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A Penny Dreadful fanfiction.

He told me he wanted me to be his. Like a dumb ass I told him I wanted the same.

I was scared. He said he had been watching me. He knew all about the things I had done with those men. He absolutely hated me to sleep with other guys. A couple of times he had me fuck other men while he watched. I would look at his face and he wouldn't be enjoying himself. Which I had thought to be whole purpose. Instead, I would see the look of displeasure on his face and his beautiful lips would curl in disgust. Later I would be punished. Left in a room without clothes for days. Being fucked and misused in the middle of the night. Not allowed to touch anything, including myself. I would hear his voice and beg for forgiveness and was always denied. I loved it and he knew it. When I felt like I couldn't go on he would come to me. He only left marks so I'd remember that I had committed a crime against our love. I knew he would make me pay.

The elevator abruptly opens breaking me away from my thoughts. Walking into the hallway, "You know I'm gonna have to punish you for that." Quickly I stop and allow you to pass me before I proceed to walk again.

"Give me the keys."

I hand him the keys from my bag and he opens the door. Turning on the light I see the hurt in his eyes. I bow my head and wait. "You are mine and you've seem to have forgotten that. You have forgotten about all the things we shared and what I have taught you." I start to cry. How could I have been so stupid? "You thought I wasn't going to find you? That I'd just let you go?" Lifting my head up burning me with your eyes, "I'd smell you anywhere."

I know what's coming and I give in. Fighting it will only make it worse. I take the dress off. Taking my hair you tie it in a ponytail. "Assume the position." I drop to my knees placing them shoulder length apart. Hands resting on my thighs and head lowered. You leave the living room and go into my room. Rummaging for what you know is already there. You come back with the black leather whip. It's long with the handle braided.

"If you take this well maybe I'll be a little more gentle with you." *WHOOSH* I hear the whip moving towards me and I try to brace myself. *CRACK* I lost my balance at once. Hurrying back into the position you continue to beat down on me. *crack*





"God wouldn't want a nasty slut like you." I look up only getting a glimpse of your hard on. *CRACK* "Did I say you could look at me, slut?"

This continues and I cannot take it. I fall to the floor. My back is on fire. The last thing I remember is hearing the whip still biting into my back.

* * * * *

My head hurts as I open my eyes. The room is dark and I'm in my bed naked. Maybe it was all a dream? I try to get up and instantly feel the pain in my back. I see Thomas sitting in a chair in the corner.

"Come here my pet."

"Yes, Sir."

I get up and start to walk towards you. "Sit on my lap and spread your legs." I place myself on you so that we are facing the same way. I can feel your breath on the back of my neck. You run your hands up and down my shoulders. "Raise your arms." You then began to squeeze my breast and twist my nipples. My breathing get shallow and I can feel myself starting to become moist. You run your hands down my stomach and pinch my sore clit.


I moan in response. I'm getting so hot. Licking my neck and rubbing my sore pussy. You place two fingers in me and I gasp. You're working my body getting me ready. I can feel you underneath me and I want it in me so bad.

"Please fuck me."

"You're a slut. Do you like it? Do you want more?"

"Yes, Please......"

"Please what?

"Please. MASTER!"

Clutching my stomach. Holding me close to you. You fuck me with your fingers hard. I move my hips back and forwards. I'm about to come. You pull your fingers out.

"You haven't earned it."

I scream in frustration remembering the rule.

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