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Mayhem back home.

Snow was aware of her growing arousal and vaguely aware that the little wandering hands had breached her defences and were now frolicking in her crotch at will. As Snow drooled over her drummer Horny was applying saliva to her erect nipples which had somehow managed to escape from her top and bra. While this was happening Sleazy was slowly sinking three small digits into Snow's wet pussy. In her detached state all she did was spread her legs slightly to give him better access. Well you could hardly blame her could you? After all her whole way of life was based around giving men what they wanted in exchange for cold hard cash. Her subconscious registered what was happening, added up the bucks and multiplied it by seven to give her the cash total. So that's what was happening with her subconscious... in the meantime her conscious mind was constructing a fantasy built around getting the drummer naked and horizontal in the quickest possible time.

It was only a matter of moments before she was completely covered in aroused little men. They were clever enough not to block her view of Drummer Boy so she continued in her lust driven haze as the Vertically Challenged Dudes played havoc with her erogenous zones. Horny was now sharing her nipples with Lumpy, while Slimy was stroking her clit as Sleazy slid his fingers in and out of her clinging pussy. Leaky had his cock out and had her hand wrapped around it while he directed her fist up and down his pre-cum streaming member. Droopy was underneath the table frantically humping her leg like a small rabid Schnauzer with erectile dysfunction. Bob just sat there stroking his cock and muttering "My turn soon, my turn soon," while licking his eyebrows lasciviously. No points for guessing what his speciality was.

Of course none of this went unnoticed. If Snow had been operating with a full set of senses she would have noticed the small crowd gathering to watch her seduction. Judging by the comments coming from the crowd this wasn't the first time that the Seven Vertically Challenged Dudes had pulled this stunt in Defiant's.

"Damn... looks like Lumpy has got lumpier!"

"Yeah and check out the flow on Leaky... he needs to get a plumber in to see to that."

"Hey Droopy... try Viagra man! It worked for my grandfather!"

By this time seven man sized cocks were out and about and Snow was rapidly approaching a massive orgasm, fuelled by the manipulations of the Seven Vertically Challenged Dudes and her fantasy fuck with the drummer. In fact she was hovering on the brink when a sharp voice cut through her reverie and stopped all action of a sexual nature.

"You horrible little bastards! Get the fuck off that woman and get your shaggy little asses out of my club! Miss I am so sorry that these little bastards put you in that position... with your tremendous tits out... and your gorgeous twat on display." The owner of the voice was a tall man in his late twenties with an imposing manner and a lot of flamboyant nostril hair. Snow came out of her daze as she became aware of the Seven Vertically Challenged Dudes leaping off her body and out of her booth. "May I join you for a moment? I'm D. Fiant the owner of this club." He tried to keep his eyes off her tits as she struggled to cram them back into her bra and pull her g-string back around to cover her wet gaping pussy. The interruption of her climb to the summit of Mount Thunderous Orgasm had also wrecked her fantasy about Drummer Boy. D. Fiant slid into the booth and signalled Rumpledforeskin at the bar. A few minutes later he came trotting up and deposited a Scotch on the rocks and a glass of champagne on the table. Snow took the few moments it took for Rumpledforeskin to prepare and deliver the drinks to get herself together.

"So Beej tells me you're here looking for the man of your dreams.

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