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A Jamaican woman is coerced into a series of encounters.

Marion rubbed my clit with her thumb and Richard had pressed his thumb into my asshole.

Finally my orgasm started to fade. As my mind began working again I asked myself what I was doing with a woman's hand in me, then she pulled it out. Holding it between our faces, Marion said, "Girl, your pussy is so wet." I could see my cum coating her fingers. Before I could think about it I leaned over and sucked on her fingers, enjoying the taste of my own sex. I've often tasted myself on the face of a lover who's gone down on me, or on his cock after fucking me, but this was the first time I ever licked my pussy juice off another woman's fingers. And damn but I tasted good.

"I think she likes it," Marion said to Richard, who still had his fingers in me.

"Yes, I do," I said, licking her hand again.

Richard then pulled his hand out and offered his fingers to Marion, who proceeded to suck them clean. "Mmm, I like it too," she said. "Astrid, my Shooting Star, you are so sexy." I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips while Richard kissed the back of my neck.

Marion pulled back from the kiss. Taking my hand, she pulled it down over her flat stomach to her bare pussy. "Now me," she said. "I'm so fucking hot. Do me now."

I ran my finger over her clit, feeling it start to swell. Not knowing exactly what to do, I starting doing what I thought would feel good to me. As I rubbed and teased her little knob, Richard moved behind her. "Oh yes, lover. Oh yes," she said, and I realized that Richard had his fingers in her. I continued to rub up and down her silky pussy lips, just grazing her clit. "Do me," she murmured. Give it to me." I fingered her tight pussy, feeling Richard's fingers. Then I forced two of mine into her, causing her to cry out, "Yes, yes, YES!" Suddenly juice was flowing out of her. I rubbed her clit harder as Richard forced his hand further into her wet slit. Marion's eyes rolled up, her pupils almost disappearing as she started cumming. Digging our fingers deeper, Richard and I almost lifted her off the floor. "AAAHHEEEIIII!" she shouted. "YESYESYESFUCKYES!" Marion was literally shaking in my arms. I knew she was cumming because I knew how I would feel. Again and again she pushed against my hand, and her pussy clamped onto our fingers as she spasmed.

Finally her body relaxed, her climax spent. "Oh, that was so good, so goddam good. Thank you both," she gasped. I pulled my fingers out of her and held them up for her. "Mmmm," she said while licking my fingers.

Richard then pulled his hand up and licked his own fingers. "As usual," he said, "you are delicious my love." Richard then kissed his wife on the lips.

As we all disentangled, Marion said to me, "Don't you think it's his turn now?"

"I certainly do," I replied. With that, I pulled his boxers completely off, letting his hard-on spring out. Marion and I sank to our knees. I took hold of his dick, holding it up as my tongue met Marion's underneath his head.

"Oooh yeah," he said. "That feels so good." We kept licking him and sucking each others tongues for a while, then Marion started kissing down the Length of him and I moved until he was in my mouth. Soon I could see Marion sucking his balls while I worked him in and out between my lips. I could tell he was getting close, so I pulled him out and Marion licked her way back up to my mouth. We kissed again, his cock-head between our mouths, then I moved down and Marion started sucking on him. As I cupped his balls in my hand, I took one, then the other, into my mouth. The whole time he was moaning and muttering.

Marion removed him from her mouth and our tongues came back together.

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