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A little lesson in what NOT to do before sex.


They all laughed at this, each keeping their thoughts to themselves as three pairs of eyes hooked onto John in the pool. John was unaware of this and just stayed as he was talking with the girls in the pool. Little did he realise that all three women had similar ideas going through their brains. One with knowledge and certainty of future action, two with wishes and imagination of giant cocks and knowledge that they would never experience it. Two of the women gave huge sighs at about the same time, and noticing the other sigh looked at each other, smiled and knew they were both on the same wavelength. Linda remained oblivious to the sighs and looks. Such is the problem with having a good friendship, you do miss out on some things and your good friend's husband is one such miss. At this time they all get into the pool to join the others to cool off.

A bit later John left the pool as he was starting to wrinkle, and offered everyone a drink. After he poured them the women got out of the water and walked over to the patio to get their glasses. John picked up a couple of drinks to hand them out and he saw all six gorgeous women walking towards him. In his mind their movements were in slow motion as his brain de-cyphers the sensual vista. Their hips are swaying and breasts jiggling with each step, and the bikinis are accentuating all movements, like a wriggling rainbow. He stops like a rabbit in the spotlight and stares at them. Unaware of the effect they have on him they just keep coming and all except Adriana pass by to get their drinks from the counter. Adriana being first to arrive took hers from his hand which brought him out if his stupor. Feeling a familiar tingle and tightness he assesses if he can get inside the house without embarrassment and decides not. He grabs a towel and quickly takes himself to the last chair on the end of the patio. Sitting he tries to camouflage his bulging groin and think non erotic thoughts.

This time it works, thanks to the recent relief Linda had given him, and he does manage to relax his erection__. The six females kept up their conversations without worrying about input from John. There were some surreptitious glances from each of the women towards John, a few with knowing looks. He had not reached the chair totally unnoticed as to his burgeoning condition and each woman was keeping a little watch on him as each had thoughts about his condition and treatment befitting their age and knowledge of his problems. Three were definitely triple X-rated, and one M-rated towards his bump. Two were just having fun and loved him.

The curious moved first and John found himself besieged by two lasses getting him to return to the pool. They had started to get him reluctantly moving by each pulling an arm when the M-rated thinker got behind him and pushed as they pulled. When he gave up and decided resistance was useless and instead of stalling he stepped forward, wrapped an arm around two of the girls and raced to the pool jumping in still holding them to himself. They were quickly followed by Adriana as they came to the surface spluttering out swallowed water as they got their breath back, laughing all the time. The simple joy of frolicking around the pool was contagious as everyone joined in the laughing.

The three young women banded together to attack John forcing him under the water or pushing and pulling him around the pool.

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