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A haughty woman tamed by an unusual horse.

He said "I am going to have to raise your skirt and lower your knickers, Emma. Do you know how shameful that is for a grown woman to have to be chastised like this? I moaned. This felt wonderfully degrading and humiliating. I stared at the carpet and felt the rush of blood to my face as his fingers raised my skirt. "Such a lovely bottom," Winston whispered. I felt my pussy tingling and the rush of shame thrilled me as his fingers slipped into the elastic of my panties and he oh so slowly tugged them down to the top of my thighs. I loved the feeling of my bare bottom being exposed to this man and the spanking began. I felt the sting of his palm against the lower half of my bare bottom. I could feel my clit swelling and a rapid series of spanks began. I moaned as I grinded my groin against his thighs while I laid face down over his lap. He spanked lightly at first but then he picked up the pace. A very small part of me felt disappointed he didn't spank harder. There was that part of me that wanted him to lose control and punish me severely for what I was doing. Nevertheless it was a small desire and the spanking felt sublime.

Then Winston ordered me to march to the corner and put my nose against the wall. I had to walk slowly as my panties were still around my thighs plus he ordered me to walk while holding my skirt up. I stood with my nose against the wall for a minute or so while I listened to him rummaging through some drawers. He came back and said "I hold in my right hand an oval wooden hairbrush. I am not going be too hard on you as you don't want bruises. But I am going to have to punish you for coming here. Now, step back from the corner but don't turn around. Put your hands on your knees. I am going to give you a spank for each year of your life. At your age you really should know better than to trifle with a married man."

"One for each year of my life?" I protested. "But that's 23 spanks!"

My protest ended with a SMACK! The brush caused as much noise as pain. He made me count the smacks and by 15 I was in ecstasy and at 23 my knees buckled as I orgasmed. He told me to go back to the corner and put my nose against the wall.

I listened to Winston setting the hairbrush down on a countertop and he said "I hope you learned your lesson."

"Oh, I did. But my pussy is driving me crazy. It is so lonely right now maybe you should stick your cock in it," I whispered.

"What?" Winston said. "I cannot cheat on Julia! "

I purred "it's not cheating if you don't stick it in all the way. Just give me the head of your dick from behind. It's only cheating if you put it all the way in."

"It's not cheating then?" Winston said. I listened to him unzipping while I remained facing the wall. "Are you quite sure about that?"

"Oh, yes I am certain." I said. I felt his right hand gripping my hip and his left hand forcing me to bend over. My palms were spread and pressed against the cool blue wall. His breath came out in quick gasps as he forced his dick into my pussy slowly. He gave me just the head of it in and out in short thrusts. I quivered as he increased the pace just giving me the head and I felt dizzy and the room began to spin just a little bit and I thought I heard a door open but I wasn't quite in my own mind. I moaned "give it all to me Winston!"

"What in the hell is going on in here?" It was a woman's voice loud and booming. Winston pulled out of me and shrieked "I wasn't cheating! Emma told me it wasn't cheating if I didn't put my cock all the way in her!" I turned around and watched Winston as he zipped up his pants.

"Silence!" Julia's voice was thundering and commanding.

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