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Strangers cross paths at an airport at night.

She moaned as she inserted a finger into her cunt, her favourite method of masturbation, fingers in her cunt and using the heel of her palm to stimulate her clitoris as if it was a man's pubic bone rubbing into her as he fucked her. Her illusion was so real, so perfect, she saw Roger pounding into her, his face smiling at her, his eyes full of lust for her. She smiled up at him and her breathing became deeper "Fuck me baby, please I have wanted you for so long, come on fuck me, deeper, harder!"

As she commanded her lover fucked her, her eyes were tight closed and her orgasm slammed into her stomach like a train. She shuddered as the recoil of her cum smacked in to her again and again. She rolled onto her right side, legs gripping her hand, her lover as she came again and again. She left her hand on her pussy touching her favourite spots as she relaxed, she dozed and came to in the late afternoon. Her hair was a mess and she wondered if Roger had really been reality or had she just been dreaming. She showered and pulled her bikini on again. As she walked down stairs she heard a moaning from the first landing. "Oooh baby yes! Please let me cum" Julia tiptoed to Roger's bedroom door and peeped through the crack. He was lying on his bed, stark naked and his erect cock in his had. He was using his right hand to masturbate, rubbing his cock up and down, his left hand was squeezing his balls, his middle finger stroking his scrotum.

"Fuck baby make me cum for you! Aaaah! Love it baby, suck it!" Julia was mesmerised by the sight of the display of masturbation. She could not take her eyes from him, praying that he didn't hear her she stayed, fixated willing him to cum. "Fuck Julia suck it!!!" Oh God she thought, he knows I am here, but she noticed his eyes were tight shut, he was dreaming about her as she had been dreaming about him. And then she saw him ejaculate, his spunk shooting from the end of his cock, the end purple and full. The first load spread itself from his belly to his neck, the second spasm onto his belly and the rest onto his tight pubic hair. Roger lay there breathing hard and heavy, "Oh baby" he whispered, his balls aching. Julia so wanted to go to him and hold him, tell him that it would be alright, that she was attracted to him as well, that she had done the same thing earlier. But no, she would wait until the time was right.

She crept down the stairs and made some noise in the kitchen. Finally Roger came into the kitchen, "Hi, sorry I must have dozed off, I think I had a wonderful dream"

"Yes" said Julia, "I did too" and smiled.

For the rest of the afternoon they enjoyed the heat of the day, reading books and talking about nothing in particular.

As the sun started to lose its heat Roger rolled onto his side dropping his magazine on the floor. Julia looked across "Whats' wrong?"

"I am sorry, I can't hold back, I know its wrong, I know I shouldn't..."

"Its ok Roger, you can tell me" said Julia, she reached out and stroked his leg, "come on"

"I think you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever met" he blubbered out.

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