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Dr. Shaun's Origin Story.

I removed her cardigan and neatly folded it - then undid her blouse all the way down the front and eased it out of the waistband of her skirt - she was wearing a petticoat slip underneath - the blouse was again neatly folded.

I walked round the back and looked at her broad shoulders, came round to look at the large breasts covered with the slip and the underclothes.

I unzipped her skirt and slipped it down the silk petticoat round her ample hips and behind, again opening it up on the floor so she could step out of it.

After another inspection I gathered the base of the petticoat and after lifting her arms up removed it by lifting it over her head.

With all these clothes removed I could see that she was wearing what could only be described as a foundation garment, a one piece white combination of bra and corset which had suspenders built into it and over this she was wearing a sizeable pair of white lace knickers.

I ran my hand over her back feeling the smoothness of the nylon material and walked around the front where I did the same to her ample breasts and stomach.

I again knelt and this time slid the lace panties down getting a brief glimpse of a copiously hairy bush. Around the back two buttocks freed from the lace panties showed at the base of the foundation garment and I ran my hands over them and between her legs briefly - still no sound from her.

I undid the suspenders and slid the stockings from her legs.

The contraption was secured by a number of hooks and eyes and one by one I managed to release them from the middle of her back to the top of her buttocks, each release enabling more and more flesh to be shown. Having undone all of the hooks I then moved round to the front.

I released her arms from the shoulder straps and gently but firmly began to pull the foundation garment off her. With each pull her breasts became more and more exposed until finally the garment was down to her stomach.

Her breasts were huge and droopy; each topped with a very large brown aureole and very big erect nipples.

I was now on my knees and slowly pulling the garment over her hips and thighs - her stomach rolled out as the garment released it and having to move round to the rear to continue pulling down the garment I was also able to see an absolutely huge bottom.

At last the resistance gave and the garment now relieved of its stretchy duty was compressed and could be removed by her lifting her feet.

I stood up and folded it on the rest of the clothes.

I walked towards her and looked at her old fat body still showing marks of where the foundation had been. I touched her breast, lifting its weight with one hand and watching where it spilled out of my large hand. I rubbed my thumb over the dark brown fiercely erect nipple and watched it spring back to attention - my cock stirred, throbbing.

I grasped a breast in each hand rubbing her nipples and watching them intently. My hands moved up to her broad shoulders, and then down again to slide over her distended belly.

Walking around her I put my hands on her shoulders at the back and slowly slid them down over her shoulder blades to the small of her back and on to her buttocks. Her arse was huge!

I parted her buttocks and looked with interest at her arsehole, small and puckered deep in between the cheeks. Holding her cheeks apart I probed her arsehole gently with my finger. She shivered.

I came back around to the front and knelt down - I parted her copious pussy lips and looked at a huge clitoris nestling in a forest of grey hair. I rubbed it gently at first with my thumb then applied a little pressure in regular probing movements. She squirmed visibly, her pussy became moist and a musky scent emanated from it.

I stood up and looked her - she was old, fat naked and I was standing naked opposite her with a huge and very hard erection. Still no conversation.

She wandered over to the pile of clothes and retrieved the foundation garment - I thought that this was it she had enjoyed her thrill and it was over

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