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He starts day off with mom and aunt.

t out!"

That's when he switched the light on, blinding me. "What the fuck are you doing? I yelled, covering my sore eyes.

"Wow", he said, then whistled in that annoying, macho way guys sometimes whistle when they see a women they are attracted to. "No wonder Jeff didn't mention you were up here. He wanted to save all of this for himself"

Now I was getting scared again. I pulled the sheet up to my neck and squinted up at the stranger standing in my bedroom. He was tall, more solidly built than Jeff, older. Maybe like early 40's. Jeff and I were both 23. Looked like he took care of himself as he was clean cut and muscled.

"Listen, get the fuck out of here right now or I'm going to scream at the top of my lungs", I told him, looking up through half-closed eyes.

"That's a very bad idea doll. Your boyfriend or fiancee or whatever the hell he is is passed out drunk on the couch. He didn't do so well tonight, lost about $700 bucks. Made the biggest gambler's mistake by drinking to try to sooth his mind from his losses. That just clouds the judgement and you lose more. There are ten drunk, horny men down there, some of which Jeff owes money to. Now you and I could have a nice, quiet time up here, after which I'll leave, or I could alert the rest of them to your lovely presence. That would make it a very long evening for you if you know what I mean.

My eyes were wide open now. Being awakened so harshly, the bright light, and the fact that I was sick as hell, combined with a body full of medicine, was reminding me of some of my worst hangovers from college. I had to weigh my options quickly and carefully. If I did scream and he was telling the truth that Jeff was passed out, however many other guys were in the house would probably come up here. In this vulnerable position, half naked and trapped...ok ok I have to stop thinking so much. I had to try to quiet this situation the best way possibe. Whatever that meant.

I reached over and turned on the reading lamp. "Ummm, could you please shut that overhead light off?"

He did, and my head instantly felt a little bit better. He walked over and sat down on the bed.

"What do you think you're doing?" I said sternly.

"Listen doll, we either have a deal or we don't. I'm not going to waste time. You either cooperate, or I invite the others up here to share you. Either way I'm having you, but I think it would be alot easier on you to have to take on just one. I think your boyfriend would appreciate it to. Some of the guys down there, they're not so nice as I am. There are some real assholes, a couple of druggies, and 3 of them are black guys. So what's it gonna be?"

In my swirling head I had mostly anger, some of it at Jeff for having these types of people in our apartment. He stood up and started undressing. I was panicked, wishing I had a few minutes to think things through, but I knew in my mind that there was going to be no other way out of this. He pulled his shirt off, revealing a muscular and tanned chest. He grinned when he caught me looking. I looked away angrily. He pulled the sheet down slowly as I blushed bright red, knowing that I wasn't wearing any bottoms. I hurriedly crossed one leg over the other as he gazed down at my half-bare body.

"I see you have been getting ready for me", he said in a cocky tone as he placed one hand on my left foot and uncrossed my legs. I could tell by the firm grip that fighting him would be stupid.

"It's not for you, I always sleep like this", I said defiantly.

"I was talking about your pussy, doll. Shaved nice and bare, just like I love them"

I thought about telling him that I did that only for my future husband for our wedding night, in hopes that he might sympathize and change his mind, and then remembered that for most men that would only make them hornier. Stupid men and their competetive sexuality.

"Take the top off", he commanded.

I just looked at him, somewhat surprised at his harsh tone.

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