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Neither of them was aware of the fact that Teddy was mere seconds away from erupting in an orgasm when Tammy decided that she had cleaned it well enough.

She wrung the washcloth out, placing it on the edge of the tub, and asked Teddy to climb out, so she could dry him off and apply his medicine. As he complied, the young mother continued to kneel on the floor in front of her son, again giving him this exhilarating feeling of power as he looked down at the massive amount of cleavage his mother showed while she dried him off. As she moved the towel back and forth to dry him, her breasts jiggled and bounced in an amazingly exciting manner.

"Now, the doctor told me that the medicine needed to be applied ALL over the penis, not just directly one the wound" said Tammy who began rubbing the medicine all over the entire length of Teddy's hard cock. "He said in order for it to work, it had to be applied all over." With that, she gently rubbed up and down the entire length of his dick from the head of his penis to his scrotum. Once again, Teddy felt the approach of an impending orgasm, only to have his mother stop JUST before he reached that point!

Before long, the entire process was completed. Teddy was thoroughly cleaned, the medicine applied, and he had somehow managed to NOT have an orgasm. The whole ordeal had definitely gotten him excited in a way he scarcely even understood, and they still had the evening application to go.

That evening's bathing and application of the medicine went very much like the first of the day. Teddy wandered upstairs as he heard his mother running yet another tub full of water. Teddy entered the room, and just as his mother had predicted in her mind earlier, was feeling more relaxed with the whole scenario than before.

Once again, the young mother kneeled on the floor in front of her son. This time he was wearing jeans and a T shirt, so the blond mother had to undo his belt, unbutton his jeans, and slide down the zipper. As she did this, he pulled his T shirt over his head in a quick motion.

Finally, the blond mother, remembering her mistake earlier, held her head back a bit as she pulled his underpants down his thighs, and exposed his thick cock. This time, however, he was not rock hard from needing to pee. His cock was only partially hard due to the excitement and anticipation of what was to come.

Once again, Tammy removed the bandage from his cock, and peered closely at the wound. As Teddy again felt her warm breath on his exposed cock, it again jumped in her hand, and began to harden before their very eyes.

"Well, the wound is already starting to look better!" his mom exclaimed. Then a worried look crossed her face.

"Although..." she continued staring at Teddy's quickly hardening cock. As both her and her son looked at it, his penis reached a full erection. The young blonde mother frowned slightly as she reached behind her again to the drawer with the tape measure.

She again repeated taking a measurement of Teddy's cock.

"Nine and a quarter inches...how can that be?" she asked?

"I don't' know, but this is AWESOME!" replied Teddy, feeling a thrill that his cock was actively growing at a rather quick pace.

"Well, maybe" replied Tammy. She quickly finished the routine of earlier this morning. Once again, Teddy was so close to an orgasm, but didn't quite reach it. He was feeling a bit frustrated, but was also worried about his mom's reaction.

After applying the medicine again, Tammy stole quietly down to the den and called the doctor's office. The doctor had told her that he would keep himself available to her in the event of any issues. He kept true to his word, as she got him on the phone almost immediately.

After explaining the unexpected growth of her son's penis, the doctor set her mind at ease.

"Yes, Mrs.

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