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Dhara & Rodan make good friend planning Earth Day.

A soft ding, such an unexpected sound, dragged me from my mind which had already begun to spin fantasies. I was still in the lobby and the elevator doors had re-opened. Apparently Scott and his group had followed me to the elevator and had pushed the up button in time to interrupt my escape. I am not sure if there is such a thing as elevator etiquette, but I opted not to move to the rear of the car to make room for the new passengers. Instead I scooted over to front right of the car and let the group fill in behind and beside me. As they called out their floors, I gamely hit the appropriate buttons. Scott, who was directly behind me, was on the 21st floor and another man was on 17 which was already lit up since it was my floor as well. With so many bodies and their laptop bags, the elevator was full although not unpleasantly packed. I tried not to be aware of Scott who was standing directly behind me. I could feel him close to me but couldn't really tell how much space there was between us without physically turning around and looking to check. Unconsciously, I took a small step backward and felt his laptop bag brush the back of my leg. He was close. One more step and my back would meet his front. I shivered lightly at the thought and forced myself to stay put.

On the fourth floor we stopped and a very large man in the back made his way out, causing the rest of us to shift around to accommodate him as he exited. I felt Scott's chest brush my back, and he adjusted his computer bag so that it brushed against my legs once again. He was so close I could hear his breath in my ear. I focused on the sensations, soaking in all of the details that I could in those few minutes as the elevator made its way up. All too soon we were almost to my floor. We stopped on 16, and I realized with a start that there were only three of us left: Scott, myself, and the guy who was also on my floor. Scott was still standing close behind me, despite the now nearly empty elevator car. My heart pounded in my chest as I wondered for the first time if maybe, just maybe, he was as turned on as I was.

In the boldest move I think I have ever made, I shifted my hips backward seeking confirmation of his feelings the most obvious way I knew how. I had little time, only seconds as the elevator moved up one last floor. My ass brushed against him, but to my frustration I couldn't tell if he was hard or not and I didn't dare turn around to look at him. My face was flaming red, and I tried to casually shift away from him with a hope that he hadn't noticed my gauche attempt. As the doors opened on 17, my exit route was momentarily blocked as the other man in the elevator barreled out, nearly knocking me over in his haste. I felt Scott's light touch as his hand grasped my waist to steady me and, as I made to exit the car as well, I felt his grip tighten.

His fingers grasped my hip and held me in place, and he moved in so that my back was fully against his chest. My indrawn breath was loud in the confined space, and I halted my forward movement, content to remain in Scott's quasi embrace. It seemed to take ages for the doors to ease shut and the elevator to resume its upward path. Uncertain if I was imagining things, I remained completely still. Even as the elevator doors swing open, I made no move to exit the car. Again, Scott's hand pressed against my waist and this time urged me forward. His body half behind me, half at my side, he leaned down and finally spoke quietly in my ear.

"Come have one last drink with me."

Nodding my assent, I followed him as he strode confidently down the hallway to his room.

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