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Band of Northmen take a captive.

She was so wet, both from her arousal and also the release she had just achieved. She had the sweetest taste he'd ever sampled, the heady scent of her arousal and her sweet flavour driving him insane with need.

He was so close to losing complete control but he held himself in check, wanting to love her body as he had dreamed of doing so many times. Her legs were trembling under his assault and he lifted her slightly to ease her back onto the edge of the bed, draping her thighs over his shoulders as he knelt before her and began to lap hungrily at her body.

Ashleigh cried out and pressed against his mouth, his hands on her hips, holding her tightly as he feasted between her quivering thighs. The touch of his hand against her had been amazing but the unrestrained touch of his mouth took her breath away completely. He left no inch of her pussy untouched, his tongue scything through every fold, seeking and finding every drop of moisture her body had released and drinking it down greedily.

Her hands fisted the sheets hard, her head thrown back as lights danced before her closed eyes, her body shaking in pure bliss as Nors' hot mouth devoured her ruthlessly. She couldn't believe she was so close to cumming a second time, that he could take her so quickly back to the heady heights of her release in such a short space of time. But she was ready to fly again. She couldn't escape from the relentless pressure of his mouth against her tender flesh.

"Nors," she cried out trying to grind herself against his mouth but unable to do so because of his tight hold on her. He growled against her pussy, the deep rumbling vibrations sending liquid fire shuddering through her body. "Oh God!" she cried out again as she felt the tension begin to coil in her stomach.

His tongue dipped inside her body briefly before he licked upwards and sucked her clit into his mouth. His teeth grazed the tiny bundle of nerves lightly and then his tongue danced across the captured nub in a hard, fast rhythm. Ashleigh screamed loudly, her body shaking wildly as she tumbled over the abyss into a shattering climax. Her body strained with her release, her breath rasping out in tortured groans as wave after wave of bliss crashed through her.

Nors growled again, her hot cum flooding his mouth as he licked and suckled against her hard, drinking down her sweetness greedily as she rode her climax with sweet abandon. He couldn't stop tasting her, couldn't stop licking every inch of her beautiful body as she shattered so deliciously against his mouth. He now had two things that he wanted to do endlessly to her body, feast on her luscious breasts and also between her silken thighs.

He gentled his touch as her climax subsided. He raised his head and smiled his satisfaction at the stunned but satiated expression on her gorgeous face. Pleasuring his wolf was turning out to be such a rewarding experience. He could do so for hours on end if she'd let him.

His own need was becoming harder to control as he slowly kissed her flat stomach, his tongue laving every inch of her soft skin he could reach. He dipped into her bellybutton and she giggled lightly, wriggling away from him to escape his teasing.

"Come back here," he growled softly catching her around the waist and lying on his back to pull her down on top of him. He groaned as her entire length settled along his body, his hips pressing up to meet her softness. "Ashleigh," he groaned softly capturing her lips in a hard kiss as her hands reached between them and she fumbled at the zipper of his trousers.

The feel of her hands brushing against his aching cock almost made him cum instantly and he had to still her movements, rolling to place her beneath him before he rose to his feet and quickly stripped the rest of his clothes off. She pouted with disappointment and he laughed softly. "Next time, love," he promised in a low, husky voice. "I need you too much this time."

Ashleigh watched Nors' impressive body being unveiled

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