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Someone was raiding the petty cash box.

I win the next hand.

So here is the big moment. The time I have been waiting for, not just for the last hour but for the last several weeks of fantasizing about you. I am finally going to see your breasts. You look very shy, and I think you are blushing as I am looking at you with the eyes of a hungry wolf. But I won and I get what I want. You know what I will say, so you stand up and take off your bra without me having to say it.

With your back turned to me, you reach behind and unclasp it. It falls forward, you hold it on for a moment, then with one hand drop it to the floor. You are covering your breasts with your hands, and the thought of your hands touching them makes me jealous. You know that it is inevitable that I will see them, so you turn and show them to me without further hesitation. They are spectacular. I can tell they are real because they hang very naturally. They have a beautiful curve at the bottom an point slightly away from each other. There is a beautiful small valley between them that I wish I could explore. Your aureoles are large and tempting, and they have a small and very erect center. You caress and pat them as if you are being shy, but I can tell you are actually enjoying it. You can't keep your hands off your nipples, and you give each one a small squeeze. I am about to go out of my mind.

Suddenly you remember the game and you sit down and demand that I deal another hand. Your breasts bounced and jiggled as you went back to your chair. When it's time to show what we have, you announce that you have won and throw your cards into the center of the table. I sense that I should not argue, and I stand up to remove the last article of clothing I am wearing. You make me stop, and pull me by the hand over to a chair, which you sit in. You pull me closed, and say "Now, take it off." So I do. Your eyes widen as you see my rock hard cock jutting a few inches from your face. You are panting and I can feel your breath on my cock. It is the most intense sensation I have ever felt, and if I wanted to I could cum at that very moment. But I don't want to yet, because I'm feeling good about the next hand. As we move back to the table your panty-clad thigh rubs against my cock just a little and I groan with pleasure. I'm pretty sure you did that intentionally because of the mischievous look you give me.

I will admit right now that I cheated on the next hand. I wanted those panties off and I did what I had to. You weren't shy anymore, but so aroused now that you couldn't wait to take them off. You asked me how I wanted to do it, so I took you over to the chair and sat you down. I had you put your legs up, an I took a long look at your breasts, stomach, and the incredible patch of pink cloth between your legs. Its a little puffy right in the middle, and I cannot wait to see what is in there. You pull them down from the top a little, and I can just see that you have a nicely trimmed bush. My heart is pounding, and I demand you rip them off now. When you do, I see your all of your glorious bush and I want to stare at it for a long time. But you bounce back up to the table and say "Deal." But how do you play strip poker when all your clothes are already off? "You'll see," you say with a gleam.

So I make sure you win that hand, and you say, "The winner gets thirty seconds of anything they want." I am thrilled with the idea. I ask what you want. You say. "I want you to caress my nipples with your cock." You sit down in from of me and present your gorgeous nipples to my throbbing cock. With one breast in each hand, you guide them close to my cock. When I make actual contact with your nipple, we both moan with pleasure. I stop to regain my composure, then start rubbing each nipple lightly with my cock, After about 2 minutes you say the thirty seconds is up and we go back to the table, breathless. I win the next hand without even dealing.

I have known what I was going to do from the start.

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