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Mom Wanted to know why I wasn't married.

It hadn't really taken that long to get to the Complex from the port and all she saw was farmland.

Raz stood, took Tessa's hand and headed out the door to the hallway. Anthony and Trinity followed. They left the hotel and headed back in the direction of the Complex. They had barely left the town when a dust cloud could be seen. "It's them," Anthony said staring at the cloud. The group stopped in their tracks and waited for the security staff to meet them.

The security staff arrived in a black hydroelectric SUV and stopped in front of them. A man and a woman wearing gray pants and jacket with black boots stepped out. They didn't have weapons because they knew if they came at second steps threatening violence, they would likely be killed. There were no second steps on the staff because currently all Second Steps were either put into military service or security for high-ranking diplomats.

The male pulled out a tablet and scanned the 4 teenagers. "Rashad Cole, Sean Bestia, Tessa Vento and Trinity D__ite__in, you have violated Complex 228's Student Handbook. As per rule 38 line 6 subclause 4 you will be detained and brought before a Student Review Board to receive punishment. Please get into the back of the SUV and we will escort you back to the Complex."

Raz's eyes flicked to Tessa and she just nodded her head slightly. Still holding her hand he opened the rear door of the SUV, assisted Tessa in and then climbed in next to her. Anthony and Trinity followed and the door was shut behind them. The male and the female climbed in, tapped the home button on the GPS and the truck turned around and drove itself back to the Complex.

When they arrived at the Complex the SUV pulled up next to the security building and stopped. The male and female security staff members exited the vehicle and held the rear doors open for the teenagers to exit the vehicle as well. Once everyone was out of the vehicle the doors shut automatically and the SUV drove itself over to the motor pool gate and exited view.

The 2 security staff members escorted the detainees to the door leading into the Security building. They entered into a plain looking hallway, walked about 50 feet and stopped in front a plain white door with a 1 on it. The female officer opened the door instructed Tessa and Trinity to enter and then followed them in and shut the door. When the door closed Raz was about to take a step toward it when he heard Tessa in his head telling him it was alright. So he waited for the next instruction from the male officer.

The male took them down a couple of corridors and then outside. They walked into the Complex, up the hill and to the Scholastic building behind the cafeteria. When they entered they went to the 5th floor and were instructed to sit in the seats nearest to the front. They obeyed and sat down.

"Are you okay?" Anthony asked Raz who since leaving the security building seemed to be less and less agitated.

"I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?" Raz answered in his old cool and calm manner.

"Because earlier in the hotel room you looked ready to fight and now you are as calm as ever," Anthony said looking at his friend.

"Strange. When I am near Tessa I feel more human, like I did when I was younger. Now that we are apart, especially at our current distance from each other, I feel normal. No extreme emotion, just the calm logic that I am accustomed to." Raz said as he looked around the room with apparently no care what so ever.

"Okay. Then on a different note, what do you think is going to happen?" Anthony asked as he too looked around the room. There were no wall designs but he could tell there had been at one point. Now it was just plain white walls with some kind of sound proofing done to them.

"Not much," Raz said without looking at him. "We are Evolutions, a rare commodity. They won't let harm come to us and they don't want us to use our abilities to leave. So a slap on the wrist and then we will be free to go."

"What about the fact this is the first time that 2 Evolutions have 'bonded.

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