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A lonely middle-aged woman still lusts.

Finally, he encircles each leg with dozens of circles, stopping just shy of my feet, leaving them exposed.

Master attaches a chain to the ropes around my belly and suspends them from the overhead bar. He then takes each leg individually and affixes them to opposing corners of the structure above me. My body is now completely suspended, my ass and cunt exposed for his inspection and usage. Every subtle sensation becomes considerably intensified now.

I feel what appears to be an annoying leak from the ceiling. Water droplets fall onto my cheeks, down my neck and then pool between my breasts. The rythmically, teasing drip is distracting yet although I try to avoid being in the direct path of the dripping, it remains a constant annoyance.

At the same time, a chilling sensation invades my ass. One by one, Master slides ice cubes deep inside me. I catch my breath and let out a yelp. He chuckles at me and puts an ice cube in my mouth as well. I spit that out, of course, aiming in his direction. When I am completely full of ice, my insides aching with a chilling sensations, Master steps away from me, allowing time to deepen and build the intensity of his efforts.

I hear a tribal rhythm suddenly, the beat pulsating in the dungeon. Chanting and drumming assault my hearing so that I lose complete track of where I perceive Master to be standing. Quite suddenly, he yanks my hair back and whispers harshly into my ear.

"Now is the time to pay for your insolent mouth", he tells me, "you'll reap the consequences of this week's many, many transgressions."

My lips tremble as I try to recollect what he's referring to, and then I begin to shake, recalling the many occasions I may have been...shall we say imprudent?

Master drags something along my spine, bringing it between my legs, touching the wetness of the ice cubes as they melt and run down my body. Then he lightly taps my ass with it. A little more forcefully, but far from painful. It's the fucking riding crop. As the the water droplets above me continue to spatter annoyingly on my face, my brain can't shut off my mouth and the words spill forth.

"Listen slick," I yell, quite annoyed with him, "are you done yet? Survivor is on-."

I feel the crop make contact with my flesh before I've finished speaking, and this time it definitely stings.

"How do you address me, my Princess?" He is perfectly calm and collected, giving me a moment to respond before striking my ass once more.

"Hmmm?" he purrs to me, waiting for me to respond, yet knowing all too well my resistant nature.

The crop comes down yet again, and this time I am moved to respond swiftly.

"Master, please, have mercy," I whisper breathlessly, suddenly feeling very exposed and vulnerable.

He drags the crop down my back, into the crack of my ass, and back up again. Then I feel his hands, his soothing touch as he traces the markings he has created.

"Oh, Princess, my pet" he croons, "why do you do this to yourself?"

Although my blindfold prevents me from knowing for sure, I feel him leave my side. Moments later Master is whispering to me

"Open wide, love," he says calmly, in full control.

I ascertain from his tone that this might be an inopportune moment to wise off. He places a bit in my mouth, securing it quite tightly.

"This will aid in your passive obedience," he explains, sure that there will be no more resistance from me.

I am sufficiently muffled, at Master's mercy, and a bit apprehensive about what Master has in store for me. However, my nature is to never let him see me sweat. I show no signs of weakness.

"Do you remember, my dear", Master begins, "when we were in the midst of a disagreement a few days ago, and you told me to fuck off? Nod your head if you do."

I nodded my head, yes and Master slapped the crop against my thighs. It stung a bit, but I refuse to flinch, even the tiniest bit.

"I'd appreciate it if you would refrain from such vulgarities and disrespect in the future," he tells me, as if speaking to an impuden

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