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Amber Rose gets Dommed by the Author.

Her house was a huge white art-deco masterpiece with large windows everywhere. It was a gift to her self when she became a hedge fund manager. She told me that she only had two rules; clean up after myself and don't tell anyone I'm her nephew. I was to call her by name because she has an image to uphold; or so I thought. She took me shopping at the Versace boutique for night-life attire, she was having a pool party that night and wanted to take me clubbing throughout my visit.

The party officially started at 9:00 pm, but her guests didn't fully arrive till midnight. It was a few of her co-workers, clients and friends and everyone was tipsy and dancing by 12:45. Aunt Jen was mingling pool side, I kind of lost track of her when I was talking to one of her guest, a nice looking Latina with pretty green eyes. I was trying not to move around too much because of my outfit. I was wearing a white form fitting silk shirt and slacks that felt like sex and I was missing Lin. Aunt Jen made her way over to us, whispered something in the young lady's ear, the young lady smiled and excused herself. Auntie looked at me sternly and said; "You know I wasn't going to let you fuck that air head"? My mouth dropped. Then she asked;

"Did you tell anyone that we are related?"

"No Jen, of course not, I hardly spoke to anyone, why?"

"There's this guy here, a real character, he doesn't understand that I'm not interested in him." She scoffed.

She looked very annoyed and she had been drinking. I was concerned, so I asked; "Do you want me to speak to him?"

Flexing my pecks, I'd been working with a weight trainer and gained 30 lbs of muscle.

Reacting to my spectacle, she replied;

"Whew goodness, what are they feeding you"? "No Sweetie, that's not necessary, just pretend to be my man and dance with me suggestively."

That's when the fun picked up, Auntie took me pool side and we got our boogie on. Everything was going well; we would dance during the up tempo and R&B songs, then take a break and have drinks during the slow songs. Here's where things got tricky, by 3:00 am, I was more than tipsy and aunt Jen wanted me to dance with her to her favorite Reggae song. It was one of those up close slow grind songs and she had a body like Sanaa Lathan with an ass to match. She was wearing a tight black sleeveless silk pantsuit that made it very obvious that she had no use for underwear.

We took the floor face to face, her arms around my neck and we were slow grinding. My dick started twitching to life as I stared deeply into this beautiful woman's flawless face. Then she turned around, rest her head on me with her eyes closed, mouthing the words of the song. She leaned forward, grabbed her ankles and rubbed her round ass all over my pelvis. The silk fabric to fabric friction was too overwhelming, my dick was at full boar sliding between her crotch and anus and I was too drunk to care. I grabbed her hips, pulled her into me as I grind harder to the rhythm. She looked back at me, smiled and said;

"Took you long enough".

She stood up and summoned the young Latina, whispered something in her ear then turned to me and said;

"It's 4:00 am and I'm bringing this party to an end. As for you, say your goodnights, call your lady and let her know that you're ok. Then head for bed, we have a long day tomorrow."

When I finished talking to Lin, I took a shower to sober up and jerk off to the memory of dancing with aunt Jen. But I wanted the real thing, I was still a little buzzed and I felt bold. I put on my robe and went to her bedroom looking for her. I knocked on her door and asked if I can come in, she said yes and as I opened the door she was getting off her phone.

"Yes Darwin how can I help you? Do you need more pillows or something?" She asked with a coy smile, lying under her satin sheets in her king sized canap__ bed.

I sat on her bed, took a deep breath and just blurted out my question;

"Jen, when we were dancing earlier, what did you mean when you said, it took me long enough?"

She lo

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