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He lures her into offering herself to him.

..although there's definitely a few things I miss!" I grin and wink as he laughs and blushes simultaneously.

Arnold nudges the door nearly closed with his foot, and murmers quietly to himself, "Well there's other ways to deal with THAT, you know..."

I can't believe I'm flirting with this good-looking, successful man, this PROFESSOR, in his office! I blush too, and play innocent,

"What do you mean?"

He immediately goes back to his mentor-like demeanor, assuring me that he just meant I'd get used to going without male company.

I mentally kick myself, and try to lead the conversation back to personal matters. I ask about his "significant other" and learn he hasn't got one, she broke up with him because he never had time for her. I decide it's time to make myself understood, and respond that perhaps he needs someone a little less demanding. I stand up...

...I move towards him, carefully.

Arnold looks wary, but not unhappy.

As I stand next to his chair, he stands up, gazing down at me with a slightly dazed look.

"Francess...are you...?"

He sounds confused.

"What do you think?"

I don't sound confused at all.

My hands slide up his chest to gently massage his shoulders, pulling him closer. As I gaze up into his now-nervous blue eyes, I smile warmly and lean up to kiss him. My lips just brush his, and he gasps and shivers.

"We shouldn't...I shouldn't..."

Now he sounds nervous.

"You aren't doing anything, Arnold, I am!"

However uncertain I sounded earlier, I am all "confident woman" now.

I lean upwards again, lightly kissing his mouth and gently sucking on his lower lip.

"Mmmm...but...you're a student..."

I kiss him more firmly to shut him up, sliding one arm around his neck and the other around his waist, pulling him against me. He whimpers as my tongue flickers across his lips, teasing and enticing

him. He groans deeply and wraps his arms around me, his hands

stroking my back in what I'm sure he thinks is a calming manner.

"I can't...no, this is bad..."

He sounds as if he's trying to convince himself.

I kiss Arnold again, sucking on his lower lip, and then kiss him more deeply, slipping my tongue lightly into his mouth, as he groans and gives up the fight.

He kisses me back hungrily, his tongue rubbing against mine and his hands roaming up and down my back. He pulls back slightly to nibble my lips and then kisses me deeply again, leaving me breathless. One of his hands is in my hair, and the other rubs my back as we kiss. His hands occasionally roam over my back, but each time running a little lower, until he finally cups my ass with his hands and pulls my pelvis tightly against his. I whimper and kiss him hard again, nibbling at his lips and thrusting my tongue hard against his. I can feel his hard cock pressed between us, and I take a second to consider where we are and who could walk in at any time.

I carefully kick the door shut, but the "click" of the latch startles Arnold. He jumps slightly, and then pulls his lips away from mine to give me a tight hug.

"This is a good stopping point."

He sounds resigned, but I'm not giving up so easily.

I grab his hips and grind myself against his erection, reminding him how eager he was just a minute ago. He groans, then pulls back.

"That's enough of THAT, Francess!"

Arnold can't help but smile when he says that, and even now his eyes twinkle with good humor.

I giggle at his tone, and then grumble as he sits down in his chair.

I stay standing behind him, thinking, then run my hands over his ears and neck, stopping to massage his shoulders.

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