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She knows she should have a talk with her son.

" he gives her a nod just before he shoves his cock all the way down her throat

"Aaaah, that's it baby girl, swallow all of it." he grips her head as he pulls back a bit, then shoves himself all the way down her throat again.

You can hear her gag, but she takes all of him with no problem.

I can feel the dampness between my legs as I watch my aunt sucking off her dad.

My hand slips into my shorts as I start to rub on my clit, moaning softly, I keep watching them.

"No more girl!" I watch as my grandfather pulls out of her mouth and take a step back "take your clothes off Roxy and get on the bed, Daddy is going to eat you out!"

He removes his clothes as he watches her take off hers, all the while stroking his already erect cock, making himself even harder to where it looks painful for him.

"You've made me wait 20 yrs to have you back in my life, don't make me wait any longer girl, hurry your ass up!" Roxy strips naked as fast as she can, then crawls up onto his bed "sorry daddy won't happen again." she lays back and spreads her legs for him.

He stares down at her with a huge smile, with nothing said he moves down between her legs and starts feasting on her pussy.

Roxy cries out the moment his mouth covers her mound and takes her clit between his teeth "DADDY!!" she digs her heels onto the bed as she reaches down grabbing his hair and pushing his face into her "OH GOD YES!! JUST LIKE THAT!!" whatever he is doing, I want him to do that to me the next time.

My fingers slip inside of my body as they begin a slow and steady pace- in, out, in, out. My goal is to reach my climax the same time grandpa makes Roxy cum.

Slipping my other hand under my shirt, I grab my right breast and start to squeeze it, playing with my nipple to where it's hard like a pebble. Pinching it hard to where I can't stand the pain, I tweak it making my body quiver with desire "mmm" moaning softly to myself, but then again it's not like anyone is going to hear me in the middle of nowhere in the woods.

"DADDDDYYYYY" Roxy's body arches off the bed as she cums on his face.

She tries to catch her breath as I watch grandpa sit back on his heels "not done yet girl." I notice his hand move down between her legs and start to move back and forth "after all these years you are still tight." he smiles down at her, enjoying watching her squirm under his touch, his control.

Roxy reaches down and grabs hold of his wrist, but it seems he's a strong guy since he keeps finger fucking her "I've not had...oh god daddy!!" she tries again to speak "I've not had...too many lovers." she sits up to meet him face to face "no man has come close to you daddy."

"Good." he grabs a handful of hair and pulls her forward for a demanding kiss, then pulls back "lay back down girl, I'm gonna fuck you like I did the very first I took you!" she lays back onto the bed as told, when he pulls his finger from her pussy and brings them to his lips.

His tongue snakes out and starts to lick off her juices from each finger "just like I remember." Sucking off each finger, he moves over her body reaching down and taking hold of his cock "Just like that night after your birthday party, when I came into your room, I told you something..." he leans down and gives her a kiss, when he thrusts into her causing her to turn her head and cry out in pain.

"I told you that YOU.." another thrust even harder into her "belonged to me and no one else!!" his arms slide under her arms as his fingers now dig into each of her shoulders when he starts to pound into her.

"Daddy!!" her nails dig into his back as her legs wrap around his hips, but he just keeps pounding into her tight pussy.

"Fuck, I've missed you Roxy!! Missed fucking you so much!!" he says without missing a beat.

The motion of them two going at it, has Roxy's head hanging off the edge of the bed, when I notice that she is looking at me and has a huge smile on her face and then she winks at me!!

I thought I was hidden, but apparently I didn't do a good job of it "oh god, what is she going to think of me n

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