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A cock-teasing wife is forced and fucked like never before.

I squeeze them lightly. Lifting them; I press them together gently. As my tongue twirls over your shoulder my fingers start to tease your nipples. Stroking softly, grazing up and down, rubbing from side to side, pinching lightly.

Hmmmmm...feel how erect they've become...just like my cock which you can feel resting against the small of you back right now. You there babe?

"Hmmmm, don't stop!"

You can feel the head of my dick throb against the small of your back as I flex it with my tight abdominal muscles. Slowly my tongue begins to move down your spine. Flicking its moisture off your skin; leaving no area uncovered. This sends a quiver through your body. As I fall to my knees my hands fall from your breasts; down over your naval and all the way down to your hips.

You can feel my breath against your ass as I kneel behind you. My hands groping your thighs. As I stare at your hot rump my cock tenses against my hard flat stomach.

Damn you have a hot ass. Let me lick it all over. Let me run my tongue all over it.

Gripping your hips, I press my tongue against the small of your back. I begin to lick.


Up and down. Feel my moistness running all over you. Hmmmmm. Feel how wet its getting. Making you feel sooo sensual. Let me lick your asshole baby. Hmmmmm. Let me lick it.

"Oh yeah baby do what you want, just don't stop. Mmmmm."

As my fingers move around the front of your thighs my tongue begins to probe your asshole making you feel dirtier than you ever have before. I swirl it around and around causing you to arch back slightly over my shoulder. As my fingers move up your inner thighs your anus becomes blanketed in moistness.

Mmmmmm, baby let me tongue fuck your ass. Let me do it. Let me treat you like the whore that you are.

"Oh yeah, fuck me baby, fuck me."

You can feel my fingers running through your silky trim fur now. Grooming you. All the time my tongue moving in and out as my face becomes buried in your ass. My chin grinding against you. My thumb finding your hard clit, presses down hard. My two middles fingers beginning to rub your lips. Up and down. My thumb flicking your clit. As my fingers press against your pussy lips they begin pulling them around in circular motions.

"Mmmmmmmm, damn baby I'm getting wet, don't stop, fuck don't stop."

You can feel my fingers press your lips and pulling them apart exposing your glistening pinkness. As I slide in my index finger; rolling it against your lips and pulling down on your clit my tongue circumnavigates your ass.

Mmmm. I can feel your pussy walls hugging my finger as I curl it inside you. Your pussy is so tight. So fucking wet. How many fingers can I fuck you with baby? How many baby? One? Two? Three? Let me find out baby...I want to stretch your lips with my fingers. I need to make the space for this thick shaft.

With my left hand I hold your pussy lips apart while rubbing hard on your clit. Pinching it delicatly. Meanwhile the fingers of my right hand begin to probe you. Four fingers working for space. Twisting and turning pushing hard against your swollen lips.

Ohhhhhh, baby you don't know whether it feels good or bad. Mmmmm feel how slick your cunt is getting as I slide them in and out. Fighting against your creamy cum for space. Mmmmmm can you feel it baby? Can you feel it? Mmmmm finger that cunt. Imagine it. Make yourself feel good as I stroke my cock. As I stroke my shaft up and down. Imagine me tongue fucking your ass as I finger fuck your oh so sweet cunt. Mmmm your ass is so sweet pressing against my ass. Mmmmm baby feel it. Feel it baby. Mmmmm does it feel good?

"Oh yes baby, oh yes, I'm cumming"

As your creamy cum rolls out over my hand I take that as a signal.

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