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I gave the two girls a shrug of the shoulders that said, "Who knows what's wrong with them," and they both giggled.

Lucinda, silently mouthed to me, "They are always like that." Then she whispered something in Alicia's ear to which Alicia responded with a whisper.

My overheated imagination assumed the conversation was something like:

"Were you showing yourself to our guest?"

"Of course."

"You are such a slut."

"True, but no worse than you, when you're bored."

Our host and my employer were oblivious. They just kept talking. Alicia took a long sip of her drink and spread her legs again for my enjoyment. Lucinda, feigned shock and then ran her hand slowly from Alicia's knee to the top of her leg, where she left it while giving me a very seductive look. Alicia was leaning back with her eyes closed, obviously enjoying Lucinda's massage of the inside of her upper thigh, while Lucinda just stared straight at me.

When I returned her stare, she snaked her tongue out of her mouth and made a show of tracing it around her lips. All I could think about is how good that tongue would feel ministering to my already rigid cock. Then she put her free hand on one of her breasts and began to alternate between massaging the whole breast and pulling on its rock hard nipple, which was readily accessible through the wide knit of her top. At the same time she pulled one leg up so that she hooked her spike heel on the couch and gave me an excellent view of her pussy. Somehow, I wasn't surprised that Lucinda was naked beneath her skimpy dress.

Eventually Bill surfaced from the business world long enough to say, "Lucinda dear, how long until dinner?" to which Lucinda responded, "That depends on when you go out and put the steaks on the grill."

Bill quickly turned to Mike, saying, "Come on, let's go out and grill the steaks." As they left the room, their backs to us, Lucinda flipped them off, which caused both girls to break out into a kind of choked-off giggle.

While Bill was temporarily surfaced from the business conversation, the girls had adopted a bit more subdued posture, although I am not sure that either of the departing guys would have noticed.

After they left, Lucinda looked at me and said, "Well, Mr. Janison, were you enjoying our little show?" As she spoke I noticed that they had pretty much resumed the show, only now it was Alicia's hand massaging Lucinda's thighs, and Lucinda was working on each of her own tits.

"Immensely," I responded. I continued to nurse my drink and to try to look cool.

"Was it making your dick hard?"

"I'm getting there."

"Bullshit," said Alicia. "You looked like you were about to cum in your pants."

I smiled and said, "Well, you need to understand my afternoon. First I had a new client come in who told me she wanted me to follow her and take pictures of her fucking men other than her husband,so she could show them to her husband to make him horny before they screwed. Before that interview was over, I found myself watching her frig herself with a dildo, and then I came all over her tits, all of which I took pictures of. After the client left, my secretary, who had been spying on us, came in and was so horny she just had to get laid, so I ate her pussy for awhile and then bent her over the desk and fucked her until her ears rang."

Lucinda said, "That's a good story, but you left out all of the juicy details."

As she said that Alicia slid two fingers into Lucinda's obviously wet, sloppy pussy.

"Oh, I wasn't trying to hold back, and you two would obviously enjoy the details, but I suspect that the steaks will be done before I could finish."

"Let's try," they said in horny harmony.

"Okay, I'll give you all the details while I watch you masturbate."

By this time they each girl had her clothes pulled up around her waist and was slouched on the couch, while she worked over her pussy.

I said, "But if I tell you all of the 'juicy details,' and they are juicy, you have to come by my office next week and let me fu

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