't have to do it, Kitten. We're going to do it for you. Now the boys are going to take you into the playroom and help you get dressed. I'm going to get cleaned up too, then I'm coming for your virgin ass." Mac slipped his pet off his lap to kneel between his legs, so he could brush dark hair back from his blushing tear-stained cheeks. "Tell me you understand that you can't stop me from making you completely mine tonight?"

Dove looked up from where he kelt, silky brown hair still clinging to wet cheeks, violet eyes bright with tears. "Yes, Master, I understand. Please, don't let them watch."

"Now what kind of request is that? After I take you, my love, they are going to have you too. You belong to all of us and we are going to take good care of you, but your tight little ass is going to be ours anytime we want it. We can make you bend over at work, pass you around while we're enroute. I'm going to spank you as much as I want, whenever I want. Every day you're going to have my seed in that little belly of yours. Tell me you understand that this is my right as your master."

"Yes, Master. It is your right to enjoy me anyway you wish."

"Allie and Tye are your masters too. We are all going to put our mark on you tonight and when you go into work tomorrow, you have to tell admin that you have new marks on your beautiful skin. Don't fight them when they prepare you."

"I'm scared," Dove whispered.

"The medicine I put in your little ass is going to help you relax. My cock is going to slide into you like silk. You're body will welcome me."

"It's still gonna hurt," Allie said gleefully. "Even when we take our turns."

Dove bit his lower lip, but bowed his head in submission, soft long hair slipping from his shoulder.

"Boys, take our little bitch to his bed."

They'd both slipped out of their coats, weapon belts. Each of them took one of his arms and lifted him to his feet. Mac pulled his boxers down, letting them fall to the floor.

Dove still struggled, dragging his feet, crying, but the two very stron

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