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His hands were already on my ass and often under my miniskirt feeling my skin. Amy would reach around and grab his cock as she danced and rubbed her tits in his back. We gad Albert hard in seconds.

We girls put on a show for all the guys making them envious of Albert's luck. As soon as the song got over, Amy whispered into Albert's ear...'so what hotel are you taking us girls to?' Albert turned around to answer but I grabbed his cock this time which was hard like a rock. He stammered feeling his cock being held again. we girls laughed and grabbed his hands as we led him out of the club. Once on the road Albert had his hands around our waist, a girl in each arm as we waived a taxi. Once in the cab, we were off to his room. Albert sitting in between had his one hand on Amy's big boobs and the other on the inside of my skirt feeling my pussy through my thong. I pulled Albert's cock out and bent over to suck it. the cab guy knew what was happening.

None of us cared. Albert was moaning getting his cock sucked and had Amy's top pushed to the side and sucking on her tits. I was touching myself as I sucked his cock. Amy asked me to move over as she wanted to taste his cock. So I sat back as Amy went down on Albert. Albert turned his attention to my pussy and had my thong pushed to the side and one finger in my wet pussy. The cab driver was trying to see but could not see clearly as it was dark. We were all horny so I reached up and switched on teh cab light to let the driver see some action. He was so delighted to be part of it. He even asked if he could join and how we would make the ride free. I would have said yes but he was not a good looking guy at all.

After 15 minutes of he show we were at Albert's hotel. As we walked in, Albert had his hands on our asses for all to see and I am sure people were seeing a little more of our asses than we knew. Once in his room, Amy collapsed on the bed, her legs up on the bed, her thong clearly in plain view. She asked for a drink as she touched herself. Albert guided me to the mini bar and let me bend down and pull out drinks. He stood behind my bent body and started to dry hump me and slap my ass. I stayed there for a few seconds longer to let him have his fun. Once drinks in each of our hand, Amy asked Albert to eat her pussy. So Albert made it to the bed doggy style to eat her pussy while I pulled his pants down to suck his cock. Here we were all 3 locked into pleasuring each other.

I wanted to be fucked bad after minutes of sucking. So I got up, pulled my thong down and went doggy style on the bed next to Amy and asked Albert to fuck me. Albert was off Amy and his cock was quickly shoved deep in my sloppy wet pussy. Amy pulled her thong away too and went into doggy style next to me and asked Albert to fuck us both. Albert took turn pushing his hard cock one at a time in the two tight pussy in front of him. He was slapping our asses as he fucked us. We both had his cock well lubed with our juices so we asked him to enjoy our ass if he wanted. Albert was in heaven. He now had 4 holes to drill and did he drill all of them?

Albert took turn fucking us in both our holes. We were close to cumming but were not there. So Amy fell down on the bed with her back and moved her pussy under my face. Me in doggy style started to eat her freshly fucked pussy as Albert continued to fuck me. I had Amy's clit in my mouth and I started to suck on it to make her cum. Albert on the other hand picked his speed and started to fuck my ass harder as he finger fucked my pussy. I soon had Albert cumming in my ass as I focussed on getting Amy to cum. No sooner had Albert pulled his limp cock out of my ass, Amy came hard. I cleaned her too.

I had not yet cum so I lay in bed playing with myself.

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