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Testing Amram's emotions.

lips around it and suck you into my hot mouth?"

Without waiting for the answer she moved down his body and licked along the bare shaft of his hard cock. Her tongue was hot and soft and he thought it actually felt nice as she ran it over his balls and sucked one into her mouth and cupped it with her warm tongue, then she nibbled the underside of his cock with her teeth, causing him to arch his back and have to fight an intense moan. Jennifer giggled and carried on as he squirmed under her lips. She sucked on the tip of his cock, her lips splayed and her tongue licked over the end, sending drops of her spit running down the shaft. Then she sucked it slowly and gently into her mouth and he could feel her tongue working it all over inside. It was probably the best blow job he had ever had, and he already had to fight the orgasm off as her head bobbed and his cock strained against her cheeks.

Jennifer's hand moved between her own legs as she sucked, and Greg saw flashes of Wonder Woman blue as it worked frantically back and forth, and he felt the vibrations of her moans travel along his cock and up his spine. He desperately fought to hang on, holding onto the logic that if he didn't cum then what he was doing wasn't as bad.

Jennifer rolled over and he took a calming breath. She pushed both hands into her shorts and was rubbing rapidly between her legs.

"Touch me. Rub my hot pussy. I want to feel your strong fingers inside me."

She lifted her legs and slipped off the blue shorts, then pushed them under his mask. They were soaked with her juice and he could smell her even after pulling them out, as the juice was smeared all over his lips and face. He looked between her legs. Her pussy was red and extremely wet, and the wide strip of tidy brown pubic hair was stuck down against her her skin, except for one edge which stood up, ruffled from her hand as she stroked herself.

Greg had to admit to himself that she looked good as she laid there masturbating, naked except for her red Wonder Woman boots. Watching women masturbate was his thing and he liked to imagine most of the girls he ever met doing it, sans the boots obviously, but at this point he liked that she was still wearing them, for some reason he thought it was much sexier that she didn't take them off. Of course, he had never really expected to be watching his sister masturbate, he had never really thought about her like that. His cousins yes, but they were blond twins and it would be inhuman to not think about that.

Jennifer pushed her finger deep inside herself, then held out her hand to him. Greg could see that it was wet and had a small bead running slowly along it and down onto her wrist.

"Suck it Baby. I want you to taste my juice."

He did. As he opened his mouth she pushed her finger all the way inside and he closed his lips around it and gently sucked her finger, licking the juice off with his tongue. It didn't taste bad at all. She took his hand and trailed it down over her breasts and stomach and between her legs, and she closed her legs around his hand.

"Rub me hard."

He pressed against her hot pussy and began to slide it up and down. She was very wet and her skin felt soft and slippery under his palm. As he stroked faster she opened her legs a little and he was able to see that her skin blushed red and surrounded his fingers as he moved them around in wide circles, the tips disappearing into her wet folds before reappearing again.

"Push your fingers inside me."

He did, her pussy was hot and slippery and his middle finger slipped into her easily so he added another finger. He felt her squeeze the fingers as he slipped them in and out, and his hand became soaked with her juice. She reached out and grabbed his cock and stroked him as he pressed his hand against her pussy.

"I want you to fuck my mouth with your big hard cock."

He pulled the Spiderman pants off and lifted his leg over her head, then delicately lowered his balls on her face.

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