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Would I ever see Sylvie again?

"I just agreed with you that you were straight."

"And you could tell that from just one kiss," Miranda said, an almost undetectable trace of regret in her voice.

"I said what I thought you wanted to hear," Syd replied. "I never really think of people as straight or gay. I think people are people and who you sleep with is a matter of choice and opportunity."

"But you've never been with a man?" the redhead asked, if only to confirm her earlier assessment.

"No, but like I said, that's a matter of choice."

"Would it bother you if a woman you slept with also slept with men?" Miranda asked, wondering where that question had come from.

"I guess that would depend on why I was sleeping with her," Syd answered without hesitation. "If we were in a relationship, well of course it would certainly bother me if she slept with someone else, man or woman. But if we were just having a little fun, well why should I care? Don't you feel that way about some of the men you date?"

If she were still being honest, Miranda would have to admit that was true as well. In fact, after thinking about it for a few moments, she realized that the number of men she'd dated for just sex far out numbered those she'd felt an emotional attachment for. Skipper was only the latest example of that truism.

"Miranda, can I ask you a question now?" Syd asked, interrupting the redhead's musings.

"Of course."

"Do you find me attractive?"

The question took Miranda by surprise. Not that it hadn't been one she'd asked herself. True, Syd wasn't attractive in the way say Charlotte or Samantha was, but there definitely was something there. On reflection, she realized that it was the same quality that she saw when she looked into the mirror each morning.

"Yes, I do," she admitted, surprised at how her pulse quickened as she said it.

"I'm glad to hear that," Syd said as she took first one, then two steps closer, "because I think that you're absolutely gorgeous."

Both her words, and her proximity, made Miranda's heart race even faster.

Without further comment, Syd reached up and ran her fingers across Miranda's cheek, closing the last few inches between them as she did. Miranda closed her eyes and enjoyed the soft touch, letting out a soft sigh.

A sigh that was cut short as Syd moved even closer, her lips coming to rest against Miranda's as they kissed for the second time that evening. Unlike in the elevator, there was no mistaking this as anything but a lover's kiss. Her tongue pressed forward, rubbing against the redhead's mouth seeking admittance to the delights beyond; an admittance Miranda granted as her own tongue reached out to meet it. Not since she had first played spin the bottle in grade school had the red headed lawyer felt so excited by anything as simple as a kiss.

"That, was definitely an improvement," Miranda said breathlessly when their lips finally parted.

"Still think you're totally straight?" Syd grinned, her arms resting around Miranda's waist.

"How about we just say that I'm beginning to see other possibilities?" Miranda smiled back, making no effort to free herself from Syd's embrace.

"Well, then let's see if we can open your eyes a little more then," Syd offered, moving in for another kiss.

A kiss that Miranda was more than willing to meet her halfway for.


Each ensuing kiss became more intense then the last and somewhere along the way, Miranda became aware that her blouse had become undone. Syd's hand slipped between the folds and caressed her breasts, playing with her nipples, first through the thin material of her bra, and then directly as that small obstacle was pressed aside.

"Oh yes, that feels nice," Miranda moaned between kisses, meaning every word.

Encouraged, Syd played with them for a little longer, then withdrew her hand.

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