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A man's path from 18 to 35.

She lays down and starts to roll around as I take several pictures. Her skirt is starting to ride up and reveal her panties as she rolls around.

I can feel my dick start to grow. She is looking seductive with her serious looks and her coy smiles.

"Let's take a few without the shirt" I suggest.

She pulls her shirt off and throws it at me. We both laugh at her silliness. She does a few more poses before removing her bra, on her own accord.

She lays on her back with her legs spread and twists her upper body to the side. She covers her breasts and gives me a shy look, then a shocked look, then a seductive smile. I can tell she is having fun with this.

"I want you to take pictures of me nude." she says.

How could I say no to this vixen? I watch as she strips her clothes off and lays on the couch. I stand at the foot of the couch and take a picture of he on her back with her legs closed, her arms resting on her navel. She looks so serious. So irresistable.

She lays on her hip and slides her right leg up to a kneeling position once more. I am not sure if she realizes she is exposing her lips to me or not. I click away.

"What's next?" she asks.

I think a few seconds like I am thinking. "How about on my bed?" I ask.

"Okay" she replies as she hops up, " but remember no touching."

"Yes ma'am" I reply smiling.

She is trouble and she doesn't know it. We walk into my bedroom. I pull back my tan sheets and she climbs in, sealing her fate.

"Never climb into a man's bed naked and think it won't be sexual." I think to myself.

I am hard and I know she can see the bulge in my pants. She lays on her back. I pull the sheet up over her legs to her midriff. She rests her hands on the top of her head.

I lift the camera and take a few pictures of her staring at me with a serious, yet seductive look. She closes her eyes and I snap a few shots of her appearing to sleep.

"Can I remove the sheet?" I inquire.

"Sure." She replies.

She watches me as I slide the sheet off her legs. I look at her crotch. Her labia are swollen. A glimpse of moisture has formed and is peaking between her lips. I know she is as turned on as I am. I am happy that she is enjoying this.

I take a few pictures of her nude body lying on my bed. Her eyes and legs are closed, but her pussy lips are still revealed. I spread her legs without resistance. Her lack of resistance surprises me. I shoot more pictures of her naked body.

Her lips have started to separate, revealing her pink inner labia. Her lips are glistening with moisture. I can hear her breathing heavier, through the silence. This moment is very erotic.

I adjust my hardon and capture the moment on film. I zoom in the lens to take a few close-up pictures of her pussy. Those will be for me. I adjust one of her hands from her head and place it on her pussy.

She opens her eyes and smiles shyly. Her cheeks blush. I return to the foot of the bed and take another photo.

"Do you trust me?" I ask softly.

"Yes. Why?" She asks.

"I want to take a few different photos."

"What kind?"

"I want to take a couple with your hands restrained."

"You promise you will not touch me sexually if I say yes?"

I have never tied her up before, not even when we were a couple. "Yes. That is why I asked if you trusted me."

"Okay. Yes you can." she said smiling.

She just gave me free rein to her body, whether she knows it or not. I walk over to my closet and pull out a bag of goodies. I dig through the bag and pull out two straps with velcro cuffs. I tie the straps to both sides of the bed frame then place her wrists in each of the cuffs and velcro the cuffs shut.

I hear a jail cell door close in my head, locking in the prisoner. That is how I see her right now.

She pulled on the binds, testing them out. Her hands lay on the bed next to her head. I lean in and kissed her on the forehead. She smiles at me and I return a smile.

I walk back around to the foot of the bed, take inventory of her nude body a few seconds, and put the camera up to my eye.

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