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Continuing the saga of rebirth for Franklyn.

Fair warning: Some may progress very quickly through these steps while others may have to try a number of times to become really proficient in letting this become pleasurable.

Ladies, when you and your lover are going to be getting into this type of play, it is paramount that your pleasure comes first and foremost!!! But, the best way for you to learn this is by yourself!

The very first step is that you have to decide that you really want to do this. The decision has to be yours with no outside pressure.

For you women who are capable of having a number of orgasms in a single day/night time period, I strongly recommend that you masturbate and come to orgasm at least once just prior to beginning to play with your back door. The hand-held shower nozzles are awesome for this since the hot water is also going to help that area of your body relax. The orgasm(s) you have just before your exploration begins will also help with the relaxation of those muscles.

For those of you who get too tender to have another orgasm shortly after just having one, go directly to the next step.

This is where some real fun begins. Get yourself really horny, randy, sexed up, hot n bothered, dripping with desire, wanton, but DON'T let yourself achieve orgasm! While you're in this pent up state your body should be much more open to other suggestive playing. Keep spending most of your efforts on however you're use to bringing on an orgasm without letting it happen, while also beginning to play with your bottom, specifically your anus and the skin around it.

You should find that as you have contractions from the pleasure your giving yourself otherwise, that your anus is also contracting, even if just a little bit. Let your LUBED fingers explore the surface of the area back there and feel the contractions with your fingertips.

Women with nails should use caution with this next step, or use examination gloves to help shield tender flesh from long nails or hang nails. You should also use examination gloves if you have any open sores of any kind on your fingers!!!

While you're exploring the surface of the area back there, see if you can begin inserting a lubed finger (or a lubed, skinny vibe or lubed, skinny dildo) during the contractions or during a moment of rest. If you're still doing this in the shower then obviously you want to be using toys that won't be affected by the water if toys are what you're using. Some lubes may also cease to be functional if too much water is introduced to them.

The initial penetration is very important because it'll almost automatically tell you if you can proceed easily or if more time is needed just explore topically. From what I've found, the hornier you are when you get the initial penetration, the easier it is, and the more enjoyable it becomes in a shorter period of time. Being really, really, REALLY horny seems to help dramatically from what I've been told of the advice I've given.

The next step can happen with a few different things transpiring, mostly in the number of fingers inserted, or the size of the toy being used. For those of you who are able to get a successful insertion, that at least is comfortable, and at best is causing you to go over the edge and achieve your orgasm, you should be finding out by being aware of the sensations just how much you're able to do back there that first time. I've known a few women who were almost instantly able to move on to more than one finger or a larger toy back there. There have been others who were only able to use as much as a pinky finger until they learned to control that part of themselves through becoming more aware of the different sensations down there.

Either way, when you have a successful penetration and insertion into your derriere, that's when you want to allow yourself to have that orgasm you were fighting so hard to keep down.

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