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"Come and join us for a drink. You can unpack later."

The Spaniel sniffed him and appeared to approve.

"Here name is Cleo," Kathy said, taking Xavier's arm and pressing it against a breast. He hoped that was accidental but then decided it wasn't when she let his arm go as they entered the house through the wide doors she left open and into the large entrance.

Jed and Willie rose and greeted Xavier while Faye remained seated and said hi.

Molly entered, presumably from the kitchen and went straight up to Xavier, lightly hugged him and kissed him on the cheek and said, "Welcome to the Lovell family home young man. We are so pleased you have arrived."

After the leisurely dinner with the Mexican cook/maid clearing away, the men and Faye disappeared to watch TV, Molly said she was off to put the hens away for the night and to feed the swine, Kathy helped Xavier with his luggage and led him to his room in the guest wing.

The room was large and airy with coffee making facilities and a small fridge and microwave and a bathroom with a bath as well as a shower and toilet.

"This is lovely and so comfortable," Xavier said, keen to indicate his appreciation, thinking it would pay to befriend Kathy.

The way in which she responded was totally unexpected.

Kathy kicked the door shut and said, "May I kiss you again?" and before he could respond, she grabbed Xavier and kissed him and grabbling his right hand pulled it against her groin.


He left his hand where she'd placed it but kept his fingers still. But he couldn't help kissing her back. Kathy, who was much younger than her husband and was perhaps forty-five, was proving to be rather sexy.

When they finally broke apart she said, "I can't wait to get you out riding with me alone. I'll bring condoms."
She left, smiling at him over her shoulder as she opened the door and left.

Jesus, thought the new ranch administrator, scratching his balls.

Xavier began exploring part of the house next morning and discovered he had the best of the guest rooms and that made him feel good and think he had Kathy to thank for that kindness.

The kitchen was the huge and lavishly fitted out with appliances and cooking aids. He wasn't the only one up because the cook Abilene was seated at the table having coffee and cereal.

"You want your breakfast now?" she asked and he smiled and said he'd wait to eat with the others and, filling a coffee mug, he continued on his familiarization of the house. He was greatly impressed studying the detail of the 20 foot vaulted ceiling of the living room with its rough-sawn beans and the huge stone fireplace that he'd only glanced at the previous evening. Above the fireplace was a huge oil painting of white cowboys and Mexican vaqueros driving a herd of Texan longhorns across a river. He looked at it more closely than last evening and thought it probably was Willie's romanticized portrayal of a round-up on this ranch sometime during the last 150 years. The original Lovell ranch covered an estimated 200,000 acres, now reduced to less than one-tenth of that size as the family holding. He thought it was a magnificent painting.

Beyond the living room was a media room with big-screen TV and an upright piano and then a sunroom overlooking the tree-lined creek that Jed had told him the previous evening only stopped running in the severest of prolonged droughts but spring-fed pools always remained.

"With ranching in Texas you face only heartbreak unless you can sell off your stock in the face of unrelenting drought or unless you have adequate drought-proof water supply and stocks of supplementary feed to get the cattle through tough times," Jed had told Xavier over dinner last night.

There was another level above and Xavier went up the stairs and when he reached the top landing the lights automatically turned on.

The nameplate on first door on the right of the central passage read, 'Art Room'.

The room opposite had a piece of paper stuck over the 'Office' nameplate that read, 'Company CEO - all yours Xavier'

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