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Never underestimate the depth of evil in a man's heart.


Oh my, did she say? Ohhh my. I can't believe it. I'd never really thought about being with a woman. Now here I am basically thrown into this situation. I thought about it for a few minutes. I came to the conclusion that I would like her to fuck me, and vice versus.

So after we were both ready, we went to my apartment and got some clothes and accessories. We stopped and had lunch at a cute little deli. While we were waiting on our food, we talked about all sorts of things. I guess its what you would call getting to know one another. Since I didn't have to be at work until Monday morning, we decided to go to the movies. The subject of sex wasn't brought up at all. It was like we were just two women hanging out.

After we left the deli, we headed straight to the Movie Theater that was closest to her house. It was a boring movie. From what I did pay attention to. We ended up kissing and petting each other until the credits rolled.

Later that night, when we were back at her house. We had dinner then sat in the living room drinking a bottle of wine. We sat side by side not really talking. Just lost in our own thoughts. I didn't think if I leaned over and kissed her she'd have a problem. Especially since she wanted me to stay here. So I did. I put my glass down and turned towards her. She looked at me, not saying anything. Her shoulder length hair was pinned up. I took the clamp that was holding her hair in place. Down came her hair, cradling her face. I studied her face for a moment. She had light brown eyes, pouty lips that were covered in a light lip-gloss. I ran my fingers through her hair, then pulled her face towards mine. Her lips were soft and slightly moist. Probably from her licking her lips all day. It was a light kiss. We started to explore each other's mouths. My tongue twirling around hers.

I began to lean even more toward her. Basically pushing her down to the floor with my body. Slowly my hand began to caress her breast through

her shirt. I could hear her moan softly. Gosh she started making me wet when she started pulling my hand down to her thighs. I knew she wanted me to touch her pussy. I couldn't wait. I told her to get undressed. So she stood up and began to slowly sway her hips from side to side. Giving me a little strip tease. When she was finished, she got down on all fours and crawled slowly toward me. I opened my legs and she crawled in between them. When she was up close to me, she started to kiss me. First my mouth, then my neck, slowly moving her body up against me. I started to run my fingers through her hair.

Somehow, we ended up with me lying down on the floor, with her kneeling between my legs. She began to kiss the insides of my ankles, moving up my legs. Soft light kisses as she inched her way up between my thighs. When she was up near my pussy, she began to flick her tongue up and down my slit. I've never felt anything like that before. I've had men do the same things, but it feels allot different than what she was doing to me. She worked her hands under my ass and lifted my legs onto her shoulders, so she could reach my snatch better. Then with long movements, she began to lick me from the bottom of my pussy up to my clit.

I wrapped my legs around her head, pushing my legs down against her back. My hands grabbed her head and began shoving her face down into my pussy. Damn she's making me so wet, I thought to myself. I knew I would cum soon, I didn't want it to end it felt so fucking good. "I'm gonna cum...gonna cum." "Don't stop, oh God, don't stop." She started licking faster and faster. Finally she used one of her hands and began to rub clit with short uneven strokes. Lisa stuck two of her fingers inside of my pussy and began to suck on my clit. Faster and faster she moved, making me lose control. "Oh God, oh God..I'm cumming..cumming. "Aaaaaaaahhhh..yes...yesss.yesssss.

After I came, Lisa sat up and let watched me come down from my sexual high.

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