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With his wife’s help, a man becomes a sissy for black cock.

Get decent."

Clemmie asked if she had to get down. He held her in place and waited for Laura to launch through the door.

Her smile was brilliant. "I know a bunch of guys who would love to have secretaries who do their work like that."

They raised their hands. "Hey, nothing naughty going on here. We are processing phone messages."

She stood behind them and messed both of their heads and reached down for Clemmie's boob. "Theo, I hate to tell you, but this one goes both ways too."

All three of them laughed and danced around and fell in a heap on the sofa. Theo asked, kissing Laura, "Are you here for work related business?"

"I am, actually. Sarah sends her regards and says she and Kim are doing famously. The hotel they are staying in has provided a local guard, who knows the territory, so they did not take someone from here. Also, the Director of the major private gallery there, a woman, is accompanying them on the return for a look at how we do things here. Sarah thinks your services may be required. Also, Erica would like to have lunch at her place to discuss hiring practices. She said something about having talked to Selma. Also, Clemmie and I require that you stop at our place after work for a drink."

"Clemmie, I think you need to book me a flight to Nome."

"No, no, no. You have responsibilities now. No running away."

He had Laura's dress around her waist and her underwear around her knees. The body was wildly trying to get away, but he had her pinned on top of Clemmie. Both of them were under control.

"We are going to have discipline here or else. I have big hands and you have an incredible butt. Now let's talk."

She squirmed around and complained when he rained blows on her ass.

"You are going to be like all those other bosses, abusing the help when we are just trying to do a good job."

In the midst of changing course to be nice to Laura, Clemmie slipped into his lap and downed herself hard on his cock. Suddenly Laura was caught between them, with Clemmie riding him and beating the devil out of Laura's front. He was kissing Laura hard at the same time he had fingers in her wet pussy.

"Theo! You are really cruel. Torturing me while you entertain Clemmie with your big cock."

He pulled them all down together on the sofa. "Ok, I'm sorry. I love you both. But we do have to get some work done around here. Kim will take the flogger to all of us if we can't prove we deserve her confidence."

"Hold hands and repeat after me, "No sex in the office, no sex in the office, no sex in the office."

"Now give me a sweet gentle kiss and get to work."

Laura wiggled her ass as she pulled up her briefs and went through the door. Clemmie looked at him and said, "No more lap time?"

"No more lap time. You can only hit on me after hours." He squeezed her boob and gave her a warm shove out the door to her desk.

He made a quick call to Erica. "Can't do lunch, what about dinner?"

"Fine. You and I need an understanding about how people get hired."

"You're right. I apologize in advance. But she is exceptional talent that wants us and we need her."

"We'll talk about it tonight." He thought to himself that Erica might be feeling neglected with all the action going on around her. Especially when she had discovered he spent the night in Selma's bed.

A quick tour of the gallery was needed, hugging the staff, and shaking hands with visitors. Things seemed back to normal after the party.

He sat on the corner of Clemmie's desk looking down her front and asking, "Who is the best person, with Kim and Sarah away, to brief me on the business."

"Clara. She is super smart and loves the art business. Sells a ton of stuff for us. Should I call her?"

"No. Tell me how to find her."

"Only if you stop looking at my tits. You said no sex in the office."

He looked around and then gave her a quick kiss. "Small displays of affection are permitted."

She told him where Clara was and stuck out a pink tongue.

Clara saw me approaching in her monitor screen and swiveled around, mouthing "almost done," while telling the person on the line

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