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Hard times and trouble.

I held him down kissing him for a minute then got up and began loosening his belt and opening his shorts. Then with one big tug, I pulled them straight down and off followed by his white briefs.

Up jumped a beautiful, light pink, thick, long penis. Oh it really was beautiful, I thought as I took it in my hand while he was pulling off his polo shirt. He laid back down and I could see just how beautiful my stepbrother was with his all-over tan. I bent down and kissed it right on the soft, round tip then let my lips slide over the crown to give a few pulls of pleasure.

Then I got up over him, squatting down, reaching under to hold him steady as I rubbed his hard dick across my wetness then began pushing him up inside me. As I felt him slowly penetrate me, I knew this would only be the beginning of his cock being deep inside me. We were home together alone with each other after school and it was soon summer and this is what I planned for my summer vacation: fucking my stepbrother all summer long. It felt that good.

His hands were rubbing and playing with my boobs, his fingertips running circles around my sensitive, excited nipples as I began rising and falling on his long, thick cock.

Delicious was the only word I could think of as I scissored up and down over him, looking down at him below me. My pussy felt filled and fulfilled. It was full of a male cock and that was exactly what my pussy was meant to hold.

"Oh, Em, I think...uh, UH, UH, uh, oh, wow," he groaned as I felt a new warm slipperiness inside as I drew up and back over him. As I rose and fell on his hardness, I began pushing down to take him as deeply as I could. It was feeling so good all the way up my vagina from the outer lips deep to my cervix just tingling and throbbing as I moved his cock in and out.

"Mmm, god, this is so good. My own stepbrother. Right in the next bedroom. Oh, we're gonna be doing this a whole lot. I sure hope you're as horny as I am. And that's a lot," I said giddily.

"Don't worry about me, Emily, I'd never pass a chance to have you in my bed. And we've got the rest of the week before our parents get home. We can sleep together."

"And we can work on getting some over-all tans out by the pool. You look like you're tan all over already."

"I was using the pool naked before you and your mom moved in but Dad said that had to end. But, when they're not here, well, that'll be fun, just you and me, naked swimming and getting some sun and, well, doing this, right?"

"Yes, especially doing this. This is the best. And I'd love to do this out by the pool, that's so sexy."

I squatted on him sliding up and down, yes, it was delicious. He was so handsome under me, so obviously thrilled that we were together like this as was I.

The feelings were mounting, this was better than my sex with Eric who seemed to mostly do it to get himself off, with Tim, he was more wanting it to be good for me.

"Mmm, oh, yeah, omigod, I'M...UUH, UUH, OH, OH, oh," I screamed as my body was swept up in the most luscious orgasm I'd ever had. I fell down over him as we kissed and kissed, his cock still inside, my hips still rising and falling, keeping the newfound heat blazing where we were joined as one.

"Don't stop, Emily, it still feels so good," my new stepbrother whispered in my ear following his words with his wet, sexy tongue.

I fucked him to a second climax for us both and we went to sleep in each other's arms.

The sun streaming in around the corners of his window drapes the next morning woke us to a new life together as he rolled me onto my back and pushed up into me welcoming the new day together united as one.

What a way to wake up, I thought as I looked at his happy face smiling down at me. I lifted my legs onto his shoulders so he could push deeper which felt so good.

Oh, sex first thing in the morning, how lovely.

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