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Rose makes an evening alone even hotter.

He very willingly assented, even groaning with pained joy as he felt her cool, smooth and dry skin meet his cheeks. She giggled softly and continued to brush her finger tips along his scalp as he lifted and tossed her fantastic assets against his face.

"See? You like me. I know I'm the prettiest girl you've ever met."


"I make you horny. Don't I?"

His conflicted feelings had him holding his tongue, but she was of course, correct. In her presence, the lust he felt was maddeningly intense, even with the faint memories of the emasculating things she'd done to him that previous night. He only groaned his reply, feeling humiliation at the thought of what awaited.

She giggled softly. "Of course I do." She stepped back, and her tender touch become a firm push away. "Now get on your knees, pretty boy."

Paul blinked. He remembered that teasingly authoritative tone; Sabrina had been very bossy when they were drunk. He twitched with panic as her slender arm whipped out, her perfectly manicured fingers wringing the collar of his shirt into her little fist. With a deceptive strength he'd hoped he'd imagined that previous night she yanked him down to his knees.

"If you're going to be my boyfriend you'll have to be more agreeable with me." She took her cock in her hand and lifted it toward his face. In awe and trepidation he noted again how even when completely flaccid it was already much bigger than him. "I'm not used to not getting what I want."

"Oh god, Sabrina, I... No, I don't..."

"Yes you do, Paul. You tried to fight it last night but you didn't last long. I know you like this. Why, I can see already, you're getting even harder in your jeans. You don't have to be ashamed. It's just you and me in here."

"Just... us..."

She nodded, smiling sweetly. "Now go ahead. Don't you want to? You do."

He reached to her with shaking arms. "I... No, I..." He cupped his hands together and lifted the warm, soft tube of pale flesh. Unlike the previous night he had all his mental faculties with him, making the situation feel even more absurd, more shameful than before. But as she'd said... it was just the two of them, and she wanted him to. He was tempted to. There wasn't any point in holding on to his biases.

He began to stroke it, knowing exactly what it needed, though his motions had to be scaled up a good deal more than he was used to. She cooed a soft, sweet tone, which was a total mismatch for what was coming to life in his hands. As she grew the pink head began to emerge, and he shuddered in amazement. She must have already been reaching a foot in length!

As she stiffened she stepped back, gaining the distance she needed as she extended and swelled into full form. The sheer size of her throbbing tool was mind boggling, and Paul was equal parts amazed, aroused and frightened by what the diminutive blonde was sporting.

One of her little hands joined his for a moment, working the base few inches. "Almost there."

Paul realized he was licking his lips as he watched the skin of the head tighten and firm. There was so much turgid heat in their hands, and the act of wringing his up and down her length was insanely sexy. He had never felt such desire before. Sabrina was youth, lust and fertility, exaggerated and crafted into human form. "Oh my god," he whispered. "How big does it get?"

She giggled. "Sixteen inches, the last time I measured. I hope this recent growth spurt of mine is finished, because it's getting hard to hide."

At that moment at least she couldn't grow any further, and her massive straight column of flesh was hardened and throbbing with power. The skin that enclosed it was pulled tight, revealing the vascular details of the thick veins that fed her engorgement. Sabrina gazed down at Paul, smiling with a playful excitement. She knew what he wanted to do, the tormented dilemma that was plaguing his mind.

Gently fixing his lips around it, he felt like he could cry.

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