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Vecchi goes to clean the dragon stables.

Inch by glorious inch I slowly climbed deeper and deeper into her poop shoot.

Sometimes it seemed as though the train was trying to throw me out as the motion threw me backward. It took a couple of minutes but I got the hang of it and I was soon pumping that ass hole hard and deep. For her part Jackie was holding onto the sink for dear life as small little screams accompanied by frequent cussing came from her full lips.

Her ass looked fantastic shining in the moonlight and dim light of the room. The was the hottest encounter I had ever been in and as result it wasn't long before my balls tightened. I tried to hold it back by slowing down. But, I was just too damned turned on by the ass fucking I was being treated to. Jackie's moans became louder as I softly groaned, "Oh god, Jackie, I am going to cum."

"Oh yes, Ron fill me up with your hot spunk. Give it to me!"

"Oh my lord, here it is. You are so sexy." With that, I exploded a load deep in her shit hole. Still hard and horny I kept pumping until I shot another load deep into her. She was cumming at the same time as with every stroke into her my balls were coated with the fluid running from her gash. After my second shot my cock began to slowly shrivel up until it popped out of her rectum.

I stood there for a second trying to get my balance as I was treated to a loud fart from her asshole. She giggled about and using the sink for support stood all the way up. She kicked off her shorts and panties. Then she used the panties to wipe off her pussy and handed them to me saying, "a souvenir of our trip together."

All I could say was, "Ah, thank you Jackie, it was the best train trip ever."

"You bet your ass it was. And, that cock of yours had better find its way back into every crack and cranny of my body real damn soon!"

"Oh God, Jackie that would be absolutely fantastic!" I put my arms around her and we kissed deeply as if sealing the deal. Pulling back up my pants I shoved her sticky wet panties into my pocket.

"Oh no, Ron, you have got to wear them," she scolded me. Quickly I dropped my pants and exchanged my underwear for her panties. I didn't want to piss her off as I wanted more sex like we had just had. While I was doing this Jackie was once again putting herself back together.

We scurried back to our seats as we were now halfway across Illinois and it was beginning to get light out. We enjoyed breakfast together as we crossed the Mississippi River into Missouri. We didn't say much as we ate. We were both basking in the after glow of a wonderful experience.

We didn't have the chance to do anymore hard core stuff as the train was just too damn busy. We did a lot of kissing. No opportunity was missed to caress one another under the safety of the blanket. Her halter-top was probably off more than it was on. When we got halfway across Missouri, in the shadow of the Capitol building in Jefferson City she unzipped her fly and had me finger her pussy.

I could feel her cum like gangbusters as her whole body trembled under me. Somehow she managed to keep her orgasm secret from the rest of the passengers. I took out my fingers and licked them clean when no one was looking. It didn't seem like anymore time had passed and we could see the Kansas City skyline.

While it was going to be good to get home I was sad that an experience of a lifetime had ended. We exchanged one more deeply passionate kiss and she said, "Remember, this cock of yours better not be a stranger; I mean it."

I just hugged her tighter knowing she would have to make the next move as there was Bob, her husband and my brother, to worry about. We staggered off of the train and there was Bob waiting to meet us. I was always jealous of him as he always had the sexiest girls flock around him. Now I was even more jealous as he had Jackie who was not only sexy but the best love maker I had ever been with. He had her and I was, at best, her toy. Tall, slim Bob said, "I see you two found each other."

Jackie ran over to him and planted one hell of a kiss o

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