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Sometimes persuasion is needed for sex.

Now that I had my cock sunk into a nice tight cunt I released my hold on Jane and let her do whatever she wanted while I watched her thoughts. I made sure I didn't go into the optical center of her brain and see what she was seeing. That would have been great but I was still teasing myself so I concentrated on just her thoughts and the muscle movement signals her brain was sending.

As soon as she was released she collapsed in the soft recliner and spread her legs draping them across the arms of the chair. My own imagination was running wild as I thought about this conservative 40 year old MILF in the throes of sexual excitement with her legs spread and masturbating. She shoved her right hand down her pants and immediately began frigging her clit while her left hand shoved her bra up so she could get at her right nipple.

I grabbed Leah's hips and started yanking her back even harder on my cock. I would have cum on the first couple of thrusts into her if I hadn't been able to use my powers to control my own body responses. I was harder and more excited than I had ever been. Part of it was the situation but I think most of it was knowing for sure that I could use my powers on anyone and get them to do anything I wanted. I decided that I would let myself cum when my beautiful Jane did.

She dropped her right nipple and then gave the left one a swift yank before shoving three fingers of her left hand up her sopping wet cunt. Her right hand never stopped the frantic rubbing of her clit. As soon as she felt her fingers deep in her 8 month unused hole she went over the edge and began to cum. "Yeesss, oh fuck yes, it's sooo gooood." she said to herself (and me) as she kept up the assault on her clit and pussy.

I knew what was coming as I'd already seen it occur in Leah a number of times. Jane's orgasm began to stair step up in intensity and her whole body went into spasms as she came and came and came. I let myself go flooding Leah's cunt which instantly triggered her own orgasm.

Jane's body locked up as she went higher than she'd been in quite a long time. The three of us were moaning and sighing in ecstasy as we slowly came down from the heights. I envy a woman's ability to keep orgasming, but it's not like I don't really enjoy being a man.

Jane's thoughts, as soon as she could think, were of embarrassment and relief. "I can't believe I did that. But I desperately needed to. Oh man that felt so good. I guess 8 months without an orgasm is too long."

When she began to wonder if she should see that Marine Captain as she knew she wasn't a counselor anymore I immediately put in her head that it was probably important to her professional development as a supervisor and to keeping her own certifications up to date to see an occasional client and after all I was a fellow officer who obviously had some issues. I then flooded her system with endorphins and she immediately lapsed into a post orgasmic feeling of contentment and freedom from worry. I knew then that tomorrow would bring me to where I now was---slamming my cock into her pretty girl-next-door mouth.

As soon as I arrived for my appointment this morning she was taken aback by the 3 foot long by 2 foot high mirror I was carrying. "What's that for?"

"You asked me to find and bring a mirror. You said we might use it in therapy." I then placed a memory in her head of her doing just that. "You're right of course, where is my head these days?" she laughed. She then looked around the room to try to figure out where to put it and ultimately decided that it should replace a cheap bulletin board that was hung above the couch, which is exactly where I wanted it.

"Well, lets sit down and get started," she said while seating herself in the easy chair.

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