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He claims her as His own.


"If that's what you want, my love, all you have to do is ask. You know that," I told her. "I love you. I love that you will share me with our two lesbian friends. I love that you love them, too. I love what the four of us have together. But you will always be my wife."

"I know," Melinda snuggled up to me. "I love you, too."


The rest of the morning passed slowly. Melinda sent me back into the bedroom while she cooked breakfast. I cuddled with the other two girls until my wife showed up with a tray of hotcakes, bacon and eggs.

We fed each other, talking and laughing at the same time. It was like old times. Well not really old, but from six years ago when it was still just the four of us. On one level, it seemed like just yesterday that we moved from Jacksonville, embarking on a new journey in our lives. Yet on another, it seemed like we were old friends who fit so comfortably together and this crazy life we had just came so naturally.

None of us were in a hurry to get out of the bed.

Leah and I made love again as Katie and Melinda held us and each other. Maybe it was just me, but the girls were all glowing. They looked so beautiful, and not just because they were naked. Smiles come naturally to them all. There is a warmth to their eyes and playfulness in their laughter.

I truly am the luckiest sonofabitch in the world.

A little while later, we stumbled out of bed, reeking of sex. We made our way to the large stand-up shower, each getting a turn being washed by the other three.

"So is there anything else you guys wanted to do today?" I asked once we were all dry and dressed.

"Besides breeding you?" Leah gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. "No."

"Since we're having company, I'll need to go to the store either today or tomorrow and pick up some more salmon for dinner tomorrow," Katie said, a sly smile coming to her lips. "And I think we need to breed some more. . . . Are you ready to go now?"

"You've already had your turn," I smacked her across the backside. "When are we going to do Melinda?"

"Oh, we've got something special planned for her tonight," Leah said with a pernicious grin.

I looked over at my wife, who shrugged. Whatever these two had cooked up, they didn't include Melinda in the loop.

"So are you ready?" Katie taunted. "Or have you slowed own in your old age?"

"That's it!" I lunged off the couch and grabbed her around the waist. She struggled, more for show than actually trying to fight me off. "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you like I should have yesterday!"

I tugged at her jeans, nearly popping the buttons off. She kicked them away and tried to kiss me, but instead, I spun her around and threw her over the arm of the couch.

Her ass—perfectly round and toned—stuck up in the air. I pulled at my belt and soon my khakis fell to the floor. Katie tried to lift up off the couch, but I pushed her back down.

My cock sprung out. I kicked her legs apart.

Without pretense or warning I aimed my head at Katie's steaming sex and entered her with one thrust. We both let out a satisfied groan.

Melinda sat on the other end of the couch, watching us fuck. There was a combination of amusement and a little bit of envy in her eyes.

Leah sat across the room in one of the plush chairs. She smiled and blew me a kiss.

The pussy I was in was slick with excitement. My fingers dug into the soft skin of Katie's ass as I hammered her.

"Fuck!" she shouted. "Fuck . . . fuckfuckfuckfuck!"

"That's right, baby," I told her. "I'm fucking your tight little pussy!"

With every stroke I let out a feral grunt. Katie used her arms to brace herself on the couch and absorbed every blow.

The frantic slapping sound of our coupling echoed off the walls and hardwood floors. The couch shook with every thrust.

I looked down at Katie's cute little bubble butt. So round. So tight. So fuckable.

Katie whimpered as I pulled out of her.

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