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Elunara has a surprise visitor.

She would stay and take Ben and Emily's children over to Bianca and Jules house as well. She picked up her phone to make the arrangements. They were going to need help tonight,


Josh's phone came to life and he looked at it smiling before picking it up.

"Hey you," he answered.

"Hey there handsome, I just dropped Bianca home, and it's too late to go all the way back to the city, and I was wondering how your lunch went and more importantly, if it was over," she laughed lightly.

"I'm at Lucy's right now, why don't you meet me at my place in about thirty minutes and I'll tell you all about it," Josh said not having to force a smile to his face for the first time in hours. This phone call was exactly what he needed to make everything alright again.

"I was hoping you would say that," Peri giggled softly.

"Drive safely," Josh laughed.

"See you soon," Peri said and ended the call and Josh put his phone away continuing to smile. He had been so concerned about her hip it seemed like forever since they had truly enjoyed each other but he could work around that now, she had had a few days to heal. He needed to lose himself in her and enjoy the love and devotion she showered him with.

"Look at you smiling like a goofy schoolboy," Lucia pulled a face at him. "You love her a lot don't you?"

"Yeah," Josh admitted. "Which cheesy line would you like? She completes me?"

"That's a great one, but you should throw in something heartfelt as well if you want to convince me, like 'I never knew love could feel this good'." Lucia Laughed.

"Well that's true so can I just use that one and owe you a better version next time I see you?" Josh said standing up.

"I am so happy for you baby brother," Lucia hugged him and turned to the table picking up her coffee that Josh had insisted she have. "I never thought I would say this, but you have to let Papa handle this now. It won't be pretty, but it won't be as awful as all this," she spread her hands indicating her beautiful home. "She won't stop until you become her lackey again and if you love this girl as much as I think you do, you don't have any choice."

Josh knew the truth of her words, but it killed him to think of betraying Nik like that. He wanted her to back off, and he was showing her he meant business by making the changes he had put off for so long because of her. He realised now that it would always be about her and her needs, and she had no intention of making her boutique work and becoming independent.

"I love you, Lucy," Josh laughed, "You've never sugar-coated anything for me." He grabbed the hard drive he had downloaded her manuscript onto and smiled, it was substantially more than the short story he had told her about. "I'm looking forward to reading this, you will be my first big author, so start thinking about your next book because the public will demand more." He kissed her cheek as she scoffed at his words and shooed him out of her house.

Josh sped towards home, his mind on Lucia's words. He hoped she was wrong, and now that he had cut Nik off financially she would have to start to think about how she had treated everyone. He decided as he turned into his street that if she did anything else between now and the holidays he would tell Papa what had been going on.

Josh saw Peri's little white hatchback parked outside of his apartment complex, and all thoughts of Nik left his mind as he parked his car and took the stairs rather than waiting for the elevator. When he walked in he found her in the kitchen pouring herself a glass of iced water naked except for the necklace he had given her when they had stayed at the cabin. He grinned thinking a weekend like that, away from the family dramas, could be what they both needed.

"If I came home to this every day I would be a very happy man." He swung the door shut behind him and moved swiftly to take her in his arms. He kissed her passionately and walked her back to the bench lifting her up onto it as she pushed his jacket off his shoulders.

Josh shrugged off his jacket enjoying her eagerness, but he need

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