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How well do you know the woman you married?

" Janna told the couple.

"I like cheaper. Let's take the Normandy Suite." said the elder man.

Janna checked them in and showed them to their rooms as well. She advised the couple of the facilities that the B&B offered and again repeated the names of the restaurants nearby.

Janna also thought it best that the couple stay in the Normandy Suite as it did not butt up against the honeymoon suite. She could just tell that Bobbi was a screamer. The thought made Janna's pussy ache.

It was late in the evening when Janna noticed the honeymooners retire to their room. Janna stayed up a few more minutes to make sure no one else would be checking in that night before returning to the master suite.

She knew she would get little sleep if Ron and Bobbi were going to consumate their honeymoon and Janna was excited. She opened her bedroom door and looked into the mirror, but saw nothing.

Janna was confused as to why. Kelly herself showed Janna the mirror just the day before, she had walked into the honeymoon suite and waved to Janna on the other side.

Feeling frustrated, Janna went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth, disrobed and took a quick shower. As she turned out the lights to her room, the magic mirror, as Kelly put it, practically lit up.

Janna did not realize that the light from her own room prevented her from seeing the other side. Her own king size bed faced directly into the mirror, allowing its occupant to relax and lie down as they watched the show on the other side.

Janna had a new found respect for her best friends kinkyness. Janna was never one to wear pajama's, so she layed there naked and excited as she watched Ron and Bobbi preform for her again. This time there would be no interruptions.

Ron and Bobbi were enjoying their stay at the B&B. They had gone out to dinner and had several drinks. Bobbi was not a big drinker and easily got drunk. Ron was sipping his Woodbridge whiskey as Bobbi downed her pina coloda's.

When the third drink turned into the forth and then fifth, Ron knew that if he was going to have sex that night, she would need to stop. They returned back to the B&B and went straight to their room.

Ron noticed the attractive woman that had checked them in and thoughts of a threesome entered his mind. Bobbi had always mentioned that she would like to try that, but Ron knew that the honeymoon was not the right time.

Too bad. She looks like she may be the type to do it, he thought to himself.

Either way, when Bobbi was drunk, anything was possible. Ron was a happy man. When he got to his room, Bobbi turned to him and pushed him against the door and said,

"I'm so fucking horny right now." as she kissed him hard.

Her leg lifted up in an effort to rub her pussy against his groin as her hands dropped down to his zipper so she could release his cock from it's hiding place.

She had practiced the move many times and was now an expert at it. She eased herself down, unbuttoning his shirt along the way. Her hands reached back up to his smooth chest while her head bent down to take him into her mouth.

Ron leaned against the bedroom door, making no effort to stop Bobbi. He pushed his cock deeper into her mouth as she tried to swallow him whole. His eye's closed as his hips began to gyrate back and forth. His cock grew to it's fullest as she handled him with great care.

Ron knew that he could explode at any time, but wanted to save his orgasm for later. He knew that Bobbi would not give up until he came, but once done, she'd call it a night. Ron had other plans for Bobbi that night.

Janna watched with great care as Ron and Bobbi removed each others clothes. Janna was comfortable with men and woman and enjoyed the sexual nuiances of each. She was also accustomed to self pleasure as Kelly had found out the night before.

Janna wanted Kelly with her right then and there, so she picked up the phone and dialed her hotel and room number.

"Hey Kel, it's me."

"Everything Okay Janna?"

"Yes, everythings fine.

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