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Dimitri's eyes scanned over the computer screen.

Resting upon the large floor comforter, I became alert and sat up when I heard the front door open behind me. No one was supposed to know that I was hiding in the guest cottage. I had even deactivated the surveillance system so Kristanna and Devon could not find my whereabouts with the voyeur room. I just wanted to be left alone. But somehow, Trish had come upon me and found my so-called refuge. The 30-year-old from Toronto stepped inside, and moved toward me.

"Hey," she simply greeted, waving her left hand.

I looked at her, but did not offer a response. Trish took the initiative by sitting down beside me on the floor and then gently patting my knee. "You okay, Jeremy?"

"What do you think?" I asked, my voice hollow.

Trish frowned momentarily, but then titled her head and offered me a curious, thoughtful look. "I remember not too long ago, Lindsay dumped me. She just flat-out dumped me. I was in the recreation room and when Lindsay left after telling me the bad news, I was all upset, all crying." Trish hesitated, then smiled faintly. "I also remember you showing up, Jeremy - seemingly out of nowhere - and doing your best to cheer me up and be a good friend when I needed it most. It worked. You did a great job that day."

Trish then grasped my left hand with her right and squeezed firmly. "Now it is my chance to return the favor, and cheer you up. Do you know, Jeremy, that Kristanna is worried sick about you? She has no idea where you are. Have you been here hiding away all day?"


"Sometimes it's good to hide from others when you're upset," Trish nodded. "Other times, it's not. Kristanna is really worried about you, Jeremy. I mean, REALLY worried. You should try and find her as soon as possible."

"She'll find me soon enough," was my listless response. "Or I will find her."

"I heard about some of the nasty stuff that Camille said to you," Trish pouted. "Want to talk about it?"

"What do you think of me as a person?" was my question for Trish. I do not know where it came from, or why I had asked it. Perhaps I just needed some positive reinforcement?
"Do you really want to know?"

Hmmmmm. That was the exact, same thing Camille said to me before turning all nuclear and dropping those bombs on me earlier today. Could I get a similar response from Trish? At this point, in my current frame of mind, I would not have been surprised one bit.

"I think you are an amazing and wonderfully kind, gracious person," Trish answered. "You are the nicest and most caring man I have ever met in my whole, entire life, Jeremy. And if it wasn't for Kristanna and, to a lesser extent Devon and Pamela when she was still here, I wish I set my sights on you instead of Lindsay from the very beginning. Who knows? I could be the one with the big engagement ring now."

"Is that what you want?"

"No," Trish assured me. "I don't want that at all. You are with Kristanna now. You are also with Devon. I would never interfere or try to cause any problems between the three of you. You know that, right? Plus, remember that no one is happier that you and Kristanna are actually together than I am. I told you from the very outset that the two of you make a great couple. You and Kristanna belong together."

The Canadian took a deep breath and sighed. "But you like me being honest, Jeremy. You tell me to be honest with you. So ... that was honest. I wish I looked at you a month ago the same way I look at you now. I wish I invested the effort into you instead of Lindsay, although I know that you and Kristanna would have still ultimately wound up together. No matter what, she would still have the engagement ring." Trish shrugged her shoulders and concluded, "But maybe I could have had a bigger role in your life."

"You don't think I'm pathetic and should burn in Hell for the rest of eternity?"

Trish giggled slightly, then shook her head and insisted, "Fuck Camille, Jeremy.

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