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The true story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Dollie thought that was gross but after laughing and gripping she thought the change back to an old fart might be fun.

As we fell asleep, we'd finally decided an afternoon on the beach was the best way to end our vacation. After all, we hadn't gotten a lot of sun or spent much time swimming in Lake Michigan.

The next morning the weather made our decision. Rain was in the forecast and it was drizzling. By luck, the evening before we'd picked up most of our things from around the RV and I even cranked up the leveling jacks. I'd already picked up the water hose and sewer hose. Even the TV antenna was lowered. Nothing left but roll up the power cord. Later, I'd hitch up the car to the motor home so we could hit the trail the next morning. Two hundred miles home tomorrow and start work late that night.

While eating breakfast in the RV I asked what we were gonna do today.

Dollie said "remember about going to the strip club? Let's go."

I remember telling Dollie we'd wait until after lunch to go. If the sun comes out we'll go to the beach like we'd decided. Rarely do people go to those strip clubs until in the afternoon anyway. We had good luck there around early afternoons, not crowded.

Since it was now raining harder we just took a little ride. By the way, Dollie put on a micro mini and low top again. When she didn't wear shorts I was sure she was ready to get fingered so I asked.

"Of course," she said.

It was after 2PM, maybe 3PM by now. I'd grilled Dollie many times about doing this again after years of begging. She smiled and insisted it would be fun. In fact I'd asked so much she was getting upset.

Still, as I parked in the strip club lot I asked once more about getting finger fucked by some old coots. Dollie said she hopes it's the cute bartender. The woman has a one-track mind!

Inside, we walked directly to the bar and got the bartender off to the side. I told him my wife wants to talk to him. For most games and even picture taking I'd make Dollie ask. It's my safety for not forcing her to do things and blaming me later. Of course there were many laters' that I got in trouble.

He was ogling her boobies oozing out of her blouse as Dollie told him our plan.

"We want to rent the lap dance room with you for an hour or so.

The owner/bartender asked her "for what?"

Dollie said "I think you know."

They laughed and talked about getting her boobs fondled and her pussy fingered.

Dollie sort of jokingly begged him " if you won't do it my husband is going to get some of those dirty old men who keep staring at me."

The bartender told both of us he'd be very happy to join us. He said "but first let me make a phone call and some rules of my own."

I was thinking, Oh fuck, he's gonna get another man to join us! I told Dollie this.

Her answer was, "well we'll see."

We took a seat at a small table and watched at least two strippers dance. Dollie flirted with several 60 to 65+ year old men in case we needed back up players. Dollie actually liked a couple of them. A few fondled her titties and asked to see her pussy. Then one old fart rubbed Dollie's cunt. I think she was ready to rent a lap dance room!

Maybe a half hour passed and in walked a knock out gorgeous Blonde wearing a low blouse and a mini skirt that rivaled Dollies short skirt. The bartender hugged and kissed her then introduced his wife, also about our age.

Some brief small talk then we were told "Let's go play". "Remember," he added, "no fucking or oral sex."

I'll name the Club owner Hank and his wife Helen. In the little room, Helen removed her clothes instantly and was cuddling me, rubbing her big tits into my chest. I took off my T-shirt and shorts, standing fully erect from Helen's previous cuddling.

Hank striped. But Dollie's tummy scar embarrassed her so she only removed her top and rolled the tiny mini up . She didn't realize it but her scar almost always showed during these games! No one seemed to care. Like I've written before, it's that gash below it most were after.

As the games began Hank and Helen refres

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