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I groaned and sat up, pushing the hand away.

"What the hell?"

"Sssh!" The hand clamped down on my mouth again. "Dad will hear us." My eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness.

"Jesse?" I asked quietly.

"Duh." He said, before his lips crashed against mine. I moaned softly against his lips, tangling my fingers into his hair and pulling him closer to me. My hands travelled up his arms, onto his shoulders, and I pulled him onto me. He straddled my waist, resting his hands against my naked chest.

"What brought this on?" I asked, stroking the back of his hand gently. Jesse shrugged.

"Couldn't sleep." He said, pecking my lips. His mouth moved to my cheek, and then to my jaw, kissing and nibbling my skin.

"You can sleep in here tonight. I'll set the alarm so we get up before Dad." I murmured, tilting my head back. Jesse's lips trailed down my neck, his hands rubbed my chest. My cock began to stiffen.

"We're only going to sleep?" He asked, kissing my earlobe.

"Yes, Jesse." I responded. Jesse sat upright and looked down at me, with his eyebrows raised.

"Really?" He asked, surprised.

"Yes. Look, Dad's right in the next room. What if he hears us?" I asked, squeezing his shoulder. He jutted his bottom lip out.

"I'll be quiet. I can be quiet, you know." He said, trying to persuade me.

"You could've fooled me." I said with a smirk. Jesse smirked back, and rubbed my chest slowly, his fingers twirling in my chest hair. His fingertips grazed my nipples, sending shivers down my spine.

"Are you sure you just want to sleep?" Jess murmured. I sat up, resting against the headboard. Jesse sat on my thighs, his knees on either side of me.

"I didn't say that was what I wanted to do." I replied, pulling his face to mine. I explored his hair, my fingers gliding smoothly through the light blond locks. His arms wrapped around my neck, hugging me to him. His thighs moved slowly against mine, as he grinded against me. His lips moved down my neck, sucking the skin tenderly.

I needed him. I needed this. All the frustration from the day with our father had gotten to me. I needed a release, and Jesse did too.

"Fuck it." I murmured, crashing my lips against his once more. He moaned softly, his arms tightening around me. My lips moved down to his neck. I could feel his blood pulsing swiftly through his veins as I kissed and bit his neck. My hands travelled along his body, down his back, on his thighs, feeling every inch of his soft, warm skin.

"Michael." He purred, whimpering as I began sucking the skin of his bare chest. It'd leave a mark, but he could cover it. He rocked his hips against mine, our cocks rubbing together deliciously.

"Jesus Jess." I breathed, before pressing a few quick pecks to his now tender skin. I squeezed his ass cheeks in my hand, my cock stiffened further. God, I wanted him, needed him. Now.

I slipped my fingers under the thin waistband of his boxers, sliding them down his thighs. He lifted his knees off the bed, and pulled them off the rest of the way, kicking them carelessly to the floor. I grabbed his ass again, squeezing them, rolling them in my hands.

"I want you Jesse." I mumbled into his skin, kissing his collarbone. Jesse moved his hands to my hair, massaging my scalp. He lifted himself off of my thighs, resting upright on his knees and I desperately slid my boxers off.

My cock sprang free. Now there was nothing separating Jesse's body from mine. When he came back down on me, I took his prick in my hand, rubbing it slowly.

"Fuck me, Mike." He whimpered, burying his face into the crook of my neck. His hips rocked against my hand, stimulating himself further.

"Is that what you want, Jess? You want your big brother to fuck you?" I cooed.

"Please, please, Michael." He moaned. I chuckled quietly, my free hand moving to the bedside table. I opened the drawer and grabbed a bottle of lube while I stroked Jesse's dick.

I sunk down lower on the bed, resting the upper part of my back against the headboard.

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