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Jessica introduces him to toys and makes him eat his cum.

"What have you got in mind for me?"

"Are you assuming you're going to lose? Anyway, that's for me to know and you to suffer if you lose". The truth was, having spent most of my developing years on a tennis court, I'm sure I could give vent to several fantasies involving tennis nets and other things.

"You are strange. OK"

I'm strange; he's the one who suggested strip tennis.

I beat him in the first game, so he lost his T Shirt. But it wasn't a walkover. He wasn't particularly skilled, but he tended to have a combination of powerful back of court shots and lollypops that made it very difficult to be in the right place. Often his powerful shots would go out anyway, but when they landed, they were hard to get back. It was almost a case of, because he wasn't skilled he was difficult to predict. It was not helped by the rough surface of the court which made bounces go everywhere

I lost the second, so there went my dress. At least the bikini should distract him, since his bare chest was distracting me.

He was getting better at landing the powerful shots. I lost the third and my bikini top with it.

I knew all this sexuality was affecting my game; I could actually feel the crutch of my bikini pants becoming wet. So to try and put him off his game I ramped it up a bit, flaunting my bare breasts at him when I was close to the net and making a point of waving my bum in his direction when I recovered a ball. It must have worked, because he lost the next game with a series of double faults and with it his pants.

That left him wearing only a pair of boxer shorts; something I hadn't seen him in before. Now I was totally distracted. His semi-erect penis was sticking out the open fly of the shorts, waving about like a baseball bat in a tennis game. I lost the game and with it my bikini pants.

I'm not sure whether I was flushed by the prospect of losing or by the strange feeling of playing tennis complete naked and fairly aroused; after all a tennis court was like my second home and being on one naked is the sort of thing that normally only happens in nightmares inevitably involving large crowds and the absence of anywhere to hide. But a combination of that and the distraction of the randomly swinging penis meant I lost it entirely during the next and match game. That wasn't the outcome I'd anticipated. I wondered what he'd have in mind for me.

"What are you going to do with me?"

"What was it you said; something along the lines of 'that's for me to know and you to suffer"?

He stood by the end of the net, next to the door though the perimeter mesh fencing that led through to the shed. It's where we'd been hanging our clothing on the support post for the net.

"Come over here and stand in the open door" He had a grin a mile wide on his face.

"Put your hands up against the top of the door frame"

He picked up my bikini top and came and stood so close to me that the front of his body was in full contact with mine. Bending at the knees, he squatted down; sliding his body and lips the length of mine kissing me as he went. He stopped only when his face was at my crutch level and his hands were touching my feet. For a moment he kissed the skin of my mons sucking the flesh gently in to his mouth. Then - while keeping maximum body contact - he slowly rose up. He slid his hands up my inner thighs, brushing my crutch with them, then both sides of my stomach, each breast, through my arm pits and up to my hands. Then he used my bikini top string to tie my hands to the door bar.

As I stood there naked and tied up, he circled around behind me.

"Now then, what are we going to do?"

Wrapping his arms around each side, he cupped each breast in a hand; lightly working the nipples underneath to engorge them as he kissed my back between my shoulder blades.

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