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Shy elf returns from the river, to find a mystical stranger.

I kneel on the floor as I slide your jeans off of your body. I remove your shoes and kiss your toes, sucking at your ankles and nibbling your Achilles. I then begin to kiss up your calves. You shudder. I pick your feet up and place them on the edge of the bed, and you move yourself up comfortably. I dart my tongue around the back of your knee, and you let out a quick giggle- I am tickling you. Smiling, I hold your leg from moving and do it again, enjoying your confused squirming. You do not know if you want to get away or if you want to enjoy it. Finally, you grab my chin and I look up at you. You are looking back at me with your gorgeous brown eyes, and I feel my body get goosebumps as my nipples grow hard. I continue to lick and kiss up your thighs, finally reaching your groin muscle. I slide my tongue lightly over the area that your stomach and legs meet, and you grow harder with each contact.

I am about to take you in my mouth when you reach down and grab my wrists, pulling me back up to your face. I am straddling your hips again, and I can feel your hard member grazing my rear. I know I am beginning to get wetter and I wonder to myself if you can smell my arousal.

You run your hands down to my hips again as you lock your lips into mine, and then you are pulling my dress off of me. My breasts fall toward you easily now, and there is no hiding the hard nipples that graze your chest with each breath I take. You squeeze the skin on my thin waist, running your hands along my bare skin. Holding my back, you roll me over so that my head is on a pillow and you are above me. My curls spread around my face and your hands glide to my breasts as you continue to kiss me. I gasp softly, shocked at the paradox of your hands; so smooth and rough, so strong but gentle, they knead me until I can feel a drip from between my legs. Your fingers pull at my nipples, nimbly rolling them in your fingertips as you begin your descent down my neck.

My body is craving more, craving you, as you suck gently at my nipples. I reach my hands around your back and scratch your skin softly, a small whimper escaping my lips. I reach down and grab your butt in my hands, kneading it, tickling back up your sides as you slowly lower yourself down my body, my stomach, my hips, my thighs.

I can feel my kitten throbbing for your fulfillment, but I want this to last forever, so I resolve not to rush anything. I have one hand in your hair and the other twisting at my nipple, kneading my breasts. I want attention on every inch of my body, and suddenly I am thinking that if I could turn you into any animal, right now I would make you an octopus!

Suddenly I am overcome with a bliss and my entire back arches up into a bridge. I realize that you are running your tongue up and down my slit, and expertly it seems. You grab my ring with your teeth and tug it lightly, playfully, then spread my lips and attach your mouth to my clit, sucking on it and making me even wetter. I can feel your hard sex on my leg and I want so badly to be able to reach it, to run my fingers up and down your shaft and massage your testes... I moan in pleasure, enjoying your work as you run your tongue expertly around my slit. Always such a quick learner, I think to myself.

I suddenly feel an intense pleasure as you slide one of your fingers easily into my soaking kitten. You move it rhythmically in and out, making a "come here" motion inside of me that hits my g-spot. I could come right now, but I refuse to do so without you; and so I pull you up to me and kiss you, giving my nerves a rest.

I can taste myself on your tongue, and it is turning me on even more.

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