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The sweetest summer job!

She buried her nose into a small grouping of blossoms and began sniffing as she caressed her body with her hands, tweaking her bullet-hard nipples before slipping down to her dripping pussy.

At the first touch of her fingers on her hot clit she cried out in joy. In a flash, she had her pussy lips spread wide to make room for her fingers on one hand rubbing her clit and the other fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy, her hips undulating to her feverish tempo. As she got closer and closer to the climax she so eagerly sought, the vines of the plant began to move, twist, and shape themselves, unnoticed, however, by Sarah, as she was caught up in her body's urgent needs.

The plant was a conscious being, a demon actually, named Organus. One who sought out the right kind of young girl and preyed on them through the use of his medium: flora (plants). Sarah, being the lushly curved innocent 20 year old that she was, made the perfect prey. He'd wanted her since he had seen her six months ago while in the form of a shrub at her university's campus. Seeing her now, hearing the hot little whimpers and moans of pleasure made him ache for her, burn for her. He once was determined to have her for a night and slake his lust but now he knew that once would never be enough. Now, he was going to make her his forever.

Gradually, the vines began to shape themselves into that of a large, thick man of about 10 feet tall and what appeared to be a thickly muscled torso, arms, and legs. But what was most impressive was Organus' penis: about 12 inches long and about 3-4 inches thick! Plus, it was rough and bumpy due to the vines grouped tightly together, forming the rampant shape.

Sarah was absolutely frantic by now; she still was unable to cum. Pussy juice was running down her thighs and her clit was getting too sensitive to touch for much longer. If she didn't cum soon, she was going to go stark raving mad!

It was time! He had two vines gently (so as not to be immediately noticed) wrap themselves around her wrists and one around her waist. The vine on her wrists began to slowly pull her hands away from her pussy until they were straight out at her sides. Awareness pierced through her haze of lust and she screamed in fright as she saw the vine at her waist lift her off the floor and Organus' body in front of her.

The vines turned her around so that she faced away from Organus but she could feel his hard torso flush against her back and the roughness of the vine-like texture of his body sent little tingles of arousal through her frightened body. Two vines wrapped themselves around her thighs up near her pussy as the one around her waist left her body. With no upper body support, she leaned herself back, resting on the powerful figure behind her as her arousal increased.

Organus brought his hand to her quivering belly and stroked it in small, soft circles, enjoying the sound of her breath catching. He then slid both palms up, cupping her large breasts in his hands, squeezing the nipples, rolling them with his fingers until her hands clutched at his hips and she arched herself forward into his hands, moaning in delight. Her ass ground into his belly in an unspoken plea.

He brought one of his hands down to her pussy, very lightly skimming over her trimmed hair and bald lips, smiling to himself as she cried out, begging for more. With infinite care, he stroked her swollen clit bringing her almost to the peak repeatedly before stopping. Sobbing with frustration, she begged him to bring her release. It was time.

He pulled her forward, away from his body, the vines kept her legs spread wide and he lowered her onto the massive head of his viny cock.

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