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A boss becomes a foot slave.

"I'm a Christian."

"All non-Muslims are infidels and uneducated Christians are no exception. They are worthy of redemption but only through Islam." Allie said as he reached for Joseph. "And as long as Fazzi is gone it is my duty and obligation to save you from your decadent western ways and enlighten you about the ways of Arab love." With this he grabbed Joseph and pulled his nude body to him, kissing him hard on the mouth.

"And the method of enlightenment you're planning to use is it to have this Christian inject you with his uncircumcised hypodermic needle and then you will feed him this enlightenment by reverse infusion?" Joseph jested.

"Well that will have to do-until after your conversion. After that my darling ex-Christian will be riding this Arab's big stallion off into the sunset...." Allie said as he enfolded Joseph in his strong arms and kissed him. "Yes even though you will be the master, I hope you will permit me to spear you now and then."

"Yes, that is for sure. I will not be able, as a good Muslim, to see how I could refuse you then. One cannot allow such a fine gift; one that Allah has given you, to go to waste. That would be a crime and a sin worthy of issuing a Fatwa against." Joseph moaned as his fingers circled the 10 inches of hard meat and moved back and forth slowly. "What's more I don't think I would want you to even think of sleeping with anyone but me ever again. So I had better start to study with the Imam."

"Are you serious? You are thinking of becoming a Muslim." Allie shouted. "You are thinking of doing this for me?"

"No you damn idiot. I am doing it for me!" Joseph said. "Do you think I would go through having my cock cut for you? If I did that I would be certifiable."

"Do you know that I love you Yussef?"

"No you don't. You just like the sex." Joseph said as he adjusted his body so that they were head to foot and he was able to kiss the tip of Allie's cock. Opening his mouth he went down on it slowly and drew back creating a suction of great force. Slowly up and down along the hard shaft his mouth moved advancing a little bit deeper each time. Driving Allie crazy with his cock worship.

Allie moaning and beating his fists against the sheets finally pulled Joseph over on top of him and started to lick his balls and along the sensitive skin to his ass hole. The Arab's tongue darted in and out over the rosebud. Spreading apart Joseph's Ass he buried his mouth and face into the hot valley and his tongue delved into the treasure hole making Joseph hump Allie's mouth. Moving his mouth down to the soldier's cock he at first nibbled on the long foreskin then using his lips he pushed the shin back and in one hot forceful push, swallowed Joseph's meat.

For several minutes they 69ed each other and feed on each other's sex until the pressure became too much and both exploded in each other's mouths.

They lay there exhausted, but not wanting to get out of bed just yet.

It was as if they had touched on the perimeter of a question and were afraid to enter the circle. Allie was deep in thought and Joseph felt that he was on the way to asking him something that had bothered him a long time. He waited a bit but finally asked him. "What's wrong Allie? Is something bothering you?"

"Are you now the mind-reader? How did you know that I was worried about something?"

"You don't think that I could care for someone and not know that something is bothering him?" Come on out with it."

"O.K. You asked for it. I have been thinking, when you get out of the army ---- I want you to come with me to Syria." He blurted out. "I want you to see my land and my people. I want you to see with your own eyes how great it is to live as a Muslim in our land. I want you to get to really know my people and to have you make them your people. Once you see and learn to submit to Allah of your own free will, there will be a complete union between us. You could become the head of the American branch office of the Emirate."

"What???? Are you nuts? That would be impossible.

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