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Besand searches for new human prey.

She helped him sit up to receive his food.

Cherry handed the tray to James as she glanced, quickly once again, at the cigarette still pressed between his fingers. Despite the heat the tray was cold as it was set upon his lap. He handed the cigarette in his hand to her and gestured her to remove another already rolled one from the bronze case.

"Take care of the lamp too. It's gettin' awful dark." Cherry mumbled her response as she struck a match and lighted both cigarettes placed between her thick lips. Before shaking the flame out, she did as her master requested and soon a dim light shined around them. She handed one cigarette to her master but soon left his bedside to check upon the room's condition. She was trained well to keep herself occupied even when solely her company was requested.

As James smoked and stared at Cherry's complexion, he wondered just what men had asked for her different kind of company but more importantly what men asked for her mother's. As he watched her butt when she bent over to recover a fallen book, he thought back to how they acquired her. His father purchasing her from a man in Delaware who feared her escape into Yankee New Jersey and would rather see her sold than ignored by Yankee nullificationist courts. Whether this man was of any relation to the Fitzpatrick family was his only concern at the moment. He continued to eye her as her attentions remained upon other objects on the floor as well. By the time all had been returned to its proper place and she turned around, James had an erection hard enough to support itself.

Blushing as much as a Negro can, Cherry averted her gaze and walked once again to his bedside to help feed him. She fetched a nearby stool and began to cut the meat which would likely cause James discomfort in his delicate condition. James eyed her lecherously as she handled the knife and fork while slightly sticking her pink tongue out from her large brown lips. His erection grew more and his patience (whatever there was) could hold out for no longer. Cherry was his to do with as he pleased and nothing more.

"Cherry?" he started calmly.

"Yes suh?" she said without removing her eyes from the meat in front of her. James wished her eyes to be on another piece of meat instead.

"Cherry...I need you to place the tray somewhere else for me." Confused at first, but utterly obedient at second, she laid the tray on the bedside table. She stood uneasily feet away from his bed as she gently clutched her hands together and gently bit her lip in a dumb expression.

"Strip" he commanded without force. Cherry Knew she did not have a choice. Though she had not experienced this with Master James, it had happened a score of times with other men including James' father which bore for one man another son and the other man another half brother.

Removing the clothes was done momentarily under Cherry's experienced hands. Minutes later, Cherry stood naked before her master and the single lamp witness. Her breasts sagged but considering their girth, James thought it not unpleasing. Her hips extended well beyond those of the few women he had seen without clothing but considering the size of her shapely buttocks, James did not determine that to be a bad thing either.

"Come to the foot of my bed and fellate me" he commanded without aggression. Cherry looked at the floor and the ceiling as she stepped to the bed and crawled upon it.

"But suh...." she looked at his penis with pleading eyes before looking at him to continue. "Dis is fo sporting house wimmin and sailors."

"I aint hard enough yet to get it in you. It needs more persuasion besides your perty behind." he reasoned with the most assuring tone. Cherry meekly smiled before she gently guided the semi hard cock into her mouth.

Cherry's large black lips accentuated every venture into her mouth as she took in more and more of his cock so to wet it with her mucus and saliva but also to prepare her throat for its finished size.

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