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Affair with my Married Neighbor.

"Y'all seemed to have so much fun licking ice cream off me before," I said. I tilted the cone and poured a little more ice cream on myself, between my breasts and down to my navel. Then I handed the cone to Mario and he put it back in the bowl. Jon had already started to lick the ice cream off my right breast. He swirled his tongue around my stiff nipple, and then began strumming and flicking it. Mario, once he had sucked the ice cream off my other breast, took the nipple in his mouth and delicately pulled on it, rolling it between his tongue and the roof of his mouth, letting it spring back, and grabbing it again. I wrapped an arm around each of them and ran my fingers through their hair while they caressed me with their lips and tongues. That each of them did a different thing with his mouth was an incredible turn-on. My pussy was hot and swollen and aching for some attention, but what the guys were doing felt so good I didn't want them to quit. However, in a minute Jon abandoned my breast and started to lick up the ice cream I had poured between them. He followed the vanilla trail down the center of my belly until he was brought up short by the waistband of my skirt.

I reached down and unzipped it, and lifting my hips up off the sofa, pulled it down and off. Now I was wearing nothing but my soaked panties. As they were made of nylon, my scent was strongly concentrated in them; I could smell myself, and I figured Jon and Mario could, too. I was right.

"Yum, eau de femme," Mario said. "My favorite!"

"Yeah," Jon said. "They ought to bottle it. I can just imagine it: 'Gee, your pussy smells terrific!'"

"Well," I said, "you just gonna sniff?"

"You said you wanted to run this show," Jon said. "You want us to take 'em off, you're going to have to ask."

"OK, I'm asking!" I said. Each of them hooked a finger into the sides of my bikini panties and drew them down, stroking and caressing my legs, with especial attention to the sensitive insides of my thighs as they did so. By this time I was so horny I could hardly stand it-almost in a state of pain; certainly in a state of heat. My sex, framed by a narrow tan-line and adorned by trimmed fur in the shape of the Greek letter Pi, burgeoned between my parted thighs, avid and nectar-laden. I spread my thighs a little wider and proudly canted my pelvis so that the guys could get a better view of it.

"Mother of God," said Mario. He spoke to Jon, who was staring at me, entranced. "Man, did you ever see such a turned-on horny cunt in your entire life?"

"Not outside triple X movies," Jon said. "And I'm not sure they don't do something to make them look better than they do. I could tell you stuff about food photography, you'd never want to eat again. Sid, honey, could you maybe reconsider the picture thing? We could probably make up what we've laid out on this project, if you did."

I thought of it, briefly, and then shook my head. "Let's keep the party polite," I said. "After this ice cream cone project, I'd like to leave something to people's imaginations. I figure I've been talked about enough already. Best head in Texas, indeed! Speaking of, how about giving me-yikes!" Mario had poured some more of the contents of the cone right smack between my inner labia and onto my clit. "Ow! damn, that's cold!" The guys laughed.

"Only comparatively speaking," Jon said. "Wow, you should just see yourself with that ice cream on you. You look absolutely fucking hot!"

"Tell me about it," I said. "I am. For Christ's sake-somebody do something for me here!"

"Tell you something," Mario said. "Got a deal for you. First one of us makes that pretty pussy of yours explode gets to fuck it, and maybe make it explode some more. And then we'll work out what to do after that. What do you think?"

"That ought to happen pretty quickly," I said.

"That's what you think," Jon said, with a smile that for wickedness rivaled my own.

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