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Astrid looks for a man but gets a couple.

He knows at that instant she is his, he has to prove it to her now.

Lustful looks at her, lengthy ravenous gazes, his crisp blue eyes penetrating her soul. She can almost hear his masculine tones reverberating in her soul.
"You are mine!"

Micheal knew he had to have her soon, but he didn't want to give her cock until she begged for it first. He had to know she was his before he blessed her with his love and gift of Domination.

Slowly unbuckling his belt and pulling it off, setting it to the side, looking down into her wide eyes. Unbuttoning and unzipping his Calvin Kline jeans, slowly sliding them down off his hips and kicking them aside, he stood there dressed in black silk boxers, his hard cock evident under the fabric. His eyes never leaving hers, maintaining that piercing intent look.

He leans into her body, pressing his manhood against her thighs.

He hisses in her ear. "You have to ask for it little cock whore of mine."

She shivers, his hot breath against her neck, the sounds of his words like a spark of flame spreading through her body igniting burning embers in her loins. Her breathless reply is but a whimper.

His fingers tweaked at each one of her taut pinkish nipples, tugging and twisting them between his forefinger and thumb. His left hand moved down her flat belly, over her mound, to her wet inviting slit.

Micheal stood inches from her, stroking his cock in his right hand, squeezing and pinching the head at the end of every stroke.

She could hear him pleasuring himself in front of her. This excited her greatly. More heat seared through her.

He rubbed his fat head against her moistness, twirling the mushroom around her clit in counter clockwise circles.

She sucks in a breath and almost purrs out.

"Cock Sir."

Laughter is heard. A tug of her hair, pulling her head back, piercing stares into her bedroom blue eyes.

"You will have to do better than that."

A hard slap is felt on the side of her thigh, burning red now.

"Cock Sir, I need your cock, please let me taste it. I need to have it in my mouth Sir."

She surprised herself with the genuine whine. She wondered where this was coming from inside her.

He awakened a surreptitious passion in her.

For many years now she had fantasized about giving herself completely to a man.

She wondered if this man standing in front of her, stroking his sex, could he be the one?

Her daydreams stopped abruptly as she felt another smack against her ass cheek.

"Ouch! Hey! That hurt!" She glared at him.

He shut her up by pressing his mouth over hers, terminating her words. Broke the kiss to slap the side of her leg very hard, leaving a welt.

"Do not ever glare at me again," a deep breath " And do not ever show me defiance or attitude."

A gentler tone. "Do you understand little one?"

A fingertip curls under her chin, lifting it closer to his face, his deep gaze pierces her. Glimpses of a smile, then a full mouth kiss, deep, forceful, intent on owning her.

His index finger and thumbs reach up to each brown pinkish nipple, rolling them around, as the kiss intensifies.

His broad hairy leg pressed between her legs, still bound and tied to the wall. He pinched her nipples hard, holding firmly onto them.

"I asked you a question!" Starting with a stern I, with emphasis on you, and then finishing in a softer tone.

Fearful looks up at him. "Yes Sir, I understand," quivering voice in reply.

"Good girl." He releases the grip on her taut nipples.

She breathes a sigh of relief, having with stood enough pain thus far.

The dungeon is cool this time of evening. The windows are opened to receive the inviting fragrance of jasmine which grows wild in bushes under the window boxes.

Just enough moonlight peers through the windows illuminating the shimmer of her body scantily clad in black lace garter belt and matching silk stockings.

Ariele lays blindfolded, spread eagle on the four poster bed, tied with silk scarves.

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