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Donna sucks her first cock.

And to their mutual, but unspoken, delight, they're both single.

Six weeks pass pleasantly, a senior post becomes vacant at the library and Jenny quells her doubts sufficiently to apply. David is supportive, helping her hone her interview technique. Then, the night before the selection board Jenny's self-doubt nemesis returns and despite being the favoured candidate she prevaricates about attending.

"I don't think I'll go," she whispers during an early evening alfresco discussion. Her lodger is not best pleased.

"What? After all the work you, and come to that I, put in?" "You're right, of course," agrees Jenny, wretchedly. "I even make myself cross sometimes. Honestly, I deserve a spanking."

"I'm sorry," David does a double take, "you deserve a what?" He heard her quite clearly the first time, but prudently seeks confirmation.

"Deserve a spanking to bloody well make me buck my ideas up."

"In which case..." he says, getting to his feet, "I absolutely agree. Lovely as you are, Jenny, you can also be completely infuriating. If you're serious I'll be more than happy to put you across my knee right now and smack your bottom until you see some sense."

This is the tipping point, there's no going back. Seizing the moment is all very well, but if it suddenly turns out Jenny was talking figuratively, not literally, the consequences could be dire. Turfed out of his digs and possibly his job at the very least.

Jenny is equally aware she's reached a watershed. Without consciously planning to hasn't she blurted out the truth?

"All right," she agrees in a trembling voice, astonishing her as much as him, "where do you want me?"

To her relief David instantly takes control; could it be he has previous experience?

"Come here, Jenny," he instructs decisively, sitting on the patio bench. Tentatively she stands next to him, unable to make eye contact, hands twisting nervously.

"Ever been spanked before?" he enquires curtly.

"No," she whispers.

"You may keep your knickers on then, but these," he undoes the slender leather belt around her linen trousers, "come down." As they drop around her ankles Jenny instinctively covers her crotch.

"Do you always wear such expensive knickers?" David enquires tangentially. Jenny's firm bottom; a pleasing sight in itself, is further flattered by beautifully cut panties.

"Well, yes actually, not that they get much exposure," she answers with a tinge of regret.

"Delectable," replies David - her heart soars at the compliment - "but not doing much to conceal your derriere. Now, let's have you across my knee. Body resting on the bench, hands in front, don't want you too uncomfortable," he laughs, "aside from a soon to be very red rear."

Time seems to stop, Jenny surrenders to the moment, goodness knows she's privately fantasised about just such a scenario often enough.

David begins her spanking slowly, delivering firm slaps interspersed with long intervals while he gauges her reaction. In truth it hurts more than she'd expected. But despite this, she remains submissively across his knee, clamping her thighs tightly together in a futile attempt to conceal her burgeoning arousal. The gap between each successive slap shortens and the heat in her buttocks grows inexorably. Senses heightened Jenny begins to gasp and groan. Her tormentor pauses, soothingly stroking her now very pink cheeks; she shivers with pleasure. Heating up nicely, thinks David.

Her punishment resumes, and despite her increasing protests and gyrations across his knee continues until David is sure his landlady's bottom has been thoroughly smacked. Gently he lifts her from his lap and holds her, snivelling and dishevelled, until she regains some composure.

"Go and stand in the corner," he instructs, "put your hands on your head; do not rub your bottom. Think about what you have to do to succeed in the interview tomorrow."

"Couldn't we.

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