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Alice tries new things in the Garden.

Standing up close behind me now he reaches around and starts on the front of my body. I lean into him and just slide up and down the full length of his body. He must have not worked out for a few days because he feels a little soft. Well, not all of him. His hands wander slowly over every inch of the front of my body paying special attention to my tits. Holding, squeezing, and then playfully pinching the nipples. They're rock hard and I can feel a burning in my pussy with anticipation of what is to come.

Soon I am turned around and my hands are guided to the towel bar. That means no touching. Fine with me....that means it's all about me this time. I hear a pop as if the lid of something was removed. The sound of the squirting shave gel makes me jump and I know it can only be going one place. His hands spread my legs and prop my feet up on the side of the tub giving him easy access to the area he was to be working in. As he rubs the foam over my mound it mixes with the juices that have been dripping from my swollen clit. Just having him touching it takes me near the edge. His hands massage the area with the lather and he gently guides the shaver where it needs to go with great care. Shaving takes only a few moments and next he takes the shower massage from the holder and rinses me down. The moans start again and I didn't expect what happened next.

The shower massage is turned to 'slow pulse' and directed at my clean-shaven clit. The sensation was invigorating as I let myself enjoy every single pulse as it hit me. He also turned up the hot water a bit. The hotter the water, the more intense the feeling got. It's not going to be too long before I cum. Before I knew it, the speed of the massager was kicked up a notch also and became almost unbearable. Between the intensity of the hot water and the speed of the pulses, I feel as if a thousand tongues are furiously licking at my clit. I'm standing there writhing and plead for him to stop. He puts his finger to my mouth to silence me, but knowing that I am so close he turns the massager back to regular spray and put it back. My body welcomes the break.

Feeling his hands traveling over my skin again gives me goose bumps. When he works up to my neck and tilts my chin up I raise myself up to kiss him but he stops me. He doesn't usually....but this is his show today so I abide by his wishes. He takes my hands off the towel bar and guides me down on all fours, bending me over and placing my hands on the tub spigot. He bends with me and I love the feeling of his body once again so close to mine. He plants gentle kisses along my spine working his way down my back to my ass. He lingers there for quite a bit and gives my butt a squeeze. I can hear his knees crack as he lowers himself behind me. I giggle a little so he gives me a whack on my ass to keep me in line.

Behind me he contorts his body to fit in the narrow tub, leans forward, and begins to kiss my waiting pussy. In one long slow swipe, his tongue moves from the tip of my swollen lips to the entrance of my cavern. He continues to massage my wet lips from end to end and side to side slowly at first and then faster. I can hardly contain myself and all I want to do is touch him to let him know that I relish what he's doing. When my hands leave the spigot to search him out, maybe run them through his hair, he quickly puts me back in my place. Without words, he makes it known that I am not to move my hands again.

He resumes his adventure between my legs and can tell by the uncontrollable rocking motion of my hips that I am getting close to losing it.

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