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Once she released her kiss, I tried one last time to retain some sort of professionalism. "You see, if it wasn't for friction, your nerves wouldn't be able to feel the positive sensations of..."

She interrupted me again. "Shut up and kiss me, David."

I obliged. Our tongues continued to play with each other as I lifted her from her chair, carried her across the room, and set her down on James' desk.

Merely "playing the part" of tutor at this point, I decided to do a little bit of role-playing. "I'm determined to teach you something about physics today, Sarah. I think you'll find out just how much fun friction can be. These lessons are not intended for minors, though."

"I think we could teach each other a thing or two," she retorted as she showed me her driver's license. Indeed, she had turned 18 just two weeks ago.

"No more talk," I instructed. "Sighing, moaning, and screaming will be permitted, though."

With that, I unbuttoned her black jeans and slid them off, along with her purple thong. Like Sarah, I had been hungry for any sexual encounter for quite a while, and I was eager to dive right in. I started by playing with her pierced clit. It was larger than any other clit I had ever seen, almost a half inch was exposed from under its hood, and the fact that it was pierced meant that it was even more sensitive to my flickering tongue. I knew that she was telling the truth about her recent lack of sex when she started coming. She was letting out short, high pitched moans with each pulse of her growing orgasm.

"Oh, oh, oh, OH, OH, OH, AAAAAH!"

When she screamed like that, a thick river of cum poured out of her pussy. I had never seen a girl come like that before, but it turned me on. A LOT.

She started calming down after a while, and asked "was that the whole lesson?" There was a look of intense desire in her eyes.

"Well, that was a lesson in basic friction," I replied.

"Will there be another lesson in friction? I'm willing to learn EVERYTHING I can about it."

I was glad that she was playing along in the teacher-student role-play, but I wasn't ready to have sex with her yet. "Before we continue with friction, I think I'd like to teach you something about magnetism. Is there any iron in that piercing?"

Her clit ring was the kind of piercing that would've been a hoop if it weren't for the two balls on each end. "The two balls are made of iron. Why do you ask?"

"You'll find out," I said as I retrieved a magnet from James' desk drawer.

"Mmmmm," she purred. "What are you going to teach me now, David?"

"Well, there are many metallic elements on this planet," I explained, "and Iron is a metal that is particularly affected by magnets. Just let me know when you feel something."

I then slowly brought the strong magnet closer and closer to Sarah's clit ring. When I was about six inches away, she gasped.

"Ooooh! I felt that!" she said as a small trickle of juice formed from her pussy.

"Now, as the magnet gets closer and closer to your piercing, the attraction between the two of them will increase."

The small trickle I mentioned earlier became bigger and bigger as I brought the magnet closer and closer to her engorged clit. I was about two inches away from her clit ring when she started moaning.

"I'm going to come, I'm going to come!" she groaned.

I then started to move the magnet rapidly to the left and right, making her clit ring practically vibrate against her clit. She started coming violently, sending jets of her ejaculate into the air, and almost hitting me in the process.

"Hey now," I said. "We don't cover projectile motion until next week!"

"Sorry, David," she moaned, "I guess I was more eager to learn than I originally thought. Can you teach me about advanced friction now?"

Her eyes were glaring with desperation. "I promise that we will get into advanced friction a little later on," I said. "I would like to teach you one more thing before that though. I want to give you a lesson in static electricity."

She broke character for a moment.

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