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An elven ranger begins her descent into depravity.

Soon she would cease to feel any embarrassment about her overt sexuality in public, no longer consider unnatural the differences between her behaviour and those she once considered as equals. In her mind she would no longer see any connection between herself and them.

Angie leant forward and placed the tip of the pen upon the page, directly resting upon the long line of tiny black dots that awaited her name to underline. She considered for one final moment. Matt was right, she thought like a sow already. The loss of her rights meant nothing to her when set against David becoming her owner, being trained and milked by him. Without more ado, she signed her name.

David inspected her signature and signed along the line accepting ownership and Matt signed as witness to both signatures. David turned towards Angie and smiled at her encouragingly. "You are my sow. From now on you will only respond only to the name sowangy, the name I give you." David and Matt proceeded to sign several other documents completing his ownership of her, while sowangy just stood by and watched. Dribble was running from the corners of her mouth and she kept mopping it with the back of her hand.

"Leave it, sowangy, let your dribble run. You are my sow now, and it becomes you to dribble. I can see your other sow mouth down there has been leaking too. All this has made you excited hasn't it. You are to learn to accept your bodily responses, and not hide them. Things that may have bothered you in the past now will be accepted; what others think of you matters nothing, they will see you as a sow: that you can't help yourself. You have so much to unlearn."

Sowangy nodded and bowed her head. Already she had made a mistake. She had only been his sow for a few moments. But David smiled and slipped a thin silver collar around her neck. He had a chain attached and led her back from the table with the paperwork. He pulled on the chain to get her to lower herself and she ended on hands and knees before the witnesses.

"That's a good sow." David's hands were on her ass, stroking her. He lifted a large metal ring that was sunk into the floor, and tied her leash around it. Her neck was now tied to the floor. David rose and went round the back and reached up between her thighs. All her secretions had made the thin material of her body stocking all saturated and twisted into a thin knotted band running along her crack. David tried to release the poppers and free her sowcunt, but he struggled for several minutes as everyone crowded round. Sowangy stared at the floor feeling the thrill at her owners touch between her thighs. She could feel the tightness of the material biting into her and waited for that release of tension that would signal her availability to her master. David's fingers soon became slippery and getting purchase to open up his sow was proving difficult. His fingers slid again and again across the entrance to her sowcunt and the bud of her ass, as his sow waited, tethered to the floor awaiting consumation. She loved the sensations and the waves of anticipation as he struggled. Suddenly with a burst, part tearing the material, the poppers yielded and the tension was suddenly released.

David stood and pulled open his trousers. His cock sprang out, stiff and swayed out horizontally before him, an arrow directed towards the wet sowcunt waiting inches before it. Matt called the witnesses to gather round as David sank his cock into his sow. Sowangy groaned into her ball gag and she felt the pull at her neck as she was rocked forward by the rapid humping of her master. She heard the slap of his balls against the back of her thighs and the heat in her groin blazed.

Matt gathered the witnesses around the sow and encouraged them to stroke her, running their hands along her flanks, squeezing at her flesh.

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