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Out for a 'romantic' date with my dom...


Before anyone could say anything, Karen had leaned over and was licking Paula's wet pussy with the tip of her tongue. Paula moaned and Jen took a quick breath. Karen licked slowly, never having tasted a pussy before. She liked it. Her tongue slipped easily up and down Paula's lips, sliding just a little inside and then out again.

"Oh God, this is so good. I never knew pussy could taste this good."

Karen went back to licking and Paula moaned, no longer caring that she was sitting in the backseat of the Durango, one of her best friend's licking her pussy as her other two friends sat up front, watching and listening. Karen slipped her fingers up Paula's thigh and slowly opened Paula's pussy wider as her tongue pushed inside. Paula moaned and pushed her hips out.

"Oh yea! Oh fuck! Eat my fucking pussy! Lick my fucking cunt!"

Paula was totally losing control. She never said words like that and now, here she was, yelling out to have her pussy eaten. She moaned as she felt her pussy tighten and then her orgasm broke through. Karen kept sucking on her pussy and Paula shivered again. Sitting up, Karen smiled and licked her lips. Jen reached out and pulled Karen's face to her. Licking Karen's lips, Jen tasted Paula's pussy and nearly exploded.

"Sue, pull over. Hurry! I'm fucking horny."

Sue found a spot off to the side. She, too, was feeling wet between her thighs. None of them had ever talked about this before. None of them had ever been with a woman before and now here they were in the middle of nowhere suddenly wanting to get naked.

Sue pulled off and stopped the Durango. No one spot for a few minutes and then Jen pulled her shirt off over her head. She has small tits and wasn't wearing a bra. Sue stared down at Jen's little nipples and nearly came unglued. Reaching out, she touched the tip of her finger to one and Jen moaned. The nipple became hard and erect immediately.

"Lick it, Sue. Like my nipple."

Jen was urging her on. Slowly, Sue leaned over and flicked her tongue over the tip of Jen's nipple. Jen moaned and Sue closed her mouth around the little nub and sucked. Karen and Paula had started stripping in the backseat and were getting hot and heavy with one another. As Karen leaned back, Paula took one of Karen's big nipples in her mouth and sucked hard. Karen moaned. Meanwhile, Jen had slipped her hand up inside Sue's shirt and was stroking her tits.

"This is crazy. We need a room."

Sue pulled back away from Jen, started the car and headed back out onto the road. As she tried desperately to find the closest motel, Jen leaned back and opened her shorts. Slipping them off, she ran her fingers down over her muff and started to stroke her wet pussy. She watched as Paula slowly lowered her mouth over Karen's pussy and started to lick her first kitty. Jen moaned and Karen yelled out for Paula to lick her faster. Sue stepped on the gas. She saw a sign for a motel just up the road. She headed that way and didn't realize she was over the speed limit until she heard the siren's behind her.


Sue pulled over to the side and waited. She looked over at Jen and then back at Karen and Paula. She stepped quickly out of the Durango, slamming her door. Thank God for tinted windows. The cop coming towards her was probably in his thirties, early forties. He wore his uniform tight and his eyes were covered by sunglasses. He smiled and stopped away from her.


He looked at her and then the Durango. The Durango was shaking slightly from side to side and there were muffled moans.

"Miss, I need to see what's going on in that vehicle. You were driving awfully fast and then you popped out awfully quick when you stopped. Is there something you'd like to tell me?"

Sue wasn't sure what to do. She was horny as hell and just barely was keeping herself from either reaching down and slipping her hand down her panties or dropping to her knees in front of this cop and giving him one hell of a blow job.

"There's nothing going on, Officer. I promise."


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