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And when I kissed her, she seemed like she wanted to call you for help. Yet no sound escaped her. Her titties felt wonderful under her dress as I felt of them. She was just as lovely in person dressed, as in the naked pictures you had posted of her. She slightly resisted me, but I think it was only because she didn't want you to catch us fucking around. She seemed to like kissing me.

You came around the corner and watched as I felt up your lovely, older wife. She didn't see you, but I did as you took your cock out and started jacking off as I pushed her dress off her shoulders, unhooked and took your wife's bra off and let her beautiful, white, 36c titties fall out, once again to weak protests. She didn't, protest though, when I started sucking her nipples, one after the other, as they grew hard in my mouth. I undressed myself, then her and sat next to her, both of us, completely naked, my black cock standing straight up and very hard, and pulled Janet over my lap and ask her if she would suck my cock.

She leaned over, took my cock in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down on my black cock, getting as much of my black cock in her mouth as she could. Janet does give fantastic head, by the way Norm, I couldn't believe that the little, shy woman sucking my cock was that great a cocksucker! I was amazed when I told her I was going to cum and she kept right on sucking, because when I exploded in her mouth, she gagged just a little, but swallowed every drop!

I seem to remember seeing you cumin as she was sucking my cock and swallowing my cum. You liked watching it, didn't you? You liked seeing her white mouth engulf my black cock, her mouth wrapped around my cock, her head bobbing, her titties jiggling as she sucked my black cock. Remember her begging for me to put my big black cock into her white pussy and fuck her? I asked, "what about Norm?" She laughed and said, "it would do him good to see me fucking a black man, he's always fantasying about me taking some big black cock anyway and he's told her many times, he wanted her to fuck black men." Naked, Janet lay back on the couch and spread her legs.

I took one look at that beautiful white woman offering me her pussy, got between her white, creamy, smooth legs, put my cock up to her pussy and plunged every inch of my very hard, black cock into her sopping wet, white pussy. If you hadn't been standing right there, I'm sure you still would have heard her moaning anywhere in the house. As I approached my climax, I informed her I was going to fill her pussy with my cum. She started to protest just a little, but it was too late. My sperm flooded her pussy as we both orgasmed intensely. Then, the look on her face when she seen that you had been watching was great! She was shocked, that's for sure! But settled down and with my cock still buried in her pussy, you told her that you had seen the whole thing and you loved it. You told her that you had been jacking off since she had let him push her dress off her shoulders, unhook her bra and her titties had fallen out.

At that point, he was almost delirious, but when you began sucking his cock, he shot his load in your mouth and you swallowed it, you blew your load. Then he told you that it was a beautiful, wonderful sight as you took his black cock and the two of you began fucking. He loved every bit of it and hoped there would be many more times he could watch you sucking black cock and fucking black men. You then ask Norm if he were angry or jealous or hated you now. When he told you that he was not angry, jealous or hated you, that he loved it and he loved you more now than ever, you were surprised. You began small thrusts of your pussy on my cock.

You looked at Norm and ask him "if he would mind if she fucked him again" and he told you that "he would love it if he could sit there and watch".

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