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Jen and Annie begin to explore new sexual desires.

Noting that her eyes were closed, he told her she could be as loud as she wanted, it was only them. He couldn't resist rubbing her slick pussy again, and she moaned and shook as the light turned green and he accelerated into the turn.

He switched the vibrator off again as he made the few turns into the parking lot of his hotel - no valet tonight, thanks. He aimed for a back corner of the surface lot, as he pressed the button to roll up the power windows.

He looked again at her as he put the car in park, to see her staring at the bulge in his pants, the little hint of dampness there.

He didn't know if they'd even make it to the room.

- * - * - * -

She bounced ahead of him through the parking lot, tugging her dress back almost into place.

He followed at his fastest dignified pace, shifting his briefcase from hand to hand, trying desperately to do long division in his head. They had a hotel lobby to walk through, and while nobody was going to mistake what was going on, it was poor form to wave an erection as obvious as his around. Every time he tried to get past the second digit, though, he was distracted by the weight of the vibrator and its remote in one jacket pocket and the scent of her stretched and torn panties in another... and suddenly he wanted to put that third digit somewhere else entirely.

She waited for him at the door, eyes flashing, dress arranged almost respectably over a body that would attract attention even if wrapped in a sack. Smiling wickedly at him trying to compose himself. Sometime after her second orgasm on their little car ride, she realized that all the rules had been suspended for the evening, and that the trucker's eyes had freed her to simply live in a fantasy for the night. The man that planned this night for her was going to be very happy that he did.

Before he'd quite caught up, she was gone - stalking down the side hallway towards the lobbyful of generic marble and potted plants. She made her entrance, stopped, and looked back. As he caught up to her and took her hand, he noticed that the half dozen or so people passing through on their way wherever were all staring at her, some more openly than others. He stood a bit straighter and smiled a bit wider as she towed him toward the elevator and pressed the button for up.

It's always hard to wait for an elevator, and even with all the long division, he was finding it harder than usual. It didn't help matters when she decided to stand right in front of him, so that she was effectively concealed from the lobby. Or when she reached her hand back to run up the leg of his slacks. Or, especially, when her fingertips found his scrotum through the fabric and gave his balls an appraising little heft. He met her eyes in the semi-reflective elevator doors, and set his jaw in frustration to see her mischievous smile.

Ding. Finally, the doors opened. She stepped right in, smiling brightly at the four gentlemen stepping out. Or trying to step out - it was more like stumbling as they tried to stare without seeming to stare. Only one of them seemed to realize why he'd suddenly shifted his briefcase in front of him, and they exchanged a knowing nod and smile as he stepped aboard as well. As the doors were closing, they watched the guys depart, muttering little sideways remarks about liking the scenery.

He pressed the button for the top floor, and attempted to put a scowl on his face as he turned to her. That didn't last long, as she immediately stepped into him, kissing him with an eager tongue, and her hand went straight to his cock. He had been hard and ready for what felt like hours, and he was in danger of creating a major dry cleaning problem.

She whisperingly told him of her realization, that tonight was her night to live a fantasy life, and that she would need his cock in many ways to make that come true. He smilingly assured her that he would like that as well, and took her hand as the elevator doors opened.

He took her to an access door, and waved a keycard from his p

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