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Audrey's book inspires a friend to change her life.

Anne began her search in the dining room. A large chandelier was the focal point of the room and was covered with decorative cobwebs. Under the fixture stood their long dining room table, which was sported a festive orange tablecloth.

The light in the room was low, and Anne did a double take. From the chandelier hung a length of chain that reached the middle of the table. That was definitely not something she had put there as a decoration. She squatted down to look under the table and spied an orange bag the kids had used for "trick or treating" years ago. It appeared to be full.

Just as Anne leaned over to examine the unexpected finding, Nick entered the room. He wasn't exactly shocked to see her nosing around in search of clues. Raising an eyebrow, he said, "Little One, what are you doing?"

"Hey Babe, I was just killing time waiting for you." Anne did her best to look innocent, as she rose from her clearly guilty position on the floor. "So, um, did you say something about a test?"
A competitive glint shone in her eye. It was just as Nick expected. He knew his wife better than anyone, and used it to his advantage at times like this. He paused for effect before continuing.

"Recently, you've made some pretty outrageous claims about the sensitivity of your pussy, Little One. Let's just say, we're going to see if your pussy lives up to the hype."

Anne threw back her head and laughed, heartily. It was true! She was so busted.

Nick had taken her to a sex shop a few weeks back. While she surveyed the dildos, Anne giggled at the number of boxes claiming to be the "most realistic." At the time, she scoffed and said none of them felt as good as the real thing.

This quickly led to a discussion of dildos they kept in their personal collection. There were glass, rubber and silicone dildos. Anne said they all took second seat to Nick's cock. But then, as usual, she kicked it up a notch.

For the last two weeks, Anne had been talking about her "super pussy." Her pussy, she maintained, was exquisitely sensitive, and could easily tell the difference between the different dildos. There had never been a pussy as sensitive as hers, according to Anne. Nick, being a good husband, outwardly agreed with his beloved wife. But, secretly he had doubts.

Anne continued to laugh as she recalled her ridiculous claims, but finally was able to compose herself. Nick had maintained a more serious demeanor and narrowed his eyes.

"Yes, Babe. My pussy has amazing skills. You'd have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool my pussy. It's like the LeBron James of pussies," she could barely get the words out, before she again erupted in a fit of giggles.

At that point, Nick chuckled as well. He walked over to Anne, kissed her forehead and said, "Give me five minutes and we'll see about that."

Nick disappeared into the kitchen, leaving Anne alone in the dining room. Since no fuck session would be complete without music, she dashed off to the sound system in the family room and chose Guns & Roses, in honor of her husband, who was still dressed as Slash.

She danced around by herself for several minutes, until Nick reappeared. By that time, she had composed herself and was ready for action. In one hand, Nick held a bucket that he placed on the floor, by the dining room table. He had taken off the hat, glasses and wig, much to Anne's chagrin.

"Little One, remove your clothing. You may leave on the wig and the choker," instructed Nick.

Anne complied as quickly as she could. The high top converse shoes took a bit of effort to remove, especially since she tried to get them off without sitting. Graceful was not a word that came to Nick's mind as she hopped on one foot, while trying to maintain her balance.

Off came the leggings, studded belt and t-shirt. With an innocent smile on her face, she paused in her underwear to provoke Nick. She wore a wicked grin as she silently challenged her husband.

Nick didn't say a word, but rather cocked his head to the side and met her act of defiance with a diabolical smi

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