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She has to give herself a hand while hubby works late.

And yet she felt comfortable.

She informed if maybe her stool was mine. I stumbled through half the alphabet to assure her it was all hers. I just begged her to leave the one next to it to me. She waved her consent in a regal manner and with a throaty chuckle. I asked her what she'd like to drink.

Her name was Irene and she was from New York, stranded in a similar way as I was.

I never used to look at a lady's fingers to see if she might be married. This time it was the first thing I did. And she was. She grinned as she caught me at it. I blushed and she grinned even more.

"No real danger there," she said. "The accompanying ring is right now in Namibia, Africa and has no plans ever to return. Just a matter of time and lawyers. I might hang on to it, though. It has a way of holding sniffing dogs at bay. Only the really brave keep trying."

She had a very musical laugh.

I told her I was from New York too, visiting the Chicago branch of the ad agency I worked for. She knew the agency well, she said. She used to work with them in a former job. Right now she was one of the many marketing directors of a huge multinational. She was here for a meeting at a plant close to Chicago.

I got the impression that by that time she felt like me: yearning to get this small talk behind us. So we both had a scotch to speed things up. And it worked. She had a great sense of humour and a favourable opinion on everything I liked.

An hour later we had dinner in the crowded restaurant.

Another hour later I unclasped her bra and sucked on a very aroused nipple. She had lovely tits on a soft, curvy body. And they must have been very sensitive. She moaned and panted as soon as I touched them.

My head buzzed not just from the drinks. Ever since seeing her in the bar I was highly excited, both physical and otherwise. She was witty, sweet and very, very comfortable to talk to. There were a thousand things we seemed to have in common. And when the bill came, it had just been the most natural thing to walk her up to her room and not stop after the long and tender kiss outside her door.

It was a thrill to be inside a warm embrace again. To relax and just kiss every inch of a soft, open body. She was very vocal, but hardly with words. She moaned and made funny little groans as my tongue reached her deep belly button. She pushed me lower until I found a wet and puffy slit. It welcomed my tongue with greedy little bumps and grinds.

I licked her and sucked on her clit until she suddenly clenched me between her thighs. She came with high-pitched screams. I pushed her legs apart and gasped for air. Then I rose to find her face and kiss her open mouth. We just hugged and waited for her to come down from her high.

"Oh God," she whispered. "Did I need that! Thank you, sweet Eric. Now please let me."

She put a finger to my lips when I started to answer. She clamped her lips around a nipple, nibbling on it with her teeth. Then she licked her way down my chest and belly.

I shuddered a sigh when I felt my hard, hard cock slip past her lips into a hot, weak world of swirling lava. I almost came there and then, but she expertly choked the base of my cock with her hands. Then she let the head pop out from between her lips and started sucking my balls while her slow hand stroked me.

God, I was so close. But I was not the one to control that. She was very good and careful and loving. She took her time and somehow kept me right below the edge of coming. Then she rose up to me, smiled into my eyes and said:

"Tell me, lover. Where would you want to come with me, this very first time?"

I kissed her hard, feeling her soft hand on my throbbing cock.

"Ride me, honey. Please take me inside you and ride me to heaven."

She grinned and licked my nose.

"Ooooh yes!", she hissed. "But first we have to be good and responsible lovers."

From seemingly nowhere she came up with a condom.

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