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He thinks kinkier sex will help her.

and blushed profusely.

Jared kissed me softly once more then turned to jade, "Why don't you two go upstairs and get comfortable? I'll give you some time to relax a little and then I'll bring up some more champagne, alright Darling?"

"Yes, my Love!" jade stood and took my hand still smiling like a giddy school girl and led me up the stairs squeezing my hand and telling me how happy she was that this was finally happening.

I thought I was going to faint.


I took a deep breath... I've been in this room a hundred times... It's just their bedroom, I thought... Of course, I've never been in it while a naked/delicious-smelling/lip-licking/jenna/jade took my shirt off... omg! I was wearing my ugly bra! BLUSH! Either she didn't notice or it didn't matter to her because she had it off too before the flush had gone from my cheeks. Her nipples were so hard! Wait... no... my nipples... no... yes... okay our nipples were brushing against each other and... oh god... her skin was cooler than mine... that made sense, she's been naked longer...

Wait... when did she take my pants off? Thank goodness I didn't wear my ugly underwear too! Or did I? Where are they? Oh... oh... god...okay... walking... walking is good. Get. A. Grip! You do want to be present for this don't you, Zo?? Okay got it now... sitting on the bed to take off the shoes! She's talking! Pay attention and stop staring at her like some kind of pre-pubescent boy!!

"I love these shoes... you have to let me borrow them again sometime? my Jared really liked them on me!"

"Of course... you know you don't have to ask... hey... I'm not helpless... I can get that."

"No!" she said as her fingers worked the buckle of the Naughty Monkey sandal and she slid it off my foot, "it excites me... undressing you..."

I shivered as she slid one hand up the back of my calf to my knee and then removed to the other shoe.

"JaredMaster says that heels this high bring out everything that is lustful in a woman..."


"Yes, the stretch of her calves," she said as she traced her fingers up mine and let the second shoe slip to the floor. "The sway of her hips," that remark was met with a tiny lick of her hot tongue on my hipbone. "The way her breasts bounce with each step," she said as her lips grazed my nipple." I gasped and my friend... who was soon to be half of my new love lay atop me and her soft skin... her full round breasts... her sweet lips when they touched mine... her warm wet tongue in my mouth... her hot wet sex on my thigh... made me cum.

I heard the soft tinkling of the crystal flutes and the hundreds of tiny popping bubbles in the bottle of champagne, but not Jared's soft footsteps when he entered the room. I lifted the blindfold of bliss that had covered me and gazed at His long lean magnificent body. He had undressed already. Oh god... He was nothing less than beautiful. His bronzed skin, in the dimly lit room, made my mouth water for just a taste. Again I was struck with the thought of all the times that I'd seen this magnificent body in the same state of undress and yet this time... well this time as He approached His slave, I was underneath her! This time when he reached out that strong hand and extended His finger... it could just as easily have grazed my tingling flesh!

It didn't. I watched as He drug his finger down jade's spine and as He did her head that had been laying on my shoulder popped up and her eyes and mouth flew open as she gasped in pleasure... and I willed myself to feel His touch through her body. Very soon her body was moving against mine in tiny up and down thrusts that I realized was from Jared fucking her with His fingers. Her eyes, filled with greedy lust, were locked with mine.

"Zoie," Jared was talking but I couldn't take my eyes off the panting, lip quivering, pre-orgasmic face of His jade. "

"Let's do this together, shall we?"

"Yes," there was no other answer for me.

"Put your hand between your bodies and stroke her clitty for me."

Oh god.

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