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Sarah suffers new humiliations.

It only took the briefest thought about wanting them to be separate and my power just rose and began to pull their energy apart. It was getting easier to wield, my power. It wanted to do and be what I needed. There weren't't complicated spells and rituals necessary to shape it. It was like my will manifest as action. If the situation wasn't so dire I might have played with it, tested it out and seen what my current limitations are. This is too important for that. I couldn't fuck up and leave those boys as they are or worse. I have to get it more than right the very first time.

I could see that as their energies were segregated their bodies began to pull apart like soft clay sculptures that had been pressed together. But it was taking more effort and concentration from me to continue making progress. My power really did want to give me what I wanted, I just had to know with concrete surety what that is. Everything I'd ever learned in an anatomy class was blending with all the extraneous knowledge I've gleaned just from being friends with a doctor and running through my mind at a mile a minute.

Maybe it's my control issues but I know I'd feel more certain that I wasn't about to screw up and turn them inside out if I could have more direct control of what's happening. I remembered that feeling of becoming the wind of my own making and then I was among the paisley swirls of color moving intricately over around and trough the twins.

The artist in me couldn't help but use what I know about the hows and whys and make it into the whats. How the sixth and seventh vertebrae form the nape of the neck. How the odd short bottom ribs and the butterfly of the hip bones create the waist. The unbelievable complexity of hands and feet. I have long believed the human body to be the most masterful bit of engineering ever. Anyone who's ever doubted the existence of a higher power hasn't ever studied the human circulatory system.

They were stuck now in some amorphous place with two separate torsos only connected at the hip and leg. Not quite as monstrous as they had been but not quite as structurally sound as they had been either. I was inside them where their hips met I could see the muscles straining as they waited for me to push them that last little bit apart. I was a little stuck on how, I was staring at a single bone and the energy was so tightly woven I didn't see how there had ever been two.

Helplessness began to creep into my mind. I mentally shook my hands out. If I understood more about power and magic maybe this wouldn't be so hard. I could have known tons by now if I hadn't been keeping my head so far down that I'd buried it in the sand. I'd always known there was more to my condition than could possibly be explained by medical science alone. I'd just wanted peace. Maybe I should have taken the blue pill, chosen the easy way out when I'd been offered it. I had kind of surprised myself that I hadn't.

I remembered my reason for not just moving on like I'd planned. That guy who'd been ignored, abandoned, made a spectacle of, his only reward for doing a good deed. Unlike before, I can help now. "STOP freaking out. Figure out what will help," I yelled at myself. Breath.

I went into one twin and then began to pull all of his energy toward me like I was a magnet. I visualized the energy forming the joint of the hip with the femur leading from it down to the patella and the knee. It felt like I formed his leg almost from scratch and left the other leg behind for the other twin. I hope he wouldn't end up with two left feet literally. Exhaustion began to tug at me and I wasn't sure if I had it in me to mentally form all the delicate interlocking bones of the foot and ankle without giving him a club foot. No. Not good enough to try and fail. I'm still breathing and conscious so how can I truly say I've given it my all. These men deserve nothing less than someone's all after what they'd been through. Someone should try and put things right.

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