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James gets to enjoy a young plaything after a stressful day.

Stiff and puffy already, he bends forward and sucks a little, she closes her eyes and murmurs.

Mike looks around the room, he sees the round boardroom table, "Over there." he tells the guys, using his natural authority, who lead her, arms outstretched till she is facing the table. Mike pushes the small of her back indicating she should bend over. The guys move round still holding her arms so she is more or less held over the table, her face turned sideways at the other side.

Mike nods at John who needs no further permissions he lifts the back of her dress, it rises easily and he pushes it to one side, she is bent over the table in her little black panties her dress up on her back, Mike pushes a foot between her feet and taps gently. She understands she has to open her legs and does so, John moves forward undoing his trousers as he does.

"You said you were happy to take on new roles for us this year as part of your objectives Shirley, well as a first stage we'd like to confirm your commitment to that." and he pulls her panties down over her arse far enough to push two fingers up her pussy; now wet and sticky, without any resistance. He explores around in her hole for a few moments and she squirms moving her arse to accommodate his fingers. "Now," says John, "I'm going to fuck you; well to be more accurate, we are all going to fuck you." and he presses his knob at her pussy lips. Mike moves to the other side of the table as John pushes his cock deep up Shirley, he too unzips and gets his cock out, he holds her head turned sideways on the boardroom table and moves his cock to her lips. She doesn't need any instruction and opens her mouth to take his cock down her throat. He holds her head firmly against the table as he fucks her mouth. John meantime is speeding up watching Shirley bent over sucking off Mike while taking his cock up her has him cumming in moments and he straightens up as he shots his load up her, pulling her hips hard back off the table a little to get the last of his cock in her before it starts to soften, he pulls out of her and cum runs down the inside of her thigh.

As soon as he has moved back James takes his place and Shirley moans a little as she realises he too is now going to take a turn fucking her over the table. He has built up a head of steam watching her take cock from Mike and John and is pretty hard before he gets to her. He is a bit rougher than John and ploughs into her pussy hard ignoring the whimpers as her wet snatch gets stretched. Mike is busy pumping his cock into her mouth and she greedily takes all he offers, he too cums and she lies across the table, James forcing his cock deep up her while Mike shoots his load down her throat.

Scott is standing to one side running his hands over her arse watching her being fucked, "We should turn her over.

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