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New semester brings incredible new experience.

My second cousin, Ivar was having a quite a time with his temper, and a few years ago, his wife and I worked out quite a pleasant arrangement. They live in North Dakota, and Christabel put Ivar in chastity, and sent the keys to me. Four times a year Ivar comes through Sherier Place on business, and he stays with us! If Christabel's e-mails about Ivar have been positive, then he qualifies for a possible spurt and I put him through "hurdles".

One of my favorites is assignments that I've sent him back home, like memorizing Susan B. Anthony's speeches, and quizzing him on them. Then there are the more physically rigorous ones. Ivar is a homophobe, so I've mailed him dildos in various sizes to try sucking, and he's graduated to some big ones!

One night during his visits, I take him to Geppetto's, a tranny bar in downtown Sherier. The "girls" are usually playing bezique around a table in the center of the room, and Ivar must go under each of their skirts and use his mouth to maximum advantage. After my cross-dressing friends are all cooing in delight, I let Ivar get up again, though usually his eyes are filled with tears.

Sometimes I make Ivar dress as a ladyboy himself, and have him try to pick up a normal man at a bar. Ivar is quite handsome, and pretty as a woman, very slim, that sort of thing. Often the smallest men are the most abusive to women, and I pay Ivar out for his past treatment of poor Christabel by having him flounce around in the different meat markets here in town, though as of yet he's not had to go home with anyone...I just make him get their phone numbers!

You must imagine that Ivar is quite desperate to go through this sort of thing. And of course, he is. He's orgasm-less for all but four days out of the year, and we don't even milk him from behind to reduce the pressure on his prostate. It's just hoped that when he has his four orgasms, they shoot out all the necessary semen.

Think of it! Ivar is sex-free, and he also must perform orally on Christabel, who has a much higher sex drive than I've ever had, and also he sucks her lovers, which is rather unpleasant for him. But then before we locked Ivar up, he was quite the tomcat, so I can't be too distressed over this.

Bronislaw, Archibald's gay brother is also kept in chastity by his lover, and so when it comes time to give Ivar his orgasm, I generally have Ivar and Bronislaw jack each other off...rather a ruined orgasm for poor homophobe Ivar...but, we do what we do!

Then Ivar is locked back up, and sent back to Christabel in North Dakota, to await another four months before it's his turn to "qualify" again! When Ivar fails to impress me, I send him home orgasm-free, and that is even more saddening to the poor thing, but so far he's only failed twice, and that in eleven years!

Thaddeus Newland is not a relative, but he might as well be. Thad went to high school with my husband, and his son, Thaddeus Junior, (called, amusingly, Tad) married my middle girl. Thad and his wife, Muriel initiated us into the Keeplocks back in 1980, and so you can tell how far the intimacy goes.

But after Muriel died, Tad came to tell me that his father seemed to be taking the grieving process badly. Tad is not a submissive, and my daughter is not a domme, so they really know little of chastity training, but I wondered if that might not be the problem.

I went to see Thad. "Tad tells me you are very unhappy." And it was true, the house was a mess. Muriel had always kept a sharp whip on Thad to scrub and clean while she, um, dated around. It was a system that worked for them for forty years, but now, with her death it had fallen apart.

Thad cried in my arms. "I miss Muriel so much...and I feel at loose ends with the keys lying out. I just spend all my time masturbating to pornography, Nettie. I'm retired, and have nothing else to do but masturbate and order take-out."

What could I do, Shoeblossom? I took Muriel's short dog-whip from where it was lying under their bed, and o

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