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Tyler's special request lands him in painful situation.

But we can enjoy these next few days, in particular..." I said, coming on to her.

"I feel like I'm taking advantage of you or something... It's just that my hormones are making me really crave sex." she said.

"Hey, if this is taking advantage, you can have as much of it as you want..." I answered, reaching across her and massaging a slightly swollen breast. As my mother moaned, I knew this was where conversation stopped. I pulled her shirt off and continued massaging her tits. I trailed my right hand down her side, falling in from her right leg to her panties.

She took her bra off before I kept going, stroking her pussy over and over on top of her panties. I started sucking on her nipple, slowly making my strokes harder until I was pressing the panties slightly into her pussy. She threw her head back and moaned, and I moved my hand up and sunk it back down under her panties, lightly penetrating her with my middle finger.

I groaned a little bit as my cock grew ever harder in my boxers, but it wasn't that time, I knew. Slowly I trailed down between her legs, pulling my mother's panties off her legs and lying on my belly between them, a hand working on fingering her slow and steady. As I felt her get used to one, I stuck my pointer finger in there. After a long period of time there, I put my pinky in her ass, and she let out a sound that was half squeal, half moan.

"Chase, my God!" she said, feeling an intense wave of pleasure. "How did you learn to do that?" I smiled, continuing.

"Just a stupid thing Josh told me about." I answered.

"Well, based on how close I am to climax-" a long moan came out of her as I pushed my fingers in and out- "I can assure you it's no stupid thing."

"He calls it 'Two in the Pink, One in the Stink." I said, grinning. She laughed, looking at the ceiling.

"Well it does have a stupid name." she chuckled, but the grin on her face was quickly distorted as moans and squeals escaped her. "Oh, fuck..." she said, as I moved faster and faster. But as she showed symptoms of almost reaching climax, I stopped cold, taking off my underwear. She asked,

"Why'd you stop?" And then she realized what was happening. I positioned my cock above her mouth, and grabbed her thighs. She grabbed my waist and pulled me down, and I pushed my cock into her mouth. I leaned down, though, and continued what I'd started. I started licking her pussy over and over, pushing and prodding my tongue around her cunt and on her pussy lips, teasing her hole.

"Mmf..." she moaned, muffled by the cock in her mouth. I finally circled my tongue around her pussy, getting closer and closer until I finally poked my tongue in, the reaction to which was pushing my rear end down and swallowing my whole cock. I gasped as her tongue went over it, around it over and over. I ventured into her pussy with my tongue, met with immediate reactions from her own mouth on my cock.

Stopping cold had done wonders for her stamina, she was now far away from climaxing again. So as I ran my tongue over the fleshy interior walls of her pussy, the feedback was starting from the bottom. Soon enough, after licking her for a long while, I burdened against my rock hard cock further to bend over more, putting two fingers in her ass, slowly and surely stretching her.

After several minutes of this, she finally took my cock out of her mouth and followed it with,

"Oh, oh, shit, yes... Who knew you could go so fucking hard... oh..." She was making all manner of ungodly noises until I finally brought her to a climax. I saw her pussy quiver a little, kind of anticlimactic compared to the primal moans coming from her.

"That's just the first one of many in these next couple days..." I said, with a wink. She smiled and gestured to me to lie on the bed.

"What kind of mother would I be if I didn't return the favor?" She positioned herself over my legs, leaning in and, with a fair bit of effort, swallowing the whole thing.

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