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Bride submits to boss in front of groom to become debt free.

.." Burchill replies with a smile as he raises a hand to slide his fingers gently against her cheek.

Kristal smirks "Really...you wanna prove it?" Kristal asks as she raises one eyebrow.

Burchill chuckles slightly, "Obviously... you are not familiar with my reputation beyond the ring."

Kristal smiles a bit as she removes her hand from Burchill's cock "Reputation...beyond the ring?" Kristal asks with a smirk, she then nods her head "I'd...love to find out"

"Then come with me my dear..." Burchill smiles as Kristal slides her arm around his, The pair of them make their way to Burchill's dressing room where Burchill pushes the door open and motions with his left hand, "Ladies first..." He says as he bows his head slightly in a gentleman like manner.

Kristal smiles and nods her head at Burchill "Why thank you.." Kristal says with a soft laugh as she enters Burchill's dressing room.

Burchill enters the locker room a moment later and he closes the door. He takes a moment to lock the door before he lays his sword and hat on a nearby table as he looks at Kristal out of the corner of his eye. Burchill then turns to fully look at her, "You are quite lovely my dear..." He says as he approaches her.

Kristal smiles and blushes "Oh...thank you, Paul" Kristal replies as she slides her right hand through her dark hair. Kristal watches Burchill approach her until he's standing face to face with the SmackDown Correspondent. Kristal smiles up at him as she reaches over her slender shoulder and unclasps her green and black top. Burchill takes hold of her top and slides it off her body slowly. His eyes for a moment move to look down at her lovely chest before he puts a hand underneath her chin. Burchill lowers his head and softly kisses her lips while pressing his hand against her flat stomach. Kristal's soft lips press up against Burchill's lips as she deepens the kiss, sliding her tongue into Burchill's mouth. Kristal places her hands gently on Burchill's waist and moves them down to Burchill's pants; she begins to untie them as Burchill pushes down her black mini-skirt.

Burchill breaks the deep kiss he's experiencing with Kristal and smiles at her. "You seem quite eager to put me to the test..." He says with a smirk as he pushes her black mini-skirt all the way down to her feet.

Kristal smiles as she steps out of her mini-skirt and gets down onto her knees in front of Burchill. Kristal looks up at Burchill as she starts to lower his pants "Well...it's not everyday that you get to be with swash-buckling pirate."

Burchill laughs slightly, "That is very true... and it's not every day for myself to be in the presence of a dark skinned beauty such as yourself..." Burchill smiles as Kristal lowers his pants far enough for his eleven inch long cock to become free of it's fabric prison.

Kristal eyes widen as she sees Burchill's nicely sized cock hanging between his legs. Kristal licks her soft lips "Mmm...you are packing a big sword..." Kristal says with a slight laugh as she takes a hold of Burchill's cock. Kristal instantly leans her head into Burchill's cock and flicks the head of his cock with her tongue and she starts to stroke his shaft with her smooth hands.

Burchill moves a hand through Kristal's black hair as he moans slightly, "Thank you my dear..." Burchill says as closes his eyes slowly his eyes. Kristal slowly circles her tongue around the head of Burchill's cock as she moves her hands up Burchill's thick, strong shaft. Kristal opens her sweet, warm mouth and pushes Burchill's cock into her mouth. Kristal wraps her soft lips around his cock and starts to slowly move her head up and down on Burchill's cock as she begins to slowly suck his cock.


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