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Very old story of Mine.

The fourth girl had beautifully shaped breasts with delicate nipples. She looked awkward but, as Eleonore began to massage her breasts, she relaxed. A smiling glow spread across her face. She began to make cooing sounds.

Eleonore worked her breasts with a gentle rhythm. A wonderful calm enveloped the three of them. Eleonore liked the feel of the girl's breasts. The girl liked the massage. Rufus liked the milk. It was rich and sweet. So the girl she was hired. Since her own child had been weaned it was agreed that she would move to the castle.

Eleonore worried about the girl being unclean and asked Rufus if she could bathe her in his hot tub. He agreed. The girl undressed and stepped into the steaming water with a gasp of pleasure. As Eleonore oiled and stroked her breasts the girl's breathing became quicker and her milk flowed.

Rufus entered the fire lit room quietly. Neither of the girls noticed him. He remembered the pleasure he had taken in her milk and gazed with delight at the love and excitement on both girls' faces. Then a loud 'Oooh' escaped him. The girls looked round and blushed.

Rufus asked the milk girl to come to him. Shy, naked and dripping with water, she walked towards his chair. As her breasts came level with his face he held out his hands to cup them. She gazed at him and he began to stroke her breasts as gently as gentle as Eleonore. The milk began to flow. He beamed with pleasure and put his mouth to her nipple.

The taste was delicious and, reaching behind, he held her soft wet bottom in his hands. Then he pulled her closer and took turns sucking each breast. The girl became dreamy. Eleonore came up behind her. With one hand she worked the breast Rufus was sucking. With the other she held her tummy. Then she found the girl's public hair. It was soft, springy and moist. Exploring further, she came to her slit. It was slippery. Wanting to compare it with her own cunt, Eleonore pushed her fingers inside and began to move them around.

Now in a trance, the girl pushed her breasts into Rufus face and opened her legs to Eleonore's hand. Rufus gazed in awe at the passion washing across the girl's face. At the moment of orgasm her mouth gaped open, her eyes shut tight and she melted to her knees, gasping.

Rufus and Eleonore lifted her to the furs in front of the fire. She curled up like a kitten. Very naturally, Rufus and Eleonore began to caress her glowing body. Then they explored her curves and cracks. Slowly but surely, they aroused her and brought her to another climax.

Eleonore lay beside the girl and began to lick and suck her breasts. Having spent years as a milk maid, she was charmed by their beauty and curious about her milk. With deft hands and dancing fingers she stimulated the girl's breasts. It was a year since she had worked in the cowshed but her finger work had become even better through her worship of Rufus' cock.

With Eleonore stroking her breasts and clitoris, Rufus very gently pushed his cock into her. The feeling was wonderful and he became still. So did the girl. Eleonore continued stroking her clitoris. The girl began to wriggle. Rufus also lay still. Eleonore used one hand for the girl and one for Rufus balls. Cleverly, she brought them to a simultaneous climax.

A week later, Rufus went hunting. It was November. The weather was damp and the air richly aromatic, sending the hounds in all directions. Darkness came early and suddenly. Luckily the hounds knew their way back to the castle. Rufus dismounted and entered his castle. There was a blazing fire in the great hall. He pulled off his dirty boots and poured a large cup of wine. Then he went to his room to take his bath. There was a steaming tub inside the door but the room was empty. He began to remove his clothes and then noticed the two girls, naked and sleeping curled into each other like spoons.

Rufus bathed himself while looking longingly at the sleeping girls.

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