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Thoughts following the election of Senator Barak Obama.

Still encased in a bra, her fingers played along its center until she found the catch, which she snapped, letting her tits spill out.

Moaning in contentment, she then clasped her left tit, cupping and kneading it as she watched the two lovers kiss on the screen. She saw that Inari had stood and was working her way out of her own suit, bending over to pull her feet out of the crumpled garment. She then stood, her back to the hologram, as she then curled her finger towards Priya, beckoning her over.

Damn! That woman has an ass! Kasumi thought as she got a near perfect view of Inari's muscular ass, showcased by the cobalt blue, shimmering thong that she wore. Kas couldn't help but admire the muscular form that Inari possessed. She was heavily muscled, but in such a way that she didn't sacrifice any of her femininity because of it. Those tits though. She must have really great genetics to still have those after all that muscle on her. Kasumi remembered when her own tits were much larger, before she stepped into the military. The constant physical training had whittled down her once massive FF cup down to her current D's.

Whatever her secret is, I'll learn of it eventually, she thought to herself as she watched Priya crawl over to her captain. Once she had made it over, Inari had her kneeling before her and instructed Pree to start pulling off her thong, with her teeth.

"Ooooooooo! Kinky!" Kasumi said approvingly. Clutching her tit in a tighter grip, she used her fingers to pinch her nipple, sending electrical bolts of pleasure along her nerves. She then pushed her middle finger of her right hand, into her steamy pussy, moaning and the welcome intrusion. Kas bit her lower lip as she used her thumb to diddle her clit, while her finger moved in and out of her. Eyes glued to the live show in front of her, she continued to play with herself, as she watched the women continue their tryst.


Pree had to move her head from one side to the other, to work Inari's thong off. Unlike Priya's own thong, this was one solid piece of elastic material, coupled with the fact that it was soaked with feminine juices as well, it wasn't easy. Though once she got it past her lover's hips, it came down fairly quickly. Once it came down to her feet, she used her tongue to scoop it into her mouth to pull it away from Inari.

Lifting her legs, the short haired woman stepped out of her soaked panties and walked forward, placing her dripping pussy right in front of Priya's nose. Opening her mouth, Pree dropped the panties she held there, to lick her lips, before attaching her mouth to hot and wet cunt in front of her.

"Oh yeah!" Inari exclaimed as she placed a hand on Pree's head, encouraging her to keep going. Priya slid her hands up and down Starwitch's legs, her mouth firmly affixed to her pussy. Placing both hands atop the younger woman's head, Inari's grip became more insistent and forceful, almost demanding. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes...." she chanted before gasping out loud as Pree's questing tongue had found her clit and pressed on it, hard.

Shaking like a leaf in the wind from the mini orgasm, Inari's balance teetered and she threatened to fall. Priya sensed this, to which she stood and caught her lover before she fell. As Inari's chest heaved with deep breaths, Priya then laid her down gently on the floor. She gathered Inari's vacc suit and rolled it into a pillow, which she placed underneath her head.

Smiling, Inari looked up to her woman and kissed her. Pree returned the kiss, then backed off, sliding back to Inari's very sensitive love box. Starwitch sighed, before it turned into a moan, as Pree's tongue flicked about her pussy lips, licking up and down, hitting every nerve she could reach.

Priya then gripped Inari's legs and hoisted her up as she stood, leaving only her head and shoulders touching the floor, with her legs and ass up in the air.

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